Wednesday, January 9, 2013

1106.0195 (Yong S. Chen et al.)

Scaling theory of continuum dislocation dynamics in three dimensions:
Self-organized fractal pattern formation

Yong S. Chen, Woosong Choi, Stefanos Papanikolaou, Matthew Bierbaum, James P. Sethna

1109.3638 (Z. -H. Pan et al.)

Measurement of an Exceptionally Weak Electron-Phonon Coupling on the
Surface of the Topological Insulator Bi$_2$Se$_3$ Using Angle-Resolved
Photoemission Spectroscopy

Z. -H. Pan, A. V. Fedorov, D. Gardner, Y. S. Lee, S. Chu, T. Valla

1301.1371 (S. Sadi et al.)

Surface Morphology and Phase Stability of Titanium Foils Irradiated by
136 MeV 136Xe

S. Sadi, A. Paulenova, W. Loveland, P. R. Watson, J. P. Greene, S. Zhu, G. Zinkann

1301.1377 (Z. Xiao et al.)

Domain wall roughness and creep in nanoscale crystalline ferroelectric

Z. Xiao, Shashi Poddar, Stephen Ducharme, X. Hong

1301.1433 (Anne-Lise Gloanec et al.)

Deformation mechanisms in a TiNi shape memory alloy during cyclic

Anne-Lise Gloanec, Giovambattista Billota, Michel Gerland

1301.1441 (Seungmin Hong et al.)

Tuning thermoelectric power factor by crystal-field and spin-orbit
couplings in Kondo lattice materials

Seungmin Hong, Pouyan Ghaemi, Joel E. Moore, Philip W. Phillips

1301.1610 (Marco Papagno et al.)

Two Distinct Phases of Bilayer Graphene Films on Ru(0001)    [PDF]

Marco Papagno, Daniela Pacilé, Dinesh Topwal, Paolo Moras, Polina Makarovna Sheverdyaeva, Fabian Donat Natterer, Anne Lehnert, Stefano Rusponi, Quentin Dubout, Fabian Calleja, Emmanouil Frantzeskakis, Stéphane Pons, Jun Fujii, Ivana Vobornik, Marco Grioni, Carlo Carbone, Harald Brune

1301.1614 (Denis Cédat et al.)

Polycrystal model of the mechanical behavior of a Mo-TiC30vol.%
metal-ceramic composite using a 3D microstructure map obtained by a dual beam

Denis Cédat, Olivier Fandeur, Colette Rey, Dierk Raabe

1301.1617 (Anne Le Pécheur et al.)

Thermo-mechanical FE model with memory effect for 304L austenitic
stainless steel presenting microstructure gradient

Anne Le Pécheur, Francois Curtit, Michel Clavel, Jean-Michel Stephan, Colette Rey, Philippe Bompard

1301.1619 (Laura Raceanu et al.)

Pre-Stressed Sub-Surface Contribution on Bulk Diffusion in Metallic

Laura Raceanu, Virgil Optasanu, Tony Montesin, Nicolas Creton

1301.1620 (Virgil Optasanu et al.)

Simulation of Metal/Oxide Interface Mobility: Effects of Mechanical
Stresses on Geometrical Singularities

Virgil Optasanu, Laura Raceanu, Tony Montesin

1301.1623 (Bertrand Dupé et al.)

Mechanism for the α -> ε phase transition in iron    [PDF]

Bertrand Dupé, Bernard Amadon, Yves-Patrick Pellegrini, Christophe Denoual

1301.1633 (Jean-Baptiste Minne et al.)

Specific Aspects of Internal Corrosion of Nuclear Clad Made of Zircaloy    [PDF]

Jean-Baptiste Minne, Lionel Desgranges, Virgil Optasanu, Nathalie Largenton, Laura Raceanu, Tony Montesin

1301.1635 (Laura Raceanu et al.)

Shot-Peening of Pre-Oxidized Plates of Zirconium: Influence of Residual
Stress on Oxidation

Laura Raceanu, Virgil Optasanu, Tony Montesin, Guillaume Montay, Manuel Francois

1301.1662 (Matthias C. Lüffe et al.)

Evolution of the persistent spin helix in the presence of Hartree-Fock

Matthias C. Lüffe, Jeroen Danon, Tamara S. Nunner

1301.1666 (Nikolai V. Priezjev)

Heterogeneous relaxation dynamics in amorphous materials under cyclic

Nikolai V. Priezjev