Wednesday, June 12, 2013

1008.1896 (M. Huijben et al.)

Defect engineering in oxide heterostructures by enhanced oxygen surface

M. Huijben, G. Koster, M. K. Kruize, S. Wenderich, J. Verbeeck, S. Bals, E. Slooten, B. Shi, H. J. A. Molegraaf, J. E. Kleibeuker, S. van Aert, J. B. Goedkoop, A. Brinkman, D. H. A. Blank, M. S. Golden, G. van Tendeloo, H. Hilgenkamp, G. Rijnders

1306.2395 (Hong Fang et al.)

Pressure-induced softening as a common feature of framework structures
that have negative thermal expansion

Hong Fang, Martin T. Dove

1306.2431 (Jean-Michel André et al.)

Oscillating dipole model for the X-ray standing wave enhanced
fluorescence in periodic multilayers

Jean-Michel André, Karine Le Guen, Philippe Jonnard

1306.2468 (C. A. Perroni et al.)

Single-parameter adiabatic charge pumping in carbon nanotube resonators    [PDF]

C. A. Perroni, A. Nocera, V. Cataudella

1306.2559 (Lewin Boehnke et al.)

Getting back to Na_xCoO_2: spectral and thermoelectric properties    [PDF]

Lewin Boehnke, Frank Lechermann

1306.2567 (Kaliappan Muthukumar et al.)

Dynamics of Adsorbed Organometallic EBID Precursors on SiO2 Surfaces    [PDF]

Kaliappan Muthukumar, Roser Valenti, Harald O. Jeschke

1306.2627 (Luis Basurto et al.)

Electronic structure and charge transfer excited states of a
multichromophoric antenna

Luis Basurto, Rajendra R. Zope, Tunna Baruah