Tuesday, July 31, 2012

0805.4008 (Nabyendu Das et al.)

First Order Phase Transition in Quantum Paraelectrics    [PDF]

Nabyendu Das, Suresh G. Mishra

1207.6643 (Alexander F. Goncharov et al.)

To the Editor: comment on Eremets and Troyan, Nature Mater. 10, 927-931

Alexander F. Goncharov, Viktor V. Struzhkin

1207.7056 (Wolfgang Kappus)

Strain mediated Adatom Morphologies on Cu<111>, a Monte-Carlo Simulation    [PDF]

Wolfgang Kappus

1207.6657 (C. Zhou et al.)

Dynamic Phases, Pinning, and Pattern Formation for Driven Dislocation

C. Zhou, C. Reichhardt, C. J. Olson Reichhardt, I. J. Beyerlein

1207.6686 (T. Makino et al.)

Ultrafast optical control of magnetization in EuO thin films    [PDF]

T. Makino, F. Liu, T. Yamasaki, Y. Kozuka, K. Ueno, A. Tsukazaki, T. Fukumura, Y. Kong, M. Kawasaki

1207.6694 (Motohiko Ezawa)

Photo-Induced Topological Phase Transition and Single Dirac-Cone State
in Silicene

Motohiko Ezawa

1207.6705 (Hao Jiang et al.)

Self-doping effect and possible antiferromagnetism at titanium-layers in
the iron-based superconductor Ba$_2$Ti$_2$Fe$_2$As$_4$O

Hao Jiang, Yun-Lei Sun, Jianhui Dai, Guang-Han Cao, Chao Cao

1207.6757 (Vasily V. Temnov et al.)

Femtosecond nonlinear ultrasonics in gold probed with ultrashort surface

Vasily V. Temnov, Christoph Klieber, Keith A. Nelson, Tim Thomay, Vanessa Knittel, Alfred Leitenstorfer, Denys Makarov, Manfred Albrecht, Rudolf Bratschitsch

1207.6801 (Neophytos Neophytou et al.)

Large Thermoelectric Power Factor in P-type Si (110)/[110]
Ultra-Thin-Layers Compared to Differently Oriented Channels

Neophytos Neophytou, Hans Kosina

1207.6823 (Shaolong He et al.)

Phase Diagram and High Temperature Superconductivity at 65 K in Tuning
Carrier Concentration of Single-Layer FeSe Films

Shaolong He, Junfeng He, Wenhao Zhang, Lin Zhao, Defa Liu, Xu Liu, Daixiang Mou, Yun-Bo Ou, Qing-Yan Wang, Zhi Li, Lili Wang, Yingying Peng, Yan Liu, Chaoyu Chen, Li Yu, Guodong Liu, Xiaoli Dong, Jun Zhang, Chuangtian Chen, Zuyan Xu, Xi Chen, Xucun Ma, Qikun Xue, X. J. Zhou

1207.6859 (Carlos Escorihuela-Sayalero et al.)

Strain engineering magnetic frustration in perovskite oxide thin films    [PDF]

Carlos Escorihuela-Sayalero, Oswaldo Diéguez, Jorge Íñiguez

1207.6875 (A. V. Morozkin et al.)

Thermoelectric properties of Pr3Rh4Sn13-type Yb3Co4Ge13 and Yb3Co4Sn13

A. V. Morozkin, V. Yu. Irkhin, V. N. Nikiforov

1207.6913 (J. E. Hamann-Borrero et al.)

Magnetic frustration, phase competition and the magneto-electric effect
in NdFe3(BO3)4

J. E. Hamann-Borrero, S. Partzsch, S. Valencia, C. Mazzoli, J. Herrero-Martin, R. Feyerherm, E. Dudzik, C. Hess, A. Vasiliev, L. Bezmaternykh, B. Buechner, J. Geck

1207.6928 (Ella Gale et al.)

Filamentary Extension of the Mem-Con theory of Memristance and its
Application to Titanium Dioxide Sol-Gel Memristors

Ella Gale, Ben de Lacy Costello, Andrew Adamatzky

1207.6929 (Alfredo Iorio)

Using Weyl symmetry to make Graphene a real lab for fundamental physics    [PDF]

Alfredo Iorio

1207.6933 (Ella Gale et al.)

The Effect of Electrode Size on Memristor Properties: An Experimental
and Theoretical Study

Ella Gale, Ben de Lacy Costello, Andrew Adamatzky

1207.6943 (P. Kossacki et al.)

Circular dichroism of magneto-phonon resonance in doped graphene    [PDF]

P. Kossacki, C. Faugeras, M. Kühne, M. Orlita, A. Mahmood, E. Dujardin, R. R. Nair, A. K. Geim, M. Potemski

1207.6951 (Kaliappan Muthukumar et al.)

Simulation of structural and electronic properties of amorphous tungsten

Kaliappan Muthukumar, Roser Valenti, Harald O. Jeschke

1207.6965 (K. S. Vasu et al.)

Detection of Sugar-Lectin Interactions by Multivalent Dendritic Sugar
Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

K. S. Vasu, K. Naresh, R. S. Bagul, N. Jayaraman, A. K. Sood

1207.7003 (A. McCollam et al.)

Quantum oscillations and subband properties of the two-dimensional
electron gas at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interface

A. McCollam, S. Wenderich, M. K. Kruize, V. K. Guduru, H. J. A. Molegraaf, M. Huijben, G. Koster, D. H. A. Blank, G. Rijnders, A. Brinkman, H. Hilgenkamp, U. Zeitler, J. C. Maan

1207.7053 (Manan Mehta et al.)

Evidence for charge-vortex duality at the LaAlO$_3$/SrTiO$_3$ interface    [PDF]

Manan Mehta, D. A. Dikin, C. W. Bark, S. Ryu, C. M. Folkman, C. B. Eom, V. Chandrasekhar

Monday, July 30, 2012

1207.6457 (Eduardo Machado-Charry et al.)

Tunable magnetic states in h-BN sheets    [PDF]

Eduardo Machado-Charry, Paul Boulanger, Luigi Genovese, Normand Mousseau, Pascal Pochet

1207.6478 (Mikhail V. Katkov et al.)

Theoretical model of structure-dependent conductance crossover in
disordered carbon

Mikhail V. Katkov, Somnath Bhattacharyya

1207.6498 (V. Tinkl et al.)

Large Negative Electronic Compressibility of LaAlO3-SrTiO3 Interfaces
with Ultrathin LaAlO3 Layers

V. Tinkl, M. Breitschaft, C. Richter, J. Mannhart

1207.6526 (Hervé Henry et al.)

An orientation-field model for polycristalline solidification with a
singular coupling between order and orientation

Hervé Henry, Jesper Mellenthin, Mathis Plapp

1207.6527 (A. Twum et al.)

Laser Stimulated Thermal Conductivity in chiral carbon nanotube    [PDF]

A. Twum, S. Y. Mensah, N. G. Mensah, K. A. Dompreh, S. S. Abukari, M. Rabiu

1207.6532 (Hui Zhang)

Structural Phase Transition Driven by Crystalline Anisotropy in BaTiO3
and PZT Crystals

Hui Zhang

1207.6565 (Konstantin Z. Rushchanskii et al.)

Ab initio phonon structure of h-YMnO3 in low-symmetry ferroelectric

Konstantin Z. Rushchanskii, Marjana Ležaić

1207.6571 (K. Okazaki et al.)

Evidence for cos(4\varphi) modulation of the superconducting-gap in

K. Okazaki, Y. Ito, Y. Ota, Y. Kotani, T. Shimojima, T. Kiss, S. Watanabe, C. -T. Chen, S. Niitaka, T. Hanaguri, H. Takagi, A. Chainani, S. Shin

1207.6585 (Konstantin Z. Rushchanskii et al.)

First-principles prediction of oxygen octahedral rotations in
perovskite-structure EuTiO3

Konstantin Z. Rushchanskii, Nicola A. Spaldin, Marjana Ležaić

1207.6599 (Guo'an Tai et al.)

Electricity Harvested from Ambient Heat across Silicon Surface    [PDF]

Guo'an Tai, Zihan Xu

1207.6611 (Dirk Bombor et al.)

Half-Metallic Ferromagnetism in the Heusler Compound Co$_2$FeSi revealed
by Resistivity, Magnetoresistance, and Anomalous Hall Effect measurements

Dirk Bombor, Christian G. F. Blum, Oleg Volkonskiy, Steven Rodan, Sabine Wurmehl, Christian Hess, Bernd Büchner

Friday, July 27, 2012

1201.2359 (O. Roslyak et al.)

Plasmons in single- and double-component helical liquids: Application to
two-dimensional topological insulators

O. Roslyak, Godfrey Gumbs, D. H. Huang

1207.6122 (James Hooper et al.)

Lithium Subhydrides Under Pressure and their Superatom-Like Building

James Hooper, Eva Zurek

1207.6135 (P. L. Krapivsky)

Reaction-Diffusion Processes with Nonlinear Diffusion    [PDF]

P. L. Krapivsky

1207.6139 (M. Azeem et al.)

Optical Response of DyN    [PDF]

M. Azeem, B. J. Ruck, Binh Do Le, H. Warring, N. M. Strickland, A. Koo, V. Goian, S. Kamba, H. J. Trodahl

1207.6181 (Kouta Mori et al.)

Corrugated flat band as an origin of large thermopower in hole doped

Kouta Mori, Hidetomo Usui, Hirofumi Sakakibara, Kazuhiko Kuroki

1207.6213 (Barbara Pavan et al.)

First Principles NMR Study of Fluorapatite under Pressure    [PDF]

Barbara Pavan, Davide Ceresoli, Mary M. J. Tecklenburg, Marco Fornari

1207.6238 (M. V. Avramenko et al.)

Symmetry of the carbon nanotube modes and their origin from the phonon
branches of graphene

M. V. Avramenko, S. B. Rochal, Yu. I. Yuzyuk

1207.6259 (Kuljit S. Virk et al.)

Effects of the interfacial polarization on tunneling in surface coupled
quantum dots

Kuljit S. Virk, David R. Reichman, Mark S. Hybertsen

1207.6277 (Zhe Yuan et al.)

Spin-orbit-coupling induced domain-wall resistance in diffusive

Zhe Yuan, Yi Liu, Anton A. Starikov, Paul J. Kelly, Arne Brataas

1207.6297 (A. V. Vagov et al.)

Two-band superconductors: Extended Ginzburg-Landau formalism by a
systematic expansion in small deviation from the critical temperature

A. V. Vagov, A. A. Shanenko, M. V. Milošević, V. M. Axt, F. M. Peeters

1207.6335 (E. N. Voloshina et al.)

Graphene on metallic surfaces: problems and perspectives    [PDF]

E. N. Voloshina, Yu. S. Dedkov

1207.6342 (Juliana M. Morbec et al.)

Magnetic and electronic properties of SiC nanoribbons: role of defects    [PDF]

Juliana M. Morbec, Gul Rahman

1207.6364 (P. Giura et al.)

Temperature evolution of infrared- and Raman-active phonons in graphite    [PDF]

P. Giura, N. Bonini, G. Creff, J. B. Brubach, P. Roy, M. Lazzeri

Thursday, July 26, 2012

1207.5816 (R. Cuadrado et al.)

Electronic and magnetic properties of bimetallic L1$_0$ cuboctahedral
clusters by means of a fully relativistic density functional based

R. Cuadrado, R. W. Chantrell

1207.5834 (J. A. Drocco et al.)

Static and Dynamic Phases for Vortex Matter with Attractive Interactions    [PDF]

J. A. Drocco, C. J. Olson Reichhardt, C. Reichhardt, A. R. Bishop

1207.5873 (Andrei Malashevich et al.)

Full magnetoelectric response of Cr2O3 from first principles    [PDF]

Andrei Malashevich, Sinisa Coh, Ivo Souza, David Vanderbilt

1207.5906 (Janina E. Mazierska et al.)

Precise microwave characterization of MgO substrates for HTS circuits
with superconducting post dielectric resonator

Janina E. Mazierska, Dimitri O. Ledenyov, Mohan V. Jacob, Jerzy Krupka

1207.5914 (S. W. Zeng et al.)

Metallic state in La-doped YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_y$ thin films with $n$-type
charge carriers

S. W. Zeng, X. Wang, W. M. Lü, Z. Huang, M. Motapothula, Z. Q. Liu, Y. L. Zhao, A. Annadi, S. Dhar, H. Mao, W. Chen, T. Venkatesan, Ariando

1207.5916 (George Chimowa et al.)

Conductivity crossover in nano-crystalline diamond films: Realization of
a disordered superlattice-like structure

George Chimowa, Dimitry Churochkin, Somnath Bhattacharyya

1207.5918 (Silvia Picozzi et al.)

Advances in ab-initio theory of Multiferroics. Materials and mechanisms:
modelling and understanding

Silvia Picozzi, Alessandro Stroppa

1207.5923 (H. Levämäki et al.)

Quasi-non-local gradient-level exchange-correlation approximation for
metals and alloys

H. Levämäki, L. Vitos, M. P. J. Punkkinen, K. Kokko

1207.5976 (Aude Martin et al.)

Phonon band structures of three-dimensional pentamode metamaterials    [PDF]

Aude Martin, Muamer Kadic, Robert Schittny, Tiemo Bückmann, Martin Wegener

1207.5978 (T. Zhang et al.)

L-valley Electron Spin Dynamics in GaAs    [PDF]

T. Zhang, P. Barate, C. T. Nguyen, A. Balocchi, T. Amand, P. Renucci, H. Carrere, B. Urbaszek, X. Marie

1207.6010 (Stefanos Papanikolaou et al.)

Isostaticity at Frictional Jamming    [PDF]

Stefanos Papanikolaou, Corey S. O'Hern, Mark D. Shattuck

1207.6043 (Piotr Wróbel et al.)

Optical conductivity due to orbital polarons in systems with orbital

Piotr Wróbel, Robert Eder, Andrzej M. Oleś

1207.6089 (James Hooper et al.)

Rubidium Polyhydrides Under Pressure: Emergence of the Linear H3- Anion    [PDF]

James Hooper, Eva Zurek

1207.6098 (Adam Gali et al.)

Ab initio studies of opto-electronic excitations in VO2    [PDF]

Adam Gali, John E. Coulter, Efstratios Manousakis

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

1207.5507 (P. V. Yudin et al.)

Bichiral structure of feroelectric domain wall driven by

P. V. Yudin, A. K. Tagantsev, E. A. Eliseev, A. N. Morozovska, N. Setter

1207.5559 (N. Dauphas et al.)

A general moment NRIXS approach to the determination of equilibrium Fe
isotopic fractionation factors: application to goethite and jarosite

N. Dauphas, M. Roskosz, E. E. Alp, D. C. Golden, C. K. Sio, F. L. H. Tissot, M. Hu, J. Zhao, L. Gao, R. V. Morris

1207.5588 (Shi-Zeng Lin et al.)

Synchronization of Josephson oscillations in mesa array of BSCCO single
crystal through the Josephson plasma waves in base crystal

Shi-Zeng Lin, Alexei E. Koshelev

1207.5606 (B. Sturman et al.)

Metal nanoparticles with sharp corners: Universal properties of plasmon

B. Sturman, E. Podivilov, M. Gorkunov

1207.5610 (C. Weber et al.)

Augmented hybrid exact-diagonalization solver for dynamical mean field

C. Weber, A. Amaricci, M. Capone, P. B. Littlewood

1207.5622 (Kenneth Leong et al.)

Comparing unloaded Q-factor of a high-Q dielectric resonator measured
using the transmission mode and reflection mode methods involving S-parameter
circle fitting

Kenneth Leong, Janina E. Mazierska, Mohan V. Jacob, Dimitri O. Ledenyov, S. Batt

1207.5624 (Ricardo Grau-Crespo et al.)

Mind the gap but also the spin: why the Heyd-Scuseria-Ernzerhof hybrid
functional description of VO2 phases is not correct

Ricardo Grau-Crespo, Hao Wang, Udo Schwingenschloegl

1207.5692 (Davide Sangalli et al.)

Exploiting magnetic properties of Fe doped in zirconia    [PDF]

Davide Sangalli, Elena Cianci, Alessio Lamperti, Roberta Ciprian, Franca Albertini, Francesca Casoli, Pierpaolo Lupo, Lucia Nasi, Marco Campanini, Aalberto Debernardi

1207.5754 (Scott A. Norris)

Stress-induced patterns in ion-irradiated Silicon: a model based on
anisotropic plastic flow

Scott A. Norris

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

1207.5054 (Emanual A. Lazar et al.)

Complete topology of cells, grains, and bubbles in three-dimensional

Emanual A. Lazar, Jeremy K. Mason, Robert D. MacPherson, David J. Srolovitz

1207.5065 (Huazhou Wei et al.)

Excitonic Phases from Weyl Semi-Metals    [PDF]

Huazhou Wei, Sung-Po Chao, Vivek Aji

1207.5078 (Zhijun Xu et al.)

Thermal evolution of the full three-dimensional magnetic excitations in
the multiferroic BiFeO3

Zhijun Xu, Jinsheng Wen, Tom Berlijn, Peter M. Gehring, Christopher Stock, M. B. Stone, Wei Ku, Genda Gu, Stephen M. Shapiro, R. J. Birgeneau, Guangyong Xu

1207.5088 (Zhuo Cheng et al.)

Carbon dioxide adsorption and activation on Ceria (110): A density
functional theory study

Zhuo Cheng, Brent J. Sherman, Cynthia S. Lo

1207.5094 (Kazuhiro Tsutsui et al.)

Spin-torque efficiency enhanced by Rashba spin splitting in three

Kazuhiro Tsutsui, Shuichi Murakami

1207.5165 (Jifa Tian et al.)

Graphene Induced Surface Reconstruction of Cu    [PDF]

Jifa Tian, Helin Cao, Wei Wu, Qingkai Yu, Nathan P. Guisinger, Yong P. Chen

1207.5173 (A. Smolyanitsky et al.)

Anomalous friction in suspended graphene    [PDF]

A. Smolyanitsky, J. P. Killgore

1207.5202 (Wenjie Li et al.)

Temperature and force dependence of electron transport via the copper
protein azurin: conductive probe atomic force microscopy measurements

Wenjie Li, Lior Sepunaru, Nadav Amdursky, Sidney R. Cohen, Israel Pecht, Mordechai Sheves, David Cahen

1207.5204 (Nadav Amdursky et al.)

Doping Human Serum Albumin with Retinoate Markedly Enhances Electron
Transport Across the Protein

Nadav Amdursky, Israel Pecht, Mordechai Sheves, David Cahen

1207.5228 (Tanveer Hussain et al.)

Strain induced lithium functionalized graphane as a high capacity
hydrogen storage material

Tanveer Hussain, Abir De Sarkar, Rajeev Ahuja

1207.5243 (Yunguo Li et al.)

Strain-induced stabilization of Al functionalization in graphene oxide
nanosheet for enhanced NH3 storage

Yunguo Li, Abir De Sarkar, Biswarup Pathak, Rajeev Ahuja

1207.5372 (T. Harada et al.)

Spin-filter tunnel junction with matched Fermi surfaces    [PDF]

T. Harada, I. Ohkubo, M. Lippmaa, Y. Sakurai, Y. Matsumoto, S. Muto, H. Koinuma, M. Oshima

1207.5374 (Christiane Caroli et al.)

Ultrafast spherulitic crystal growth as a stress-induced phenomenon
specific of fragile glass-formers

Christiane Caroli, Anaël Lemaître

1207.5385 (Tanveer Hussain et al.)

Polylithiated (OLi2) functionalized graphane as a potential hydrogen
storage material

Tanveer Hussain, Tuhina Adit Maark, Abir De Sarkar, Rajeev Ahuja

1207.5395 (S. G. Tan et al.)

Superconducting and thermoelectric properties of new layered
Superconductor Bi4O4S3

S. G. Tan, L. J. Li, Y. Liu, P. Tong, B. C. Zhao, W. J. Lu, Y. P. Sun

1207.5408 (Shanshan Wu et al.)

A First-Principles Study of Thiol Ligated CdSe Nanoclusters    [PDF]

Shanshan Wu, Michael McGuigan, Amanda L. Tiano, Stanislaus S. Wong, James G. Glimm

1207.5426 (Tanuj Kumar et al.)

Subterranean origin of surface ripple patterns using ion beam
irradiation: an extended hydrodynamical approach

Tanuj Kumar, D. C. Agarwal, N. P. Lalla, D. Kanjilal

1207.5452 (J. Sellares et al.)

Dielectric study of the glass transition of PET/PEN blends    [PDF]

J. Sellares, J. A. Diego, J. C. Canadas, M. Mudarra, J. Belana, P. Colomer, F. Roman, Y. Calventus

1207.5504 (K. -C. Liang et al.)

Field-induced continuous rotation of the polarization in multiferroic

K. -C. Liang, R. P. Chaudhury, Y. Q. Wang, Y. Y. Sun, B. Lorenz, C. W. Chu

Monday, July 23, 2012

1207.4801 (Andrew N. Norris et al.)

Source amplitudes for active exterior cloaking    [PDF]

Andrew N. Norris, Feruza A. Amirkulova, William J. Parnell

1207.4799 (C. Beekman et al.)

Raman study of the phonon symmetries in BiFeO$_3$ single crystals    [PDF]

C. Beekman, A. A. Reijnders, Y. S. Oh, S. W. Cheong, K. S. Burch

1207.4824 (Ming-Wei Lin et al.)

Mobility enhancement and highly efficient gating of monolayer MoS2
transistors with Polymer Electrolyte

Ming-Wei Lin, Lezhang Liu, Qing Lan, Xuebin Tan, Kulwinder Dhindsa, Peng Zeng, Vaman M. Naik, Mark Ming-Cheng Cheng, Zhixian Zhou

1207.4889 (S. K. Goh et al.)

Anomalous Upper Critical Field in CeCoIn_5/YbCoIn_5 Superlattices with
Rashba-type Heavy Fermion Interface

S. K. Goh, Y. Mizukami, H. Shishido, D. Watanabe, S. Yasumoto, M. Shimozawa, M. Yamashita, T. Terashima, Y. Yanase, T. Shibauchi, A. I. Buzdin, Y. Matsuda

1207.4919 (Benjamin Pigeau et al.)

Measurement of the dynamical dipolar coupling in a pair of magnetic
nano-disks using a Ferromagnetic Resonance Force Microscope

Benjamin Pigeau, Christian Hahn, Grégoire De Loubens, V. V. Naletov, Olivier Klein, Kaname Mitsuzuka, M. Hehn, S. Andrieu, Daniel LACOUR, F. Montaigne

1207.4935 (Viktoria V. Ivanovskaya et al.)

Graphene edge structures: Folding, scrolling, tubing, rippling and

Viktoria V. Ivanovskaya, Philipp Wagner, Alberto Zobelli, Irene Suarez-Martinez, Abu Yaya, Christopher P. Ewels

1207.4970 (O. Boulle et al.)

Current induced domain wall dynamics in the presence of a transverse
magnetic field in out-of-plane magnetized materials

O. Boulle, L. D. Buda-Prejbeanu, M. Miron, G. Gaudin

1207.4971 (Sachin B. Gupta et al.)

Magnetic, magnetocaloric and magnetotransport properties of
RSn_{1+x}Ge_{1-x} compounds (R=Gd, Tb, Er; x=0.1)

Sachin B. Gupta, K. G. Suresh, A. K. Nigam

1207.5024 (Martien Den Hertog et al.)

Polarity determination in ZnSe nanowires by HAADF STEM    [PDF]

Martien Den Hertog, Miryam Elouneg-Jamroz, Edith Bellet-Amalric, Samir Bounouar, Catherine Bougerol, Régis André, Yann Genuist, Jean Philippe Poizat, Kuntheak Kheng, Serge Tatarenko

1207.5025 (Antonio G. Checa et al.)

Mineral bridges in nacre revisited    [PDF]

Antonio G. Checa, Julyan H. E. Cartwright, Marc-Georg Willinger

1207.5026 (Turan Birol et al.)

The Magnetoelectric Effect in Transition Metal Oxides: Insights and the
Rational Design of New Materials from First Principles

Turan Birol, Nicole A. Benedek, Hena Das, Aleksander L. Wysocki, Andrew T. Mulder, Brian M. Abbett, Eva H. Smith, Saurabh Ghosh, Craig J. Fennie

1207.5043 (Xiao Zhang et al.)

Superconducting state in the metastable binary bismuthide Rh3Bi14 single

Xiao Zhang, Hechang Lei, C. Petrovic

Friday, July 20, 2012

1109.1448 (Yu Kumagai et al.)

Observation of persistent centrosymmetricity in the hexagonal manganite

Yu Kumagai, Alexei A. Belik, Martin Lilienblum, Naëmi Leo, Manfred Fiebig, Nicola A. Spaldin

1112.1194 (Bruno Andreotti et al.)

Shear flow of non-Brownian suspensions close to jamming    [PDF]

Bruno Andreotti, Jean-Louis Barrat, Claus Heussinger

1207.4544 (Julian M. Rosalie et al.)

The effect of size and distribution of rod-shaped β' precipitates on
the strength and ductility of a Mg-Zn alloy

Julian M. Rosalie, Hidetoshi Somekawa, Alok Singh, Toshiji Mukai

1207.4582 (Guillaume Guimbretière et al.)

Acoustic damping and dispersion in vitreous germanium oxide    [PDF]

Guillaume Guimbretière, Benoît Rufflé, René Vacher

1207.4644 (Tianru Wu et al.)

Triggering the Continuous Growth of Graphene toward Millimeter Size

Tianru Wu, Guqiao Ding, Honglie Shen, Haomin Wang, Lei Sun, Da Jiang, Xiaoming Xie, Mianheng Jiang

1207.4649 (Heiko Dumlich et al.)

Chirality-Dependent Growth Rate of Carbon Nanotubes - A Theoretical

Heiko Dumlich, Stephanie Reich

1207.4654 (Heiko Dumlich et al.)

Nanotube bundles and tube-tube orientation: A van der Waals Density
Functional Study

Heiko Dumlich, Stephanie Reich

1207.4698 (Z. Guguchia et al.)

Magnetic field enhanced structural instability in EuTiO_{3}    [PDF]

Z. Guguchia, H. Keller, J. Kohler, A. Bussmann-Holder

1207.4716 (Awadhesh Narayan et al.)

Topological surface states scattering in Antimony    [PDF]

Awadhesh Narayan, Ivan Rungger, Stefano Sanvito

1207.4723 (Lu Jiang et al.)

Strongly coupled phase transition in ferroelectric/correlated electron
oxide heterostructures

Lu Jiang, Woo Seok Choi, Hyoungjeen Jeen, Takeshi Egami, Ho Nyung Lee

Thursday, July 19, 2012

1110.5739 (Thomas Friedrich et al.)

Spherical sample holders to improve the susceptibility measurement of
superparamagnetic materials

Thomas Friedrich, Tobias Lang, Ingo Rehberg, Reinhard Richter

1207.4216 (Chris H. Rycroft et al.)

Fracture Toughness of Metallic Glasses: Ductile-to-Brittle Transition?    [PDF]

Chris H. Rycroft, Eran Bouchbinder

1207.4239 (M. Marezio et al.)

Overdoped Cuprates With High Temperature Superconducting Transitions    [PDF]

M. Marezio, O. Chmaissem, C. Bougerol, M. Karppinen, H. Yamauchi, T. H Geballe

1207.4317 (Tomoya Ono et al.)

First-principles transport calculation method based on real-space
finite-difference nonequilibrium Green's function scheme

Tomoya Ono, Yoshiyuki Egami, Kikuji Hirose

1207.4354 (A. Verga)

Vicinal surface growth: bunching and meandering instabilities    [PDF]

A. Verga

1207.4363 (Bin Li et al.)

Carrier dependent ferromagnetism in chromium doped topological insulator

Bin Li, Qingyan Fan, Fuhao Ji, Zhen Liu, Hong Pan, S. Qiao

1207.4380 (Junjie He et al.)

Magnetic Properties of Single Transition-Metal Atom Absorbed Graphdiyne
and Graphyne Sheet

Junjie He, ShuangYing Ma, Pan Zhou, C. X. Zhang, Chaoyu He, L. Z. Sun

1207.4388 (Subhasish Chatterjee et al.)

Effect of anodization conditions on the synthesis of TiO2 nanopores    [PDF]

Subhasish Chatterjee, Miriam Ginzberg, Bonnie Gersten

1207.4389 (Zewei Chen et al.)

Spin transport in the Neel and collinear antiferromagnetic phase of the
two dimensional spatial and spin anisotropic Heisenberg model on a square

Zewei Chen, Trinanjan Datta, Dao-Xin Yao

1207.4411 (C. Stock et al.)

From incommensurate correlations to mesoscopic spin resonance in

C. Stock, C. Broholm, F. Demmel, J. Van Duijn, J. W. Taylor, H. J. Kang, R. Hu, C. Petrovic

1207.4468 (Yoshinori Okada et al.)

Ripple modulated electronic structure of a 3D topological insulator    [PDF]

Yoshinori Okada, Wenwen Zhou, D. Walkup, Chetan Dhital, S. D. Wilson, V. Madhavan

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

1110.3483 (Hai-Yuan Cao et al.)

Unexpected large thermal rectification in asymmetric grain boundary of

Hai-Yuan Cao, Hongjun Xiang, Xin-Gao Gong

1111.1494 (Evan Hohlfeld et al.)

Scale and Nature of Sulcification Patterns    [PDF]

Evan Hohlfeld, L. Mahadevan

1207.3784 (Alejandro W. Rodriguez et al.)

Anomalous near-field heat transfer between a cylinder and a perforated

Alejandro W. Rodriguez, M. T. Homer Reid, Jaime Varela, John D. Joannopoulos, Federico Capasso, Marko Loncar, Steven G. Johnson

1207.3787 (Markus Gluecker et al.)

Impact of nongeminate recombination on the performance of pristine and
annealed P3HT:PCBM solar cells

Markus Gluecker, Alexander Foertig, Vladimir Dyakonov, Carsten Deibel

1207.3823 (C. Figueroa et al.)

The convergence method to calculate particles fluxes in x rays
spectrometry techniques. Application in nuclear compounds

C. Figueroa, N. Nieva, H. Brizuela, S. P. Heluani

1207.3870 (Subhasish Chatterjee et al.)

Investigation of steady-state and time-dependent luminescence properties
of colloidal InGaP quantum dots

Subhasish Chatterjee, Nikesh V. Valappil, Vinod M. Menon

1207.3886 (Michael P. Delmo et al.)

Bipolar-Driven Large Magnetoresistance in Silicon    [PDF]

Michael P. Delmo, Eiji Shikoh, Teruya Shinjo, Masashi Shiraishi

1207.3893 (Ze'ev R Abrams et al.)

The Concentration Limit for Solar Cells Based on Entropy Production    [PDF]

Ze'ev R Abrams, Xiang Zhang

1207.3908 (Nicolas Clement et al.)

Role of Hydration on the Electronic Transport through Molecular
Junctions on Silicon

Nicolas Clement, David Guerin, Stephane Pleutin, Sylvie Godey, Dominique Vuillaume

1207.3930 (Nicolas Pose et al.)

Conductivity of Coniglio-Klein clusters    [PDF]

Nicolas Pose, Nuno A. M. Araujo, Hans J. Herrmann

1207.3953 (Thibaut Divoux et al.)

Rheological hysteresis in soft glassy materials    [PDF]

Thibaut Divoux, Vincent Grenard, Sébastien Manneville

1207.3995 (Krisztián Palotás)

Prediction of bias voltage dependent magnetic contrast from
spin-polarized tunneling spectroscopy

Krisztián Palotás

1207.3996 (Nirmal Ganguli et al.)

Magnetic properties of Mn-doped Ge46 and Ba8Ge46 clathrates    [PDF]

Nirmal Ganguli, K. V. Shanavas, Indra Dasgupta

1207.3997 (Julyan H. E. Cartwright et al.)

Beyond crystals: the dialectic of materials and information    [PDF]

Julyan H. E. Cartwright, Alan L. Mackay

1207.4019 (Dennis P. Clougherty)

Comment on "Sticking of Hydrogen on Supported and Suspended Graphene at
Low Temperature'"

Dennis P. Clougherty

1207.4049 (Julyan H. E. Cartwright et al.)

Crystal growth as an excitable medium    [PDF]

Julyan H. E. Cartwright, Antonio G. Checa, Bruno Escribano, C. Ignacio Sainz-Díaz

1207.4080 (Yu Kumagai et al.)

Structural Domain Walls in Polar Hexagonal Manganites    [PDF]

Yu Kumagai, Nicola A. Spaldin

1207.4092 (U. Atxitia et al.)

Ultrafast dynamical path for the switching of a ferrimagnet after
femtosecond heating

U. Atxitia, T. Ostler, J. Barker, R. F. L. Evans, R. W. Chantrell, O. Chubykalo-Fesenko

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

0911.1961 (Yu. V. Kalyuzhnyi et al.)

Liquid-gas phase behavior of polydisperse dipolar hard-sphere fluid:
Extended thermodynamic perturbation theory for central force associating

Yu. V. Kalyuzhnyi, S. Hlushak, P. T. Cummings

1203.5318 (Pascal Thebault et al.)

Tailoring Nanostructures Using Copolymer Nanoimprint Lithography    [PDF]

Pascal Thebault, Stefan Niedermayer, Stefan Landis, Nicolas Chaix, Patrick Guenoun, Jean Daillant, Xingkun Man, David Andelman, Henri Orland

1207.3350 (R. Zeng et al.)

Abnormal Magnetic Behaviors in Unique Square alpha-MnO2 Nanotubes    [PDF]

R. Zeng, J. Q. Wang, W. X. Li, G. D. Du, Z. X. Chen, S. Li, S. X. Dou

1207.3357 (Apiwat Wisitsorasak et al.)

On the Strength of Glasses    [PDF]

Apiwat Wisitsorasak, Peter G. Wolynes

1207.3369 (Qing Hua Wang et al.)

Chemical reactivity imprint lithography on graphene: Controlling the
substrate influence on electron transfer reactions

Qing Hua Wang, Zhong Jin, Ki Kang Kim, Andrew J. Hilmer, Geraldine L. C. Paulus, Chih-Jen Shih, Moon-Ho Ham, Javier D. Sanchez-Yamagishi, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Jing Kong, Pablo Jarillo-Herrero, Michael S. Strano

1207.3372 (Sergey L. Artyukhin et al.)

Magneto-absorption spectra of hydrogen-like yellow exciton series in
cuprous oxide: excitons in strong magnetic ?fields

Sergey L. Artyukhin, Dmitry Fishman, Clément Faugeras, Marek Potemski, Alexandre Revcolevschi, Maxim Mostovoy, Paul H. M. van Loosdrecht

1207.3411 (G. Sreenivasulu et al.)

Magnetoelectric Interactions in Layered Composites of Piezoelectric
Quartz and Magnetostrictive Alloys

G. Sreenivasulu, V. M. Petrov, L. Y. Fetisov, Y. K. Fetisov, G. Srinivasan

1207.3463 (Stanislav Chadov et al.)

Topological phase transition induced by random substitution    [PDF]

Stanislav Chadov, Janos Kiss, Claudia Felser, Kristina Chadova, Diemo Ködderitzsch, Jan Minár, Hubert Ebert

1207.3474 (Subhasish Chatterjee et al.)

Synthesis and self-assembly of lipid (DMPC)-conjugated gold

Subhasish Chatterjee, Markrete Krikorian, Bonnie Gersten

1207.3479 (A. Azariana et al.)

Surface plasmon resonance of Cu nanowires in polycarbonate template    [PDF]

A. Azariana, F. Babaei

1207.3489 (Julie Grollier et al.)

Magnetic domain wall motion by spin transfer    [PDF]

Julie Grollier, Andre Chanthbouala, Rie Matsumoto, Abdelmadjid Anane, Vincent Cros, Frederic Nguyen van Dau, Albert Fert

1207.3503 (N. G. Anagnostou et al.)

Synthesis and Characterization of TiFe0.7-xMn0.3Vx (x=0.05, and 0.1) and
Ti1-yTayFe0.7Mn0.3 (y=0.2, and 0.4) Nanostructured Metal Hydrides for Low
Temperature Applications

N. G. Anagnostou, S. S. Makridis, E. S. Kikkinides, C. N. Christodoulou, A. K. Stubos

1207.3512 (O. I. Velichko et al.)

Simulation of boron diffusion during low-temperature annealing of
implanted silicon

O. I. Velichko, A. P. Kavaliova

1207.3541 (Evangelos Koultoukis et al.)

Two-stage Hydrogen Compression Using Zr-based Metal Hydrides    [PDF]

Evangelos Koultoukis, Sofoklis Makridis, Daniel Fruchart, Athanasios Stubos

1207.3559 (Julián Candia et al.)

Far-from-equilibrium growth of thin films in a temperature gradient    [PDF]

Julián Candia, Ezequiel V. Albano

1207.3568 (Hui Zhang)

Polarization rotation theory for field-induced-phase transitions in
BaTiO3 single crystal

Hui Zhang

1207.3625 (Massimiliano Stengel et al.)

Electrical properties of improper ferroelectrics from first principles    [PDF]

Massimiliano Stengel, Craig J. Fennie, Philippe Ghosez

1207.3639 (O. Panella et al.)

Bound state in continuum like solutions in one-dimensional

O. Panella, P. Roy

1207.3640 (Abdelahad Chbihi et al.)

Atomic scale investigation of Cr precipitation in copper    [PDF]

Abdelahad Chbihi, Xavier Sauvage, Didier Blavette

1207.3643 (Dongwook Lee et al.)

Ultrafast carrier phonon dynamics in NaOH-reacted graphite oxide film    [PDF]

Dongwook Lee, Xingquan Zou, Xi Zhu, J. W. Seo, Jacqueline M. Cole, Federica Bondino, Elena Magnano, Saritha K. Nair, Haibin Su

1207.3555 (Nima Arjmandi et al.)

CVD Synthesis of Small-Diameter Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes on

Nima Arjmandi, Pejhman Sasanpour, Bijan Rashidian

1207.3697 (Emil Melander et al.)

Influence of the magnetic field on the plasmonic properties of
transparent Ni anti-dot arrays

Emil Melander, Erik Östman, Janine Keller, Jan Schmidt, Evangelos Th. Papaioannou, Vassilios Kapaklis, Unnar B. Arnalds, B. Caballero, A. García-Martín, J. C. Cuevas, Björgvin Hjörvarsson

1207.3702 (Thomas Meissner et al.)

Nuclear magnetic resonance at up to 10.1 Giga-Pascal pressure detects an
electronic topological transition in aluminum metal

Thomas Meissner, Swee K. Goh, Jürgen Haase, Manuel Richter, Klaus Koepernik, Helmut Eschrig

1207.3726 (Juan I. Beltrán et al.)

Energy Level Alignment in Organic-Organic Heterojunctions: The TTF-TCNQ

Juan I. Beltrán, Fernando Flores, José I. Martínez, José Ortega

1207.3776 (Gary Wolfowicz et al.)

Decoherence mechanisms of 209Bi donor electron spins in isotopically
pure 28Si

Gary Wolfowicz, Stephanie Simmons, Alexei M. Tyryshkin, Richard E. George, Helge Riemann, Nikolai V. Abrosimov, Peter Becker, Hans-Joachim Pohl, Stephen A. Lyon, Mike L. W. Thewalt, John J. L. Morton

Monday, July 16, 2012

1009.2340 (Gerd E. Schröder-Turk et al.)

Minkowski Tensors of Anisotropic Spatial Structure    [PDF]

Gerd E. Schröder-Turk, Walter Mickel, Sebastian C. Kapfer, Fabian M. Schaller, Boris Breidenbach, Daniel Hug, Klaus Mecke

1109.3395 (Maxim Kharitonov et al.)

Surface impedance of superconductors with magnetic impurities    [PDF]

Maxim Kharitonov, Thomas Proslier, Andreas Glatz, Michael J. Pellin

1207.3131 (Wenbin Gong)

Harvesting and storing laser energy with graphene-cu compound structure    [PDF]

Wenbin Gong

1207.3135 (M. A. Cazalilla et al.)

Local Moment Formation and Kondo Effect in Defective Graphene    [PDF]

M. A. Cazalilla, A. Iucci, F. Guinea, A. H. Castro Neto

1207.3144 (Xiaowang Zhou et al.)

Effects of nano-void density, size, and spatial population on thermal
conductivity: a case study of GaN crystal

Xiaowang Zhou, Reese E. Jones

1207.3147 (Zhe Qu et al.)

The effect of disorder on quantum phase transition in the double layered
ruthenates (Sr1-xCax)3Ru2O7

Zhe Qu, Jin Peng, Tijiang Liu, David Fobes, Vlad Dobrosavljevic, Leonard Spinu, Zhiqiang Mao

1207.3183 (Nima Arjmandi et al.)

Enhanced Resolution of Poly-(Methyl Methacrylate) Electron Resist by
Thermal Processing

Nima Arjmandi, Liesbet Lagae, Gustaaf Borghs

1207.3194 (Alberto Zobelli et al.)

A comparative study of density functional and density functional tight
binding calculations of defects in graphene

Alberto Zobelli, Viktoria V. Ivanovskaya, Philipp Wagner, Irene Suarez-Martinez, Abu Yaya, Chris P. Ewels

1207.3216 (R. Zeng et al.)

{110} Plane Orientation Driven Superior Li-ion Battery Performance and
Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Co3O4 Nanostructures

R. Zeng, J. Q. Wang, G. D. Du, W. X. Li, Z. X. Chen, S. Li, Z. P. Guo, S. X. Dou

1207.3229 (Manolo Sanchez Del Rio et al.)

Synthesis and acid resistance of maya blue pigment    [PDF]

Manolo Sanchez Del Rio, Pauline Martinetto, C. Reyes-Valerio, Eric Dooryhee, M. Suarez

1207.3236 (Catherine Dejoie et al.)

Association of indigo with zeolites for improved colour stabilization    [PDF]

Catherine Dejoie, Pauline Martinetto, Eric Dooryhee, Elsa Van Eslande, Sylvie Blanc, Patrice Bordat, Ross Brown, Florence Porcher, Michel Anne

1207.3239 (R. Zeng et al.)

Extremely Large Magnetic Entropy Changes, Quantum Phases, Transitions
and Diagram in Gd(OH)3 Single Crystal Nanowires - Quasi-1D Large Spin (S =
-7/2) Chain Antiferromagnet

R. Zeng, C. F. Zhang, J. C. Debnath, P. Shamba, J. L. Wang, Z. X. Chen, Z. P. Guo, S. X. Dou

1207.3242 (Catherine Dejoie et al.)

Diffusion Of Indigo Molecules Inside The Palygorskite Clay Channels    [PDF]

Catherine Dejoie, Pauline Martinetto, Eric Dooryhee, Elsa Van Eslande, Sylvie Blanc, Patrice Bordat, Ross Brown, Florence Porcher, Michel Anne

1207.3268 (Jessica Alfonsi)

A many-body overview of low-energy optical excitations in armchair
graphene nanoribbons

Jessica Alfonsi

1207.3320 (Joshua A. Taillon et al.)

Ab Initio Discovery of Novel Crystal Structure Stability in Barium and
Sodium-Calcium Compounds under Pressure using DFT

Joshua A. Taillon, William W. Tipton, Richard G. Hennig

1207.3330 (S. M. Rezende et al.)

Magnetic relaxation in bilayers of yttrium iron garnet/platinum due to
the dynamic coupling at the interface

S. M. Rezende, R. Rodríguez-Suárez, M. M. Soares, L. H. Vilela-Leão, A. Azevedo

1207.3341 (A. Foertig et al.)

Shockley Equation Parameters of Organic Solar Cells derived by Transient

A. Foertig, J. Rauh, V. Dyakonov, C. Deibel

Friday, July 13, 2012

1207.2784 (Kenichi Ohno et al.)

Engineering shallow spins in diamond with nitrogen delta-doping    [PDF]

Kenichi Ohno, F. Joseph Heremans, Lee C. Bassett, Bryan A. Myers, David M. Toyli, Ania C. Bleszynski Jayich, Christopher J. Palmstrom, David D. Awschalom

1207.2803 (Andreas Neubauer et al.)

Optical floating zone growth of high-quality Cu2MnAl single crystals    [PDF]

Andreas Neubauer, Florian Jonietz, Martin Meven, Robert Georgii, Georg Brandl, Gunther Behr, Peter Böni, Christian Pfleiderer

1207.2818 (Shiming Zhou et al.)

Griffiths singularity and magnetic phase diagram of La1-xCaxCoO3    [PDF]

Shiming Zhou, Yuqiao Guo, Laifa He, Jiyin Zhao, Lei Shi

1207.2830 (Priyal Jain et al.)

Influence of Grain Size on the Band-gap of Annealed SnS Thin Films    [PDF]

Priyal Jain, P. Arun

1207.2851 (A. M. Burke et al.)

The origin of gate hysteresis in p-type Si-doped AlGaAs/GaAs

A. M. Burke, D. Waddington, D. Carrad, R. Lyttleton, H. H. Tan, P. J. Reece, O. Klochan, A. R. Hamilton, A. Rai, D. Reuter, A. D. Wieck, A. P. Micolich

1207.2868 (Odile Robach et al.)

A tunable multi-color "rainbow" filter for improved stress and
dislocation field mapping in polycrystals using x-ray Laue microdiffraction

Odile Robach, Jean-Sébastien Micha, Olivier Ulrich, Olivier Geaymond, Olivier Sicardy, Jürgend Härtwig, François Rieutord

1207.2887 (I. Di Marco et al.)

Spectral properties of Mn doped GaAs: experiment and correlated
electronic structure theory

I. Di Marco, P. Thunström, M. I. Katsnelson, J. Sadowski, K. Karlsson, S. Lebègue, J. Kanski, O. Eriksson

1207.2916 (Andrea Scaramucci et al.)

Linear Magnetoelectric Effect by Orbital Magnetism    [PDF]

Andrea Scaramucci, Eric Bousquet, Maxim Mostovoy, Nicola A. Spaldin

1207.2942 (Jun Jie Liu et al.)

Modeling the Influence of Antifreeze Proteins on Three-Dimensional Ice
Crystal Melt Shapes using a Geometric Approach

Jun Jie Liu, Yangzong Qin, Maya Bar Dolev, Yeliz Celik, J. S. Wettlaufer, Ido Braslavsky

1207.2947 (Krzysztof Rościszewski et al.)

Stripe Phases in Layered Nickelates    [PDF]

Krzysztof Rościszewski, Andrzej M. Oleś

1207.2948 (Benjamin L. Sherman et al.)

Ab Initio Simulations of Hot, Dense Methane During Shock Experiments    [PDF]

Benjamin L. Sherman, Hugh F. Wilson, Dayanthie Weeraratne, Burkhard Militzer

1207.2979 (Cláudio L. N. Oliveira et al.)

Fatigue in disordered media    [PDF]

Cláudio L. N. Oliveira, André P. Vieira, Hans J. Herrmann, José S. Andrade Jr

1207.2988 (Takashi Matsushima et al.)

Fundamental structural characteristics of planar granular assemblies:
scaling away friction and initial state

Takashi Matsushima, Raphael Blumenfeld

1207.2994 (Wenjuan Zhu et al.)

Structure and electronic transport in graphene wrinkles    [PDF]

Wenjuan Zhu, Tony Low, Vasili Perebeinos, Ageeth A. Bol, Yu Zhu, Hugen Yan, Jerry Tersoff, Phaedon Avouris

1207.2995 (A. Patrykiejew)

On the phase behavior of mixed Ar-Xe submonolayer films on graphite    [PDF]

A. Patrykiejew

1207.2996 (Uwe Bauer et al.)

Voltage-Gated Modulation of Domain Wall Velocity in an Ultrathin
Metallic Ferromagnet

Uwe Bauer, Satoru Emori, Geoffrey S. D. Beach

1207.3001 (Milad Khoshnegar et al.)

Calculating the Energy Band Structure Using Sampling and Greens Function

Milad Khoshnegar, Amir Hossein Hosseinia, Nima Arjmandi, Sina Khorasani

1207.3010 (Andrzej M. Oleś)

Fingerprints of spin-orbital entanglement in transition metal oxides    [PDF]

Andrzej M. Oleś

1207.3059 (Malgorzata Wierzbowska)

Exchange interactions and Tc in rhenium doped silicon: DFT, DFT+U and
Monte Carlo calculations

Malgorzata Wierzbowska

1207.3061 (Malgorzata Wierzbowska)

Poisoning of magnetism in silicon doped with Re, caused by a charge
transfer from interstitials to substitutionals, by means of the
self-interaction corrected density-functional approach

Malgorzata Wierzbowska

Thursday, July 12, 2012

1108.2826 (R. Rahman et al.)

Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Cross-linked Graphene-Epoxy

R. Rahman, A. Haque

1207.2463 (V. A. Bedarev et al.)

Magnetooptical Study of Spin-Orientation Phase Transition in
$NdFe_3(BO_3)_4$ Single Crystal

V. A. Bedarev, M. I. Pashchenko, D. N. Merenkov, L. N. Bezmaternykh, V. L. Temerov

1207.2483 (Feng Ye et al.)

Magnetic orders and spin-flop transitions in the cobalt doped
multiferroic $\rm Mn_{1-x}Co_{x}WO_4$

Feng Ye, Songxue Chi, Jaime A. Fernandez-Baca, Huibo Cao, K. -C. Liang, Yaqi Wang, Bernd Lorenz, C. W. Chu

1207.2487 (S. O. Hruszkewycz et al.)

Supplemental Material for "High Contrast X-ray Speckle from Atomic-Scale
Order in Liquids and Glasses"

S. O. Hruszkewycz, M. Sutton, P. H. Fuoss, B. Adams, S. Rosenkranz, K. F. Ludwig Jr., W. Roseker, D. Fritz, M. Cammarata, D. Zhu, S. Lee, H. Lemke, C. Gutt, A. Robert, G. Gruebel, G. B. Stephenson

1207.2512 (Joseph Z. Terdik et al.)

Anomalous Workfunction Anisotropy in Ternary Acetylides    [PDF]

Joseph Z. Terdik, Károly Németh, Katherine C. Harkay, Jeffrey H. Terry, Jr., Linda Spentzouris, Daniel Velázquez, Richard Rosenberg, George Srajer

1207.2521 (Junyeon Kim et al.)

Layer thickness dependence of the current induced effective field vector
in Ta|CoFeB|MgO

Junyeon Kim, Jaivardhan Sinha, Masamitsu Hayashi, Michihiko Yamanouchi, Shunsuke Fukami, Tetsuhiro Suzuki, Seiji Mitani, Hideo Ohno

1207.2532 (Julián Candia et al.)

Nonequilibrium Critical Behavior of Magnetic Thin Films Grown in a
Temperature Gradient

Julián Candia, Ezequiel V. Albano

1207.2579 (Hsin-Yi Lee et al.)

Calculation of point defects in rutile TiO2 by the Screened Exchange
Hybrid Functional

Hsin-Yi Lee, Stewart J. Clark, John Robertson

1207.2588 (Itai Leven et al.)

Robust Superlubricity in Graphene/h-BN Heterojunctions    [PDF]

Itai Leven, Dana Krepel, Ortal Shemesh, Oded Hod

1207.2618 (Yeliz Celik et al.)

Freezing and Melting Hysteresis Measurements in Solutions of Hyperactive
Antifreeze Protein from an Antarctic Bacteria

Yeliz Celik, Ran Drori, Laurie Graham, Yee-Foong Mok, Peter L. Davies, Ido Braslavsky

1207.2620 (Joachim Kaldasch et al.)

Shear thickening in electrically stabilized non-aqueous colloidal

Joachim Kaldasch, Bernhard Senge, Jozua Laven

1207.2623 (Elisabeth S. Knowles et al.)

Photoinduced Perturbations of the Magnetic Superexchange in Core-Shell
Prussian Blue Analogues

Elisabeth S. Knowles, Matthieu F. Dumont, Marcus K. Peprah, Mark W. Meisel, Carissa H. Li, Matthew J. Andrus, Daniel R. Talham

1207.2625 (Joachim Kaldasch et al.)

Shear Thickening in Polymer Stabilized Colloidal Suspensions    [PDF]

Joachim Kaldasch, Bernhard Senge

1207.2658 (Nicolás Mujica et al.)

Ultrasound as a probe of dislocation density in aluminum    [PDF]

Nicolás Mujica, María Teresa Cerda, Rodrigo Espinoza, Judit Lisoni, Fernando Lund

1207.2676 (Anders Mathias Lunde et al.)

Helical edge states coupled to a spin bath: Current-induced

Anders Mathias Lunde, Gloria Platero

1207.2684 (Ismaila Dabo)

Resilience of gas-phase anharmonicity in the vibrational response of
adsorbed carbon monoxide and breakdown under electrical conditions

Ismaila Dabo

1207.2717 (Santiago Gonzalez et al.)

Compositional uniformity, domain patterning and the mechanism underlying
nano-chessboard arrays

Santiago Gonzalez, J. M. Perez-Mato, Luis Elcoro, Alberto Garcia, Ray L. Withers, L. Bourgeois

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

1202.1423 (Cedric Weber et al.)

Vanadium dioxide : A Peierls-Mott insulator stable against disorder    [PDF]

Cedric Weber, David D. O'Regan, Nicholas D. M. Hine, Mike C. Payne, Gabriel Kotliar, Peter B. Littlewood

1207.2185 (Zachary G. Nicolaou et al.)

Mechanical Metamaterials with Negative Compressibility Transitions    [PDF]

Zachary G. Nicolaou, Adilson E. Motter

1207.2210 (Hyungjun Lee et al.)

Role of d orbitals in the Rashba-type spin splitting for noble-metal

Hyungjun Lee, Hyoung Joon Choi

1207.2298 (Alessandro Cerioni et al.)

Efficient and accurate solver of the three-dimensional screened and
unscreened Poisson's equation with generic boundary conditions

Alessandro Cerioni, Luigi Genovese, Alessandro Mirone, Vicente Armando Sole

1207.2310 (S. K. Walton et al.)

MALTS: A tool to simulate Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy from
micromagnetic simulations

S. K. Walton, K. Zeissler, W. R. Branford, S. Felton

1207.2359 (Felipe Vallini et al.)

Induced Optical Losses in Optoelectronic Devices due to Focused Ion Beam

Felipe Vallini, Luís Alberto Mijan Barea, Elohim Fonseca dos Reis, Antônio Augusto von Zuben, Newton Cesário Frateschi

1207.2374 (Paula Mellado et al.)

Macroscopic magnetic frustration    [PDF]

Paula Mellado, Andres Concha, L. Mahadevan

1207.2402 (Vikram Passi et al.)

Anisotropic Vapor HF etching of silicon dioxide for Si microstructure

Vikram Passi, Ulf Sodervall, Bengt Nilsson, Goran Petersson, Mats Hagberg, Christophe Krzeminski, Emmanuel Dubois, Bert Du Bois, Jean-Pierre Raskin

1207.2447 (Q. Li et al.)

A theoretical study of the hydrogen-storage potential of (H_2)_4CH_4 in
metal organic framework materials and carbon nanotubes

Q. Li, T. Thonhauser

1207.2458 (S. O. Hruszkewycz et al.)

High Contrast X-ray Speckle from Atomic-Scale Order in Liquids and

S. O. Hruszkewycz, M. Sutton, P. H. Fuoss, B. Adams, S. Rosenkranz, K. F. Ludwig Jr., W. Roseker, D. Fritz, M. Cammarata, D. Zhu, S. Lee, H. Lemke, C. Gutt, A. Robert, G. Gruebel, G. B. Stephenson

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

1201.1524 (Nikolas Antolin et al.)

Fast Free Energy Calculations for Unstable High-Temperature Phases    [PDF]

Nikolas Antolin, Oscar D. Restrepo, Wolfgang Windl

1201.1950 (Huazhou Wei et al.)

Effect of inplane electric field on magnetotransport in helical metal    [PDF]

Huazhou Wei, Sung-Po Chao, Vivek Aji

1207.1754 (R. Glenn et al.)

Analytical description of spin-Rabi oscillation controlled electronic
transitions rates between weakly coupled pairs of paramagnetic states with

R. Glenn, W. J. Baker, C. Boehme, M. E. Raikh

1207.1785 (S. Costamagna et al.)

Thermal rippling behavior of graphane    [PDF]

S. Costamagna, M. Neek-Amal, J. H. Los, M. Neek-Amal

1207.1835 (Yasunori Aoki et al.)

An investigation of the inverted Hanle effect in highly-doped Si    [PDF]

Yasunori Aoki, Makoto Kameno, Yuichiro Ando, Eiji Shikoh, Yoshishige Suzuki, Teruya Shinjyo, Tomoyuki Sasaki, Tohru Oikawa, Toshio Suzuki, Masashi Shiraishi

1207.1863 (Ze Liu et al.)

Interlayer shear strength of single crystalline graphite    [PDF]

Ze Liu, Shoumo Zhang, Jiarui Yang, Jefferson Zhe Liu, Yanlian Yang, Quanshui Zheng

1207.1939 (Feng Feng Xue et al.)

Supramolecular Thermo Aero-able Gelators (STAGs) for synthesis of

Feng Feng Xue, Dan Dan Yuan, Peng Wang, Atharva Sahasrabudhe, Xiao-Yan Tang, Dianyu Chen, Rongxin Yuan, Soumyajit Roy

1207.1948 (L. Andrew Wray et al.)

The importance of self consistent lifetime correction for resonant X-ray
scattering involving shallow core levels

L. Andrew Wray, Wanli Yang, Hiroshi Eisaki, Zahid Hussain, Yi-De Chuang

1207.1956 (Stephanie Deboeuf et al.)

A comparative study of crumpling and folding of thin sheets    [PDF]

Stephanie Deboeuf, Eytan Katzav, Arezki Boudaoud, Daniel Bonn, Mokhtar Adda-Bedia

1207.1995 (Sreemanta Mitra et al.)

Graphene composites: The materials for the future    [PDF]

Sreemanta Mitra, Sourish Banerjee, Anindya Datta, Dipankar Chakravorty

1207.2023 (Yusuf Yuksel et al.)

Dynamic phase transition properties and hysteretic behavior of a
ferrimagnetic core-shell nanoparticle in the presence of a time dependent
magnetic field

Yusuf Yuksel, Erol Vatansever, Hamza Polat

Monday, July 9, 2012

1001.3973 (C. -J. Chen et al.)

Photo-induced high-temperature order-disorder phase transition in CaSnO3
perovskite revealed by Raman spectroscopy

C. -J. Chen, J. Kung, C. -M. Lin, M. Zhang, S. A. T. Redfern

1007.0359 (Xingkun Man et al.)

Block Copolymer at Nano-Patterned Surfaces    [PDF]

Xingkun Man, David Andelman, Henri Orland

1207.1475 (E. Fohtung et al.)

Probing the three-dimensional strain inhomogeneity and equilibrium
elastic properties of single crystal Ni nanowires

E. Fohtung, J. W. Kim, Keith T. Chan, Ross Harder, Eric E. Fullerton, O. G. Shpyrko

1207.1487 (Recep Zan et al.)

Graphene re-knits its holes    [PDF]

Recep Zan, Quentin M. Ramasse, Ursel Bangert, Konstantin S. Novoselov

1207.1521 (Sudhir K. Pandey)

Nitrogen and fluorine doped ZrO$_2$: A promising $p$-$n$ junction for
ultraviolet light-emitting diode

Sudhir K. Pandey

1207.1525 (S. Nishimoto et al.)

Double Exchange Ferromagnetism in the Peierls Insulator State    [PDF]

S. Nishimoto, Y. Ohta

1207.1529 (Debjani Karmakar et al.)

Spin-interactions in Mineral Libethenite Series: Evolution of
Low-dimensional Magnetism

Debjani Karmakar, J. V. Yakhmi

1207.1570 (J. Kanski et al.)

Mn induced modifications of Ga 3d photoemission from (Ga, Mn)As:
evidence for long range effects

J. Kanski, I. Ulfat, L. Ilver, M. Leandersson, J. Sadowski, K. Karlsson, P. Pal

1207.1593 (R. Anand Theerthan et al.)

Magnetic field tuning of polaron losses in Fe doped BaTiO3 single

R. Anand Theerthan, Alla Artemenko, Mario Maglione

1207.1626 (Manesh Gopinadhan et al.)

Order-disorder transition and alignment dynamics of a block copolymer
under high magnetic fields by in situ x-ray scattering

Manesh Gopinadhan, Pawel W. Majewski, Chinedum O. Osuji

1207.1628 (Andrew F. May et al.)

Physical properties of Ce3-xTe4 below room temperature    [PDF]

Andrew F. May, Michael A. McGuire, Claudia Cantoni, Brian C. Sales

1207.1670 (Philippe Jund et al.)

Physical properties of thermoelectric zinc antimonide using
first-principles calculations

Philippe Jund, Romain Viennois, Xiaoma Tao, Kinga Niedziolka, Jean-Claude Tedenac

1207.1682 (Rouholla Alizadegan et al.)

Effects of Tip-Nanotube Interactions on Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging
of Carbon Nanotubes

Rouholla Alizadegan, Albert D. Liao, Feng Xiong, Eric Pop, K. Jimmy Hsia

1207.1685 (Maimon C. Rose et al.)

Giant electrocaloric effect around T$_c$    [PDF]

Maimon C. Rose, R. E. Cohen

1207.1689 (E. A. Jagla)

Velocity weakening and possibility of aftershocks in nanofriction

E. A. Jagla