Wednesday, June 5, 2013

1306.0030 (Jeppe C. Dyre)

Aging of CKN: Modulus versus conductivity analysis    [PDF]

Jeppe C. Dyre

1306.0161 (Stas M. Avdoshenko et al.)

Strain enhancement of high-k dielectric response in (La/Sc)2 O3 and
LaScO3 : an ab-initio study

Stas M. Avdoshenko, Alejandro Strachan

1306.0189 (Michel Destrade)

Finite-amplitude inhomogeneous plane waves in a deformed Mooney-Rivlin

Michel Destrade

1306.0190 (Michel Destrade)

Finite-amplitude inhomogeneous plane waves of exponential type in
incompressible elastic materials

Michel Destrade

1306.0198 (Pasquale Ciarletta et al.)

Shear instability in skin tissue    [PDF]

Pasquale Ciarletta, Michel Destrade, Artur L. Gower

1306.0200 (Badar Rashid et al.)

Influence of Preservation Temperature on the Measured Mechanical
Properties of Brain Tissue

Badar Rashid, Michel Destrade, Michael Gilchrist

1306.0245 (Bartosz Slomski et al.)

Interband spin-orbit coupling between anti-parallel spin states in Pb
quantum well states

Bartosz Slomski, Gabriel Landolt, Stefan Muff, Fabian Meier, Jürg Osterwalder, J. Hugo Dil

1306.0266 (Zhong-Li Liu et al.)

Predicted alternative structure for tantalum under extreme conditions    [PDF]

Zhong-Li Liu, Ling-Cang Cai, Xiu-Lu Zhang, Feng Xi

1306.0292 (Sieu D. Ha et al.)

Electrical switching dynamics and broadband microwave characteristics of
VO2 RF devices

Sieu D. Ha, You Zhou, Christopher J. Fisher, Shriram Ramanathan, Jacob P. Treadway

1306.0297 (Masayuki Tashima et al.)

Generation of Multiple Dirac Cones in Graphene under Double-periodic and
Quasiperiodic Potentials

Masayuki Tashima, Naomichi Hatano

1306.0301 (Feng Li)

Effect of substrate temperature on the spin transport property in
C60-based spin valve devices

Feng Li

1306.0391 (Jinping Li et al.)

Optical properties of monoclinic HfO2 studied by first-principles local
density approximation +U approach

Jinping Li, Jiecai Han, Songhe Meng, Hantao Lu, Takami Tohyama

1306.0411 (Ronald Benjamin et al.)

Lennard-Jones systems near solid walls: Computing interfacial free
energies from molecular simulation methods

Ronald Benjamin, Jürgen Horbach

1306.0809 (Gautam Mukhopadhyay et al.)

Emerging Two-dimensional Materials: graphene and its other structural

Gautam Mukhopadhyay, Harihar Behera

1306.0459 (Luc Lajaunie et al.)

Physical properties of Co/n-Ge Schottky contacts    [PDF]

Luc Lajaunie, Marie-Laure David, Jean-François Barbot

1306.0463 (Daniel Wegner et al.)

Adsorption site determination of a molecular monolayer via inelastic

Daniel Wegner, Ryan Yamachika, Xiaowei Zhang, Yayu Wang, Michael F. Crommie, Nicolás Lorente

1306.0483 (Luc Lajaunie et al.)

Evidence of a strong anisotropic influence of local-field effects on the
dielectric response of α-MoO3

Luc Lajaunie, Florent Boucher, Rémi Dessapt, Philippe Moreau

1306.0503 (Dat Do et al.)

Bonds, bands, and bandgaps in tetrahedrally bonded ternary compounds:
the role of group V Lone Pairs

Dat Do, S. D. Mahanti

1306.0513 (J. -Q. Yan et al.)

Dy-V magnetic interaction and local structure bias on the complex spin
and orbital ordering in Dy$_{1-x}$Tb$_{x}$VO$_3$ (x\,=\,0 and 0.2)

J. -Q. Yan, H. B. Cao, M. A. McGuire, Y. Ren. B. C. Sales, D. G. Mandrus

1306.0593 (Marcus Freitag et al.)

Photocurrent in graphene harnessed by tunable intrinsic plasmons    [PDF]

Marcus Freitag, Tony Low, Wenjuan Zhu, Hugen Yan, Fengnian Xia, Phaedon Avouris

1306.0620 (Yufeng Liang et al.)

Quasiparticle energy and band offsets of monolayer of molybdenum and
tungsten chalcogenides

Yufeng Liang, Shouting Huang, Ryan Soklaski, Li Yang

1306.0621 (S. Wimmer et al.)

A first-principles linear response description of the spin Nernst effect    [PDF]

S. Wimmer, D. Ködderitzsch, K. Chadova, H. Ebert

1306.0637 (Brian Richard Pauw)

Everything SAXS: Small-angle scattering pattern collection and

Brian Richard Pauw

1306.0641 (K. J. Manke et al.)

Detection of shorter-than-skin-depth acoustic pulses in a metal film via
transient reflectivity

K. J. Manke, A. A. Maznev, C. Klieber, V. Shalagatskyi, V. V. Temnov, D. Makarov, S. -H. Baek, C. -B. Eom, K. A. Nelson

1306.0648 (Gui Yang et al.)

The reltation between the electronic structure and thermoelectric
transport properties for Zintl compounds M2Zn5As4 (M=K, Rb)

Gui Yang, jueming Yang, Yuli Yan, Yuanxu Wang

1306.0713 (Heung-Sik Kim et al.)

Effect of charge doping on the electronic structure, orbital
polarization, and structural distortion in nickelate superlattice

Heung-Sik Kim, Myung Joon Han

1306.0726 (B. Fisher et al.)

Inter-grain tunneling in the half-metallic double-perovskites
Sr$_2$BB'O$_6$ (BB'-- FeMo, FeRe, CrMo, CrW, CrRe

B. Fisher, J. Genossar, K. B. Chashka, L. Patlagan, G. M. Reisner

1306.0743 (V. Ozhukil Kollatha et al.)

AC vs. DC Electrophoretic Deposition of Hydroxyapatite on Titanium    [PDF]

V. Ozhukil Kollatha, Q. Chen, R. Closset, J. Luyten, K. Traina, S. Mullens, A. R. Boccaccini, R. Cloots

1306.0784 (Andreas Kehlberger et al.)

Determination of the origin of the spin Seebeck effect - bulk vs.
interface effects

Andreas Kehlberger, René Röser, Gerhard Jakob, Ulrike Ritzmann, Denise Hinzke, Ulrich Nowak, Mehmet C. Onbasli, Dong Hun Kim, Caroline A. Ross, Matthias B. Jungfleisch, Burkard Hillebrands, Mathias Kläui

1306.0841 (J. Fujii et al.)

Identifying the electronic character and role of the Mn states in the
valence band of (Ga,Mn)As

J. Fujii, B. R. Salles, M. Sperl, S. Ueda, M. Kobata, K. Kobayashi, Y. Yamashita, P. Torelli, M. Utz, C. S. Fadley, A. X. Gray, J. Minar, J. Braun, H. Ebert, I. Di Marco, O. Eriksson, P. Thunström, G. H. Fecher, S. Ouardi, H. Stryhanyuk, E. Ikenaga, C. H. Back, G. van der Laan, G. Panaccione