Monday, January 14, 2013

1301.2360 (Eugene A. Eliseev et al.)

Universal emergence of spatially-modulated structures induced by
flexo-antiferrodistortive coupling in multiferroics

Eugene A. Eliseev, Sergei V. Kalinin, Albina Borisevich, Anna N. Morozovska

1301.2389 (Dongyan Zhang et al.)

Role of Electronic Structure in the Morphotropic Phase Boundary of
TbxDy1-xCo2 Studied by First-principles Calculation

Dongyan Zhang, Sen Yang, Pangpang Wang, Yu Wang, Jieqiong Wang, Xiaoping Song

1301.2392 (D. W. Boukhvalov)

DFT modeling of the covalent functionalization of graphene: from ideal
to realistic models

D. W. Boukhvalov

1301.2395 (A. S. Moskvin)

Perspectives of the disproportionation driven superconductivity in
strongly correlated 3d compounds

A. S. Moskvin

1301.2402 (Yongliang Yang et al.)

Batch-fabricated cantilever probes with electrical shielding for
nanoscale dielectric and conductivity imaging

Yongliang Yang, Keji Lai, Qiaochu Tang, Worasom Kundhikanjana, Michael A Kelly, Kun Zhang, Zhi-xun Shen, Xinxin Li

1301.2403 (A. Vanossi et al.)

High-pressure lubricity at the meso- and nanoscale    [PDF]

A. Vanossi, A. Benassi, N. Varini, E. Tosatti

1301.2468 (Stefan Barthel et al.)

Quantum-Confined Stark Effect in polar and nonpolar Wurtzite InN/GaN
Heterostructures: Influence on Electronic Structure and Compensation by
Coulomb Attraction

Stefan Barthel, Kolja Schuh, Oliver Marquardt, Tilmann Hickel, Jörg Neugebauer, Frank Jahnke, Gerd Czycholl

1301.2491 (Kapildeb Dolui et al.)

Origin of the n-type and p-type conductivity of MoS2 monolayers on a
SiO2 substrate

Kapildeb Dolui, Ivan Rungger, Stefano Sanvito

1301.2519 (Irene Palacio et al.)

Initial Stages of FeO Growth on Ru(0001)    [PDF]

Irene Palacio, Matteo Monti, Jose F. Marco, Kevin F. McCarty, Juan de la Figuera

1301.2541 (Nuala M. Caffrey et al.)

Spin-filtering efficiency of ferrimagnetic spinels CoFe2O4 and NiFe2O4    [PDF]

Nuala M. Caffrey, Daniel Fritsch, Thomas Archer, Stefano Sanvito, Claude Ederer

1301.2587 (Matthew Yankowitz et al.)

Local Spectroscopy of the Electrically Tunable Band Gap in Trilayer

Matthew Yankowitz, Fenglin Wang, Chun Ning Lau, Brian J. LeRoy

1301.2593 (V. Ongun Özçelik et al.)

Size dependence in the stabilities and electronic properties of
α-graphyne and its BN analogue

V. Ongun Özçelik, S. Ciraci