Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1210.7843 (Muir J. Morrison et al.)

Unhappy Vertices in Artificial Spin Ice: Degeneracy from

Muir J. Morrison, Tammie R. Nelson, Cristiano Nisoli

1210.7846 (Sunil K. Karna et al.)

Optical and Electrical Characterization of Boron-Doped Diamond    [PDF]

Sunil K. Karna, Yogesh. K. Vohra, Samuel T. Weir

1210.7851 (C. A. Nolph. J. K. Kassim et al.)

Surface Driven Mn-Doping of Ge Quantum Dots - Mn-Interaction with the Ge
QD{105} Facet and the Wetting Layer

C. A. Nolph. J. K. Kassim, J. A. Floro, P. Reinke

1210.7875 (Masamitsu Hayashi et al.)

Microwave assisted resonant domain wall nucleation in permalloy

Masamitsu Hayashi, Yukiko K. Takahashi, Seiji Mitani

1210.7879 (I. V. Solovyev)

Why is MnWO4 multiferroic?    [PDF]

I. V. Solovyev

1210.7899 (Xiao Shen et al.)

Competing Atomic and Molecular Mechanisms of Thermal Oxidation    [PDF]

Xiao Shen, Sokrates T. Pantelides

1210.7904 (X. Q. Wang et al.)

A possible mechanism for the negative capacitance observed in organic

X. Q. Wang, C. B. Cai

1210.7922 (Yosikazu Isikawa et al.)

Enhancement of Curie temperature due to the coupling between Fe
itinerant electrons and Dy localized electrons in DyFe2Zn20

Yosikazu Isikawa, Toshio Mizushima, Souta Miyamoto, Keigou Kumagai, Mako Nakahara, Hiroaki Okuyama, Takashi Tayama, Tomohiko Kuwai, Pascal Lejay

1210.7955 (Gervasi Herranz et al.)

High mobility conduction at (110) and (111) LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces    [PDF]

Gervasi Herranz, Florencio Sánchez, Nico Dix, Mateusz Scigaj, Josep Fontcuberta

1210.7973 (Ismaila Dabo et al.)

Donor and acceptor levels of organic photovoltaic compounds from first

Ismaila Dabo, Andrea Ferretti, Cheol-Hwan Park, Nicolas Poilvert, Yanli Li, Matteo Cococcioni, Nicola Marzari

1210.7995 (Rolf E. Isele-Holder et al.)

Development and application of a particle-particle particle-mesh Ewald
method for dispersion interactions

Rolf E. Isele-Holder, Wayne Mitchell, Ahmed E. Ismail

1210.8000 (Giovanni Drera)

Electronic structure of TiO2 thin films and LaAlO3-SrTiO3
heterostructures: the role of titanium 3d1 states in magnetic and transport

Giovanni Drera

1210.8024 (Ella Gale et al.)

Observation of Spontaneous Bursting Spike Patterns Simple Three
Memristor Circuits

Ella Gale, Ben de Lacy Costello, Andrew Adamatzky

1210.8027 (Andrey Y. Serov et al.)

Effect of Grain Boundaries on Thermal Transport in Graphene    [PDF]

Andrey Y. Serov, Zhun-Yong Ong, Eric Pop

1210.8056 (Romain Fleury et al.)

Extraordinary Sound Transmission through Density-Near-Zero Ultranarrow

Romain Fleury, Andrea Alu

1210.8082 (Qiaona Hu et al.)

Growth process and crystallographic properties of ammonia-induced

Qiaona Hu, Jiaming Zhang, Henry Teng, Udo Becker

1210.8086 (Yuan Li et al.)

Thermal Narrowing of the Electronic Bandwidths in Organic Molecular
Semiconductors: Impact of the Crystal Thermal Expansion

Yuan Li, Veaceslav Coropceanu, Jean-Luc Brédas

1210.8098 (Michal Ciesla et al.)

Modelling of Interacting Dimers Adsorption    [PDF]

Michal Ciesla, Jakub Barbasz

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

1107.1285 (Eduard Takhtamirov)

Cylindrical coordinate representation for multiband Hamiltonians    [PDF]

Eduard Takhtamirov

1210.7144 (Friederich Limbach et al.)

Current path in light emitting diodes based on nanowire ensembles    [PDF]

Friederich Limbach, Christian Hauswald, Jonas Lähnemann, Martin Wölz, Oliver Brandt, Achim Trampert, Michael Hanke, Uwe Jahn, Raffaella Calarco, Lutz Geelhaar, Henning Riechert

1210.7241 (D. S. L. Abergel et al.)

2D compressibility of surface states on 3D topological insulators    [PDF]

D. S. L. Abergel, S. Das Sarma

1210.7275 (E. Radzhabov et al.)

Comparison of Ce$^{3+}$ and Pr$^{3+}$ activators in alkaline-earth
fluoride crystals

E. Radzhabov, A. Nepomnyaschikh

1210.7392 (Amrit De et al.)

Electronic Structure and Optical Properties of the Lonsdaleite Phase of
Si, Ge and diamond

Amrit De, Craig E. Pryor

1210.7456 (Volker Haigis et al.)

Thermal conductivity of MgO, MgSiO3 perovskite and post-perovskite in
the Earth's deep mantle

Volker Haigis, Mathieu Salanne, Sandro Jahn

1210.7483 (R. Kraus et al.)

Observation of charge accumulation and onsite Coulomb repulsion at
transition metal impurities in the iron pnictides

R. Kraus, V. Bisogni, L. Harnagea, S. Aswartham, S. Wurmehl, G. Levy, I. S. Elfimov, B. Büchner, G. A. Sawatzky, J. Geck

1210.7531 (Gheorghe Acbas et al.)

Orientation Sensitive Terahertz Resonances Observed in Protein Crystals    [PDF]

Gheorghe Acbas, Edward Snell, A. G. Markelz

1210.7537 (Rohit Singh et al.)

Uncovering hidden macromolecular dynamics with Modulated Orientation
Sensitive Terahertz Spectroscopy

Rohit Singh, Deepu Koshy George, Andrea Markelz

1210.7542 (K. Bi et al.)

Large magnetoelectric effect in mechanically mediated structure of
TbFe2, Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 and nonmagnetic flakes

K. Bi, Y. G. Wang, D. A. Pan, W. Wu

1210.7551 (Jie Ren et al.)

Anomalous Energy Transport across Topological Insulator Superconductor

Jie Ren, Jian-Xin Zhu

1210.7555 (Dorian A. H. Hanaor et al.)

Ab Initio Study of Phase Stability in Doped TiO2    [PDF]

Dorian A. H. Hanaor, Mohammed H. N. Assadi, Sean Li, Aibing Yu, Charles C. Sorrell

1210.7558 (Xiaoqi Wang et al.)

Resistance Switching Induced by Electric Field and Light Illumination in
Device of FTO/CeO2/Electrolyte/FTO

Xiaoqi Wang, Chuanbing Cai

1210.7560 (Zhen-Xing Qin et al.)

High-pressure phases of a hydrogen-rich compound: tetramethylgermane    [PDF]

Zhen-Xing Qin, Chao Zhang, Ling-Yun Tang, Guo-Hua Zhong, Hai-Qing Lin, Xiao-Jia Chen

1210.7595 (N. B. Kopnin et al.)

High-temperature surface superconductivity in rhombohedral graphite    [PDF]

N. B. Kopnin, M. Ijäs, A. Harju, T. T. Heikkilä

1210.7597 (Martin Wölz et al.)

Correlation between In content and emission wavelength of InGaN/GaN
nanowire heterostructures

Martin Wölz, Jonas Lähnemann, Oliver Brandt, Vladimir M. Kaganer, Manfred Ramsteiner, Carsten Pfüller, Christian Hauswald, C. N. Huang, Lutz Geelhaar, Henning Riechert

1210.7601 (K. Takase et al.)

Impact of graphene quantum capacitance on transport spectroscopy    [PDF]

K. Takase, S. Tanabe, S. Sasaki, H. Hibino, K. Muraki

1210.7613 (Viktor Hlukhyy et al.)

From one to three dimensions - corrugated 1D-NiGe ribbons as building
block in alkaline-earth metal Ae-Ni-Ge phases. Crystal structure and chemical
bonding in AeNiGe (Ae - Mg, Sr, Ba)

Viktor Hlukhyy, Lisa Siggelkow, Thomas F. Fässler

1210.7643 (Jiangtao Wu et al.)

Tunable Band Structures of Polycrystalline Graphene by External and
Mismatch Strains

Jiangtao Wu, Xinghua Shi, Yujie Wei

1210.7655 (Dong Guoyan et al.)

Zero phase delay induced by wavefront modulation in photonic crystals    [PDF]

Dong Guoyan, Zhou Ji, Cai Luzhong

1210.7675 (D. Pinna et al.)

Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetization Reversal in Uniaxial Nanomagnets with
Thermal Noise

D. Pinna, Aditi Mitra, A. D. Kent, D. L. Stein

1210.7682 (D. Pinna et al.)

Thermally-Assisted Spin-Transfer Torque Magnetization Reversal of
Uniaxial Nanomagnets in Energy Space

D. Pinna, A. D. Kent, D. L. Stein

1210.7738 (Markus Meinert)

Modified Becke-Johnson potential investigation of half-metallic Heusler

Markus Meinert

1210.7746 (E. Radue et al.)

Substrate Effect on Optical Properties of Insulator-Metal Transition in
VO2 Thin Films

E. Radue, E. Crisman, L. Wang, S. Kittiwatanakul, J. Lu, S. A. Wolf, R. A. Lukaszew, I. Novikova

1210.7749 (Kulbir Kaur Ghuman et al.)

A DFT+U study of Rh, Nb codoped rutile TiO2    [PDF]

Kulbir Kaur Ghuman, Chandra Veer Singh

1210.7755 (A. M. Aliev et al.)

Magnetocaloric properties of La0.7Ca0.3Mn16O3 and La0.7Ca0.3Mn18O3
manganites and their sandwich

A. M. Aliev, A. G. Gamzatov, K. I. Kamilov, A. R. Kaul, N. A. Babushkina

1210.7786 (Nina J. Lane et al.)

Neutron Diffraction Measurements and First Principles Study of Thermal
Motion of Atoms in Select Mn+1AXn and Binary MX Transition Metal Carbide

Nina J. Lane, Sven C. Vogel, Gilles Hug, Atsushi Togo, Laurent Chaput, Lars Hultman, Michel W. Barsoum

1210.7793 (Rusen Yan et al.)

A New Class of Electrically Tunable Metamaterial Terahertz Modulators    [PDF]

Rusen Yan, Berardi Sensale-Rodriguez, Lei Liu, Debdeep Jena, Huili Grace Xing

Monday, October 29, 2012

1106.3752 (A. K. Mahapatra et al.)

Oxidation mechanism in metal nanoclusters: Zn nanoclusters to ZnO hollow

A. K. Mahapatra, U. M. Bhatta, T. Som

1210.7037 (Alexis R. Hernández et al.)

Finite-difference method for transport of two-dimensional massless Dirac
fermions in a ribbon geometry

Alexis R. Hernández, Caio H. Lewenkopf

1210.7042 (A. A. Lagatsky et al.)

2μm Solid-State Laser Mode-locked By Single-Layer Graphene    [PDF]

A. A. Lagatsky, Z. Sun, T. S. Kulmala, R. S. Sundaram, S. Milana, F. Torrisi, O. L. Antipov, Y. Lee, J. H. Ahn, C. T. A. Brown, W. Sibbett, A. C. Ferrari

1210.7075 (N. B. Kopnin et al.)

Surface superconductivity in rhombohedral graphite    [PDF]

N. B. Kopnin, T. T. Heikkila

1210.7087 (Xiaoqi Wang et al.)

Low-voltage Driving Phototransistor Based on Dye-sensitized
Nanocrystalline Titanium Dioxide Thin Films

Xiaoqi Wang, Jia Xu, Chuanbing Cai

1210.7113 (Jill A. Miwa et al.)

Direct band structure measurement of a buried two-dimensional electron

Jill A. Miwa, Philip Hofmann, Michelle Y. Simmons, Justin W. Wells

1210.7116 (Joseph W. Bennett et al.)

Orthorhombic $ABC$ semiconductors as antiferroelectrics    [PDF]

Joseph W. Bennett, Kevin F. Garrity, Karin M. Rabe, David Vanderbilt

1210.7149 (Paolo E. Trevisanutto et al.)

Optical spectra of solids obtained by time-dependent density-functional
theory with the jellium-with-gap model exchange-correlation kernel

Paolo E. Trevisanutto, Aleksandrs Terentjevs, Lucian A. Constantin, Valerio Olevano, Fabio Della Sala

1210.7167 (G. J. Shu et al.)

Finite-size effect of antiferromagnetic transition and electronic
structure in LiFePO4

G. J. Shu, M. W. Wu, F. C. Chou

1210.7194 (K. D. Belashchenko et al.)

Spin injection from a half-metal at finite temperatures    [PDF]

K. D. Belashchenko, J. K. Glasbrenner, A. L. Wysocki

1210.7199 (Peng Bai et al.)

Statistical Kinetics of Phase-Transforming Nanoparticles in LiFePO4
Porous Electrodes

Peng Bai, Guangyu Tian

1210.7213 (L. G. Zhou et al.)

Controversy over Elastic Constants Based on Interatomic Potentials    [PDF]

L. G. Zhou, Hanchen Huang

1210.7218 (Harith Humadi et al.)

A Phase Field Crystal Study of Solute Trapping    [PDF]

Harith Humadi, Jeffrey J. Hoyt, Nikolas Provatas

Friday, October 26, 2012

1210.6671 (T. Z. Ward et al.)

Dynamics of a first order electronic phase transition in manganites    [PDF]

T. Z. Ward, Z. Gai, H. W. Guo, L. F. Yin, J. Shen

1210.6687 (O. Nganba Meetei et al.)

Double Exchange Mechanism for Half-Metallic Double Perovskites    [PDF]

O. Nganba Meetei, Onur Erten, Anamitra Mukherjee, Mohit Randeria, Nandini Trivedi, Patrick Woodward

1210.6689 (Onur Erten et al.)

Effective Spin Hamiltonian and Disorder Effects in Double Perovskite

Onur Erten, O. Nganba Meetei, Anamitra Mukherjee, Mohit Randeria, Nandini Trivedi, Patrick Woodward

1210.6693 (Bayo Lau et al.)

Theory of the magnetic and metal-insulator transitions in RNiO3 bulk and
layered structures

Bayo Lau, Andrew J. Millis

1210.6710 (Karolina Z. Milowska et al.)

Ab initio study of elastic properties of functionalized carbon nanotubes    [PDF]

Karolina Z. Milowska, Jacek A. Majewski

1210.6731 (X. Q. Wang et al.)

Phototransistor Behavior Based on Dye-Sensitized Solar Cell    [PDF]

X. Q. Wang, C. B. Cai, Y. F. Wang, W. Q. Zhou, Y. M. Lu, Z. Y. Liu

1210.6791 (John W. Barrett et al.)

Stable Phase Field Approximations of Anisotropic Solidification    [PDF]

John W. Barrett, Harald Garcke, Robert Nürnberg

1210.6824 (Jean-Nicolas Longchamp et al.)

Ultra-Clean Freestanding Graphene by Platinum-Metal Catalysis    [PDF]

Jean-Nicolas Longchamp, Conrad Escher, Hans-Werner Fink

1210.6827 (Luzi Bergamin)

Transformation Acoustics in Generic Elastic Media    [PDF]

Luzi Bergamin

1210.6648 (S. Guénon et al.)

Electrical Breakdown in a V2O3 device at the Insulator to Metal

S. Guénon, S. Scharinger, Siming Wang, J. G Ramírez, D. Koelle, R. Kleiner, Ivan K. Schuller

1210.6973 (Yudistira Virgus et al.)

Ab Initio Many-body Study of Cobalt Adatoms Adsorbed on Graphene    [PDF]

Yudistira Virgus, Wirawan Purwanto, Henry Krakauer, Shiwei Zhang

Thursday, October 25, 2012

1210.6381 (Xiahan Sang et al.)

Validation of density functionals for transition metals and
intermetallics using data from quantitative electron diffraction

Xiahan Sang, Andreas Kulovits, Guofeng Wang, Jorg Wiezorek

1210.6397 (Volodymyr Turkowski et al.)

Nonadiabatic Time-Dependent Spin-Density Functional Theory for strongly
correlated systems

Volodymyr Turkowski, Talat S. Rahman

1210.6428 (Nobuhiko Taniguchi et al.)

Spin Current Generation as a Nonequilibrium Kondo Effect in a Spin-orbit
Mesoscopic Interferometer

Nobuhiko Taniguchi, Kenta Isozaki

1210.6442 (Qi Zhong et al.)

Thermally induced structural modification in the Al/Zr multilayers    [PDF]

Qi Zhong, Shuang Ma, Zhong Zhang, Runze Qi, Jia Li, Zhanshan Wang, Philippe Jonnard

1210.6530 (R. Pirc et al.)

Compressible spherical dipolar glass model of relaxor ferroelectrics    [PDF]

R. Pirc, Z. Kutnjak, N. Novak

1210.6533 (Tuomas H. E. Lahtinen et al.)

Formation of regular magnetic domain patterns with alternating uniaxial
and biaxial anisotropy in epitaxial Fe films on BaTiO3

Tuomas H. E. Lahtinen, Yasuhiro Shirahata, Lide Yao, Kévin J. A. Franke, Gorige Venkataiah, Tomoyasu Taniyama, Sebastiaan van Dijken

1210.6548 (Victor M. Martinez Alvarez et al.)

Quantum phase transition from a Antiferromagnetic-Insulator to a
Paramagnetic-Metal laying beneath the superconducting dome

Victor M. Martinez Alvarez, Alejandro Cabo-Bizet, Alejandro Cabo Montes de Oca

1210.6580 (Jan M. Tomczak et al.)

Combined GW and dynamical mean field theory: Dynamical screening effects
in transition metal oxides

Jan M. Tomczak, Michele Casula, Takashi Miyake, Ferdi Aryasetiawan, Silke Biermann

1210.6607 (Mohammad H. Abedinnasab et al.)

Wave dispersion under finite deformation    [PDF]

Mohammad H. Abedinnasab, Mahmoud I. Hussein

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

1210.6105 (S. T. Adams et al.)

Geometric-phase interference in a Mn_{12} single-molecule magnet with
four-fold rotational symmetry

S. T. Adams, E. H. da Silva Neto, S. Datta, J. F. Ware, C. Lampropoulos, G. Christou, Y. Myaesoedov, E. Zeldov, Jonathan R. Friedman

1210.6155 (Audrey Berrier et al.)

Detection of deep-subwavelength dielectric layers at terahertz
frequencies using semiconductor plasmonic resonators

Audrey Berrier, Pablo Albella, M. Ameen Poyli, Ronald Ulbricht, Mischa Bonn, Javier Aizpurua, Jaime Gómez Rivas

1210.6227 (Masao Iwamatsu)

Nucleation pathway of core-shell composite nucleus in size and
composition space and in component space

Masao Iwamatsu

1210.6304 (F. T. Vasko et al.)

Interplay of intra- and interband absorption in a disordered graphene    [PDF]

F. T. Vasko, V. V. Mitin, V. Ryzhii, T. Otsuji

1210.6309 (A. A. Maznev et al.)

Reciprocity in reflection and transmission: what is a "phonon diode"?    [PDF]

A. A. Maznev, A. G. Every, O. B. Wright

1210.6313 (Danilo Manzani et al.)

Orange emission in Pr3+-doped fluoroindate glasses    [PDF]

Danilo Manzani, David Pabœuf, Sidney J. L. Ribeiro, Philippe Goldner, Fabien Bretenaker

1210.6319 (Anna N. Morozovska et al.)

Pyroelectric origin of the carrier density modulation at
graphene-ferroelectric interface

Anna N. Morozovska, Maksym V. Strikha

1210.6339 (Benjamin Zaks et al.)

High-order sideband generation in bulk GaAs    [PDF]

Benjamin Zaks, Hunter Banks, Mark S. Sherwin

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1112.5543 (Francesco Mainardi et al.)

On the viscoelastic characterization of the Jeffreys-Lomnitz law of

Francesco Mainardi, Giorgio Spada

1201.1429 (Vijay A. Sethuraman)

Capacity Fade due to Side-reactions in Silicon Anodes in Lithium-ion

Vijay A. Sethuraman

1210.5535 (Hema C. P. Movva et al.)

Self-aligned graphene field-effect transistors with polyethyleneimine
doped source/drain access regions

Hema C. P. Movva, Michael E. Ramón, Chris M. Corbet, Sushant Sonde, Sk. Fahad Chowdhury, Gary Carpenter, Emanuel Tutuc, Sanjay K. Banerjee

1210.5563 (A. L. Wysocki et al.)

Microscopic origin of the structural phase transitions at the Cr2O3
(0001) surface

A. L. Wysocki, Siqi Shi, K. D. Belashchenko

1210.5589 (Sang-Hoon Kim et al.)

Artificial Seismic Shadow Zone Created by Metamaterials    [PDF]

Sang-Hoon Kim, Mukunda P. Das

1210.5595 (M. Aparnadevi et al.)

Tunable spin reorientation transition and magnetocaloric effect in
Sm0.7-xLaxSr0.3MnO3 series

M. Aparnadevi, R. Mahendiran

1210.5602 (Gul Rahman et al.)

Stabilizing intrinsic defects in SnO$_{2}$    [PDF]

Gul Rahman, Naseem Ud Din, Victor M. Garcia-Suarez

1210.5620 (Luiz F. Zagonel et al.)

Orientation-dependent surface composition of in situ annealed strontium

Luiz F. Zagonel, Nicholas Barrett, Olivier Renault, Aude Bailly, Michael Bäurer, Michael Hoffmann, Shao-Ju Shih, David Cockayne

1210.5636 (Noa Marom et al.)

Many-Body Dispersion Interactions in Molecular Crystal Polymorphism    [PDF]

Noa Marom, Robert A. DiStasio Jr., Viktor Atalla, Sergey Levchenko, James R. Chelikowsky, Leslie Leiserowitz, Alexandre Tkatchenko

1210.5671 (Ming-Min Zhong et al.)

Physical properties of ReB2 under high pressure and effect of metallic
bonding on its hardness

Ming-Min Zhong, Xiao-Yu Kuang, Zhen-Hua Wang, Peng Shao, Li-Ping Ding, Xiao-Fen Huang

1210.5737 (Jana Hamrlová et al.)

Quadratic-in-magnetization permittivity and conductivity tensor in cubic

Jana Hamrlová, Jaroslav Hamrle, Kamil Postava, Jaromír Pištora

1210.5807 (Wenhong Wang et al.)

Thickness-dependent structural, magnetic and transport properties of
epitaxial Co2FeAl Heusler alloy thin films

Wenhong Wang, Enke Liu, Yin Du, Jinglan Chen, Guangheng Wu, Hiroaki Sukegawa, Seiji Mitain, Koichiro Inomata

1210.5808 (Wenhong Wang et al.)

Fabrication and characterization of the gapless half-Heusler YPtSb thin

Wenhong Wang, Yin Du, Enke Liu, Zhongyuan Liu, Guangheng Wu

1210.5809 (Rabaya Basori et al.)

Large photoresponse of Cu:TCNQ nanowire arrays formed as aligned

Rabaya Basori, K. Das, Prashant Kumar, K. S. Narayan, A. K. Raychaudhuri

1210.5810 (G. J. Li et al.)

Structure, magnetism and magnetic compensation behavior of
Co50-xMn25Ga25+x and Co50-xMn25+xGa25 Heusler alloys

G. J. Li, E. K. Liu, Y. J. Zhang, Y. Du, H. W. Zhang, W. H. Wang, G. H. Wu

1210.5816 (S. Skaftouros et al.)

Generalized Slater-Pauling rule for the inverse Heusler compounds    [PDF]

S. Skaftouros, K. Ozdogan, E. Sasioglu, I. Galanakis

1210.5820 (M. A. Hossain et al.)

Synthesized inverse-perovskites Sc3InX (X = B, C, N): A theoretical

M. A. Hossain, M. S. Ali, F. Parvin, A. K. M. A. Islam

1210.5836 (Corina Etz et al.)

Accelerating the switching of logical units by anisotropy driven
magnetization dynamics

Corina Etz, Marcio Costa, Olle Eriksson, Anders Bergman

1210.5857 (Václav Nežerka et al.)

A micromechanics-based model for stiffness and strength prediction of
cocciopesto mortars

Václav Nežerka, Jan Zeman

1210.5861 (Ersoy Sasioglu et al.)

Strength of the Effective Coulomb Interaction at Metal and Insulator

Ersoy Sasioglu, Christoph Friedrich, Stefan Blügel

1210.5895 (A. V. Nikolaev et al.)

Puzzle of the gamma-alpha and other phase transitions in cerium    [PDF]

A. V. Nikolaev, A. V. Tsvyashchenko

1210.5919 (R. Vasseur et al.)

Phase Diagram of Ferroelastic Systems in the Presence of Disorder:
Analytical Model and Experimental Verification

R. Vasseur, D. Xue, Y. Zhou, W. Ettoumi, X. Ding, X. Ren, T. Lookman

1210.5981 (Zhe-Wen Song et al.)

Electronic structure and magnetic and optical properties of double
perovskite Bi2FeCrO6 from first-principles investigation

Zhe-Wen Song, Bang-Gui Liu

1210.5989 (Hangwen Guo et al.)

Growth diagram of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin films using pulsed laser

Hangwen Guo, Dali Sun, Wenbin Wang, Zheng Gai, Ivan Kravchenko, Jian Shao, Lu Jiang, Thomas Z. Ward, Paul C. Snijders, Lifeng Yin, Jian Shen, Xiaoshan Xu

1210.6018 (Yufeng Liang et al.)

Enhanced Many-Electron Effects on Excited States of Gated Bilayer

Yufeng Liang, Li Yang

1210.6020 (L. C. Campos et al.)

Quantum and classical confinement of resonant states in a trilayer
graphene Fabry-Perot interferometer

L. C. Campos, A. F. Young, K. Surakitbovorn, K. Watanabe, T. Taniguchi, P. Jarillo-Herrero

Monday, October 22, 2012

1106.2858 (J. -H. Kim et al.)

Dephasing of G-Band Phonons in Single-Wall Carbon Nanotubes Probed via
Impulsive Stimulated Raman Scattering

J. -H. Kim, K. -J. Yee, Y. -S. Lim, L. G. Booshehri, E. H. Haroz, J. Kono

1210.5242 (Eric Kin-Ho Lee et al.)

Magnetic excitation spectra in pyrochlore iridates    [PDF]

Eric Kin-Ho Lee, Subhro Bhattacharjee, Yong Baek Kim

1210.5251 (Yi Li et al.)

Single-domain shape anisotropy in near-macroscopic Ni$_{80}$Fe$_{20}$
thin-film rectangles

Yi Li, William E. Bailey

1210.5304 (Brian Richard Pauw et al.)

Improvements and considerations for size distribution retrieval from
small-angle scattering data by Monte-Carlo methods

Brian Richard Pauw, Jan-Skov Pedersen, Samuel Tardif, Masaki Takata, Bo Brummersted Iversen

1210.5310 (Shin-ichi Kimura et al.)

Infrared and Terahertz Spectroscopy of Strongly Correlated Electron
Systems under Extreme Conditions

Shin-ichi Kimura, Hidekazu Okamura

1210.5346 (C. S. Dias et al.)

Nonequilibrium growth of patchy-colloid networks on substrates    [PDF]

C. S. Dias, N. A. M. Araújo, M. M. Telo da Gama

1210.5353 (Yanpeng Qi et al.)

Superconductivity in defective pyrite-type iridium chalcogenides IrxCh2
(Ch = Se and Te)

Yanpeng Qi, Satoru Matsuishi, Jiangang Guo, Hiroshi Mizoguchi, Hideo Hosono

1210.5355 (S. Skaftouros et al.)

Search for spin gapless semiconductors: The case of inverse Heusler

S. Skaftouros, K. Ozdogan, E. Sasioglu, I. Galanakis

1210.5357 (Y. J. Zhang et al.)

Ferromagnetic structures in Mn2CoGa and Mn2CoAl doped by Co, Cu, V, and

Y. J. Zhang, G. J. Li, E. K. Liu, J. L. Chen, W. H. Wang, G. H. Wu

1210.5361 (Mikael C. Rechtsman et al.)

Observation of novel edge states in photonic graphene    [PDF]

Mikael C. Rechtsman, Yonatan Plotnik, Daohong Song, Matthias Heinrich, Julia M. Zeuner, Stefan Nolte, Natalia Malkova, Jingjun Xu, Alexander Szameit, Zhigang Chen, Mordechai Segev

1210.5366 (Julian M. Rosalie et al.)

An in-depth TEM/SAXS study of aging induced precipitation in MgZn    [PDF]

Julian M. Rosalie, Brian R. Pauw

1210.5387 (J. Fink et al.)

Resonant Elastic Soft X-Ray Scattering    [PDF]

J. Fink, E. Schierle, E. Weschke, J. Geck

1210.5413 (Benjamin Lingnau et al.)

Failure of the α-factor in describing QD laser dynamical
instabilities and chaos

Benjamin Lingnau, Kathy Lüdge, Weng W. Chow, Eckehard Schöll

1210.5435 (Shuangxing Dai et al.)

Surface Effects on the Piezoelectricity of ZnO Nanowires    [PDF]

Shuangxing Dai, Harold S. Park

1210.5239 (E. H. Haroz et al.)

Fundamental Optical Processes in Armchair Carbon Nanotubes    [PDF]

E. H. Haroz, J. G. Duque, X. Tu, M. Zheng, A. R. Hight Walker, R. H. Hauge, S. K. Doorn, J. Kono

1210.5478 (Y. O. Kvashnin et al.)

Non-collinear magnetic ordering in compressed FePd$_3$ ordered alloy: a
first principles study

Y. O. Kvashnin, S. Khmelevskyi, J. Kudrnovský, A. N. Yaresko, L. Genovese, P. Bruno

1210.5489 (Randolph Q. Hood et al.)

Diffusion quantum Monte Carlo study of the equation of state and point
defects in aluminum

Randolph Q. Hood, P. R. C. Kent, Fernando A. Reboredo

Friday, October 19, 2012

1210.4977 (Vahid Fallah et al.)

Simulation of Early-stage Clustering in Ternary Metal Alloys Using the
Phase Field Crystal Method

Vahid Fallah, Nana Ofori-Opoku, Jonathan Stolle, Nikolas Provatas, Shahrzad Esmaeili

1210.4982 (Igor Romanovsky et al.)

Graphene flakes with defective edge terminations: Universal and
topological aspects, and one-dimensional quantum behavior

Igor Romanovsky, Constantine Yannouleas, Uzi Landman

1210.4999 (Li Qiang Zhu et al.)

Laser Directly Written Junctionless In-plane-Gate Neuron Thin Film
Transistors with AND Logic Function

Li Qiang Zhu, Guo Dong Wu, Ju Mei Zhou, Wei Dou, Hong Liang Zhang, Qing Wan

1210.5039 (P. Thoma et al.)

Highly responsive Y-Ba-Cu-O thin film THz detectors with picosecond time

P. Thoma, J. Raasch, A. Scheuring, M. Hofherr, K. Ilin, S. Wünsch, A. Semenov, H. -W. Hübers, V. Judin, A. -S. Müller, N. Smale, J. Hänisch, B. Holzapfel, M. Siegel

1210.5047 (S. Castelletto et al.)

Efficiently Engineered Room Temperature Single Photons in Silicon

S. Castelletto, B. C. Johnson, N. Stavrias, T. Umeda, T. Ohshima

1210.5096 (A. Filatov et al.)

Modification of the magnetic tunnel junction properties    [PDF]

A. Filatov, A. Pogorelov, Ye. Pogoryelov

1210.5106 (B. Anis et al.)

Stabilization of carbon nanotubes by filling with inner tubes: An
optical spectroscopy study on double-walled carbon nanotubes under
hydrostatic pressure

B. Anis, K. Haubner, F. Börrnert, L. Dunsch, M. H. Rümmeli, C. A. Kuntscher

1210.5168 (Wojciech Brzezicki et al.)

Noncollinear Magnetic Order Stabilized by Entangled Spin-Orbital

Wojciech Brzezicki, Jacek Dziarmaga, Andrzej M. Oleś

1210.5207 (Rabaya Basori et al.)

Observation of a Large Photo-response in a Single Nanowire (Diameter ~30
nm) of Charge Transfer Complex Cu:TCNQ

Rabaya Basori, Kaustuv Das, T. Phanindra. Sai, Prashant Kumar, K. S. Narayan, Arup K. Raychaudhuri

1210.5216 (D. V. Maheshwar Repaka et al.)

Magnetocaloric effect and Magnetothermopower in the room temperature
ferromagnet Pr0.6Sr0.4MnO3

D. V. Maheshwar Repaka, T. S. Tripathi, M. Aparnadevi, R. Mahendiran

Thursday, October 18, 2012

1210.4585 (Carlos Diaz-Pinto et al.)

AB-Stacked Multilayer Graphene Synthesized via Chemical Vapor
Deposition: A Characterization by Hot Carrier Transport

Carlos Diaz-Pinto, Debtanu De, Viktor G. Hadjiev, Haibing Peng

1210.4604 (Shunsaku Kitagawa et al.)

Ferromagnetic Quantum Critical Point in Heavy-Fermion Iron Oxypnictide

Shunsaku Kitagawa, Kenji Ishida, Tetsuro Nakamura, Masanori. Matoba, annd Yoichi Kamihara

1210.4623 (Xiao Li et al.)

Coupling the valley degree of freedom to antiferromagnetic order    [PDF]

Xiao Li, Ting Cao, Qian Niu, Junren Shi, Ji Feng

1210.4624 (Yuki Kawashima et al.)

Superconductivity in La$_3$Pt$_4$    [PDF]

Yuki Kawashima, Gaku Eguchi, Shingo Yonezawa, Yoshiteru Maeno

1210.4698 (R. Karmakar et al.)

Structural, Morphological, Optical and Magnetic Property of Mn doped
Ferromagnetic ZnO thin film

R. Karmakar, S. K. Neogi, Aritra Banerjee, S. Bandyopadhyay

1210.4733 (C. Kamal et al.)

Silicene Beyond Mono-layers - Different Stacking Configurations And
Their Properties

C. Kamal, Aparna Chakrabarti, Arup Banerjee, S. K. Deb

1210.4741 (Yi-qun Xie et al.)

Conductance of single-atom magnetic junctions: A first-principles study    [PDF]

Yi-qun Xie, Qiang Li, Lei Huang, Xiang Ye, San-Huang Ke

1210.4776 (Markus Meinert et al.)

GW study of the half-metallic Heusler compounds Co2MnSi and Co2FeSi    [PDF]

Markus Meinert, Christoph Friedrich, Günter Reiss, Stefan Blügel

1210.4777 (B. Arnaud et al.)

Electron cooling and Debye-Waller effect in photoexcited bismuth    [PDF]

B. Arnaud, Y. Giret

1210.4802 (Francesco Monticone et al.)

Multi-Layered Plasmonic Covers for Comb-Like Scattering Response and
Optical Tagging

Francesco Monticone, Christos Argyropoulos, Andrea Alu

1210.4818 (Gabriel Autès et al.)

Controlling edge states in the Kane-Mele model via edge chirality    [PDF]

Gabriel Autès, Oleg V. Yazyev

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

1210.4506 (Julen Ibañez-Azpiroz et al.)

Spin-flip transitions induced by time-dependent electric fields in
surfaces with strong spin-orbit interaction

Julen Ibañez-Azpiroz, Asier Eiguren, Eugene Ya. Sherman, Aitor Bergara

1210.4463 (George Eleftheriades et al.)

Comment on 'Propagation and Negative Refraction,' IEEE Microwave
Magazine, pp. 58-65, July/August 2012

George Eleftheriades, Andrea Alu

1210.4227 (Alexander Kiselev et al.)

Confirmation of the random tiling hypothesis for a decagonal

Alexander Kiselev, Michael Engel, Hans-Rainer Trebin

1210.4233 (Debabrata Sinha et al.)

Annealing of supersolidity in plastically deformed solid $^4$He    [PDF]

Debabrata Sinha, Surajit Sengupta, Chandan Dasgupta, Oriol T. Valls

1210.4268 (H. Rostami et al.)

Electronic ground state properties of strained graphene    [PDF]

H. Rostami, Reza Asgari

1210.4271 (Yue Huang et al.)

Hydrogen storage in MOF-5: A van der Waals density functional theory

Yue Huang, San-Huang Ke

1210.4274 (D. Ishikawa et al.)

X-ray Raman Scattering of Water Near the Critical Point: Comparison of
an Isotherm and Isochore

D. Ishikawa, Y. Q. Cai, D. M. Shaw, J. S. Tse, N. Hiraoka, A. Q. R. Baron

1210.4304 (Takashi Kajiwara et al.)

Graphene nanoribbons on vicinal SiC surfaces by molecular beam epitaxy    [PDF]

Takashi Kajiwara, Yuzuru Nakamori, Anton Visikovskiy, Takushi Iimori, Fumio Komori, Kan Nakatsuji, Kazuhiko Mase, Satoru Tanaka

1210.4358 (Jian Sun et al.)

A stable all nitrogen metallic salt at terapascal pressures    [PDF]

Jian Sun, Miguel Martinez-Canales, Dennis D. Klug, Chris J. Pickard, Richard J. Needs

1210.4364 (S. K. Mishra et al.)

Suppression of Antiferroelectric State in NaNbO3 at High Pressure from
In Situ Neutron Diffraction

S. K. Mishra, M. K. Gupta, R. Mittal, S. L. Chaplot, Thomas Hansen

1210.4374 (Carlos E. ViolBarbosa et al.)

Magnetic dichroism in angular resolved hard X-ray photoelectron
spectroscopy from buried magnetic layers

Carlos E. ViolBarbosa, Siham Ouardi, Gerhard H. Fecher, Daniel Ebke, Claudia Felser

1210.4386 (Yohei Kota et al.)

Degree of order dependence on magnetocrystalline anisotropy in bct FeCo

Yohei Kota, Akimasa Sakuma

1210.4419 (İzzet Paruğ Duru et al.)

A Monte Carlo Simulation Study of Substrate Effect on AB TypeThin Film

İzzet Paruğ Duru, Şahin Aktaş

1210.4432 (Tine Curk et al.)

Collective sedimentation of colloids in grafted polymer layers    [PDF]

Tine Curk, Francisco J. Martinez-Veracoechea, Daan Frenkel, Jure Dobnikar

1210.4435 (Hans Boschker et al.)

High temperature magnetic insulating phase in ultrathin La0.67Sr0.33MnO3

Hans Boschker, Jaap Kautz, Evert P. Houwman, Wolter Siemons, Mark Huijben, Dave H. A. Blank, Gertjan Koster, Arturas Vailionis, Guus Rijnders

1210.4477 (I. A. Nechaev et al.)

Evidence for a direct band gap in the topological insulator Bi2Se3 from
theory and experiment

I. A. Nechaev, R. C. Hatch, M. Bianchi, D. Guan, C. Friedrich, I. Aguilera, J. L. Mi, B. B. Iversen, S. Blügel, Ph. Hofmann, E. V. Chulkov

1210.4536 (Renata Bujakiewicz-Koronska)

Ab initio calculations for the tetragonal PbZr0.5Ti0.5O3    [PDF]

Renata Bujakiewicz-Koronska

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

1210.3645 (Walter Uhoya et al.)

Simultaneous measurement of pressure evolution of crystal structure and
superconductivity in FeSe0.92 using designer diamonds

Walter Uhoya, Georgiy Tsoi, Yogesh Vohra, Nathaniel Wolanyk, Sistla Muralidhara Rao, Maw-Kuen Wu, Samuel Weir

1210.3665 (Nupur Gupta et al.)

Temperature-dependent electron mobility in InAs nanowires    [PDF]

Nupur Gupta, Yipu Song, Gregory W. Holloway, Urbasi Sinha, Chris Haapamaki, Ray R. LaPierre, Jonathan Baugh

1210.3672 (Matthew B. Pinson et al.)

Theory of SEI Formation in Rechargeable Batteries: Capacity Fade,
Accelerated Aging and Lifetime Prediction

Matthew B. Pinson, Martin Z. Bazant

1210.3706 (Si-Da Li et al.)

Promising ferrimagnetic double perovskite oxides towards high spin
polarization at high temperature

Si-Da Li, Peng Chen, Bang-Gui Liu

1210.3755 (R. Shendrik et al.)

Scintillation properties of pure and Ce$^{3+}$-doped SrF$_2$ crystals    [PDF]

R. Shendrik, E. A. Radzhabov, A. I. Nepomnyashchikh

1210.3777 (Yongcheng Liang et al.)

Novel Tungsten Triboride    [PDF]

Yongcheng Liang, so on

1210.3803 (S. V. Panyukov et al.)

Irradiation Induced Dimensional Changes in Bulk Graphite; The theory    [PDF]

S. V. Panyukov, A. V. Subbotin, M. V. Arjakov

1210.3806 (J. E. Rault et al.)

Thickness-dependent polarization of strained BiFeO3 films with constant

J. E. Rault, W. Ren, S. Prosandeev, S. Lisenkov, D. Sando, S. Fusil, M. Bibes, A. Barthelemy, L. Bellaiche, N. Barrett

1210.3813 (Brandon Chabaud et al.)

Effects of permeability and viscosity in linear polymeric gels    [PDF]

Brandon Chabaud, Maria-Carme Calderer

1210.3901 (Ana Akrap et al.)

Following the Fermi level in the Bi2Te_xSe_y series through thermopower    [PDF]

Ana Akrap, Alberto Ubaldini, Enrico Giannini, Laszlo Forro

1210.3938 (M. Schmidt et al.)

Exciton-magnon transitions in the frustrated chromium antiferromagnets
CuCrO2, alpha-CaCr2O4, CdCr2O4, and ZnCr2O4

M. Schmidt, Zhe Wang, Ch. Kant, F. Mayr, S. Toth, A. T. M. N. Islam, B. Lake, V. Tsurkan, A. Loidl, J. Deisenhofer

1210.3939 (Zuhuang Chen et al.)

Study of strain effect on in-plane polarization in epitaxial BiFeO3 thin
films using planar electrodes

Zuhuang Chen, Xi Zou, Wei Ren, Lu You, Chuanwei Huang, Yurong Yang, Ping Yang, Junling Wang, Thirumany Sritharan, L. Bellaiche, Lang Chen

1210.4060 (R. Ramirez et al.)

The phase diagram of ice Ih, II, and III: a quasi-harmonic study    [PDF]

R. Ramirez, N. Neuerburg, C. P. Herrero

1210.4099 (Daniel Codorniu-Pujals et al.)

An expression for estimating the number of atoms displaced during the
irradiation of monolayer graphene with neutrons

Daniel Codorniu-Pujals, Armando Bermúdez-Martínez

1210.4119 (A. Darbandi et al.)

Single-carrier impact ionization favored by a limited band dispersion    [PDF]

A. Darbandi, O. Rubel

1210.4147 (A. Castellanos-Gomez et al.)

Electronic inhomogeneities in graphene: the role of the substrate
interaction and chemical doping

A. Castellanos-Gomez, Arramel, M. Wojtaszek, R. H. M. Smit, N. Tombros, N. Agraït, B. J. van Wees, G. Rubio-Bollinger

Monday, October 15, 2012

1108.3696 (Manuel Friedrich et al.)

An atomistic-to-continuum analysis of crystal cleavage in a
two-dimensional model problem

Manuel Friedrich, Bernd Schmidt

1210.3533 (Gul Rahman et al.)

Intrinsic Magnetism in Nanosheets of SnO$_{2}$: A First-principles Study    [PDF]

Gul Rahman, Victor M. Garcia-Suarez, J. M. Morbec

1210.3329 (Zahra Shojaaee et al.)

Shear flow of dense granular materials near smooth walls. I. Shear
localization and constitutive laws in boundary region

Zahra Shojaaee, Jean-Noël Roux, François Chevoir, Wolf Dietrich

1210.3379 (Jan M. Tomczak et al.)

Thermopower of the Correlated Narrow Gap Semiconductor FeSi and
Comparison to RuSi

Jan M. Tomczak, K. Haule, G. Kotliar

1210.3414 (S. N. Jiang et al.)

Effect of ion and electron irradiation on microstructure of vanadium    [PDF]

S. N. Jiang, F. R. Wan, J. X. Sun, Y. Long, S. Ohnuki

1210.3442 (Ki-Seung Lee et al.)

Threshold current for switching of a perpendicular magnetic layer
induced by spin Hall effect

Ki-Seung Lee, Seo-Won Lee, Byoung-Chul Min, Kyung-Jin Lee

1210.3468 (Florian Johann et al.)

Stability of 71° stripe domains in epitaxial BiFeO3 films upon
repeated electrical switching

Florian Johann, Alessio Morelli, Ionela Vrejoiu

1210.3481 (Xun-Wang Yan et al.)

Layered pnictide-oxide Na$_2$Ti$_2$Pn$_2$O (Pn=As, Sb): a paradigm for
spin density waves

Xun-Wang Yan, Zhong-Yi Lu

1210.3487 (Lifa Zhang et al.)

Topological Magnon Insulator in Insulating Ferromagnet    [PDF]

Lifa Zhang, Jie Ren, Jian-Sheng Wang, Baowen Li

1210.3501 (M. A. Akhukov et al.)

Electronic, Magnetic and Transport Properties of Graphene Ribbons
Terminated by Nanotubes

M. A. Akhukov, Shengjun Yuan, A. Fasolino, M. I. Katsnelson

1210.3502 (K. Bystrov et al.)

Erosion yields of carbon under various plasma conditions in Pilot-PSI    [PDF]

K. Bystrov, J. Westerhout, M. Matveeva, A. Litnovsky, L. Marot, E. Zoethout, G. De Temmerman

1210.3510 (Erik Edlund et al.)

Using the uncertainty principle to simplify interactions designed for
targeted self-assembly

Erik Edlund, Oskar Lindgren, Martin Nilsson Jacobi

1210.3532 (J. Hicks et al.)

A wide band gap metal-semiconductor-metal nanostructure made entirely
from graphene

J. Hicks, A. Tejeda, A. Taleb-Ibrahimi, M. S. Nevius, F. Wang, K. Shepperd, J. Palmer, F. Bertran, P. Le Fèvre, J. Kune, W. A. de Heer, C. Berger, E. H. Conrad

1210.3547 (Jin-Wu Jiang et al.)

A Surface Stacking Fault Energy Approach to Predicting Defect Nucleation
in Surface-Dominated Nanostructures

Jin-Wu Jiang, Austin M. Leach, Ken Gall, Harold S. Park, Timon Rabczuk

1210.3553 (Y. Li et al.)

Symmetry breaking and low energy conformational fluctuations in
amorphous graphene

Y. Li, D. A. Drabold

1210.3586 (D. Anderson et al.)

Local elastic response measured near the colloidal glass transition    [PDF]

D. Anderson, D. Schaar, H. G. E. Hentschel, J. Hay, Piotr Habdas, Eric R. Weeks

1210.3603 (Georgiy M. Tsoi et al.)

Pressure Induced Superconductivity in Ba0.5Sr0.5Fe2As2    [PDF]

Georgiy M. Tsoi, Walter Malone, Walter Uhoya, Jonathan E. Mitchel, Yogesh K. Vohra, Lowell E. Wenger, Athena S. Sefat, S. T . Weir

1210.3606 (Joshua P. Veazey et al.)

Superconducting LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Nanowires    [PDF]

Joshua P. Veazey, Guanglei Cheng, Patrick Irvin, Cheng Cen, Daniela F. Bogorin, Feng Bi, Mengchen Huang, Chung-Wung Bark, Sangwoo Ryu, Kwang-Hwan Cho, Chang-Beom Eom, Jeremy Levy

Friday, October 12, 2012

1210.3309 (Harihar Behera et al.)

Strain-tunable band gap of a monolayer graphene analogue of ZnS

Harihar Behera, Gautam Mukhopadhyay

1210.3308 (Gautam Mukhopadhyay et al.)

Structural and Electronic Properties of Graphene and Graphene-like

Gautam Mukhopadhyay, Harihar Behera

1210.3049 (A. V. Khvalkovskiy et al.)

Matching domain wall configuration and spin-orbit torques for very
efficient domain-wall motion

A. V. Khvalkovskiy, V. Cros, D. Apalkov, V. Nikitin, M. Krounbi, K. A. Zvezdin, A. Anane, J. Grollier, A. Fert

1210.3054 (Gerardo Soto)

Comment on Synthesis of rhenium nitride crystal with MoS2 structure    [PDF]

Gerardo Soto

1210.3071 (Stephen Martis et al.)

Exotic Ground States of Directional Pair Potentials via
Collective-Density Variables

Stephen Martis, Étienne Marcotte, Frank H. Stillinger, Salvatore Torquato

1210.3076 (Lee Aspitarte et al.)

Determination of the crystal structures of In70-Ni30 and In70-Pd30 using
perturbed angular correlation

Lee Aspitarte, Egbert R. Nieuwenhuis, Gary S. Collins

1210.3086 (L F Zagonel et al.)

Orientation dependent work function of in situ annealed strontium

L F Zagonel, M Bäurer, A Bailly, O Renault, M Hoffmann, S-J Shih, D Cockayne, N Barrett

1210.3088 (A. F. Kemper et al.)

Mapping of the unoccupied states and relevant bosonic modes via the time
dependent momentum distribution

A. F. Kemper, M. Sentef, B. Moritz, C. C. Kao, Z. X. Shen, J. K. Freericks, T. P. Devereaux

1210.3093 (M. Uchida et al.)

Pseudogap-related charge dynamics in layered-nickelate R2-xSrxNiO4 (x
sim 1)

M. Uchida, Y. Yamasaki, Y. Kaneko, K. Ishizaka, J. Okamoto, H. Nakao, Y. Murakami, Y. Tokura

1210.3103 (Y. M. Lu et al.)

Unconventional Scaling of the Anomalous Hall Effect Accompanying
Electron Localization Correction in the Dirty Regime

Y. M. Lu, J. W. Cai, Zaibing Guo, X. X. Zhang

1210.3108 (Deep Jariwala et al.)

Growth of carbon nanotubes on quasicrystalline alloys    [PDF]

Deep Jariwala, Kaushik Chandra, Anyuan Cao, Saikat Talapatra, Mutshihiro Shima, D. Anuhya, V. S. S. S. Prasad, R. Ribeiro, P. C. Canfield, D. Wu, Anchal Srivastava, R. K. Mandal, A. K. Pramanick, Robert Vajtai, Pulickel. M. Ajayan, G. V. S. Sastry

1210.3160 (Kazuhiko Deguchi et al.)

Quantum critical state in a magnetic quasicrystal    [PDF]

Kazuhiko Deguchi, Shuya Matsukawa, Noriaki K. Sato, Taisuke Hattori, Kenji Ishida, Hiroyuki Takakura, Tsutomu Ishimasa

1210.3192 (Piotr M. Kowalski et al.)

Towards an Understanding of the Atmospheres of Cool White Dwarfs    [PDF]

Piotr M. Kowalski, Didier Saumon, Jay Holberg, Sandy Leggett

1210.3201 (Elke Neu et al.)

Low temperature investigations of single silicon vacancy colour centres
in diamond

Elke Neu, Christian Hepp, Michael Hauschild, Stefan Gsell, Martin Fischer, Hadwig Sternschulte, Doris Steinmueller-Nethl, Christoph Becher

1210.3217 (Markus Lazar)

On the non-uniform motion of dislocations: The retarded elastic fields,
the retarded dislocation tensor potentials and the Liénard-Wiechert tensor

Markus Lazar

1210.3222 (W. W. Duley et al.)

The 217.5 nm band, infrared absorption and infrared emission features in
hydrogenated amorphous carbon nanoparticles

W. W. Duley, Anming Hu

1210.3244 (Petr S. Sokolov et al.)

On melting of silicon carbide under pressure    [PDF]

Petr S. Sokolov, Vladimir A. Mukhanov, Thierry Chauveau, Vladimir L. Solozhenko

1210.3301 (D. Haranath et al.)

Rare-earth free yellow-green emitting phosphor with high quantum yield
for lighting applications

D. Haranath, S. Mishra, S. Yadav, R. K. Sharma, L. M. Kandpal, N. Vijayan, M. K. Dalai, G. Sehgal, Virendra Shanker

1210.3305 (Daniel Åberg et al.)

Contributions of point defects, chemical disorder, and thermal
vibrations to electronic properties of Cd(1-x)Zn(x)Te alloys

Daniel Åberg, Paul Erhart, Vincenzo Lordi

1210.3348 (Kan-Hao Xue et al.)

Prediction of semi-metallic tetragonal Hf2O3 and Zr2O3 from

Kan-Hao Xue, Philippe Blaise, Leonardo R. C. Fonseca, Yoshio Nishi

1210.3355 (Qing Jie et al.)

Electronic thermoelectric power factor and metal-insulator transition in

Qing Jie, Rongwei Hu, Emil Bozin, A. Llobet, I. Zaliznyak, C. Petrovic, Q. Li

Thursday, October 11, 2012

1210.2735 (Steven S. -L. Zhang et al.)

Spin convertance at magnetic interfaces    [PDF]

Steven S. -L. Zhang, Shufeng Zhang

1210.2736 (Joel D. Cox et al.)

Dipole-dipole interaction between a quantum dot and graphene nanodisk    [PDF]

Joel D. Cox, Mahi R. Singh, Godfrey Gumbs, Miguel. A. Antón, Fernando Carreño

1210.2758 (R. H. Liu et al.)

Microwave emission by a spin Hall nano-oscillator    [PDF]

R. H. Liu, W. L. Lim, S. Urazhdin

1210.2787 (T. Kaneko et al.)

Orthorhombic-to-Monoclinic Phase Transition of Ta2NiSe5 Induced by the
Bose-Einstein Condensation of Excitons

T. Kaneko, T. Toriyama, T. Konishi, Y. Ohta

1210.2810 (Robert Schittny et al.)

Experiments on transformation thermodynamics: Molding the flow of heat    [PDF]

Robert Schittny, Muamer Kadic, Sebastien Guenneau, Martin Wegener

1210.2822 (Artem M. Abakumov et al.)

Frustrated pentagonal Cairo lattice in the non-collinear antiferromagnet

Artem M. Abakumov, Dmitry Batuk, Alexander A. Tsirlin, Clemens Prescher, Leonid Dubrovinsky, Denis V. Sheptyakov, Walter Schnelle, Joke Hadermann, Gustaaf Van Tendeloo

1210.2846 (Liang Du et al.)

The electronic structure of NaIrO$_3$, Mott insulator or band insulator?    [PDF]

Liang Du, Xianlei Sheng, Hongming Weng, Xi Dai

1210.2896 (E. H. Hwang et al.)

Valley-dependent 2D transport in Si-MOSFETs    [PDF]

E. H. Hwang, S. Das Sarma

1210.2902 (Nick E. B. Cowern et al.)

Point defects in materials with low amorphous-crystalline energy gap    [PDF]

Nick E. B. Cowern, Chihak Ahn, Nick S. Bennett, Sergei Simdyankin, Jonathan P. Goss, Jean-Michel Hartmann, Ardechir Pakfar, Silke Hamm, Jérôme Valentin, Enrico Napolitani, Davide De Salvador, Elena Bruno, Salvatore Mirabella

1210.2915 (Gaston Kané et al.)

Zener tunneling in the electrical transport of quasi-metallic carbon

Gaston Kané, Michele Lazzeri, Francesco Mauri

1210.2947 (Stefan Löffler et al.)

A factorization approach of the mixed dynamic form factor for mapping
atomic orbitals

Stefan Löffler, Viktoria Motsch, Peter Schattschneider

1210.2966 (Christoph Klewe et al.)

Negative spin polarization of Mn2VGa probed by tunnel magnetoresistance    [PDF]

Christoph Klewe, Markus Meinert, Jan Schmalhorst, Günter Reiss

1210.2974 (Larisa V. Arapkina et al.)

On atomic structure of Ge huts growing on the Ge/Si(001) wetting layer    [PDF]

Larisa V. Arapkina, Vladimir A. Yuryev

1210.2999 (Mani Pokharel et al.)

Phonon Drag Effect in Nanocomposite FeSb2    [PDF]

Mani Pokharel, Huaizhou Zhao, Kevin Lukas, Bogdan Mihaila, Zhifeng Ren, Cyril Opeil

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

1210.2410 (N. Lazarides et al.)

Gain-Driven Discrete Breathers in PT-Symmetric Nonlinear Metamaterials    [PDF]

N. Lazarides, G. P. Tsironis

1210.2498 (Ryuji Okazaki et al.)

Photo-Seebeck Effect in ZnO    [PDF]

Ryuji Okazaki, Ayaka Horikawa, Yukio Yasui, Ichiro Terasaki

1210.2510 (C. N. Ge et al.)

Giant exchange bias and ferromagnetism in the CoO shell of Co/CoO-MgO
core-shell nanoparticles

C. N. Ge, Xiangang Wan, E. Pellegrin, Z. Hu, W. Q. Zou, Y. W. Du

1210.2517 (Jun-Ting Zou et al.)

The Formation and characteristics of Acrylonitrile/Urea Inclusion

Jun-Ting Zou, Yu-Song Wang, Wen-Min Pang, Lei Shi, Fei Lu

1210.2523 (M. C. Gordillo et al.)

4He adsorbed outside a single carbon nanotube    [PDF]

M. C. Gordillo, J. Boronat

1210.2527 (H. C. Zeng et al.)

Flute-Model Acoustic Metamaterials with Simultaneously Negative Bulk
Modulus and Mass Density

H. C. Zeng, C. R. Luo, H. J. Chen, S. L. Zhai, X. P. Zhao

1210.2530 (Jun-Ting Zou et al.)

Synthesis and spectroscopic characterization of completely isotactic

Jun-Ting Zou, Yu-Song Wang, Wen-Min Pang, Lei Shi, Fei Lu

1210.2531 (A. Di Bartolomeo et al.)

Effect of back-gate on contact resistance and on channel conductance in
graphene-based field-effect transistors

A. Di Bartolomeo, S. Santandrea, F. Giubileo, F. Romeo, M. Petrosino, R. Citro, P. Barbara, G. Lupina, T. Schroeder, A. Rubino

1210.2606 (F. M. Piegsa et al.)

Polarized Neutron Laue Diffraction on a Crystal Containing Dynamically
Polarized Proton Spins

F. M. Piegsa, M. Karlsson, B. van den Brandt, C. J. Carlile, E. M. Forgan, P. Hautle, J. A. Konter, G. J. McIntyre, O. Zimmer

1210.2609 (Sergey Bastrukov et al.)

Micromagnetic theory of spin relaxation and ferromagnetic resonance in
multilayered metallic films

Sergey Bastrukov, Jun Yong Khoo, Boris Lukiyanchuk, Irina Molodtsova

1210.2616 (Raghuveer Chimata et al.)

A microscopic model for ultrafast remagnetization dynamics    [PDF]

Raghuveer Chimata, Anders Bergman, Lars Bergqvist, Biplab Sanyal, Olle Eriksson

1210.2672 (Philip Hofmann)

Synchrotron-radiation studies of topological insulators    [PDF]

Philip Hofmann