Thursday, May 31, 2012

1109.1656 (Danilo Sergi et al.)

Random packing of small blocks: pressure effects, orientational
correlations and application to polymer-based composites

Danilo Sergi, Claudio D'Angelo, Giulio Scocchi, Alberto Ortona

1205.6539 (J. Song et al.)

Effects of Nanoparticle Geometry and Size Distribution on Diffusion
Impedance of Battery Electrodes

J. Song, M. Z. Bazant

1205.6541 (Motohiko Ezawa)

Topological Phase Transition and Electrically Tunable Diamagnetism in

Motohiko Ezawa

1205.6571 (Peter J. Lu et al.)

Robust and economical multi-sample, multi-wavelength UV/vis absorption
and fluorescence detector for biological and chemical contamination

Peter J. Lu, Melanie M. Hoehl, James B. Macarthur, Peter A. Sims, Hongshen Ma, Alexander H. Slocum

1205.6575 (Zhufeng Hou et al.)

Electronic Structures of N-doped Graphene with Native Point Defects    [PDF]

Zhufeng Hou, Xianlong Wang, Takashi Ikeda, Kiyoyuki Terakura, Masaharu Oshima, Masa-aki Kakimoto

1205.6582 (Yasuhiro Senda et al.)

Fast convergence to equilibrium for long-chain polymer melts using a
MD/continuum hybrid method

Yasuhiro Senda, Miyuki Fujio, Shuji Shimamura, Janne Blomqvist, Risto M Nieminen

1205.6591 (Gunther Lippert et al.)

Molecular beam growth of graphene on mica    [PDF]

Gunther Lippert, Jarek Dabrowski, Yuji Yamamoto, Felix Herziger, Janina Maultzsch, Max C. Lemme, Wolfgang Mehr, Grzegorz Lupina

1205.6630 (Philippe Lambin et al.)

Long-range interactions between substitutional nitrogen dopants in
graphene: electronic properties calculations

Philippe Lambin, Hakim Amara, François Ducastelle, Luc Henrard

1205.6642 (Aapo Varpula et al.)

Diffusion-Emission Theory of Photon Enhanced Thermionic Emission Solar
Energy Harvesters

Aapo Varpula, Mika Prunnila

1205.6646 (R. Bastardis et al.)

Unified decoupling scheme for exchange and anisotropy contributions and
temperature-dependent spectral properties of anisotropic spin systems

R. Bastardis, U. Atxitia, O. Chubykalo-Fesenko, H. Kachkachi

1205.6684 (G. J. Ackland)

Temperature dependence in interatomic potentials and an improved
potential for Ti

G. J. Ackland

1205.6703 (David C. Denkenberger et al.)

Expanded microchannel heat exchanger: design, fabrication and
preliminary experimental test

David C. Denkenberger, Michael J. Brandemuehl, Joshua M. Pearce, John Zhai

1205.6724 (Paweł Kempisty et al.)

On the nature of Surface States Stark Effect at clean GaN(0001) surface    [PDF]

Paweł Kempisty, Stanisław Krukowski