Wednesday, March 6, 2013

1303.0903 (Prasanna V. Balachandran et al.)

Interplay of octahedral rotations and breathing distortions in charge
ordering perovskite oxides

Prasanna V. Balachandran, James M. Rondinelli

1303.0918 (Ask Hjorth Larsen et al.)

Electronic shell structure and chemisorption on gold nanoparticles    [PDF]

Ask Hjorth Larsen, Jesper Kleis, Kristian Sommer Thygesen, Jens Nørskov, Karsten Wedel Jacobsen

1303.0933 (Qianfan Zhang et al.)

First-principles Approaches to Simulate Lithiation in Silicon Electrodes    [PDF]

Qianfan Zhang, Yi Cui, Enge Wang

1303.0965 (I. A. Lyashenko et al.)

On the validity of the method of reduction of dimensionality: area of
contact, average interfacial separation and contact stiffness

I. A. Lyashenko, Lars Pastewka, Bo N. J. Persson

1303.0986 (Juan G. Duque et al.)

Mechanism of Electrolyte-Induced Brightening in Single-Wall Carbon

Juan G. Duque, Laura Oudjedi, Jared J. Crochet, Sergei Tretiak, Brahim Lounis, Stephen K. Doorn, Laurent Cognet

1303.1002 (Andreas Latz et al.)

Self-learning kinetic Monte Carlo model for arbitrary surface

Andreas Latz, Lothar Brendel, Dietrich E. Wolf

1303.1049 (Avni Jain et al.)

Inverse design of simple pairwise interactions with low-coordinated 3D
lattice ground states

Avni Jain, Jeffrey R. Errington, Thomas M. Truskett

1303.1070 (Muhammad Usman et al.)

Impact of alloy disorder on the band structure of compressively strained

Muhammad Usman, Christopher A. Broderick, Zahida Batool, Konstanze Hild, Thomas J. C. Hosea, Stephen J. Sweeney, Eoin P. O'Reilly

1303.1149 (F. J. Rueckert et al.)

Suppression of Magnetic Phase Separation in Epitaxial SrCoOx Films    [PDF]

F. J. Rueckert, Y. F. Nie, C. Abughayada, S. A. Sabok-Sayr, H. Mohottala, J. I. Budnick, W. A. Hines, B. Dabrowski, B. O. Wells

1303.1169 (Tokunbo Omiyinka et al.)

Pair potentials and equation of state of solid parahydrogen to megabar

Tokunbo Omiyinka, Massimo Boninsegni