Friday, May 31, 2013

1201.0222 (Dorian Goldman et al.)

The $\mathbf Γ$-limit of the two-dimensional Ohta-Kawasaki energy.
I. Droplet density

Dorian Goldman, Cyrill B. Muratov, Sylvia Serfaty

1305.6943 (Yuanjun Zhou et al.)

Epitaxial strain effects on magnetic ordering and spin-phonon couplings
in the (SrMnO$_3$)$_1$/(LaMnO$_3$)$_1$ superlattice from first principles

Yuanjun Zhou, Karin M. Rabe

1305.6990 (Yanyuan Zhao et al.)

Interlayer breathing and shear modes in few-trilayer MoS2 and WSe2    [PDF]

Yanyuan Zhao, Xin Luo, Hai Li, Jun Zhang, Paulo T. Araujo, Chee Kwan Gan, Jumiati Wu, Hua Zhang, Su Ying Quek, Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Qihua Xiong

1305.6999 (Louis-François Arsenault et al.)

Transport functions for hypercubic and Bethe lattices    [PDF]

Louis-François Arsenault, A. -M. S. Tremblay

1305.7013 (G. Beutier et al.)

Combined coherent x-ray micro-diffraction and local mechanical loading
on copper nanocrystals

G. Beutier, M. Verdier, M. De Boissieu, B. Gilles, F. Livet, M. -I. Richard, T. W. Cornelius, S. Labat, O. Thomas

1305.7022 (Aranka Derzsi et al.)

Why seems the 21st century to be in favor of the hexatic phase?    [PDF]

Aranka Derzsi, Kovács Anikó Zsuzsa, Zoltán Donkó, Peter Hartmann

1305.7035 (Pier Luigi Silvestrelli)

Van der Waals Interactions in Density Functional Theory by combining the
Quantum Harmonic Oscillator-model with Localized Wannier Functions

Pier Luigi Silvestrelli

1305.7048 (Himanshu Pandey et al.)

Evolution of ferromagnetic and spin-wave resonances with crystalline
order in thin films of full-Heusler alloy Co2MnSi

Himanshu Pandey, P. C. Joshi, R. P. Pant, R. Prasad, S. Auluck, R. C. Budhani

1305.7063 (Felix Mitschker et al.)

Time resolved measurement of film growth during reactive high power
pulsed magnetron sputtering (HIPIMS) of titanium nitride

Felix Mitschker, Marina Prenzel, Jan Benedikt, Christian Maszl, Achim von Keudell

1305.7084 (M. Teich et al.)

Systematic investigation of THz-induced excitonic Rabi splitting    [PDF]

M. Teich, M. Wagner, D. Stehr, H. Schneider, M. Helm, G. Khitrova, H. M. Gibbs, A. C. Klettke, S. Chatterjee, M. Kira, S. W. Koch

1305.7115 (M. Hugues et al.)

Strain evolution in GaN Nanowires: from free-surface objects to
coalesced templates

M. Hugues, P. A. Shields, F. Sacconi, M. Mexis, M. Auf der Maur, M. Cooke, M. Dineen, A. Di Carlo, D. W. E. Allsopp, J. Zúñiga-Pérez

1305.7201 (Turan Birol et al.)

Why EuTiO$_3$ is not a ferroelectric    [PDF]

Turan Birol, Craig J. Fennie

1305.7222 (Christopher E. Kehayias et al.)

Kelvin Probe Microscopy and Electronic Transport Measurements in Reduced
Graphene Oxide Chemical Sensors

Christopher E. Kehayias, Samuel MacNaughton, Sameer Sonkusale, Cristian Staii

Thursday, May 30, 2013

1305.6618 (Ee Hou Yong et al.)

Elastic Platonic Shells    [PDF]

Ee Hou Yong, David R. Nelson, L. Mahadevan

1305.6619 (Florin Ciubotaru et al.)

Magnonic band gaps in waveguides with a periodic variation of the
saturation magnetization

Florin Ciubotaru, Andrii V. Chumak, Björn Obry, Alexander A. Serga, Burkard Hillebrands

1305.6637 (Rong-Guang Xu et al.)

Interdiffusuon of Ni-Al multilayers: a continuum and molecular dynamics

Rong-Guang Xu, Michael L. Falk, Timothy P. Weihs

1305.6660 (Jaivardhan Sinha et al.)

Enhanced interface perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Ta|CoFeB|MgO
using nitrogen doped Ta underlayers

Jaivardhan Sinha, Masamitsu Hayashi, Andrew J. Kellock, Shunsuke Fukami, Michihiko Yamanouchi, Hideo Sato, Shoji Ikeda, Seiji Mitani, See-hun Yang, Stuart S. P. Parkin, Hideo Ohno

1305.6672 (A. Carvalho et al.)

Band nesting and the optical response of two-dimensional semiconducting
transition metal dichalcogenides

A. Carvalho, R. M. Ribeiro, A. H. Castro Neto

1305.6701 (Kenichi Hitachi et al.)

Intrinsic and extrinsic origins of low-frequency noise in GaAs/AlGaAs
Schottky-gated nanostructures

Kenichi Hitachi, Takeshi Ota, Koji Muraki

1305.6706 (M. Zemanová Diešková et al.)

Rigidity of the conductance of anchored dithioazobenzene opto-mechanical

M. Zemanová Diešková, I. Štich, P. Bokes

1305.6732 (Szilvia Pothoczki et al.)

Comparison of the atomic level structure of the plastic crystalline and
the liquid phases of CBr2Cl2: neutron diffraction and Reverse Monte Carlo

Szilvia Pothoczki, László Temleitner, Luis Carlos Pardo, Gabriel Julio Cuello, Muriel Rovira-Esteva, Josep Lluis Tamarit

1305.6734 (Helen Gomonay et al.)

Hydrodynamic theory of coupled current and magnetization dynamics in
spin-textured antiferromagnets

Helen Gomonay, Vadim Loktev

1305.6761 (Hua Y. Geng et al.)

Theoretical assessment on the possibility of constraining point defect
energetics by pseudo-phase transition pressures

Hua Y. Geng, Hong X. Song, Q. Wu

1305.6780 (Zhijun Wang et al.)

Three Dimensional Dirac Semimetal and Quantum Spin Hall Effect in

Zhijun Wang, Hongming Weng, Quansheng Wu, Xi Dai, Zhong Fang

1305.6820 (J. D. Weiss et al.)

Mechanochemical synthesis of pnictide compounds and superconducting
Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2 bulks with high critical current density

J. D. Weiss, J. Jiang, A. A. Polyanskii, E. E. Hellstrom

1305.6892 (Jae Wook Kim et al.)

Multiferroicity with coexisting isotropic and anisotropic spins in

Jae Wook Kim, Y. Kamiya, E. D. Mun, M. Jaime, N. Harrison, J. D. Thompson, H. T. Yi, Y. S. Oh, S. -W. Cheong, C. D. Batista, V. S. Zapf

1305.6895 (Harihar Behera et al.)

The Effect of Biaxial Strain on the Structural and Electronic Properties
of ZnS Monolayer: Full-Potential DFT Calculations

Harihar Behera, Gautam Mukhopadhyay

1305.6913 (Shruti et al.)

Evidence for Fully Gapped Strong Coupling S-wave Superconductivity in

Shruti, P. Srivastava, S. Patnaik

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

1002.0975 (S Calder et al.)

Neutron scattering and muSR investigations of the spin liquid state with
quenched disorder in LuCuGaO4

S Calder, SR Giblin, DR Parker, PP Deen, C Ritter, JR Stewart, S Rols, T Fennell

1305.2901 (A. S. Boyarchenkov et al.)

Investigation of cation self-diffusion mechanisms in UO2+-x using
molecular dynamics

A. S. Boyarchenkov, S. I. Potashnikov, K. A. Nekrasov, A. Ya. Kupryazhkin

1305.6496 (Myung Joon Han et al.)

Collinear and non-collinear spin ground state of wurtzite CoO    [PDF]

Myung Joon Han, Heung-Sik Kim, Dong Geun Kim, Jaejun Yu

1305.6327 (S. K. Dutta et al.)

Development of a confocal rheometer for soft and biological materials    [PDF]

S. K. Dutta, A. Mbi, Richard C. Arevalo, Daniel L. Blair

1305.6405 (Faraz A Inam et al.)

Tracking Emission Rate Dynamics of NV Centers in Nanodiamonds    [PDF]

Faraz A Inam, Andrew M Edmonds, Michael J Steel, Stefania Castelletto

1305.6434 (Jens Niklas et al.)

Highly-Efficient Charge Separation and Polaron Delocalization in
Polymer-Fullerene Bulk-Heterojunctions: A Comparative Multi-Frequency EPR &
DFT Study

Jens Niklas, Kristy L. Mardis, Brian P. Banks, Gregory M. Grooms, Andreas Sperlich, Vladimir Dyakonov, Serge Beaupré, Mario Leclerc, Tao Xu, Luping Yu, Oleg G. Poluektov

1305.6454 (Daniel de las Heras et al.)

Phase stacking diagram of colloidal mixtures under gravity    [PDF]

Daniel de las Heras, Matthias Schmidt

1305.6512 (Falco Hüser et al.)

Quasiparticle GW calculations for solids, molecules and 2D materials    [PDF]

Falco Hüser, Thomas Olsen, Kristian S. Thygesen

1305.6561 (Lawrence C. Andrews et al.)

The Geometry of Niggli Reduction II: BGAOL -- Embedding Niggli Reduction    [PDF]

Lawrence C. Andrews, Herbert J. Bernstein

1305.6584 (Osama R. Bilal et al.)

Trampoline metamaterials: Local resonance enhancement by springboards    [PDF]

Osama R. Bilal, Mahmoud I. Hussein

1305.6602 (Justin P. Bergfield et al.)

Tunable Quantum Temperature Oscillations in Graphene and Carbon

Justin P. Bergfield, Mark A. Ratner, Charles A. Stafford, Massimiliano Di Ventra

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

1305.5861 (Bin Ouyang et al.)

Strain engineering of magnetic states of vacancy-decorated hexagonal
boron nitride

Bin Ouyang, Jun Song

1305.5862 (Niccolò R. C. Corsini et al.)

Simulations of Nanocrystals Under Pressure: Combining Electronic
Enthalpy and Linear-Scaling Density-Functional Theory

Niccolò R. C. Corsini, Andrea Greco, Nicholas D. M. Hine, Carla Molteni, Peter D. Haynes

1305.5889 (I. Abdolhosseini Sarsari et al.)

Electronic structure of Co doped ZnO from the \textit{GW} perspective    [PDF]

I. Abdolhosseini Sarsari, C. D. Pemmaraju, H. Salamati, S. Sanvito

1305.5969 (Yiling Yu et al.)

Leaky Mode Engineering: A General Design Principle for Dielectric
Optical Antenna Solar Absorbers

Yiling Yu, Linyou Cao

1305.5973 (Kevin F. Garrity et al.)

Pseudopotentials for high-throughput DFT calculations    [PDF]

Kevin F. Garrity, Joseph W. Bennett, Karin M. Rabe, David Vanderbilt

1305.5978 (Jun Hu et al.)

Giant magnetic anisotropy of transition-metal dimers on defected
graphene from the first-principles calculations

Jun Hu, Ruqian Wu

1305.6039 (B. Koteswararao et al.)

PbCu3TeO7: An S=1/2 staircase Kagome lattice with significant intra- and
inter-plane couplings

B. Koteswararao, R. Kumar, Jayita Chakraborty, Byung-Gu Jeon, A. V. Mahajan, I. Dasgupta, Kee Hoon Kim, F. C. Chou

1305.6063 (Mathias Bjerre et al.)

Rotation induced grain growth and stagnation in phase field crystal

Mathias Bjerre, Jens Magelund Tarp, Luiza Angheluta, Joachim Mathiesen

1305.6089 (Gui-Bin Liu et al.)

A three-band tight-binding model for monolayers of group-VIB transition
metal dichalcogenides

Gui-Bin Liu, Wen-Yu Shan, Yugui Yao, Wang Yao, Di Xiao

1305.6109 (D. Chattaraj et al.)

On the isotope effects of ZrX2 (X = H, D and T): A First-principles

D. Chattaraj, S. C. Parida, Smruti Dash, C. Majumder

1305.6149 (Sirshendu Gayen)

A versatile simulator for specular reflectivity study of multi-layer
thin films

Sirshendu Gayen

1305.6233 (Iurii Timrov et al.)

Electron energy-loss and inelastic X-ray scattering cross sections from
time-dependent density-functional perturbation theory

Iurii Timrov, Nathalie Vast, Ralph Gebauer, Stefano Baroni

1305.6240 (Peter D. Tovee et al.)

Ultra High Thermal Resolution Scanning Probe Microscopy via Carbon
Nanotube Tipped Thermal Probes

Peter D. Tovee, Manuel E. Pumarol, Mark C. Rosamond, Robert Jones, Michael C. Petty, Dagou A. Zeze, Oleg V. Kolosov

1305.6248 (Péter Dusán Ispánovity et al.)

Average yielding and weakest link statistics in micron-scale plasticity    [PDF]

Péter Dusán Ispánovity, Ádám Hegyi, István Groma, Géza Györgyi, Kitti Ratter, Daniel Weygand

1305.6255 (Rohit Singh et al.)

Understanding the Metamagnetic transition and Anomalous Magnetic
behavior in Ni48Co6Mn26Al20 Heusler Alloy

Rohit Singh, Saurabh Kumar Srivastava, Arun K. Nigam, Vladimir V. Khovaylo, Lajos K. Varga, Ratnamala Chatterjee

1305.6265 (Andrew J. Morris et al.)

Lithiation of silicon via lithium Zintl-defect complexes    [PDF]

Andrew J. Morris, R. J. Needs, Elodie Salager, C. P. Grey, Chris J. Pickard

Monday, May 27, 2013

1305.5550 (Chris Fietz)

Absorbing boundary condition for Bloch-Floquet eigenmodes    [PDF]

Chris Fietz

1305.5552 (Gregory W. Holloway et al.)

Flux quantization signatures in InAs-InAlAs core-shell nanowires    [PDF]

Gregory W. Holloway, Daryoush Shiri, Chris M. Haapamaki, Kyle Willick, Grant Watson, Ray R. LaPierre, Jonathan Baugh

1305.5582 (Harsh Deep Chopra et al.)

Metallic bonds become molecular-like in atomic-sized devices    [PDF]

Harsh Deep Chopra, J. N. Armstrong, Susan Z. Hua

1305.5698 (M. Avignon et al.)

On Ultrafast Spin Dynamics: Spin Dependent Fast Response of Hot
Electrons, of Band--Structure

M. Avignon, K. H. Bennemann

1305.5701 (H. Sims et al.)

Effect of Local Electron-Electron Correlation in Hydrogen-like
Impurities in Ge

H. Sims, E. R. Ylvisaker, E. Şaşıoğlu, C. Friedrich, S. Blügel, W. E. Pickett

1305.5706 (T. N. Mamedov et al.)

Behaviour of a muonic atom as an acceptor centre in diamond    [PDF]

T. N. Mamedov, A. S. Baturin, K. I. Gritsaj, A. Maisuradze, V. G. Ralchenko, R. Scheuermann, K. Sedlak, A. V. Stoykov

1305.5752 (H. Mitschke et al.)

Symmetry detection of auxetic behaviour in 2D frameworks    [PDF]

H. Mitschke, G. E. Schroeder-Turk, K. Mecke, P. W. Fowler, S. D. Guest

1305.5754 (Xianghua Kong et al.)

Non-destructive and Rapid Evaluation of CVD Graphene by Dark Field
Optical Microscopy

Xianghua Kong, Hengxing Ji, Richard D. Piner, Huifeng Li, Carl W. Magnuson, Cheng Tan, Ariel Ismach, Harry Chou, Rodney S. Ruoff

1305.5774 (Zsolt Gulacsi)

Exact ground states of correlated electrons on pentagon chains    [PDF]

Zsolt Gulacsi

1305.5801 (Tongtong Zhu et al.)

Non-polar (11-20) InGaN quantum dots with short exciton lifetimes grown
by metal-organic vapor phase epitaxy

Tongtong Zhu, Fabrice Oehler, Benjamin P. L. Reid, Robert M. Emery, Robert A. Taylor, Menno J. Kappers, Rachel A. Oliver

1305.5814 (Sung Sakong et al.)

Comparison of density functionals for nitrogen impurities in ZnO    [PDF]

Sung Sakong, Johann Gutjahr, Peter Kratzer

1305.5815 (Matthias M May et al.)

The interface of GaP(100) and H2O studied by photoemission and
reflection anisotropy spectroscopy

Matthias M May, Oliver Supplie, Christian Höhn, Roel van de Krol, Hans-Joachim Lewerenz, Thomas Hannappel

1305.5821 (J. P. Trinastic et al.)

Interatomic potential for the calculation of barrier distributions in
amorphous oxides

J. P. Trinastic, R. Hamdan, Y. Wu, L. Zhang, H. P. Cheng

Friday, May 24, 2013

1305.5285 (Yun-Peng Wang et al.)

Electron Transport Through Ag-Silicene-Ag Junctions    [PDF]

Yun-Peng Wang, J. N. Fry, Hai-Ping Cheng

1305.5341 (Valentina F. Degtyareva)

Electronic origin of the orthorhombic Cmca structure in compressed
elements and binary alloys

Valentina F. Degtyareva

1305.5416 (Robert M. Horton et al.)

New Methods for Calculating the Free Energy of Charged Defects in Solid

Robert M. Horton, Andrew J. Haslam, Amparo Galindo, George Jackson, Michael W. Finnis

1305.5485 (M. K. Tran et al.)

Structural transition and collapse of the gap and in BiTeI under

M. K. Tran, J. Levallois, P. Lerch, J. Teyssier, A. B. Kuzmenko, G. Autès, O. V. Yazyev, A. Ubaldini, E. Giannini, D. van der Marel, A. Akrap

1305.5521 (Guangyong Xu et al.)

Absolute cross-section normalization of magnetic neutron scattering data    [PDF]

Guangyong Xu, Zhijun Xu, J. M. Tranquada

Thursday, May 23, 2013

1305.4940 (K. Kechedzhi et al.)

Plasmon anomaly in the dynamical optical conductivity of graphene    [PDF]

K. Kechedzhi, S. Das Sarma

1305.4946 (Kyle L. Grosse et al.)

Direct observation of nanometer-scale Joule and Peltier effects in phase
change memory devices

Kyle L. Grosse, Feng Xiong, Sungduk Hong, William P. King, Eric Pop

1305.4966 (Jonathan Nafziger et al.)

Delocalization and Static Correlation in Partition Density-Functional

Jonathan Nafziger, Adam Wasserman

1305.4972 (Timothy C. Berkelbach et al.)

Theory of Neutral and Charged Excitons in Monolayer Transition Metal

Timothy C. Berkelbach, Mark S. Hybertsen, David R. Reichman

1305.5016 (Z. Q. Liu et al.)

Origin of the two-dimensional electron gas at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces:
The role of oxygen vacancies and electronic reconstruction

Z. Q. Liu, C. J. Li, W. M. Lü, X. H. Huang, Z. Huang, S. W. Zeng, X. P. Qiu, L. S. Huang, A. Annadi, J. S. Chen, J. M. D. Coey, T. Venkatesan, Ariando

1305.5051 (Dafang Li et al.)

Quantum molecular dynamics simulations of the thermophysical properties
of shocked liquid ammonia for pressures up to 1.3 TPa

Dafang Li, Ping Zhang, Jun Yan

1305.5052 (G. Boussinot et al.)

Interface kinetics in phase field models: isothermal transformations in
binary alloys and steps dynamics in molecular-beam-epitaxy

G. Boussinot, Efim A. Brener

1305.5084 (Livia Conti et al.)

Effects of breaking vibrational energy equipartition on measurements of
temperature in macroscopic oscillators subject to heat flux

Livia Conti, Paolo De Gregorio, Gagik Karapetyan, Claudia Lazzaro, Matteo Pegoraro, Michele Bonaldi, Lamberto Rondoni

1305.5087 (Kyung-Jin Lee et al.)

Self-consistent calculation of spin transport and magnetization dynamics    [PDF]

Kyung-Jin Lee, M. D. Stiles, Hyun-Woo Lee, Jung-Hwan Moon, Kyoung-Whan Kim, Seo-Won Lee

1305.5091 (M. Ijäs et al.)

Interaction of chlorine with Stone-Wales de- fects in graphene and
carbon nanotubes, and thermodynamical prospects of chlorine-induced nanotube

M. Ijäs, P. Havu, A. Harju

1305.5093 (Zeila Zanolli et al.)

Electric control of the magnetization in BiFeO$_3$/LaFeO$_3$

Zeila Zanolli, Jacek C. Wojdel, Jorge Iniguez, Philippe Ghosez

1305.5111 (Pramod Kumar N. S. Vidhyadhiraja)

Non-Fermi liquid behaviour from dynamical effects of impurity scattering
in disordered Fermi liquids

Pramod Kumar N. S. Vidhyadhiraja

1305.5126 (W. Wang et al.)

Magnetoelectric coupling in the paramagnetic state of a metal-organic

W. Wang, L. -Q. Yan, J. -Z. Cong, Y. -L. Zhao, F. Wang, S. -P. Shen, T. Zou, D. Zhang, S. -G. Wang, X. -F. Han, Y. Sun

1305.5137 (Tomoaki Kaneko et al.)

Edge states of zigzag graphene nanoribbons with B and N doping at edge

Tomoaki Kaneko, Kikuo Harigaya

1305.5157 (Norina A. Richter et al.)

Concentration of Vacancies at Metal Oxide Surfaces: Case Study of MgO

Norina A. Richter, Sabrina Sicolo, Sergey V. Levchenko, Joachim Sauer, Matthias Scheffler

1305.5182 (Frank Scheffold et al.)

Linear and nonlinear rheology of dense emulsions: Identifying the glass
and jamming regimes

Frank Scheffold, Frédéric Cardinaux, Thomas G. Mason

1305.5218 (David L. Miller et al.)

Giant Secondary Grain Growth in Cu Films on Sapphire    [PDF]

David L. Miller, Mark W. Keller, Justin M. Shaw, Katherine P. Rice, Robert R. Keller, Kyle M. Diederichsen

1305.5225 (Edmanuel Torres et al.)

Chirp-wave Expansion of the Electron Wavefunctions in Atoms    [PDF]

Edmanuel Torres, Rafael Torres

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1305.4646 (P. Subedi et al.)

Quantum Fluctuations and Long-Range Order in Molecular Magnets    [PDF]

P. Subedi, Bo Wen, Y. Yeshurun, M. P. Sarachik, A. J. Millis, A. D. Kent

1305.4649 (Ivan I. Naumov et al.)

Graphene physics and insulator-metal transition in compressed hydrogen    [PDF]

Ivan I. Naumov, R. E. Cohen, Russell J. Hemley

1305.4701 (Joseph D Parker et al.)

Development of a Time-resolved Neutron Imaging Detector Based on the
μPIC Micro-Pixel Chamber

Joseph D Parker, Masahide Harada, Kaori Hattori, Satoru Iwaki, Shigeto Kabuki, Yuji Kishimoto, Hidetoshi Kubo, Shunsuke Kurosawa, Yoshihiro Matsuoka, Kentaro Miuchi, Tetsuya Mizumoto, Hironobu Nishimura, Takayuki Oku, Tatsuya Sawano, Takenao Shinohara, Jun-ichi Suzuki, Atsushi Takada, Toru Tanimori, Kazuki Ueno, Masahiro Ikeno, Manobu Tanaka, Tomohisa Uchida

1305.4707 (Yuki Honda et al.)

Coherent monochromatic phonons in highly-purified semiconducting
single-wall carbon nanotubes

Yuki Honda, Elizabeth Maret, Atsushi Hirano, Takeshi Tanaka, Kotaro Makino, Muneaki Hase

1305.4737 (I. Iezhokin et al.)

High sensitive quasi freestanding epitaxial graphene gassensor on 6H-SiC    [PDF]

I. Iezhokin, P. Offermans, S. H. Brongersma, A. J. M. Giesbers, C. F. J. Flipse

1305.4770 (Eran Bouchbinder et al.)

Nonequilibrium thermodynamics and glassy rheology    [PDF]

Eran Bouchbinder, J. S. Langer

1305.4805 (Marina Prenzel et al.)

Bimodal substrate biasing to control γ-Al2O3 deposition during
reactive magnetron sputtering

Marina Prenzel, Annika Kortmann, Adrian Stein, Achim von Keudell, Farwah Nahif, Jochen M. Schneider

1305.4806 (G. Finocchio et al.)

Switching of a single ferromagnetic layer driven by spin Hall effect    [PDF]

G. Finocchio, M. Carpentieri, E. Martinez, B. Azzerboni

1305.4831 (Qi Feng et al.)

Contrasting behavior of the structural and magnetic properties in Mn-
and Fe-doped In$_2$O$_3$ films

Qi Feng, Harry J Blythe, A Mark Fox, Gillian A Gehring, Feng-Xian Jiang, Xiao-Hong Xu, Steve M Heald

1305.4852 (Sunwoo Lee et al.)

Graphene Metallization of High-Stress Silicon Nitride Resonators for
Electrical Integration

Sunwoo Lee, Vivekananda P. Adiga, Robert A. Barton, Arend van der Zande, Gwan-Hyoung Lee, B. Rob Ilic, Alexander Gondarenko, Jeevak M. Parpia, Harold G. Craighead, James Hone

1305.4873 (Frank Freimuth et al.)

Spin-orbit torques in Pt/Co films from first principles    [PDF]

Frank Freimuth, Stefan Blügel, Yuriy Mokrousov

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

1305.4175 (O. Yastrubchak et al.)

Effect of low-temperature annealing on the electronic- and
band-structure of (Ga,Mn)As epitaxial layers

O. Yastrubchak, T. Andrearczyk, J. Z. Domagala, J. Sadowski, L. Gluba, J. Zuk, T Wosinski

1305.4234 (Shintaro Ishiwata et al.)

Optimal Tc for Electron-Doped Cuprate Realized under High Pressure    [PDF]

Shintaro Ishiwata, Daichi Kotajima, Nao Takeshita, Chieko Terakura, Shinichiro Seki, Yoshinori Tokura

1305.4235 (Yu Ye et al.)

Exciton-related electroluminescence from monolayer MoS2    [PDF]

Yu Ye, Ziliang Ye, Majid Gharghi, Hanyu Zhu, Mervin Zhao, Xiaobo Yin, Xiang Zhang

1305.4338 (V. O. Sokolov et al.)

Centers of near-IR luminescence in Bi-doped SiO2 and GeO2:
First-principle modeling and experimental data analysis

V. O. Sokolov, V. G. Plotnichenko, E. M. Dianov

1305.4425 (Sung-Hoon Lee et al.)

Hidden Structural Order in Orthorhombic Tantalum Pentoxide (Ta$_2$O$_5$)    [PDF]

Sung-Hoon Lee, Jongseob Kim, Sae-Jin Kim, Sungjin Kim, Gyeong-Su Park

1305.4428 (Mariana C. Prado et al.)

Optimization of graphene dry etching conditions via combined microscopic
and spectroscopic analysis

Mariana C. Prado, Deep Jariwala, Tobin J. Marks, Mark C. Hersam

1305.4432 (M. Iakhnenko et al.)

Adsorption of cytosine and aza derivatives of cytidine on Au single
crystal surfaces

M. Iakhnenko, V. Feyer, N. Tsud, O. Plekan, F. Wang, M. Ahmed, O. Slobodyanyuk, R. G. Acres, V. Matolín, K. C. Prince

1305.4471 (François Boulogne et al.)

Annular cracks in thin films of nanoparticle suspensions drying on a

François Boulogne, Ludovic Pauchard, Frédérique Giorgiutti-Dauphiné

1305.4497 (Y. Takahashi et al.)

Observation of magnetically hard grain boundaries in double-perovskite

Y. Takahashi, V. K. Verma, G. Shibata, T. Harano, K. Ishigami, K. Yoshimatsu, T. Kadono, A. Fujimori, A. Tanaka, F. -H. Chang, H. -J. Lin, D. J. Huang, C. T. Chen, B. Pal, D. D. Sarma

1305.4517 (Toshihiro Yamazaki et al.)

Phase-field study on the segregation mechanism of Cr to lamellar
interface in C40-NbSi2/C11b-MoSi2 duplex silicide

Toshihiro Yamazaki, Yuichiro Koizumi, Akihiko Chiba, Koji Hagihara, Takayoshi Nakano, Koretaka Yuge, Kyosuke Kishida, Haruyuki Inui

1305.4563 (Jaron T. Krogel et al.)

The Quantum Energy Density: Improved Efficiency for Quantum Monte Carlo    [PDF]

Jaron T. Krogel, Min Yu, Jeongnim Kim, David M. Ceperley

Monday, May 20, 2013

1305.3936 (Zheng Ma et al.)

Vapor-liquid-solid growth of serrated GaN nanowires: Shape selection
driven by kinetic frustration

Zheng Ma, Dillon McDowell, Eugen Panaitescu, Albert V. Davidov, Moneesh Upmanyu, Latika Menon

1305.3994 (Chol-Jun Yu et al.)

Defect energetics and electronic structures of As-doped p-type ZnO
crystals: A first-principles study

Chol-Jun Yu, Yong-Guk Choe, Son-Guk Ri, Myong-Il Kim, Song-Jin Im

1305.4024 (F. Pezzoli et al.)

Spin and energy relaxation in germanium studied by spin-polarized
direct-gap photoluminescence

F. Pezzoli, L. Qing, A. Giorgioni, G. Isella, E. Grilli, M. Guzzi, H. Dery

1305.4035 (Manoj K. Srivastava et al.)

Comparative study of magnetic and magnetotransport properties of
Sm0.55Sr0.45MnO3 thin films grown on different substrates

Manoj K. Srivastava, Sandeep Singh, P. K. Siwach, Amarjeet Kaur, V. P. S. Awana, K. K. Maurya, H. K. Singh

1305.4056 (O. Yastrubchak et al.)

Electronic- and band-structure evolution in low-doped (Ga,Mn)As    [PDF]

O. Yastrubchak, J. Sadowski, H. Krzyzanowska, L. Gluba, J. Zuk, J. Z. Domagala, T. Andrearczyk, T. Wosinski

1305.4072 (Vojtěch Kaiser et al.)

Onsager's Wien Effect on a Lattice    [PDF]

Vojtěch Kaiser, Steven T. Bramwell, Peter C. W. Holdsworth, Roderich Moessner

1305.4127 (A. Katanin)

Effect of weak impurities on electronic properties of graphene:
functional renormalization-group analysis

A. Katanin

1305.4140 (Pradyumna Goli et al.)

Graphene-Enhanced Hybrid Phase Change Materials for Thermal Management
of Li-Ion Batteries

Pradyumna Goli, Stanislav Legedza, Aditya Dhar, Ruben Salgado, Jacqueline Renteria, Alexander A. Balandin

Sunday, May 19, 2013

1305.2871 (Yungui Ma et al.)

A transient thermal cloak made of engineered thermal materials    [PDF]

Yungui Ma, Lu Lan, Wei Jiang, Fei Sun, Sailing He

1305.3127 (M. Neshat et al.)

Developments in THz range ellipsometry    [PDF]

M. Neshat, N. P. Armitage

1305.3136 (S. Cahangirov et al.)

Superlubricity through graphene multilayers between Ni(111) surfaces    [PDF]

S. Cahangirov, S. Ciraci, V. Ongun Özçelik

1305.3142 (Tomer Markovich et al.)

Surface Tension of Electrolyte Solutions: A Self-consistent Theory    [PDF]

Tomer Markovich, David Andelman, Rudi Podgornik

1305.3156 (Pedro O Castillo-Villa et al.)

Crackling noise during failure of alumina under compression: effect of

Pedro O Castillo-Villa, Jordi Baró, Antoni Planes, Ekhard K H Salje, Pathikumar Sellappan, Waltraud M Kriven, Eduard Vives

1305.3158 (A. J. M. Giesbers et al.)

Interface induced room-temperature ferromagnetism in hydrogenated
epitaxial graphene

A. J. M. Giesbers, K. Uhlířová, M. Konečný, E. C. Peters, M. Burghard, J. Aarts, C. F. J. Flipse

1305.3171 (M. V. Kondrin et al.)

Phase transformations in methanol at high pressure measured by
dielectric spectroscopy technique

M. V. Kondrin, V. V. Brazhkin, A. A. Pronin, Y. B. Lebed

1305.3197 (Supradeep Narayana et al.)

Transient heat flux shielding using thermal metamaterials    [PDF]

Supradeep Narayana, Salvatore Savo, Yuki Sato

1305.3583 (P. Ván et al.)

Experimental aspects of heat conduction beyond Fourier    [PDF]

P. Ván, B. Czél, T. Fülöp, Gy. Gróf, Á. Gyenis, J. Verhás

1305.3307 (H. Sadeghi et al.)

Strain Gradient Elasticity Solution for Functionally Graded

H. Sadeghi, M. Baghani, R. Naghdabadi

1305.3310 (M. H. Kargarnovin et al.)

Axisymmetric thermoelectroelastic analysis of a piezoelectric half-space    [PDF]

M. H. Kargarnovin, R. Hashemi, M. Hashemi, H. Sadeghi

1305.3331 (Bo Liu et al.)

The study of high pressure structural stability of CeO2 nanoparticles    [PDF]

Bo Liu, Ran Liu, Quan-Jun Li, Ming-Guang Yao, Bo Zou, Tian Cui, Bing-Bing Liu

1305.3332 (M. C. Cassidy et al.)

In-vivo magnetic resonance imaging of hyperpolarized silicon particles    [PDF]

M. C. Cassidy, H. R. Chan, B. D. Ross, P. K. Bhattacharya, C. M. Marcus

1305.3361 (L. Wang et al.)

Intrinsic electron spin relaxation due to the D'yakonov-Perel' mechanism
in monolayer MoS$_2$

L. Wang, M. W. Wu

1305.3385 (Tobias Scherb et al.)

Nanoscale order in the frustrated mixed conductor

Tobias Scherb, Simon A. J. Kimber, Christiane Stephan, Paul F. Henry, Gerhard Schumacher, Justus Just, Sonia Escolastico, Jose M. Serra, Janka Seeger, Adrian H. Hill, John Banhart

1305.3391 (V. Wang et al.)

Roles of oxygen vacancies on ferromagnetism in Ni doped In2O3: A hybrid
functional study

V. Wang, C. -Y. You, H. -P. He, D. -M. Ma, H. Mizuseki, Y. Kawazoe

1305.3400 (V. Wang et al.)

Hybrid functional with semi-empirical van der Waals study of native
defects in hexagonal BN

V. Wang, H. P. He, R. J. Liu, C. M. Yang, D. M. Ma, L. Ma

1305.3428 (Igor Razdobreev et al.)

Photoluminescence in Ga/Bi co-doped silica glass    [PDF]

Igor Razdobreev, Hicham El Hamzaoui, Vladimir B. Arion, Mohamed Bouazaoui

1305.3453 (Himanshu Pandey et al.)

Structural ordering driven anisotropic magnetoresistance, anomalous Hall
resistance and its topological overtones in full-Heusler Co2MnSi thin films

Himanshu Pandey, R. C. Budhani

1305.3503 (Kyohei Takae et al.)

Applying electric field to charged and polar particles between metallic
plates: Extension of the Ewald method

Kyohei Takae, Akira Onuki

1305.3511 (K. Carva et al.)

Ab initio theory of electron-phonon mediated ultrafast spin relaxation
of laser-excited hot electrons in transition-metal ferromagnets

K. Carva, M. Battiato, D. Legut, P. M. Oppeneer

1305.3517 (Satoshi Kokado et al.)

Anisotropic Magnetoresistance Effect: General Expression of AMR Ratio
and Intuitive Explanation for Sign of AMR Ratio

Satoshi Kokado, Masakiyo Tsunoda

1305.3558 (Q. D. Gibson et al.)

Termination dependent topological surface states of the natural
superlattice phase Bi$_4$Se$_3$

Q. D. Gibson, L. M. Schoop, A. P. Weber, Huiwen Ji, S. Nadj-Perge, I. K. Drozdov, H. Beidenkopf, J. T. Sadowski, A. Fedorov, A. Yazdani, T. Valla, R. J. Cava

1305.3581 (Joshua Shapiro et al.)

The Dependence of Alloy Composition of InGaAs Inserts in GaAs
Nanopillars on Selective-Area Pattern Geometry

Joshua Shapiro, Adam C. Scofield, Andrew Lin, Nicholas Benzoni, Giacomo Mariani, Diana L. Huffaker

1305.3644 (A. Tantot et al.)

Sound and light from fractures in scintillators    [PDF]

A. Tantot, S. Santucci, O. Ramos, S. Deschanel, M. -A. Verdier, E. Mony, Y. Wei, S. Ciliberto, L. Vanel, P. C. F. Di Stefano

1305.3686 (R. Brandt et al.)

Size-dependent magnetization switching characteristics and spin wave
modes of FePt nanostructures

R. Brandt, R. Rückriem, D. A. Gilbert, F. Ganss, T. Senn, Kai Liu, M. Albrecht, H. Schmidt

1305.3687 (Joseph D. Parker et al.)

Spatial resolution of a μPIC-based neutron imaging detector    [PDF]

Joseph D. Parker, Masahide Harada, Kaori Hattori, Satoru Iwaki, Shigeto Kabuki, Yuji Kishimoto, Hidetoshi Kubo, Shunsuke Kurosawa, Yoshihiro Matsuoka, Kentaro Miuchi, Tetsuya Mizumoto, Hironobu Nishimura, Takayuki Oku, Tatsuya Sawano, Takenao Shinohara, Jun-ichi Suzuki, Atsushi Takada, Toru Tanimori, Kazuki Ueno

1305.3719 (L. A. Constantin et al.)

Meta-GGA exchange-correlation functional with a balanced treatment of

L. A. Constantin, E. Fabiano, F. Della Sala

1305.3747 (Taishi Chen et al.)

Shubnikov de Haas quantum oscillation of the surface states in the
metallic Bismuth Telluride sheets

Taishi Chen, Junhao Han, Zhaoguo Li, Fengqi Song, Bo Zhao, Xuefeng Wang, Baigeng Wang, Jianguo Wan, Min Han, Rong Zhang, Guanghou Wang

1305.3766 (Yeping Jiang et al.)

Mass acquisition of Dirac fermions in Cr-doped topological insulator
Sb2Te3 films

Yeping Jiang, Zhi Li, Canli Song, Mu Chen, Richard L. Greene, Ke He, Lili Wang, Xi Chen, Xucun Ma, Qi-Kun Xue

1305.3811 (Kuniyuki Miwa et al.)

Effects of Interference between Energy Absorption Processes of Molecule
and Surface Plasmons on Light Emission Induced by Scanning Tunneling

Kuniyuki Miwa, Mamoru Sakaue, Hideaki Kasai

1305.3822 (Richard Gulotty et al.)

Effects of Functionalization on Thermal Properties of Single-Wall and
Multi-Wall Carbon Nanotube - Polymer Nanocomposites

Richard Gulotty, Micaela Castellino, Pravin Jagdale, Alberto Tagliaferro, Alexander A. Balandin

1305.3848 (Jack Bass)

Current Perpendicular-to-Plane (CPP) Magnetoresistance (MR)    [PDF]

Jack Bass

1305.3852 (G. Fabbris et al.)

Different routes to volume collapse transitions in Gd and Tb at high

G. Fabbris, T. Matsuoka, J. Lim, J. R. L. Mardegan, K. Shimizu, D. Haskel, J. S. Schilling

1305.3874 (A. S. Yurkov)

On the flexoelectric deformations of finite size bodies    [PDF]

A. S. Yurkov

Thursday, May 9, 2013

1304.7478 (Giuseppe De Nittis et al.)

Topological Polarization in Graphene-like Systems    [PDF]

Giuseppe De Nittis, Max Lein

1305.1641 (Mykola Dvornik et al.)

Micromagnetic modelling of anisotropic damping in ferromagnet    [PDF]

Mykola Dvornik, Arne Vansteenkiste, Bartel Van Waeyenberge

1305.1665 (Dibyendu Roy et al.)

Spin noise spectroscopy of quantum dot molecules    [PDF]

Dibyendu Roy, Yan Li, Alex Greilich, Yu. Pershin, Avadh Saxena, Nikolai A. Sinitsyn

1305.1671 (Colin Howard et al.)

Anomalous behavior in the phonon dispersion of the (001) surface of
Bi$_2$Te$_3$ determined from helium atom-surface scattering measurements

Colin Howard, M. El-Batanouny, R. Sankar, F. C. Chou

1305.1705 (Zhenwei Yao et al.)

Shapes of pored membranes    [PDF]

Zhenwei Yao, Rastko Sknepnek, Creighton K. Thomas, Monica Olvera de la Cruz

1305.1732 (Jian Liu et al.)

Tuning the electronic properties of J_eff=1/2 correlated semimetal in
epitaxial perovskite SrIrO3

Jian Liu, J. -H. Chu, C. Rayan Serrao, D. Yi, J. Koralek, C. Nelson, C. Frontera, D. Kriegner, L. Horak, E. Arenholz, J. Orenstein, A. Vishwanath, X. Marti, R. Ramesh

1305.1743 (Christian F. J. Walther et al.)

Grand-Canonical Quantized Liquid Density-Functional Theory in a
Car-Parrinello Implementation

Christian F. J. Walther, Serguei Patchkovskii, Thomas Heine

1305.1770 (Alexander Lau et al.)

Topological Surface States in Paramagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Iron

Alexander Lau, Carsten Timm

1305.1772 (I. H. Katzarov et al.)

A fully quantum mechanical calculation of the diffusivity of hydrogen in
iron using the tight binding approximation and path integral theory

I. H. Katzarov, A. T. Paxton, D. L. Pashov

1305.1780 (Tineke Stroucken et al.)

Screening and gap generation in bilayer graphene    [PDF]

Tineke Stroucken, Johanna H. Grönqvist, Stephan. W. Koch

1305.1790 (Lina Nakhimovsky)

Can the electronic energy spectra of bulk excitonic states be traced to
parent molecular states in fluorene and its hetero-analogues? It depends on
the mutual orientation of the respective transition dipoles in the crystal

Lina Nakhimovsky

1305.1791 (Junjie He et al.)

Magnetic Exchange Coupling and Anisotropy of 3d Transition-Metal
Nanowire on the Surface of Graphyne Sheet

Junjie He, Pan Zhou, N. Jiao, S. Y. Ma, C. X. Zhang, H. P. Xiao, L. Z. Sun

1305.1807 (Alon Hever et al.)

Fluorination Effects on the Structural Stability and Electronic
Properties of sp3 Type Silicon Nanotubes

Alon Hever, Jonathan Bernstein, Oded Hod

1305.1820 (P. V. Gorskyi)

Longitudinal Seebeck coefficient of the charge ordered layered crystals
in a strong quantizing magnetic field

P. V. Gorskyi

1305.1910 (David J. Singh)

Optical properties of cubic and rhombohedral GeTe    [PDF]

David J. Singh

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

1305.1550 (Xujun Dong et al.)

Experimental demonstration of the acoustic frequency conversions by
temporal phononic crystals

Xujun Dong, Yangtao Ye, Bing Wang, Chunyin Qiu, Manzhu Ke, Zhengyou Liu

1305.1317 (M. P. M. Dean et al.)

Magnetic excitations in stripe-ordered La$_{1.875}$Ba$_{0.125}$CuO$_4$
studied using resonant inelastic x-ray scattering

M. P. M. Dean, G. Dellea, M. Minola, S. B. Wilkins, R. M. Konik, G. D. Gu, M. Le Tacon, N. B. Brookes, F. Yakhou-Harris, K. Kummer, J. P. Hill, L. Braicovich, G. Ghiringhelli

1305.1341 (Pedro M. S. Monteiro et al.)

Spatially homogeneous ferromagnetism below the enhanced Curie
temperature in EuO_{1-x} thin films

Pedro M. S. Monteiro, Peter J. Baker, Adrian Ionescu, Crispin H. W. Barnes, Zaher Salman, Andreas Suter, Thomas Prokscha, Sean Langridge

1305.1349 (Alexandr I. Cocemasov et al.)

Phonons in Twisted Bilayer Graphene    [PDF]

Alexandr I. Cocemasov, Denis L. Nika, Alexander A. Balandin

1305.1364 (Jiang Xiao et al.)

Spin Wave Excitation in Magnetic Insulator Thin Films by Spin-Transfer

Jiang Xiao, Yan Zhou, Gerrit E. W. Bauer

1305.1367 (Nam B. Le et al.)

Folded Graphene Nanoribbons with Single and Double Closed Edges    [PDF]

Nam B. Le, Lilia M. Woods

1305.1368 (Yu-Seong Seo et al.)

First-principles Investigations on Polytypes of BaTiO3: Hybrid
Calculations and Pressure Dependences

Yu-Seong Seo, Jai Seok Ahn

1305.1369 (Yu-Seong Seo et al.)

Ab-initio studies on phonons of BaTiO3 polytypes: pressure dependences
with a hybrid functional

Yu-Seong Seo, Jai Seok Ahn

1305.1373 (Yu-Seong Seo et al.)

Soft Modes and Local Structural Transitions in Pb-free
Ba(Ti0.8Zr0.2)O3-x(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3 (x = 0.5): Pressure- and
Temperature-dependent Raman Studies

Yu-Seong Seo, Jai Seok Ahn, Il-Kyoung Jeong

1305.1377 (Yu-Seong Seo et al.)

Determination of the Local Symmetry and the Multiferroic-ferromagnetic
Crossover in Ni3-xCoxV2O8 by using Raman Scattering Spectroscopy

Yu-Seong Seo, Sun-Hwa Kim, Jai Seok Ahn, Il-Kyoung Jeong

1305.1388 (Carsten A. Ullrich et al.)

A brief compendium of time-dependent density-functional theory    [PDF]

Carsten A. Ullrich, Zeng-hui Yang

1305.1424 (Ahmad R. T. Nugraha et al.)

Excitonic effects on coherent phonon dynamics in single wall carbon

Ahmad R. T. Nugraha, Eric Rosenthal, Eddwi H. Hasdeo, Gary D. Sanders, Christopher J. Stanton, Mildred S. Dresselhaus, Riichiro Saito

1305.1435 (Wei-Wei Pang et al.)

On the origin and universality of dislocation creation and void
nucleation in FCC ductile metals

Wei-Wei Pang, Ping Zhang, Guang-Cai Zhang, Ai-Guo Xu, Xian-Geng Zhao

1305.1440 (Azar B. Eyvazov et al.)

Enhanced and continuous electrostatic carrier doping on the SrTiO$_{3}$

Azar B. Eyvazov, Isao H. Inoue, Pablo Stoliar, Marcelo J. Rozenberg, Christos Panagopoulos

1305.1447 (A. Szilva et al.)

Interatomic exchange interactions in non-collinear magnets    [PDF]

A. Szilva, M. Costa, A. Bergman, L. Szunyogh, L. Nordström, O. Eriksson

1305.1499 (C. Yokoyama et al.)

Nonmagnetic Impurity Effect of the S=1/2 Spin Ladder System

C. Yokoyama, E. Matsuoka, H. Sugawara, T. Sakurai, W. Zhang, S. Okubo, H. Ohta, H. Kikuchi

1305.1587 (Giovanni Pizzi et al.)

BoltzWann: A code for the evaluation of thermoelectric and electronic
transport properties with a maximally-localized Wannier functions basis

Giovanni Pizzi, Dmitri Volja, Boris Kozinsky, Marco Fornari, Nicola Marzari

1305.1608 (V. N. Men'shov et al.)

Magnetic proximity effect in the 3D topological insulator/ferromagnetic
insulator heterostructure

V. N. Men'shov, V. V. Tugushev, S. V. Eremeev, P. M. Echenique, E. V. Chulkov

1305.1612 (C. Martin et al.)

Bulk Fermi surface and electronic properties of

C. Martin, V. Craciun, K. H. Miller, B. Uzakbaiuly, S. Buvaev, H. Berger, A. F. Hebard, D. B. Tanner

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1305.0863 (Shaun Alsum et al.)

Spatial Templates for Studies of Patterns and Interactions in
Dielectric-Barrier Discharges

Shaun Alsum, Margeaux Carter, Andrew Hess, Jacob Lampen, Matthew Walhout

1305.0869 (Chun-Yeol You et al.)

Role of the Non-Collinear Polarizer Layer in Spin Transfer Torque
Switching Processes

Chun-Yeol You, Myung-Hwa Jung

1305.0898 (L. Qi et al.)

Interfacial activity of phosphonated-polyethylene glycol functionalized
cerium oxide nanoparticles

L. Qi, J. Fresnais, P. Muller, O. Theodoly, J. -F. Berret, J. -P. Chapel

1305.0959 (Xiaoxiang Xi et al.)

Observation of a Pressure-Induced Topological Quantum Phase Transition
in BiTeI

Xiaoxiang Xi, Chunli Ma, Zhenxian Liu, Zhiqiang Chen, Wei Ku, H. Berger, C. Martin, D. B. Tanner, G. L. Carr

1305.0971 (Kai Zhang et al.)

Computational studies of the glass-forming ability of model bulk
metallic glasses

Kai Zhang, Minglei Wang, Stefanos Papanikolaou, Yanhui Liu, Jan Schroers, Mark D. Shattuck, Corey S. O'Hern

1305.0989 (Eran Bouchbinder et al.)

The Dynamics of Rapid Fracture: Instabilities, Nonlinearities and Length

Eran Bouchbinder, Tamar Goldman, Jay Fineberg

1305.1058 (Jamil Tahir-Kheli)

Resistance of High-Temperature Cuprate Superconductors    [PDF]

Jamil Tahir-Kheli

1305.1070 (U. Hetmaniuk et al.)

A Nested Dissection Approach to Modeling Transport in Nanodevices:
Algorithms and Applications

U. Hetmaniuk, Y. Zhao, M. P. Anantram

1305.1161 (Hirofumi Sakakibara et al.)

Two-orbital view on the origin of the material dependence of Tc in the
single-layer cuprates

Hirofumi Sakakibara, Hidetomo Usui, Kazuhiko Kuroki, Ryotaro Arita, Hideo Aoki

1305.1171 (A. T. Paxton et al.)

Analysis of a carbon dimer bound to a vacancy in iron using density
functional theory and a new tight binding model

A. T. Paxton, C. Elsaesser

1305.1218 (Cornelius S. Bausch et al.)

Guided Neuronal Growth on Arrays of Biofunctionalized GaAs/InGaAs
Semiconductor Microtubes

Cornelius S. Bausch, Aune Koitmäe, Eric Stava, Amanda Price, Pedro J. Resto, Yu Huang, David Sonnenberg, Yuliya Stark, Christian Heyn, Justin C. Williams, Erik W. Dent, Robert H. Blick

1305.1274 (H. J. Silverstein et al.)

Novel liquid-like correlations in single crystalline Y2Mo2O7: an
unconventional spin glass

H. J. Silverstein, K. Fritsch, F. Flicker, A. M. Hallas, J. S. Gardner, Y. Qiu, G. Ehlers, A. T. Savici, Z. Yamani, K. A. Ross, B. D. Gaulin, M. J. P. Gingras, J. A. M. Paddison, K. Foyevtsova, R. Valenti, F. Hawthorne, C. R. Wiebe, H. D. Zhou

1305.1282 (Vasily V. Bulatov et al.)

Anisotropy of Interfacial Energy in Five Dimensions    [PDF]

Vasily V. Bulatov, Bryan W. Reed, Mukul Kumar

Friday, May 3, 2013

1305.0038 (Hailong Wang et al.)

Atomistics of vapor-liquid-solid nanowire growth    [PDF]

Hailong Wang, Luis A. Zepeda-Ruiz, George H. Gilmer, Moneesh Upmanyu

1305.0108 (Jinping Li et al.)

First-principles generalized gradient approximation (GGA) +Ud+Up studies
of electronic structures and optical properties in cubic HfO2

Jinping Li, Songhe Meng, Lingling Li, Hantao Lu, Takami Tohyama

1305.0121 (Zhao-Dong Chu et al.)

Electronic Structure of a Two-Dimensional Graphene-Like Topological
Insulator, Bi14Rh3I9

Zhao-Dong Chu, Wen-Yu He, Lin He

1305.0145 (Heiko Dumlich et al.)

Nanotube caps on Ni, Fe, and NiFe nano particles: A path to chirality
selective growth

Heiko Dumlich, John Robertson, Stephanie Reich

1305.0240 (Alexander I. Lebedev)

Ab initio calculations of phonon spectra in ATiO3 perovskite crystals (A
= Ca, Sr, Ba, Ra, Cd, Zn, Mg, Ge, Sn, Pb)

Alexander I. Lebedev

1305.0301 (Jie Ren)

Predicted Rectification and Negative Differential Spin Seebeck Effect at
Magnetic Interfaces

Jie Ren

1305.0322 (Chuck-Hou Yee et al.)

Tuning the charge-transfer energy in hole-doped cuprates    [PDF]

Chuck-Hou Yee, Gabriel Kotliar

1305.0335 (Wen-Yu He et al.)

Strain-Induced Anomalous Quantum Spin Hall Effect in Graphene

Wen-Yu He, Lin He

1305.0351 (J. Sannigrahi et al.)

Magnetic and electric properties of CaMn7O12 based multiferroic
compounds: effect of electron doping

J. Sannigrahi, S. Chattopadhyay, D. Dutta, S. Giri, S. Majumdar

1305.0358 (Yu-Wei You et al.)

Atomistic Mechanism from Vacancy Trapped H/He Atoms to Initiation of
Bubble in W under Low Energy Ions Irradiation

Yu-Wei You, Xiang-Shan Kong, Q. F. Fang, Jun-Ling Chen, G. -N. Luo, C. S. Liu, B. C. Pan, Y. Daid

1305.0362 (Deepika Yadav et al.)

Effective doping of carbon nanotubes in phosphor and observation of
bright electroluminescence by field enhanced hot electron injection

Deepika Yadav, Dileep Dwivedi, Savvi Mishra, B. Sivaiah, A. Dhar, V. Shanker, D. Haranath

1305.0368 (Tonya M. Atkins et al.)

Synthesis of Long-T1 Silicon Nanoparticles for Hyperpolarized 29Si
Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Tonya M. Atkins, Maja C. Cassidy, Menyoung Lee, Shreyashi Ganguly, Charles M. Marcus, Susan M. Kauzlarich

1305.0484 (Angel Rodriguez-Fernandez et al.)

Chiral properties of bismuth ferrite (BiFeO3) inferred from resonant
x-ray Bragg diffraction

Angel Rodriguez-Fernandez, Stephen W. Lovesey, Steve P. Collins, Gareth Nisbet, Jesus A. Blanco

1305.0519 (Iwona Olejniczak et al.)

Charge-sensitive vibrational modes in the (EDT-TTF-OX)_2AsF_6 chiral
molecular conductors

Iwona Olejniczak, Arkadiusz Frackowiak, Jacek Matysiak, Augustin Madalan, Flavia Pop, Narcis Avarvari

1305.0528 (Michael C. Shaughnessy et al.)

Energetics and diffusion of gold in bismuth telluride    [PDF]

Michael C. Shaughnessy, Josh D. Sugar, Norm C. Bartelt, Jonathan A. Zimmerman

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1304.8078 (Anteneh G Tefera et al.)

Nucleation and cap formation on symmetric metal nanocatalysts: A first
step towards chirality-controlled single-walled carbon nanotube growth

Anteneh G Tefera, Mogus D Mochena

1304.7800 (Michael Widom et al.)

Hybrid Monte Carlo/molecular dynamics simulation of a refractory metal
high entropy alloy

Michael Widom, William Paul Huhn, Soumyadipta Maiti, Walter Steurer

1304.7815 (Hanghui Chen et al.)

Engineering Correlation Effects via Artificially Designed Oxide

Hanghui Chen, Chris A. Marianetti, Andrew J. Millis

1304.7830 (H. K. Sato et al.)

Stoichiometry control of the electronic properties of the
LaAlO_3/SrTiO_3 heterointerface

H. K. Sato, C. Bell, Y. Hikita, H. Y. Hwang

1304.7865 (S. A. Firstov et al.)

Critical grain sizes and generalized flow stress - grain size dependence    [PDF]

S. A. Firstov, T. R. Rogul, O. A. Shut

1304.7903 (Bosco Emmanuel)

Regulation of Interfacial Chemistry by Coupled Reaction-Diffusion
Processes in the Electrolyte: A Stiff Solution Dynamics Model for Corrosion
and Passivity of Metals

Bosco Emmanuel

1304.7911 (Silvana Botti et al.)

Strong renormalization of the electronic band gap due to lattice
polarization in the GW formalism

Silvana Botti, Miguel A. L. Marques

1304.7929 (Danil W. Boukhvalov)

Carbon mono and dioxide hydrogenation over pure and metal oxide
decorated graphene oxide substrates: insight from DFT

Danil W. Boukhvalov

1304.7931 (P. Barone et al.)

Pressure-induced Topological Phase Transitions in Rock-salt

P. Barone, T. Rauch, D. Di Sante, J. Henk, I. Mertig, S. Picozzi

1304.7935 (Yang Zhou et al.)

Mechanism of Polarization Fatigue in BiFeO3: the Role of Schottky

Yang Zhou, Xi Zou, Lu You, Rui Guo, Zhi Shiuh Lim, Lang Chen, Guoliang Yuan, Junling Wang

1304.7943 (Julia Kundin et al.)

Numerical investigation of the interaction between the martensitic
transformation front and the plastic strain in austenite

Julia Kundin, Evgeny Pogorelov, Heike Emmerich

1304.7958 (Andrea Camposeo et al.)

Polarized superradiance from delocalized exciton transitions in
tetracene single crystals

Andrea Camposeo, Marco Polo, Silvia Tavazzi, Leonardo Silvestri, Peter Spearman, Roberto Cingolani, Dario Pisignano

1304.7970 (Olivier Pages et al.)

SiGe Raman spectra vs. local clustering/anticlustering : Percolation
scheme and ab initio calculations

Olivier Pages, Rami Hajj Hussein, Vitor J. B. Torres

1304.7976 (Peter Schattschneider et al.)

Is magnetic chiral dichroism feasible with electron vortices?    [PDF]

Peter Schattschneider, Stefan Löffler, Michael Stöger-Pollach, Johan Verbeeck

1304.7990 (R. Paniagua-Domínguez et al.)

Broadband telecom transparency of semiconductor-coated metal nanowires:
more transparent than glass

R. Paniagua-Domínguez, D. R. Abujetas, L. S. Froufe-Pérez, J. J. Sáenz, J. A. Sánchez-Gil

1304.8040 (K. Filintoglou et al.)

Raman spectroscopy of graphene at high pressure: substrate and pressure
transmitting media effects

K. Filintoglou, N. Papadopoulos, J. Arvanitidis, D. Christofilos, O. Frank, M. Kalbac, J. Parthenios, G. Kalosakas, C. Galiotis, K. Papagelis

1304.8056 (Kapildeb Dolui et al.)

Ab-initio study on the possible doping strategies for MoS$_2$ monolayers    [PDF]

Kapildeb Dolui, Ivan Rungger, Chaitanya Das Pemmaraju, Stefano Sanvito

1304.8100 (I. Sevonkaev et al.)

Synthesis of Dispersed Metal Particles for Applications in
Photovoltaics, Catalysis, and Electronics

I. Sevonkaev, V. Privman, D. Goia

1304.8119 (Yung Jui Wang et al.)

Non-trivial spin-texture of the coaxial Dirac cones on the surface of
topological crystalline insulator SnTe

Yung Jui Wang, Wei-Feng Tsai, Hsin Lin, Su-Yang Xu, M. Neupane, M. Z. Hasan, A. Bansil