Tuesday, March 12, 2013

1112.2932 (Bog G. Kim et al.)

Graphyne: Hexagonal network of carbon with versatile Dirac cones    [PDF]

Bog G. Kim, Hyoung Joon Choi

1303.2164 (Anthony Ruth et al.)

Searching for low-workfunction phases in the Cs-Te system: the case of

Anthony Ruth, Karoly Nemeth, Katherine C. Harkay, Joseph Z. Terdik, Jeff Terry, Linda Spentzouris

1303.2165 (Vanessa Jane Bukas et al.)

Ready, set and no action: A static perspective on potential energy
surfaces commonly used in gas-surface dynamics

Vanessa Jane Bukas, Jörg Meyer, Maite Alducin, Karsten Reuter

1303.2167 (Yusheng Hou et al.)

A New Multiferroic State with Large Electric Polarization in Tensile
Strained TbMnO3

Yusheng Hou, Jihui Yang, Xingao Gong, Hongjung Xiang

1303.2178 (Hanyu Liu et al.)

Anomalous melting behavior of solid hydrogen at high pressures    [PDF]

Hanyu Liu, E. R. Hernandez, Jun Yan, Yanming Ma

1303.2193 (Bertold Rasche et al.)

Stacked topological insulator built from bismuth-based graphene sheet

Bertold Rasche, Anna Isaeva, Michael Ruck, Sergey Borisenko, Volodymyr Zabolotnyy, Bernd Buchner, Klaus Koepernik, Carmine Ortix, Manuel Richter, Jeroen van den Brink

1303.2197 (F. M. Hashimzade et al.)

The pressure dependence of the phonon spectra and elastic modulus of
orthorhombic : the method of local density functional

F. M. Hashimzade, D. A. Huseinova, Z. A. Jahangirli, B. H. Mehdiyev, G. S. Orudzhev

1303.2216 (Petr S. Sokolov et al.)

Low-temperature thermal expansion of rock-salt ZnO    [PDF]

Petr S. Sokolov, Andrey N. Baranov, Anthony M. T. Bell, Vladimir L. Solozhenko

1303.2226 (Wei-Feng Tsai et al.)

Gated Silicene as a tunable source of nearly 100% spin-polarized

Wei-Feng Tsai, Cheng-Yi Huang, Tay-Rong Chang, Hsin Lin, Horng-Tay Jeng, A. Bansil

1303.2228 (Hsin Lin et al.)

Adiabatic transformation as a search tool for new topological
insulators: distorted ternary Li$_2$AgSb-class semiconductors and related

Hsin Lin, Tanmoy Das, Yung Jui Wang, L. A. Wray, S. -Y. Xu, M. Z. Hasan, A. Bansil

1303.2252 (Laura Cano-Cortés et al.)

The fundamental differences between Quantum Spin Hall edge-states at
zig-zag and armchair terminations of honeycomb and ruby nets

Laura Cano-Cortés, Carmine Ortix, Jeroen van den Brink

1303.2320 (A. B. Harris et al.)

Spin Dynamics of Trimers on a Distorted Kagomé Lattice    [PDF]

A. B. Harris, T. Yildirim

1303.2339 (Ralph Kurt et al.)

Tailoring the diameter of decorated CN nanotubes by temperature
variations using HF-CVD

Ralph Kurt, Christian Klinke, Jean-Marc Bonard, Klaus Kern, Ayatollah Karimi

1303.2359 (K. Ziegler)

Metal-insulator transition in three-dimensional semiconductors    [PDF]

K. Ziegler

1303.2390 (S. Yiğen et al.)

Electronic Thermal Conductivity Measurements in Intrinsic Graphene    [PDF]

S. Yiğen, V. Tayari, J. O. Island, J. M. Porter, A. R. Champagne

1303.2391 (Qin Zhou et al.)

Electrostatic Graphene Loudspeaker    [PDF]

Qin Zhou, A. Zettl

1303.2421 (Guo-Jie J. Gao et al.)

Elastic modulus of the grain boundary component of nanocrystalline

Guo-Jie J. Gao, Yun-Jiang Wang, Shigenobu Ogata

1303.2460 (Snir Seri et al.)

Thermally activated recovery of electrical conductivity in LaAlO3/SrTiO3    [PDF]

Snir Seri, Moty Schultz, Lior Klein

1303.2472 (S. V. Eremeev et al.)

New topological surface state in layered topological insulators:
unoccupied Dirac cone

S. V. Eremeev, I. V. Silkin, T. V. Menshchikova, A. P. Protogenov, E. V. Chulkov

1303.2510 (Martin Gmitra et al.)

Magnetic control of spin-orbit fields: a first-principles study of
Fe/GaAs junctions

Martin Gmitra, Alex Matos-Abiague, Claudia Draxl, Jaroslav Fabian

1303.2528 (Michał Cieśla et al.)

Maximal Random Packing of Spheres in Menger Sponge    [PDF]

Michał Cieśla, Jakub Barbasz

1303.2531 (T. Theivasanthi et al.)

Chemical Precipitation Synthesis of Ferric Chloride Doped Zinc Sulphide
Nanoparticles and Their Characterization Studies

T. Theivasanthi, N. Kartheeswari, M. Alagar

1303.2539 (Peter D. Tovee et al.)

Nanoscale resolution immersion scanning thermal microscopy    [PDF]

Peter D. Tovee, Oleg V. Kolosov

1303.2589 (Ilia Valov et al.)

Nanobatteries in redox-based resistive switches require extension of
memristor theory

Ilia Valov, Eike Linn, Stefan Tappertzhofen, Sebastian Schmelzer, Jan van den Hurk, Florian Lentz, Rainer Waser

1303.2637 (Zeng-hui Yang et al.)

Application of object-oriented programming in a time-dependent
density-functional theory calculation of exciton binding energies

Zeng-hui Yang, Carsten A. Ullrich

1303.2640 (C. A. Ríos Rubiano et al.)

Grazing incidence fast atom diffraction for He atoms impinging on a
Ag(110) surface

C. A. Ríos Rubiano, G. A. Bocan, M. S. Gravielle, N. Bundaleski, H. Khemliche, P. Roncin