Thursday, March 21, 2013

1303.4749 (Ulrich Aschauer et al.)

Strain controlled oxygen vacancy formation and ordering in CaMnO$_3$    [PDF]

Ulrich Aschauer, Reto Pfenninger, Sverre M. Selbach, Tor Grande, Nicola A. Spaldin

1303.4822 (Chia-Hui Lin et al.)

Create Dirac Cones in Your Favorite Materials    [PDF]

Chia-Hui Lin, Wei Ku

1303.4855 (S. V. Novikov et al.)

Time of Flight Transients in the Dipolar Glass Model    [PDF]

S. V. Novikov, A. P. Tyutnev, L. B. Schein

1303.4865 (S. V. Novikov et al.)

Estimation of the concentration of deep traps in organic photoconductors
using two-photon absorption

S. V. Novikov, A. R. Tameev, A. V. Vannikov, J. -M. Nunzi

1303.4888 (S. V. Novikov)

Quadrupolar glass as a model for charge carrier transport in nonpolar
organic materials

S. V. Novikov

1303.4889 (Friedrich Roth et al.)

Challenging the nature of low energy plasmon excitations in CaC$_6$
using electron energy-loss spectroscopy

Friedrich Roth, Andreas König, Christian Kramberger, Thomas Pichler, Bernd Büchner, Martin Knupfer

1303.4898 (S. V. Novikov)

Organic glasses: cluster structure of the random energy landscape and
its effect on charge transport and injection

S. V. Novikov

1303.4910 (S. V. Novikov)

Charge Carrier Transport in Disordered Polymers    [PDF]

S. V. Novikov

1303.4932 (Lijun Zhang et al.)

Genetic Design of Enhanced Valley Splitting towards a Spin Qubit in

Lijun Zhang, Jun-Wei Luo, A. L. Saraiva, Belita Koiller, Alex Zunger

1303.4944 (Y. Zhou et al.)

Anomalous scaling of the D'yakonov-Perel' spin relaxation with the
momentum relaxation in semiconductor quantum wells under strong magnetic
field in Voigt configuration

Y. Zhou, T. Yu, M. W. Wu

1303.4954 (H. G. Zhang et al.)

Disorder-induced significant enhancement in magnetization of ball-milled
Fe2CrGa alloy

H. G. Zhang, C. Z. Zhang, W. Zhu, E. K. Liu, W. H. Wang, H. W. Zhang, J. L. Cheng, H. Z. Luo, G. H. Wu

1303.4955 (H. G. Zhang et al.)

Mn-doping induced magnetic properties in Co2CrO4 system    [PDF]

H. G. Zhang, W. H. Wang, E. K. Liu, X. D. Tang, G. J. Li, J. L. Chen, H. W. Zhang, G. H. Wu

1303.4987 (I. P. Rusinov et al.)

Many-body effects on the Rashba-type spin splitting in bulk bismuth

I. P. Rusinov, I. A. Nechaev, S. V. Eremeev, C. Friedrich, S. Blügel, E. V. Chulkov

1303.5014 (Richard Beanland)

The structure of planar defects in tilted perovskites    [PDF]

Richard Beanland

1303.5018 (Joao Sampaio)

Domain walls in spin valve nanotracks: characterisation and applications    [PDF]

Joao Sampaio