Friday, March 8, 2013

1303.1569 (Luiz Felipe C. Pereira et al.)

Divergence of the Thermal Conductivity in Uniaxially Strained Graphene    [PDF]

Luiz Felipe C. Pereira, Davide Donadio

1303.1572 (Qiao-Wei Huang et al.)

Structural and vibrational properties of phenanthrene under pressure    [PDF]

Qiao-Wei Huang, Jiang Zhang, Adam Berlie, Zhen-Xing Qin, Xiao-Miao Zhao, Jian-Bo Zhang, Ling-Yun Tang, Jing Liu, Chao Zhang, Guo-Hua Zhong, Hai-Qing Lin, Xiao-Jia Chen

1303.1601 (Seung Sae Hong et al.)

Observation of helical surface transport in topological insulator
nanowire interferometer

Seung Sae Hong, Yi Zhang, Judy J. Cha, Xiao-Liang Qi, Yi Cui

1303.1658 (Andrey Shchepetov et al.)

Ultra-Thin Free-Standing Single Crystalline Silicon Membranes With
Strain Control

Andrey Shchepetov, Mika Prunnila, Francesc Alzina, Lars Schneider, John Cuffe, Hua Jiang, Esko I. Kauppinen, Clivia M. Sotomayor Torres, Jouni Ahopelto

1303.1680 (Jean-Marc Bonard et al.)

Influence of the deposition conditions on the field emission properties
of patterned nitrogenated carbon nanotube films

Jean-Marc Bonard, Ralph Kurt, Christian Klinke

1303.1692 (Mohammad Haidar et al.)

Thickness dependence of the degree of spin polarization of the
electrical current in permalloy thin films

Mohammad Haidar, Matthieu Bailleul

1303.1706 (Laura Chaix et al.)

THz Magneto-electric atomic rotations in the chiral compound

Laura Chaix, Sophie De Brion, Florence Levy-Bertrand, Virginie Simonet, Rafik Ballou, Benjamin Canals, Pascal Lejay, Jean-Blaise Brubach, Gaëlle Greff, Fabrice Willaert, Pascale Roy, Andres Cano

1303.1731 (C. B. Silbermann et al.)

On a dislocation density based two-phase plasticity model: refinement
and extension to non-proportional loading

C. B. Silbermann, A. V. Shutov, J. Ihlemann

1303.1753 (V. G. Vaks et al.)

Studies of homogeneous precipitation in very dilute iron-coper alloys
using kinetic Monte Carlo simulations and statistical theory of nucleation

V. G. Vaks, F. Soisson, I. A. Zhuravlev

1303.1755 (D. Damasceno Borges et al.)

Inhomogeneous transport in model hydrated polymer electrolyte supported
ultra-thin films

D. Damasceno Borges, A. A. Franco, K. Malek, G. Gebel, S. Mossa

1303.1779 (Yoshiki Sawa et al.)

Shape and Chirality Transitions in Off-Axis Twist Nematic Elastomer

Yoshiki Sawa, Kenji Urayama, Toshikazu Takigawa, Vianney Gimenez-Pinto, Badel L. Mbanga, Fangfu Ye, Jonathan V. Selinger, Robin L. B. Selinger

1303.1800 (Fabian Craes et al.)

Mapping Image Potential States on Graphene Quantum Dots    [PDF]

Fabian Craes, Sven Runte, Jürgen Klinkhammer, Marko Kralj, Thomas Michely, Carsten Busse