Monday, January 28, 2013

1110.2922 (Z. Guguchia et al.)

Tuning the structural instability of SrTiO_3 by Eu doping: The phase
diagram of Sr_1-xEu_xTiO_3

Z. Guguchia, A. Shengelaya, H. Keller, J. Köhler, A. Bussmann-Holder

1301.6156 (S. Polad et al.)

A New Hole Density as a Stability Measure for Boron Fullerenes    [PDF]

S. Polad, M. Ozay

1301.5911 (Natalya A. Zimbovskaya)

Electromagnetic quantum waves and their effect on the low temperature
magnetoacoustic response of a quasi-two-dimensional metal

Natalya A. Zimbovskaya

1301.5939 (Masoud Mollaee et al.)

The Effect of mechanical alloying on Electrical properties of BaTiO3
Nano Crystals

Masoud Mollaee, Mahmoud R. Roknabadi, Mahdieh Zaboli

1301.5968 (Charles K. C. Lieou et al.)

Sacrificial bonds and hidden length in biomaterials -- a kinetic,
constitutive description of strength and toughness in bone

Charles K. C. Lieou, Ahmed E. Elbanna, Jean M. Carlson

1301.5983 (H. D. Kim et al.)

Asymmetry of localised states in a single quantum ring: polarization
dependence of excitons and biexcitons

H. D. Kim, K. Kyhm, R. A. Taylor, G. Nogues, K. C. Je, E. H. Lee, J. D. Song

1301.5991 (A. Tamai et al.)

Spin-orbit splitting of the Shockley surface state on Cu(111)    [PDF]

A. Tamai, W. Meevasana, P. D. C. King, C. Nicholson, A. de la Torre, E. Rozbicki, F. Baumberger

1301.6077 (Paweł T. Jochym et al.)

TiC lattice dynamics from ab initio calculations    [PDF]

Paweł T. Jochym, Małgorzata Sternik, Krzysztof Parlinski

1301.6083 (Paweł T. Jochym et al.)

Ab Initio Lattice Dynamics and Elastic Constants of ZrC    [PDF]

Paweł T. Jochym, Krzysztof Parlinski

1301.6087 (Yenny R. Hernandez et al.)

Turbostratic graphitic microstructures: electronically decoupled
multilayer graphene devices with robust high charge carrier mobility

Yenny R. Hernandez, Sebastian Schweitzer, June-Seo Kim, Ajit Kumar Patra, Jan Englert, Ingo Lieberwirth, Andrea Liscio, Vincenzo Palermo, Xinliang Feng, Andreas Hirsch, Mathias Kläui, Klaus Müllen

1301.6088 (Detlef Klimm et al.)

Growth of Self Organized Eutectic Fibers from LiF-Rare Earth Fluoride

Detlef Klimm, Maria F. Acosta, Ivanildo A. dos Santos, Izilda M. Ranieri, Steffen Ganschow, Rosa I. Merino

1301.6106 (Zhaoqiang Bai et al.)

All-Heusler giant-magnetoresistance junctions with matched energy bands
and Fermi surfaces

Zhaoqiang Bai, Yongqing Cai, Lei Shen, Guchang Han, Yuanping Feng

1301.6131 (Yaghoob Naimi et al.)

Refractive index changes of multi-layered spherical nanostructures with
donor impurity

Yaghoob Naimi, A. R. Jafari