Thursday, April 4, 2013

1304.0787 (Zachary G. Nicolaou et al.)

Longitudinal inverted compressibility in super-strained metamaterials    [PDF]

Zachary G. Nicolaou, Adilson E. Motter

1304.0811 (Hyun-Jung Kim et al.)

Fluorine-induced local magnetic moment in graphene: A hybrid DFT study    [PDF]

Hyun-Jung Kim, Jun-Hyung Cho

1304.0890 (Dhanapal Pravarthana et al.)

Growth and texture of Spark Plasma Sintered Al2O3 ceramics: a combined
analysis of X-rays and Electron Back Scatter Diffraction

Dhanapal Pravarthana, D. Chateigner, L. Lutterotti, M Lacotte, S. Marinel, P. A. Dubos, I Hervan, E Hug, Paul A. Salvador, W. Prellier

1304.0911 (Weijie Zhao et al.)

Lattice dynamics in mono- and few-layer sheets of WS2 and WSe2    [PDF]

Weijie Zhao, Zohreh Ghorannevis, Amara Kiran Kumar, Jing Ren Pang, Minglin Toh, Xin Zhang, Christian Kloc, Ping Heng Tan, Goki Eda

1304.0934 (C. Sabater et al.)

Topologically protected quantum transport in locally exfoliated bismuth
at room temperature

C. Sabater, D. Gosálbez-Martínez, J. Fernández-Rossier, J. G. Rodrigo, C. Untiedt, J. J. Palacios

1304.0953 (Dongdong Kang et al.)

Revealing the Complex Transport Behaviors in Warm Dense Hydrogen by
Including Nuclear Quantum Effects

Dongdong Kang, Huayang Sun, Jiayu Dai, Zengxiu Zhao, Yong Hou, Jiaolong Zeng, Jianmin Yuan

1304.0955 (A. G. Touryanski et al.)

Investigation of quantum-dimensional structure parameters by X-ray
optical, scanning tunneling and transmission electron microscopy

A. G. Touryanski, V. M. Senkov, S. S. Gizha, L. V. Arapkina, V. A. Chapnin, K. V. Chizh, V. P. Kalinushkin, M. S. Storozhevykh, O. V. Uvarov, V. A. Yuryev

1304.0971 (M. C. Gordillo et al.)

Second layer of H2 and D2 adsorbed on graphene    [PDF]

M. C. Gordillo, J. Boronat

1304.0972 (Arkamita Bandyopadhyay et al.)

Tuning the Electronic and Optical properties of Graphene and
Boron-Nitride Quantum Dots through Molecular Charge-transfer Interactions

Arkamita Bandyopadhyay, Sharma SRKC Yamijala, Swapan K Pati

1304.0973 (László Temleitner et al.)

The origin of diffuse scattering in crystalline carbon tetraiodide    [PDF]

László Temleitner, László Pusztai

1304.0982 (Antonio Cammarata et al.)

Octahedral Engineering of Orbital Polarizations in Charge Transfer

Antonio Cammarata, James M. Rondinelli

1304.1011 (Narasimha G. Boddeti et al.)

Mechanics of Adhered, Pressurized Graphene Blisters    [PDF]

Narasimha G. Boddeti, Steven P. Koenig, Rong Long, Jianliang Xiao, J. Scott Bunch, Martin L. Dunn

1304.1013 (Hsiang-Chih Chiu et al.)

Adhesion and size dependent friction anisotropy in boron nitride

Hsiang-Chih Chiu, Sedat Dogan, Mirjam Volkmann, Christian Klinke, Elisa Riedo

1304.1019 (Francesco Bertazzi et al.)

Full-band electronic structure calculation of semiconductor
nanostructures: a reduced-order approach

Francesco Bertazzi, Xiangyu Zhou, Michele Goano, Enrico Bellotti, Giovanni Ghione

1304.1024 (Steven C. Erwin et al.)

Silicon spin chains at finite temperature: dynamics of Si(553)-Au    [PDF]

Steven C. Erwin, P. C. Snijders

1304.1051 (Y. Apertet et al.)

Reply to the Comment on "Optimal working conditions for thermoelectric
generators with realistic thermal coupling" by S. Su et al

Y. Apertet, H. Ouerdane, O. Glavatskaya, C. Goupil, P. Lecoeur