Thursday, June 27, 2013

1306.6136 (Dongyan Zhang et al.)

Photoluminescence modulation of ZnO via coupling with the surface
plasmon resonance of gold nanoparticles

Dongyan Zhang, Hiroki Ushita, Pangpang Wang, Changwook Park, Ri-ichi Murakami, Sheng-chun Yang, Xiaoping Song

1306.6154 (Gia-Wei Chern et al.)

Magnetic monopole polarons in spin ice with mixed coordination numbers    [PDF]

Gia-Wei Chern, Paula Mellado

1306.6158 (T. Jaouen et al.)

Layer-resolved study of Mg atom incorporation at MgO/Ag(001) buried

T. Jaouen, S. Tricot, G. Delhaye, B. Lépine, D. Sébilleau, G. Jézéquel, P. Schieffer

1306.6236 (K. Kn\'ıžek et al.)

Effect of rare-earth ions on magnetic properties of

K. Kn\'ıžek, Z. Jirák, J. Hejtmánek, M. Veverka, O. Kaman, M. Maryško, G. André

1306.6258 (Max Suckert et al.)

Electrically Detected Double Electron-Electron Resonance: Exchange
Interaction of 31P Donors and Pb0 Defects at the Si/SiO2 Interface

Max Suckert, Felix Hoehne, Lukas Dreher, Markus Kuenzl, Hans Huebl, Martin Stutzmann, Martin S. Brandt

1306.6274 (Di Wu et al.)

Effective Scattering Cross-section in Lattice Thermal Conductivity
Calculation with Differential Effective Medium Method

Di Wu, A. S. Petersen, S. J. Poon

1306.6297 (S. J. Poon et al.)

Thermal Conductivity of Core-Shell Based Nanocomposites for Enhancing
Thermoelectric ZT

S. J. Poon, A. S. Petersen, Di Wu

1306.6310 (J. R. L. Mardegan et al.)

Pressure induced amorphization and collapse of magnetic order in type-I
clathrate Eu8Ga16Ge30

J. R. L. Mardegan, G. Fabbris, L. S. I. Veiga, C. Adriano, M. A. Avila, D. Haskel, C. Giles