Friday, April 27, 2012

1102.0357 (E. Granado et al.)

Pressure and chemical substitution effects in the local atomic structure
of BaFe2As2

E. Granado, L. Mendonca-Ferreira, F. Garcia, G. de M. Azevedo, G. Fabbris, E. M. Bittar, C. Adriano, T. M. Garitezi, P. F. S. Rosa, L. F. Bufaical, M. A. Avila, H. Terashita, P. G. Pagliuso

1105.1392 (H. Terashita et al.)

Investigation of element-specific and bulk magnetism, electronic and
crystal structures of La{0.70}Ca{0.30}Mn{1-x}Cr{x}O{3}

H. Terashita, J. C. Cezar, F. M. Ardito, L. F. Bufaical, E. Granado

1107.1448 (Qing Peng et al.)

Elastic Properties of Hybrid Graphene/Boron Nitride Monolayer    [PDF]

Qing Peng, Amir R. Zamiri, Wei Ji, Suvranu De

1204.5808 (Heng-Jui Liu et al.)

Structural study in Highly Compressed BiFeO3 Epitaxial Thin Films on

Heng-Jui Liu, Hsiang-Jung Chen, Wen-I Liang, Chen-Wei Liang, Hsin-Yi Lee, Su-Jien Lin, Ying-Hao Chu

1204.5819 (A. P. Moina)

Major physical characteristics of Rochelle salt: the role of thermal

A. P. Moina

1204.5821 (H. Sun et al.)

Generalized linear isotherm regularity equation of state applied to

H. Sun, J. X. Sun, W. J. Yu, J. Tang

1204.5824 (Z. J. Yang et al.)

Elastic and electronic properties of fluorite RuO_2 from first principle    [PDF]

Z. J. Yang, A. M. Guo, Y. D. Guo, J. Li, Z. Wang, Q. Liu, R. F. Linghu, X. D. Yang

1204.5825 (S. S. Jahromi et al.)

Investigating the effects of smoothness of interfaces on stability of
probing nano-scale thin films by neutron reflectometry

S. S. Jahromi, S. F. Masoudi

1204.5844 (G. I. Mamniashvili et al.)

Peculiarities of timing and spectral diagrams of magnetic video-pulse
excitation influence on NMR spin-echo in magnets

G. I. Mamniashvili, T. O. Gegechkori, A. M. Akhalkatsi, T. A. Gavasheli, E. R. Kutelia, L. G. Rukhadze, D. I. Gventsadze

1204.5845 (Sondes Karoui et al.)

Magnetism: the Driving Force of Order in CoPt. A First-Principles Study    [PDF]

Sondes Karoui, Hakim Amara, Bernard Legrand, François Ducastelle

1204.5878 (R. G. Burkovsky et al.)

Structural heterogeneity and diffuse scattering in morphotropic lead
zirconate-titanate single crystals

R. G. Burkovsky, Yu. A. Bronwald, A. V. Filimonov, A. I. Rudskoy, D. Chernyshov, A. Bosak, J. Hlinka, X. Long, Z. -G. Ye, S. B. Vakhrushev

1204.5905 (V. Pardo et al.)

Linear bands, zero-momentum Weyl semimetal, and topological transition
in skutterudite-structure pnictides

V. Pardo, J. C. Smith, W. E. Pickett

1204.5942 (F. G. Aliev et al.)

Unexpected resonant response in [Fe(001)/Cr(001)]_(10) /MgO(001)
multilayers in magnetic field

F. G. Aliev, V. V. Pryadun, E. Snoeck

1204.5957 (Vladislav Popkov et al.)

Singular response to a dopant of an evaporating crystal surface    [PDF]

Vladislav Popkov, Paolo Politi

1204.5971 (J. C. Chacón-Torres et al.)

Raman response of Stage-1 graphite intercalation compounds revisited    [PDF]

J. C. Chacón-Torres, A. Y. Ganin, M. J. Rosseinsky, T. Pichler

1204.5976 (Oleg P. Ledenyov)

On the structure of quantum intermediate state in type I superconductors    [PDF]

Oleg P. Ledenyov

1204.5982 (Jinwoo Hwang et al.)

Nanoscale Quantification of Octahedral Tilts in Perovskite Films    [PDF]

Jinwoo Hwang, Jack Y. Zhang, Junwoo Son, Susanne Stemmer

1204.5996 (B. -T. Song et al.)

Investigations of the EPR parameters for the tetrahedral [FeX_4]^-
clusters in AgX (X=Cl, Br)

B. -T. Song, S. -Y. Wu, M. -Q. Kuang, Z. -H. Zhang

1204.6010 (Kutvonen Aki et al.)

Correlations between mechanical, structural, and dynamical properties of
polymer nanocomposites

Kutvonen Aki, Rossi Giulia, Ala-Nissila Tapio