Wednesday, June 26, 2013

1306.5763 (Xiaohui Liu et al.)

Polarization Controlled Ohmic to Schottky Transition at a Metal/Doped
Ferroelectric Interface

Xiaohui Liu, Yong Wang, J. D. Burton, Evgeny Y. Tsymbal

1306.5778 (Catalin D. Spataru et al.)

Many-body effects on the electronic and optical properties of strained
semiconducting carbon nanotubes

Catalin D. Spataru, François Léonard

1306.5835 (Pai-Yen Chen et al.)

Broadening the Bandwidth of Metamaterial Cloaks with Non-Foster

Pai-Yen Chen, Christos Argyropoulos, Andrea Alu

1306.5847 (N. Nishizawa et al.)

Efficient spin injection through a crystalline AlOx tunnel barrier
prepared by the oxidation of an ultra-thin Al epitaxial layer on GaAs

N. Nishizawa, H. Munekata

1306.5856 (Andrea C. Ferrari et al.)

Raman spectroscopy as a versatile tool for studying the properties of

Andrea C. Ferrari, Denis M. Basko

1306.5891 (H. Hakan Gürel et al.)

Effects of charging and electric field on the properties of silicene and

H. Hakan Gürel, V. Ongun Özçelik, S. Ciraci

1306.5916 (Mael Guennou et al.)

Jahn-Teller, giant strain and insulator-to-metal transition in BiMnO3 at
high pressure

Mael Guennou, Pierre Bouvier, Pierre Toulemonde, Céline Darie, Céline Goujon, Pierre Bordet, Michael Hanfland, Jens Kreisel

1306.5925 (Frantisek Maca et al.)

The influence of oxygen and hydrogen adsorption on the magnetic
structure of the ultrathin iron film on the Ir(001) surface

Frantisek Maca, Josef Kudrnovsky, Vaclav Drchal, Josef Redinger

1306.5988 (J. Dubowik et al.)

Micromagnetic approach to exchange bias - new look on old problem    [PDF]

J. Dubowik, I. Gościańska

1306.5990 (Lasse Laurson et al.)

Universality classes and crossover scaling of Barkhausen noise in thin

Lasse Laurson, Gianfranco Durin, Stefano Zapperi