Wednesday, August 1, 2012

1207.7112 (L. M. Volkova et al.)

Prediction of inorganic superconductors with quasi-one-dimensional
crystal structure

L. M. Volkova, D. V. Marinin

1207.7135 (Martien Den Hertog et al.)

Insertion of CdSe quantumdots in ZnSe nanowires : MBE growth and
microstructure analysis

Martien Den Hertog, Miryam Elouneg-Jamroz, Edith Bellet-Amalric, Samir Bounouar, Catherine Bougerol, Régis André, Yann Genuist, Jean Philippe Poizat, Kuntheak Kheng, Serge Tatarenko

1207.7145 (Young-Joon Song et al.)

Effects of Magnetovolume and Spin-Orbit Coupling in Ferromagnetic Cubic
Perovskite BaRuO3

Young-Joon Song, K. -W. Lee

1207.7172 (Feng Li et al.)

ZnO-Based Polariton Laser Operating at Room Temperature: From Excitonic
to Photonic Condensate

Feng Li, Laurent Orosz, Olfa Kamoun, Sophie Bouchoule, Christelle Brimont, Pierre Disseix, Thierry Guillet, Xavier Lafosse, Mathieu Leroux, Joel Leymarie, Meletis Mexis, Martine Mihailovic, François Réveret, Dmitry Solnyshkov, Jesus Zuniga-Perez, Guillaume Malpuech

1207.7238 (Patrick Ganster et al.)

Ge condensation under SiGe oxidization: from Molecular Dynamics
simulation to one-dimensional analytic modeling

Patrick Ganster, Andrès Saúl, Guy Tréglia

1207.7260 (V. A. Buryachenko et al.)

Modeling of random bimodal structures of composites (application to
solid propellants): I. Simulation of random packs

V. A. Buryachenko, T. L. Jackson, G. Amadio

1207.7271 (V. A. Buryachenko)

Modeling of random bimodal structures of composites (application to
solid propellants): II. Estimation of effective elastic moduli

V. A. Buryachenko

1207.7312 (Marco Piazzi et al.)

Laser-induced etching of few-layer graphene synthesized by
Rapid-Chemical Vapour Deposition on Cu thin films

Marco Piazzi, Luca Croin, Ettore Vittone, Giampiero Amato

1207.7319 (Paul Meuffels et al.)

Fundamental Issues and Problems in the Realization of Memristors    [PDF]

Paul Meuffels, Rohit Soni

1207.7320 (D. Haranath et al.)

Smart Electroluminescence from ZnS/CNT Hybrid Material and Study of its
Electro-optical Properties

D. Haranath, Sonal Sahai, Mushahid Husain, Savvi Mishra, Virendra Shanker

1207.7334 (Andrew Dougherty)

The amplitude of sidebranches in the dendritic crystal growth of
ammonium chloride

Andrew Dougherty

1207.7356 (A. Iovan et al.)

Sub-10 nm colloidal lithography for integrated spin-photo-electronic

A. Iovan, M. Fischer, R. Lo Conte, V. Korenivski