Monday, April 30, 2012

1204.6034 (D. Herranz et al.)

Very strong reduction of 1/f noise by Carbon doping in epitaxial
Fe/MgO(100)12ML/Fe magnetic tunnel junctions with large density of barrier

D. Herranz, R. Guerrero, J. P. Cascales, F. G. Aliev, M. Hehn, C. Tiusan

1204.6050 (Ronald Benjamin et al.)

Wall-liquid and wall-crystal interfacial free energies via thermodynamic
integration: A molecular dynamics simulation study

Ronald Benjamin, Jürgen Horbach

1204.6083 (S. Lopez-Romero et al.)

Assisted-hydrothermal Synthesis and Characterization of Flower-like ZnO

S. Lopez-Romero, P. Santiago, D. Mendoza

1204.6102 (H. Y. Wang et al.)

Pressure dependence of elastic and dynamical properties of zinc-blende
ZnS and ZnSe from first principle calculation

H. Y. Wang, J. Cao, X. Y. Huang, J. M. Huang

1204.6138 (Guillaume Perillat-Merceroz et al.)

Structural recovery of ion implanted ZnO nanowires    [PDF]

Guillaume Perillat-Merceroz, Fabrice Donatini, Robin Thierry, Pierre-Henri Jouneau, Pierre Ferret, Guy Feuillet

1204.6139 (Aftab Alam et al.)

Effect of disorder on the electronic properties of graphene: a
theoretical approach

Aftab Alam, Biplab Sanyal, Abhijit Mookerjee

1204.6195 (G. Apostolopoulos et al.)

Mössbauer spectroscopy of short-range ordered Fe-Cr alloys    [PDF]

G. Apostolopoulos, K. Mergia, S. Messoloras

1204.6199 (Jan Sýkora et al.)

Selected topics in homogenization of transport processes in historical
masonry structures

Jan Sýkora, Jan Zeman, Michal Šejnoha

1204.6225 (Steffen Ganschow et al.)

On the effect of oxygen partial pressure on the chromium distribution
coefficient in melt-grown ruby crystals

Steffen Ganschow, Detlef Klimm, Rainer Bertram

1204.6230 (S. Bornemann et al.)

Trends in the magnetic properties of Fe, Co and Ni clusters and
monolayers on Ir(111), Pt(111) and Au(111)

S. Bornemann, O. Šipr, S. Mankovsky, S. Polesya, J. B. Staunton, W. Wurth, H. Ebert, J. Minár

1204.6252 (S. V. Baryshev et al.)

High resolution SIMS depth profiling of nanolayers    [PDF]

S. V. Baryshev, A. V. Zinovev, C. E. Tripa, M. J. Pellin, Q. Peng, J. W. Elam, I. V. Veryovkin

1204.6262 (Yogesh M. Joshi et al.)

Delayed solidification of soft glasses: New experiments, and a
theoretical challenge

Yogesh M. Joshi, A. Shahin, Michael E. Cates