Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1111.3140 (Andrea Benassi et al.)

Barkhausen instabilities from labyrinthine magnetic domains    [PDF]

Andrea Benassi, Stefano Zapperi

1304.7733 (H. O. Ghaffari et al.)

Functional-Friction Networks: New Insights on the Laboratory Earthquakes    [PDF]

H. O. Ghaffari, R. P. Young

1304.7692 (G. P. De Sousa et al.)

Low-temperature Raman spectra of L-histidine crystal    [PDF]

G. P. De Sousa, P. T. C. Freire, J. Mendes Filho, F. E. A. Melo, C. L. Lima

1304.7305 (H. Zhang et al.)

ac-Calorimetric Measurement of Transverse Thermal Conductivity    [PDF]

H. Zhang, J. W. Brill

1304.7365 (Jing-Kai Huang et al.)

Large-Area and Highly Crystalline WSe2 Monolayers: from Synthesis to
Device Applications

Jing-Kai Huang, Jiang Pu, Chih-Piao Chuu, Chang-Lung Hsu, Ming-Hui Chiu, Zhen-Yu Juang, Yong-Huang Chang, Wen-Hao Chang, Yoshihiro Iwasa, Mei-Ying Chou, Taishi Takenobu, Lain-Jong Li

1304.7383 (M. R. Boufatah et al.)

Structural and Electronic properties of cubic (GaN)$_1$/(ZnO)$_1$
superlattice: Modified Becke-Johnson exchange potential

M. R. Boufatah, A. E. Merad

1304.7407 (Vitaly V. Chaban et al.)

Can Organic Ions Dissolve Fullerenes?    [PDF]

Vitaly V. Chaban, Cleiton Maciel, Eudes Eterno Fileti

1304.7419 (Hyunsu Sim et al.)

Octahedral tilting induced ferroelectricity in the ASnO${_3}$/BSnO${_3}$

Hyunsu Sim, S. W. Cheong, Bog G. Kim

1304.7445 (Zongguo Wang et al.)

Properties of single-layer graphene doped by nitrogen with different

Zongguo Wang, Shaojing Qin, Chuilin Wang

1304.7524 (Reinhard J. Maurer et al.)

Excited-state potential-energy surfaces of metal-adsorbed organic
molecules from Linear Expansion Δ-Self-Consistent Field
Density-Functional Theory (ΔSCF-DFT)

Reinhard J. Maurer, Karsten Reuter

1304.7545 (Greg van Anders et al.)

Entropically Patchy Particles    [PDF]

Greg van Anders, N. Khalid Ahmed, Ross Smith, Michael Engel, Sharon C. Glotzer

1304.7596 (Alexander I. Lebedev)

Properties of BaTiO3/BaZrO3 ferroelectric superlattices with competing

Alexander I. Lebedev

1304.7640 (Lydia Nemec et al.)

Thermodynamic equilibrium conditions of graphene films on SiC    [PDF]

Lydia Nemec, Volker Blum, Patrick Rinke, Matthias Scheffler

1304.7648 (Stefan Muff et al.)

Separating the bulk and surface n- to p-type transition in the
topological insulator GeBi(4-x)SbxTe7

Stefan Muff, Fabian von Rohr, Gabriel Landolt, Bartosz Slomski, Andreas Schilling, Robert J. Cava, Jürg Osterwalder, J. Hugo Dil

1304.7680 (V. P. Kostylyov et al.)

Influence of surface centers on the effective surface recombination rate
and the parameters of silicon solar cells

V. P. Kostylyov, A. V. Sachenko, I. O. Sokolovskyi, V. V. Chernenko, T. V. Slusar, A. V. Sushyi

1304.7708 (Athena S. Sefat)

Bulk Synthesis of Iron-based Superconductors    [PDF]

Athena S. Sefat

1304.7732 (N. V. Ter-Oganessian et al.)

Interpretation of magnetoelectric phase states using the praphase
concept and exchange symmetry

N. V. Ter-Oganessian, V. P. Sakhnenko

1304.7754 (A. V. Scherbakov et al.)

Picosecond opto-acoustic interferometry and polarimetry in high-index

A. V. Scherbakov, M. Bombeck, J. V. Jäger, A. S. Salasyuk, T. L. Linnik, V. E. Gusev, D. R. Yakovlev, A. V. Akimov, M. Bayer