Friday, June 15, 2012

1206.2953 (Jeongwoo Kim et al.)

Topological phase transition in Dirac fermionic heterostructures    [PDF]

Jeongwoo Kim, Jinwoong Kim, Ki-Seok Kim, Seung-Hoon Jhi

1206.2972 (M. Mourigal et al.)

Evidence of a bond-nematic phase in LiCuVO4    [PDF]

M. Mourigal, M. Enderle, B. Fåk, R. K. Kremer, J. M. Law, A. Schneidewind, A. Hiess, A. Prokofiev

1206.2981 (A. G. Swartz et al.)

TiO2 as an electrostatic template for epitaxial growth of EuO on
MgO(001) by reactive molecular beam epitaxy

A. G. Swartz, Jared J. I. Wong, I. V. Pinchuk, R. K. Kawakami

1206.2990 (Kyle C. Smith et al.)

Conduction in jammed systems of tetrahedra    [PDF]

Kyle C. Smith, Timothy S. Fisher

1206.3024 (Arpita Ghosh et al.)

Fowler-Nordheim Electron Cold Emission Formalism in Presence of Strong
Magnetic Field

Arpita Ghosh, Somenath Chakrabarty

1206.3041 (M. Golosovsky et al.)

Low-field microwave absorption in epitaxial La-Sr-Mn-O films resulting
from the angle-tuned ferromagnetic resonance in the multidomain state

M. Golosovsky, P. Monod, P. K. Muduli, R. C. Budhani

1206.3063 (A. B. Odobescu et al.)

Energy gap revealed by low-temperature scanning-tunnelling spectroscopy
of Si(111)-7x7 surface in illuminated slightly-doped crystals

A. B. Odobescu, S. V. Zaitsev-Zotov

1206.3158 (Enio Lima Jr et al.)

Influence of the substrate and precursor on the magnetic and
magneto-transport properties in magnetite films

Enio Lima Jr, Giancarlo E. S. Brito, Christian Cavelius, Vladimir Sivakov, Hao Shen, Sanjay Mathur, Gerardo F. Goya

1206.3162 (Harihar Behera et al.)

Strain Tunable Band-gaps of Two-dimensional Hexagonal BN And AlN: An
FP-(L)APW+lo Study

Harihar Behera, Gautam Mukhopadhyay

1206.3205 (M. Orlita et al.)

Resonant Excitation of Graphene K-Phonon and Intra-Landau-Level Excitons
in Magneto-Optical Spectroscopy

M. Orlita, Liang Z. Tan, M. Potemski, M. Sprinkle, C. Berger, W. A. de Heer, Steven G. Louie, G. Martinez