Wednesday, March 20, 2013

1303.3884 (N. M. Litovchenko et al.)

Excitonic parameters of InxGa1-xAs-GaAs heterostructures with quantum
wells at low temperatures

N. M. Litovchenko, D. V. Korbutyak, O. M. Strilchuk

1303.3885 (Gautam Mukhopadhyay et al.)

Graphene and Some of its Structural Analogues: Full-potential Density
Functional Theory Calculations

Gautam Mukhopadhyay, Harihar Behera

1303.3910 (E. A. D. Carbone et al.)

PTFE treatment by remote atmospheric Ar/O2 plasmas: a simple reaction
scheme model proposal

E. A. D. Carbone, M. W. G. M. Verhoeven, W. Keuning, J. J. A. M. van der Mullen

1303.3951 (Nicolas Reckinger et al.)

The influence of residual oxygen on the synthesis of graphene by
atmospheric pressure chemical vapor deposition

Nicolas Reckinger, Alexandre Felten, Cristiane Nascimento Santos, Benoît Hackens, Jean-François Colomer

1303.3960 (Eugene Yakub)

Turnover of the melting line of highly compressed molecular hydrogen    [PDF]

Eugene Yakub

1303.3970 (Urszula D. Wdowik et al.)

Strong Effects of Cation Vacancies on the Electronic and Dynamical
Properties of FeO

Urszula D. Wdowik, Przemysław Piekarz, Krzysztof Parlinski, Andrzej M. Oleś, Józef Korecki

1303.3994 (Jacob B Khurgin)

Optically induced currents in dielectrics as a nonlinear optical effect    [PDF]

Jacob B Khurgin

1303.4062 (Laurent Chaput)

A direct solution to the phonon Boltzmann equation    [PDF]

Laurent Chaput

1303.4134 (Nianduan Lu et al.)

Charge carrier relaxation model in hopping system    [PDF]

Nianduan Lu, Ling Li, Pengxiao Suna, Ming Liu

1303.4144 (Fan Zhang et al.)

Topological Mirror Superconductivity    [PDF]

Fan Zhang, C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele

1303.4156 (Yun Li et al.)

Modulation of electron carrier density at the n-type LaAlO3/SrTiO3
interface by water adsorption

Yun Li, Jaejun Yu

1303.4163 (S. J. Singh et al.)

Transition Temperature and Upper Critical Field in SmFeAsO1-xFx
Synthesized at Low Heating Temperatures

S. J. Singh, J. Shimoyama, A. Yamamoto, H. Ogino, K. Kishio

1303.4195 (Pablo Aguado-Puente et al.)

First-principles study of metal-induced gap states in metal/oxide
interfaces and their relation with the complex band structure

Pablo Aguado-Puente, Javier Junquera

1303.4203 (Tongyu Wang et al.)

Exploring Morphology-Activity Relationships: Ab Initio Wulff
Construction for RuO2 Nanoparticles under Oxidizing Conditions

Tongyu Wang, Jelena Jelic, Dirk Rosenthal, Karsten Reuter

1303.4228 (M. I. Samoylovich et al.)

Symmetrical laws of structure of helicoidally-like biopolymers in the
framework of algebraic topology. III. Nature of the double and relations
between the alpha helix and the various forms of DNA structures

M. I. Samoylovich, A. L. Talis

1303.4333 (V. Gnezdilov et al.)

Raman scattering of electronic surface and bulk states in the giant
Rashba, polar semiconductor BiTeI

V. Gnezdilov, D. Wulferding, P. Lemmens, A. Möller, P. Recher, H. Berger, R. Sankar, F. C. Chou

1303.4380 (Philippe Jonnard et al.)

Determination of the magnetization profile of Co/Mg periodic multilayers
by magneto-optic Kerr effect and X-ray magnetic resonant reflectivity

Philippe Jonnard, K. Le Guen, Jean-Michel André, Renaud Delaunay, N. Mahne, Angelo Giglia, S. Nannarone, A. Verna, Z. -S. Wang, J. -T. Zhu, S. -K. Zhou

1303.4422 (J. Sampaio et al.)

Coupling and induced depinning of magnetic domain walls in adjacent spin
valve nanotracks

J. Sampaio, L. O'Brien, D. Petit, D. E. Read, E. R. Lewis, H. T. Zeng, L. Thevenard, S. Cardoso, R. P. Cowburn

1303.4446 (Daoling Peng et al.)

An efficient implementation of two-component relativistic
exact-decoupling methods for large molecules

Daoling Peng, Nils Middendorf, Florian Weigend, Markus Reiher

1303.4507 (V. R. Galakhov et al.)

Electronic Structure and Resonant X-ray Emission Spectra of Carbon
Shells of Iron Nanoparticles

V. R. Galakhov, S. N. Shamin, E. M. Mironova, M. A. Uimin, A. Ye. Yermakov, D. W. Boukhvalov

1303.4509 (S. V. Novikov et al.)

Charge carrier transport in molecularly doped polycarbonate as a test
case for the dipolar glass model

S. V. Novikov, A. P. Tyutnev

1303.4512 (E. I Gkanas et al.)

Perforation Effect on a Rectangular Metal Hydride Tank for the Hydriding
and Dehydriding Process by Using COMSOL Multiphysics Software

E. I Gkanas, S. S Makridis, E. S Kikkinides, A. K Stubos

1303.4544 (J. V. Leitao et al.)

Description of a Differential Setup for Relaxation Microcalorimetry    [PDF]

J. V. Leitao, P. van Dommelen, F. Naastepad, E. Brück

1303.4552 (Veysel Celik et al.)

Electronic and optical properties of Cr and Cr-N doped anatase TiO2 from
screened Coulomb hybrid calculations

Veysel Celik, Ersen Mete

1303.4586 (Xiaohui Tang et al.)

Self-Formation of Sub-10-nm Nanogaps by Silicidation for Resistive
Switch in Air

Xiaohui Tang, Laurent A. Francis, Constantin Augustin Dutu, Nicolas Reckinger, Jean-Pierre Raskin

1303.4605 (S. V. Novikov)

Hopping charge transport in organic materials    [PDF]

S. V. Novikov

1303.4611 (Christian Gogu et al.)

Bayesian Identification of Elastic Constants in Multi-Directional
Laminate from Moiré Interferometry Displacement Fields

Christian Gogu, W. Yin, Raphael T. Haftka, Peter G. Ifju, Jérôme Molimard, Rodolphe Le Riche, Alain Vautrin

1303.4616 (Z. Gercsi et al.)

Magnetoelastic effects in doped Fe2P    [PDF]

Z. Gercsi, E. K. Delczeg-Czirjak, L. Vitos, A. S. Wills, A. Daoud-Aladine, K. G. Sandeman

1303.4619 (Philipp Wagner et al.)

Mechanical properties of nanosheets and nanotubes investigated using a
new geometry independent volume definition

Philipp Wagner, Viktoria V. Ivanovskaya, Mark J. Rayson, Patrick R. Briddon, Christopher P. Ewels

1303.4631 (B. Lalmi et al.)

Formation and stability of a two-dimensional nickel silicide on Ni (111)
an Auger, LEED, STM, and high-resolution photoemission Study

B. Lalmi, C. Girardeaux, A. Portavoce, C. Ottaviani, B. Aufray, J. Bernardini

1303.4641 (Amit Kumar Sahoo et al.)

Electro-thermal characterization of Si-Ge HBTs with pulse measurement
and transient simulation

Amit Kumar Sahoo, Sébastien Fregonese, Mario Weiß, Nathalie Malbert, Thomas Zimmer

1303.4648 (Manuel Glas et al.)

X-ray absorption spectroscopy and magnetic circular dichroism studies of
L1_0-Mn-Ga thin films

Manuel Glas, Daniel Ebke, Christian Sterwerf, Jan-Michael Schmalhorst, Catherine Jenkins, Elke Arenholz, Günter Reiss

1303.4704 (X. Marti et al.)

Anisotropic magnetoresistance in antiferromagnetic semiconductor Sr2IrO4
epitaxial heterostructure

X. Marti, I. Fina, Di Yi, Jian Liu, Jiun-Haw Chu, C. Rayan-Serrao, S. Suresha, J. Železný, T. Jungwirth, J. Fontcuberta, R. Ramesh