Thursday, March 14, 2013

1303.3022 (M. Dubois et al.)

Flat lens for time-domain focusing of elastic waves in thin plates    [PDF]

M. Dubois, M. Farhat, E. Bossy, S. Enoch, S. Guenneau, P. Sebbah

1303.3043 (Audrius Alkauskas et al.)

First-Principles Calculations of Luminescence Spectrum Line Shapes for
Defects in Semiconductors: The Example of GaN and ZnO

Audrius Alkauskas, John L. Lyons, Daniel Steiauf, Chris G. Van de Walle

1303.3046 (Peite Bao et al.)

Co-development of significant elastic and reversible plastic deformation
in nanowires

Peite Bao, Yanbo Wang, Xiangyuan Cui, Qiang Gao, Hongwei Liu, Wai Kong Yeoh, Hung-Wei Yen, Xiaozhou Liao, Sichao Du, H. Hoe Tan, Chennupati Jagadish, Jin Zou, Simon P. Ringer, Rongkun Zheng

1303.3085 (Anh D. Phan et al.)

van der Waals interactions between graphitic nanowiggles    [PDF]

Anh D. Phan, Lilia M. Woods, The-Long Phan

1303.3111 (Ching-Hao Wang et al.)

Crystalline symmetry and the melt-growth kinetics of solid-liquid

Ching-Hao Wang, Kuo-An Wu

1303.3117 (Shuxi Dai et al.)

Biomimetic fabrication and tunable wetting properties of
three-dimensional hierarchical ZnO structures by combining soft lithography
templated with lotus leaf and hydrothermal treatments

Shuxi Dai, Dianbo Zhang, Qing Shi, Xiao Han, Shujie Wang, Zuliang Du

1303.3147 (Younes Ezzahri et al.)

Dynamical lattice thermal conductivity, Shastry sum rule and second
sound in bulk semiconductor crystals

Younes Ezzahri, Karl Joulain

1303.3171 (D. Benzeggouta et al.)

Handbook on Best Practice for Minimising Beam Induced Damage during IBA    [PDF]

D. Benzeggouta, I. Vickridge

1303.3249 (S. A. Sato et al.)

Dielectric response of laser-excited silicon    [PDF]

S. A. Sato, K. Yabana, Y. Shinohara, T. Otobe, G. F. Bertsch