Wednesday, April 18, 2012

1102.1001 (Alexander I. Lebedev)

Ground-state structure of KNbO$_3$/KTaO$_3$ superlattices: Array of
nearly independent ferroelectrically ordered planes

Alexander I. Lebedev

1111.1476 (Yi S. Ding et al.)

Nonlinear magnetic metamaterials and possible applications on
all-optical comparers and bistabilities in Fabry-Perot cavities

Yi S. Ding, Ruo-Peng Wang

1204.3650 (Qiang Zhu et al.)

Evolutionary Metadynamics: a Novel Method to Predict Crystal Structures    [PDF]

Qiang Zhu, Artem R. Oganov, Andriy O. Lyakhov

1204.3708 (Julian M. Rosalie et al.)

Orientation relationships between icosahedral clusters in hexagonal
MgZn2 and monoclinic Mg4Zn7 phases in Mg-Zn(-Y) alloys

Julian M. Rosalie, Hidetoshi Somekawa, Alok Singh, Toshiji Mukai

1204.3744 (D. Herranz et al.)

Low frequency noise due to magnetic inhomogeneities in submicron
FeCoB/MgO/FeCoB magnetic tunnel junctions

D. Herranz, A. Gomez-Ibarlucea, M. Schäfers, A. Lara, G. Reiss, F. G. Aliev

1204.3749 (Oded Hod)

Superlubricity - a new perspective on an established paradigm    [PDF]

Oded Hod

1204.3753 (T. Björkman et al.)

Van der Waals bonding in layered compounds from advanced
first-principles calculations

T. Björkman, A. Gulans, A. V. Krasheninnikov, R. M. Nieminen

1204.3757 (M. J. Gillan et al.)

Assessing the accuracy of quantum Monte Carlo and density functional
theory for energetics of small water clusters

M. J. Gillan, F. R. Manby, M. D. Towler, D. Alfè

1204.3785 (S. M. Griffin et al.)

From multiferroics to cosmology: Scaling behaviour and beyond in the
hexagonal manganites

S. M. Griffin, M. Lilienblum, K. Delaney, Y. Kumagai, M. Fiebig, N. A. Spaldin

1204.3792 (J. Cieslak et al.)

The Debye temperature of sigma-phase Fe-Mo compounds as determined with
Mössbauer spectroscopy

J. Cieslak, S. M. Dubiel

1204.3841 (I. Santamaria-Holek et al.)

A non-equilibrium thermodynamics model for combined adsorption and
diffusion processes in micro- and nanopores

I. Santamaria-Holek, Z. J. Grzywna, J. M. Rubi

1204.3859 (P. H. Mott et al.)

Limits to Poisson's ratio in isotropic materials - general result for
arbitrary deformation

P. H. Mott, C. M. Roland