Thursday, November 29, 2012

1211.6458 (Timothy C. Berkelbach et al.)

Microscopic theory of singlet exciton fission. I. General formulation    [PDF]

Timothy C. Berkelbach, Mark S. Hybertsen, David R. Reichman

1211.6459 (Timothy C. Berkelbach et al.)

Microscopic theory of singlet exciton fission. II. Application to
pentacene dimers and the role of superexchange

Timothy C. Berkelbach, Mark S. Hybertsen, David R. Reichman

1211.6464 (C. Tarantini et al.)

Artificial and self-assembled pinning centers in Ba(Fe1-xCox)2As2 thin
films as a route to very high current density

C. Tarantini, S. Lee, F. Kametani, J. Jiang, J. D. Weiss, J. Jaroszynski, C. M. Folkman, E. E. Hellstrom, C. B. Eom, D. C. Larbalestier

1211.6482 (Hugh F. Wilson et al.)

Superionic to superionic phase change in water: consequences for the
interiors of Uranus and Neptune

Hugh F. Wilson, Michael L. Wong, Burkhard Militzer

1211.6507 (Chi Huan Nguyen et al.)

Size-dependent Elasticity in Materials    [PDF]

Chi Huan Nguyen, Shailendra P. Joshi

1211.6520 (Qiang Zhu et al.)

Stability of xenon oxides at high pressures    [PDF]

Qiang Zhu, Daniel Y. Jung, Artem R. Oganov, Colin W. Glass, Carlo Gatti, Andriy O. Lyakhov

1211.6521 (Qiang Zhu et al.)

Unexpected Stoichiometries in Mg-O System under High Pressure    [PDF]

Qiang Zhu, Artem R. Oganov, Andriy O. Lyakhov

1211.6560 (M. I. Samoylovich et al.)

Symmetrical laws of structure of helicoidally-like biopolymers in the
framework of algebraic topology. II. α-helix and DNA structures

M. I. Samoylovich, A. L. Talis

1211.6562 (Andrea Perali et al.)

High Temperature Superfluidity in Double Bilayer Graphene    [PDF]

Andrea Perali, David Neilson, Alex R. Hamilton

1211.6571 (Richard Beanland et al.)

'Digital' Electron Diffraction - Seeing the Whole Picture    [PDF]

Richard Beanland, Paul J. Thomas, David I. Woodward, Pamela A. Thomas, Rudolf A. Roemer

1211.6591 (Rui Zhang et al.)

Growth of Large Domain Epitaxial Graphene on the C-Face of SiC    [PDF]

Rui Zhang, Yunliang Dong, Wenjie Kong, Wenpeng Han, Pingheng Tan, Zhimin Liao, Xiaosong Wu, Dapeng Yu

1211.6594 (Marco Truccato et al.)

Photoconductivity effects in mixed-phase BSCCO whiskers    [PDF]

Marco Truccato, Dario Imbraguglio, Angelo Agostino, Stefano Cagliero, Alessandro Pagliero, Holger Motzkau, Andreas Rydh

1211.6618 (Holger Euchner et al.)

Phononic filter effect of rattling phonons in the thermoelectric
clathrate Ba$_8$Ge$_{40+x}$Ni$_{6-x}$

Holger Euchner, Stephane Pailhès, Lien Nguyen, Wolf Assmus, Franz Ritter, Amir Haghighirad, Yuri Grin, Silke Paschen, Marc. de Boissieu

1211.6625 (Stefano Cagliero et al.)

Insight into Non Linearly Shaped Superconducting Whiskers via
Synchrotron Nanoprobe

Stefano Cagliero, Elisa Borfecchia, Lorenzo Mino, Leandro Calore, Federica Bertolotti, Gema Martinez-Criado, Lorenza Operti, Angelo Agostino, Marco Truccato, Petre Badica, Carlo Lamberti

1211.6698 (Christopher N. Layman et al.)

Highly-anisotropic elements for acoustic pentamode applications    [PDF]

Christopher N. Layman, Christina J. Naify, Theodore P. Martin, David C. Calvo, Gregory J. Orris

1211.6707 (H. Sakakibara et al.)

Three-orbital study on the orbital distillation effect in the high Tc

H. Sakakibara, K. Suzuki, H. Usui, K. Kuroki, R. Arita, D. J. Scalapino, H. Aoki