Thursday, May 31, 2012

1109.1656 (Danilo Sergi et al.)

Random packing of small blocks: pressure effects, orientational
correlations and application to polymer-based composites

Danilo Sergi, Claudio D'Angelo, Giulio Scocchi, Alberto Ortona

1205.6539 (J. Song et al.)

Effects of Nanoparticle Geometry and Size Distribution on Diffusion
Impedance of Battery Electrodes

J. Song, M. Z. Bazant

1205.6541 (Motohiko Ezawa)

Topological Phase Transition and Electrically Tunable Diamagnetism in

Motohiko Ezawa

1205.6571 (Peter J. Lu et al.)

Robust and economical multi-sample, multi-wavelength UV/vis absorption
and fluorescence detector for biological and chemical contamination

Peter J. Lu, Melanie M. Hoehl, James B. Macarthur, Peter A. Sims, Hongshen Ma, Alexander H. Slocum

1205.6575 (Zhufeng Hou et al.)

Electronic Structures of N-doped Graphene with Native Point Defects    [PDF]

Zhufeng Hou, Xianlong Wang, Takashi Ikeda, Kiyoyuki Terakura, Masaharu Oshima, Masa-aki Kakimoto

1205.6582 (Yasuhiro Senda et al.)

Fast convergence to equilibrium for long-chain polymer melts using a
MD/continuum hybrid method

Yasuhiro Senda, Miyuki Fujio, Shuji Shimamura, Janne Blomqvist, Risto M Nieminen

1205.6591 (Gunther Lippert et al.)

Molecular beam growth of graphene on mica    [PDF]

Gunther Lippert, Jarek Dabrowski, Yuji Yamamoto, Felix Herziger, Janina Maultzsch, Max C. Lemme, Wolfgang Mehr, Grzegorz Lupina

1205.6630 (Philippe Lambin et al.)

Long-range interactions between substitutional nitrogen dopants in
graphene: electronic properties calculations

Philippe Lambin, Hakim Amara, François Ducastelle, Luc Henrard

1205.6642 (Aapo Varpula et al.)

Diffusion-Emission Theory of Photon Enhanced Thermionic Emission Solar
Energy Harvesters

Aapo Varpula, Mika Prunnila

1205.6646 (R. Bastardis et al.)

Unified decoupling scheme for exchange and anisotropy contributions and
temperature-dependent spectral properties of anisotropic spin systems

R. Bastardis, U. Atxitia, O. Chubykalo-Fesenko, H. Kachkachi

1205.6684 (G. J. Ackland)

Temperature dependence in interatomic potentials and an improved
potential for Ti

G. J. Ackland

1205.6703 (David C. Denkenberger et al.)

Expanded microchannel heat exchanger: design, fabrication and
preliminary experimental test

David C. Denkenberger, Michael J. Brandemuehl, Joshua M. Pearce, John Zhai

1205.6724 (Paweł Kempisty et al.)

On the nature of Surface States Stark Effect at clean GaN(0001) surface    [PDF]

Paweł Kempisty, Stanisław Krukowski

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

1111.4138 (A. S. Bakai et al.)

On chemical bonding of Helium with hcp-Beryllium    [PDF]

A. S. Bakai, A. N. Timoshevskii, B. Z. Yanchitsky

1205.6211 (Ming Gong et al.)

Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya Interaction and Spiral Order in Spin-orbit Coupled
Optical Lattices

Ming Gong, Yinyin Qian, V. W. Scarola, Chuanwei Zhang

1205.6213 (Graeme Walter Milton)

What nonlinear unimode metamaterials can one get with rigid bars and

Graeme Walter Milton

1205.6223 (Miguel Lagos)

Why old tires are still being preferred as dock bumpers in harbours    [PDF]

Miguel Lagos

1205.6230 (Yoshinori Okada et al.)

Visualizing Landau levels of Dirac electrons in a one dimensional

Yoshinori Okada, Wenwen Zhou, Chetan. Dhital, D. Walkup, Ying Ran, Z. Wang, Stephen D. Wilson, V. Madhavan

1205.6241 (Y. Shinohara et al.)

Nonadiabatic generation of coherent phonons    [PDF]

Y. Shinohara, S. A. Sato, K. Yabana, J. -I. Iwata, T. Otobe, G. F. Bertsch

1205.6251 (Hong-Tao Sun et al.)

Ultra-broad near-infrared photoluminescence from crystalline
(K-crypt)2Bi2 containing [Bi2]2- dimers

Hong-Tao Sun, Tetsu Yonezawa, Miriam M. Gillett-Kunnath, Yoshio Sakka, Naoto Shirahata, Minoru Fujii, Slavi C. Sevov

1205.6287 (A. Bussmann-Holder et al.)

Hybrid paramagnon phonon modes at elevated temperatures in EuTiO3    [PDF]

A. Bussmann-Holder, Z. Guguchia, J. Köhler, H. Keller, A. Shengelaya, A. R. Bishop

1205.6296 (Philipp Beck et al.)

Influence of polarizability on metal oxide properties studied by
molecular dynamics simulations

Philipp Beck, Peter Brommer, Johannes Roth, Hans-Rainer Trebin

1205.6299 (Kjetil M. D. Hals et al.)

Interaction between Injection Points during Hydraulic Fracturing    [PDF]

Kjetil M. D. Hals, Inga Berre

1205.6313 (N. F. Hinsche et al.)

Thermoelectric transport in strained Si and Si/Ge heterostructures    [PDF]

N. F. Hinsche, I. Mertig, P. Zahn

1205.6335 (Markus Betzinger et al.)

Precise response functions in all-electron methods: Application to the
optimized-effective-potential approach

Markus Betzinger, Christoph Friedrich, Andreas Görling, Stefan Blügel

1205.6374 (C. J. Ortiz et al.)

Ab initio study of helium and hydrogen interactions in $α$-Fe    [PDF]

C. J. Ortiz, R. Vila, J. M. Pruneda

1205.6377 (Kevin C. Lukas et al.)

Transport Properties of Ni, Co, Fe, Mn Doped Cu0.01Bi2Te2.7Se0.3 for
Thermoelectric Device Applications

Kevin C. Lukas, Weishu Liu, Zhifeng Ren, Cyril P. Opeil

1205.6404 (Liqin Ke et al.)

Spin excitations in K$_{2}$Fe$_{4+x}$Se$_{5}$: linear response approach    [PDF]

Liqin Ke, Mark van Schilfgaarde, Vladimir Antropov

1205.6418 (G. Amato et al.)

Comment on "Compositional and Microchemical Evidence of Piezonuclear
Fission Reactions in Rock Specimens Subjected to Compression Tests" [Strain
47 (Suppl. 2), 282 (2011)]

G. Amato, G. Bertotti, O. Bottauscio, G. Crotti, F. Fiorillo, G. Mana, M. L. Rastello, P. Tavella, F. Vinai

1205.6441 (Ping Chen et al.)

Study of the Sorption Properties of Ge20Se80 Thin Films for NO2 Gas

Ping Chen, Maria Mitkova, Dmitri A. Tenne, Kasandra Wolf, Velichka Georgieva, Lazar Vergov

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

1010.5436 (Oscar D. Restrepo et al.)

Full first-principles theory of spin relaxation in group-IV materials    [PDF]

Oscar D. Restrepo, Wolfgang Windl

1109.0479 (Habib Ammari et al.)

Spectral theory of a Neumann-Poincare-type operator and analysis of
cloaking due to anomalous localized resonance

Habib Ammari, Giulio Ciraolo, Hyeonbae Kang, Hyundae Lee, Graeme W. Milton

1205.5830 (Sanjeev K. Nayak et al.)

Anisotropic ferromagnetism in carbon doped zinc oxide from
first-principles studies

Sanjeev K. Nayak, Markus E. Gruner, Sung Sakong, Shreekantha Sil, Peter Kratzer, Surjyo N. Behera, Peter Entel

1205.5832 (Li Zhang et al.)

High Quality Ultrathin Bi2Se3 Films on CaF2 and CaF2/Si by MBE with a RF
Cracker Cell

Li Zhang, Robert Hammond, Merav Dolev, Min Liu, Alexander Palevski, Aharon Kapitulnik

1205.5836 (Denis L. Nika et al.)

Anomalous Size Dependence of the Thermal Conductivity of Graphene

Denis L. Nika, Artur S. Askerov, Alexander A. Balandin

1205.5881 (B. Joseph et al.)

Vibrational spectrum of solid picene (C_22H_14)    [PDF]

B. Joseph, L. Boeri, L. Malavasi, F. Capitani, G. A. Artioli, S. Protti, M. Fagnoni, A. Albini, C. Marini, L. Baldassarre, A. Perucchi, S. Lupi, P. Postorino, P. Dore

1205.5916 (Kacem Smaali et al.)

Conductance statistics from a large array of sub-10 nm molecular

Kacem Smaali, Nicolas Clement, Gilles Patriarche, Dominique Vuillaume

1205.5931 (O. P. Isikaku-Ironkwe)

Beryllium Silicide Clusters, BenSin, Be2nSin (n = 1 - 4) and possible
MgB2-like Superconductivity in some of them

O. P. Isikaku-Ironkwe

1205.5933 (Fa Wang et al.)

The Topological Relation Between Bulk Gap Nodes and Surface Bound States
: Application to Iron-based Superconductors

Fa Wang, Dung-Hai Lee

1205.5956 (H. Tong et al.)

Electron spin relaxation in GaAs$_{1-x}$Bi$_x$: Effects of spin-orbit
tuning by Bi incorporation

H. Tong, X. Marie, M. W. Wu

1205.5976 (Lars Wolff et al.)

A minimal model for the inelastic mechanics of biopolymer networks and

Lars Wolff, Klaus Kroy

1205.5992 (Jun Zhao et al.)

Antiferromagnetic Semiconducting Parent Compound of the High Temperature
Superconductor K$_x$Fe$_{2-y}$Se$_2$

Jun Zhao, Huibo Cao, E. Bourret-Courchesne, D. -H. Lee, R. J. Birgeneau

1205.6039 (J. K. Dash et al.)

Shape evolution of MBE grown Si$_{1-x}$Ge$_{x}$ structures on high index
Si(5 5 12) surfaces: A temperature dependent study

J. K. Dash, A. Rath, R. R. Juluri, P. V. Satyam

1205.6065 (Haiping Lan et al.)

Role of the dispersion correction in the modeling of molecule-metal
interfaces: Thiophene adsorbed on Cu(100), Cu(110) and Cu(111)

Haiping Lan, Wei Ji

1205.6070 (V. Chikkadi et al.)

Shear-induced anisotropic decay of correlations in hard-sphere colloidal

V. Chikkadi, S. Mandal, B. Nienhuis, D. Raabe, F. Varnik, P. Schall

1205.6092 (Hanyu Liu et al.)

Room-Temperature Structures of Solid Hydrogen at High Pressures    [PDF]

Hanyu Liu, Li Zhu, Wenwen Cui, Yanming Ma

1205.6159 (Liqin Ke et al.)

Doping-induced metallicity and coexistence of magnetic subsystems in

Liqin Ke, Mark van Schilfgaarde, Vladimir Antropov

1205.6196 (Nguyen Huu Dung et al.)

Magneto-elastic coupling and magnetocaloric effect in hexagonal
Mn-Fe-P-Si compounds

Nguyen Huu Dung, Lian Zhang, Zhi Qiang Ou, Ekkes Brück

Monday, May 28, 2012

1112.4077 (Maxim Trushin)

Thermally activated conductivity in gapped bilayer graphene    [PDF]

Maxim Trushin

1205.5554 (Dohun Kim et al.)

Intrinsic Electron-Phonon Resistivity in Bi2Se3 in the Topological

Dohun Kim, Qiuzi Li, Paul Syers, Nicholas P. Butch, Johnpierre Paglione, S. Das Sarma, Michael S. Fuhrer

1205.5588 (V. Yu. Kapitan et al.)

High Performance Calculation of Magnetic Properties and Simulation of
Nonequilibrium Phenomena in nanofilms

V. Yu. Kapitan, K. V. Nefedev

1205.5592 (I. R. Fisher et al.)

Principles of crystal growth of intermetallic and oxide compounds from
molten solutions

I. R. Fisher, M. C. Shapiro, J. G. Analytis

1205.5640 (Alexander Kvasov et al.)

Positive effective Q12 electrostrictive coefficient in perovskites    [PDF]

Alexander Kvasov, Alexander K. Tagantsev

1205.5645 (A. Convertino et al.)

Effect of metal clusters on the swelling of gold-fluorocarbon-polymer
composite films

A. Convertino, A. Valentini, A. Bassi, N. Cioffi, L. Torsi, E. N. M. Cirillo

1205.5659 (Y. Kubo et al.)

Electron spin resonance detected by a superconducting qubit    [PDF]

Y. Kubo, I. Diniz, C. Grezes, T. Umeda, J. Isoya, H. Sumiya, T. Yamamoto, H. Abe, S. Onoda, T. Ohshima, V. Jacques, A. Dréau, J. -F. Roch, A. Auffeves, D. Vion, D. Esteve, P. Bertet

1205.5692 (Jitender Kumar et al.)

Fractional Power-Law Spectral Response of CaCu3Ti4O12 Dielectric:
Many-Body Effects

Jitender Kumar, A. M. Awasthi

1205.5711 (D. V. Kolesnikov et al.)

Low-temperature thermal conductivity in polycrystalline graphene    [PDF]

D. V. Kolesnikov, V. A. Osipov

1205.5738 (Andreas Alpers et al.)

Geometric reconstruction methods for electron tomography    [PDF]

Andreas Alpers, Richard J. Gardner, Stefan König, Robert S. Pennington, Chris B. Boothroyd, Lothar Houben, Rafal E. Dunin-Borkowski, Kees Joost Batenburg

Friday, May 25, 2012

1104.0773 (Paolo Raiteri et al.)

Reactive Force Field for Proton Diffusion in BaZrO3 using an empirical
valence bond approach

Paolo Raiteri, Julian D. Gale, Giovanni Bussi

1110.1844 (Matteo Mitrano et al.)

Anisotropic compression in the high pressure regime of pure and Cr-doped
vanadium dioxide

Matteo Mitrano, Beatrice Maroni, Carlo Marini, Michael Hanfland, Boby Joseph, Paolo Postorino, Lorenzo Malavasi

1205.5318 (L. Zhao et al.)

CuBr2-A New Multiferroic Material with High Critical Temperature    [PDF]

L. Zhao, T. L. Hung, C. C. Li, Y. Y. Chen, M. K. Wu, R. K. Kremer, M. G. Banks, A. Simon, M. H. Whangbo, C. Lee, J. S. Kim, I. Kim, K. H. Kim

1205.5335 (Siva P. V. Nadimpalli et al.)

Quantifying Capacity Loss due to Solid-Electrolyte-Interphase Layer
Formation on Silicon Negative Electrodes in Lithium-ion Batteries

Siva P. V. Nadimpalli, Vijay A. Sethuraman, Swapnil Dalavi, Brett Lucht, Michael J. Chon, Vivek B. Shenoy, Pradeep R. Guduru

1205.5374 (J. Köhler et al.)

Structural instability of EuTiO3 from X-ray powder diffraction    [PDF]

J. Köhler, R. Dinnebier, A. Bussmann-Holder

1205.5377 (Annette Bussmann-Holder)

The polarizability model for ferroelectricity in perovskite oxides    [PDF]

Annette Bussmann-Holder

1205.5382 (Gabino Rubio-Bollinger et al.)

Carbon-fiber tips for scanning probe microscopes and molecular
electronics experiments

Gabino Rubio-Bollinger, Andres Castellanos-Gomez, Stefan Bilan, Linda A. Zotti, Carlos R. Arroyo, Nicolás Agraït, Juan Carlos Cuevas

1205.5400 (Sebastian Matera et al.)

When atomic-scale resolution is not enough: Spatial effects in in situ
model catalyst studies

Sebastian Matera, Karsten Reuter

1205.5410 (J. Cieslak et al.)

Formation energy in σ-phase Fe-V alloys    [PDF]

J. Cieslak, J. Tobola, S. M. Dubiel

1205.5413 (J. Cieslak et al.)

Structural and hyperfine characterization of σ-phase Fe-Mo alloys    [PDF]

J. Cieslak, S. M. Dubiel, J. Przewoznik, J. Tobola

1205.5422 (Sandra Kauffmann-Weiss et al.)

Enhancing magnetocrystalline anisotropy of the Fe70Pd30 magnetic shape
memory alloy by adding Cu

Sandra Kauffmann-Weiss, Sven Hamann, Markus Ernst Gruner, Ludwig Schultz, Alfred Ludwig, Sebastian Fähler

1205.5526 (Andrew T. Mulder et al.)

Interplay of octahedral rotations, antipolar distortions, and cation
ordering in perovskite hybrid improper ferroelectrics

Andrew T. Mulder, Nicole A. Benedek, James M. Rondinelli, Craig J. Fennie

1205.5530 (Andrii Iurov et al.)

Photon dressed electronic states in topological insulators: Tunneling
and conductance

Andrii Iurov, Godfrey Gumbs, Oleksiy Roslyak, Danhong Huang

1205.5532 (Fan Zhang et al.)

Competing Ordered States in Bilayer Graphene    [PDF]

Fan Zhang, Hongki Min, A. H. MacDonald

Thursday, May 24, 2012

1010.6246 (Vadim A. Markel et al.)

Homogenization of Maxwell's equations in periodic composites    [PDF]

Vadim A. Markel, John C. Schotland

1011.3033 (K. G. S. H. Gunawardana et al.)

Tunable Thermal Transport and Thermal Rectification in Strained Graphene

K. G. S. H. Gunawardana, Kieran Mullen, Jiuning Hu, Yong P. Chen, Xiulin Ruan

1112.4367 (Sebastian Wuestner et al.)

Control and Dynamic Competition of Bright and Dark Lasing States in
Active Nanoplasmonic Metamaterials

Sebastian Wuestner, Joachim M. Hamm, Andreas Pusch, Fabian Renn, Kosmas L. Tsakmakidis, Ortwin Hess

1205.5069 (Jinsheng Wen et al.)

Magnetic order tuned by Cu substitution in Fe1.1-zCuzTe    [PDF]

Jinsheng Wen, Zhijun Xu, Guangyong Xu, M. D. Lumsden, P. N. Valdivia, E. Bourret-Courchesne, Genda Gu, Dung-Hai Lee, J. M. Tranquada, R. J. Birgeneau

1205.5100 (I. Živković et al.)

Two-step transition in a magnetoelectric ferrimagnet Cu2OSeO3    [PDF]

I. Živković, D. Pajić, T. Ivek, H. Berger

1205.5152 (G. P. Zhang)

Double Exchange Model in Triangular Lattice Studied by Truncated
Polynomial Expansion Method

G. P. Zhang

1205.5155 (Markus Lazar)

The elastodynamic Liénard-Wiechert potentials and elastic fields of
non-uniformly moving point and line forces

Markus Lazar

1205.5159 (Nathalie Brun et al.)

Spectral mixture analysis of EELS spectrum-images    [PDF]

Nathalie Brun, Nicolas Dobigeon

1205.5187 (S. M. Dubiel et al.)

Effect of He-ion irradiation on Fe-Cr alloys: Mössbauer - effect study    [PDF]

S. M. Dubiel, J. Cieslak, H. Reuther

1205.5193 (M. A. de Vries et al.)

Hall effect characterization of electronic transition behind the
metamagnetic transition in FeRh

M. A. de Vries, M. L. Loving, A. P. Mihai, L. H. Lewis, D. Heiman, C. H. Marrows

1205.5220 (Andrey Enyashin et al.)

Density-functional study of LixMoS2 intercalates (0<=x<=1)    [PDF]

Andrey Enyashin, Gotthard Seifert

1205.5229 (R. Villarreal et al.)

Magnetic Phase Diagram of CuO    [PDF]

R. Villarreal, G. Quirion, M. L. Plumer, M. Poirier, T. Usui, T. Kimura

1205.5253 (Johannes Zimmer et al.)

Ion beam synthesis of nanothermochromic diffraction gratings with giant
switching contrast at telecom wavelengths

Johannes Zimmer, Achim Wixforth, Helmut Karl, Hubert J. Krenner

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

0807.3531 (Yong Zeng et al.)

Classical theory of second-harmonic generation from magnetic

Yong Zeng, Walter Hoyer, Jinjie Liu, Stephan W. Koch, Jerome V. Moloney

1111.4667 (Georgios D. Barmparis et al.)

First-principles atomistic Wulff constructions for gold nanoparticles    [PDF]

Georgios D. Barmparis, Ioannis N. Remediakis

1205.4731 (Doron L. Bergman)

Realization of a vortex in the Kekule texture of Graphene, at a Y
junction where 3 domains meet

Doron L. Bergman

1205.4819 (Friedrich Roth et al.)

Momentum dependence of the excitons in pentacene    [PDF]

Friedrich Roth, Roman Schuster, Andreas König, Martin Knupfer, Helmuth Berger

1205.4823 (Junxia Wang et al.)

Ultraviolet dielectric hyperlens with layered graphene and boron nitride    [PDF]

Junxia Wang, Yang Xu Hongsheng Chen, Baile Zhang

1205.4824 (O. Proselkov et al.)

Thickness dependence of magnetic properties of (Ga,Mn)As    [PDF]

O. Proselkov, D. Sztenkiel, W. Stefanowicz, M. Aleszkiewicz, J. Sadowski, T. Dietl, M. Sawicki

1205.4848 (Gabriele Sclauzero et al.)

Carbon rehybridization at the graphene/SiC(0001) interface: Effect on
stability and atomic-scale corrugation

Gabriele Sclauzero, Alfredo Pasquarello

1205.4867 (N. M. R. Peres et al.)

Light scattering by a medium with a spatially modulated optical
conductivity: the case of graphene

N. M. R. Peres, A. Ferreira, Yu. V. Bludov, M. I. Vasilevskiy

1205.4907 (M. Manzardo et al.)

Infrared phonon activity in pristine graphite    [PDF]

M. Manzardo, E. Cappelluti, E. van Heumen, A. B. Kuzmenko

1205.4920 (G. E. Johnstone et al.)

The Magnetic Structure of DyMn2O5 Determined by Resonant X-ray

G. E. Johnstone, R. A. Ewings, R. D. Johnson, C. Mazzoli, H. C. Walker, A. T. Boothroyd

1205.4925 (R. H. Poolman et al.)

Ultrasonic control of terahertz radiation via lattice anharmonicity in

R. H. Poolman, E. A. Muljarov, A. L. Ivanov

1205.4993 (Martin Magnuson et al.)

The electronic-structure origin of the anisotropic thermopower of
nanolaminated Ti3SiC2 determined by polarized x-ray spectroscopy and Seebeck

Martin Magnuson, Maurizio Mattesini, Ngo Van Nong, Per Eklund, Lars Hultman

1205.4999 (Jonathan E. Moussa et al.)

Analysis of the Heyd-Scuseria-Ernzerhof density functional parameter

Jonathan E. Moussa, Peter A. Schultz, James R. Chelikowsky

1205.5018 (M. Schütt et al.)

Coulomb drag in graphene near the Dirac point    [PDF]

M. Schütt, P. M. Ostrovsky, M. Titov, I. V. Gornyi, B. N. Narozhny, A. D. Mirlin

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

1205.4257 (M. Núñez Valdez et al.)

Thermoelastic Properties of Olivine and Wadsleyite
[Fe_x,Mg_(1-x)]_2SiO_4: Their Relationship to the 410 km Seismic

M. Núñez Valdez, Z. Wu, Y. G. Yu, R. M. Wentzcovitch

1205.4258 (J. J. Lee et al.)

Intrinsic Ultrathin Topological Insulators Grown via MBE Characterized
by in-situ Angle Resolved Photoemission Spectroscopy

J. J. Lee, F. T. Schmitt, R. G. Moore, I. M. Vishik, Y. Ma, Z. X. Shen

1205.4264 (M. Núñez Valdez et al.)

Thermoelastic Properties of Ringwoodite [Fe_x,Mg_(1-x)]_2SiO_4: Its
Relationship to the 520 km Seismic Discontinuity

M. Núñez Valdez, Z. Wu, Y. G. Yu, J. Revenaugh, R. M. Wentzcovitch

1205.4333 (Tingyi Gu et al.)

Regenerative oscillation and four-wave mixing in graphene

Tingyi Gu, Nick Petrone, Xiaodong Yang, James F. McMillian, Arend van der Zander, Min-bing Yu, Guo-Qiang Lo, Dim-Lee Kwong, James Hone, Chee-Wei Wong

1205.4478 (I. V. Solovyev et al.)

Magnetic structure of hexagonal YMnO3 and LuMnO3 from a microscopic
point of view

I. V. Solovyev, M. V. Valentyuk, V. V. Mazurenko

1205.4612 (C. Sabater et al.)

Mechanical annealing of metallic electrodes at the atomic scale    [PDF]

C. Sabater, C. Untiedt, J. J. Palacios, M. J. Caturla

1205.4634 (T. Gao et al.)

Polariton Condensate Transistor Switch    [PDF]

T. Gao, P. S. Eldridge, T. C. H. Liew, S. I. Tsintzos, G. Stavrinidis, G. Deligeorgis, Z. Hatzopoulos, P. G. Savvidis

Monday, May 21, 2012

1201.0579 (Z. Q. Liu et al.)

Reversible Room Temperature Ferromagnetism in Nb-doped SrTiO3 Single

Z. Q. Liu, W. M. Lü, J. B. Yi, M. Yang, S. Dhar, T. Venkatesan, Ariando

1205.4040 (Patrycja Paruch et al.)

Thermal quench effects on ferroelectric domain walls    [PDF]

Patrycja Paruch, Alejandro B. Kolton, Xia Hong, Charles H. Ahn, Thierry Giamarchi

1205.4045 (S. V. Baryshev et al.)

Measuring roughness of buried interfaces by sputter depth profiling    [PDF]

S. V. Baryshev, J. A. Klug, A. V. Zinovev, C. E. Tripa, J. W. Elam, I. V. Veryovkin

1205.4051 (O. P. Isikaku-Ironkwe)

Is Lithium Sulfide a MgB2-like Superconductor?    [PDF]

O. P. Isikaku-Ironkwe

1205.4065 (T. Tachikawa et al.)

Metal-to-insulator transition in anatase TiO2 thin films induced by
growth rate modulation

T. Tachikawa, M. Minohara, Y. Nakanishi, Y. Hikita, M. Yoshita, H. Akiyama, C. Bell, H. Y. Hwang

1205.4099 (Tapan Chatterji et al.)

Magnetic ordering in double perovskites R$_2$CoMnO$_6$ (R= Y,Tb)
investigated by high resolution neutron spectroscopy

Tapan Chatterji, Bernhard Frick, Harikrishnan S. Nair

1205.4106 (Chi-Cheng Lee et al.)

Propagation of tightly bound excitons: a simple first-principles method
of exciton kinetics

Chi-Cheng Lee, Xiaoqian M. Chen, Chen-Lin Yeh, H. C. Hsueh, Peter Abbamonte, Wei Ku

1205.4132 (Trygve Mongstad et al.)

Surface oxide on thin films of yttrium hydride studied by neutron

Trygve Mongstad, Charlotte Platzer-Björkman, Jan Petter Mæhlen, Bjørn C. Hauback, Smagul Zh. Karazhanov, Fabrice Cousin

1205.4149 (B. Nagy et al.)

Controlling exchange coupling strength in NixCu100-x thin films    [PDF]

B. Nagy, Yu. N. Khaydukov, L. F. Kiss, Sz. Sajti, D. G. Merkel, F. Tanczikó, A. S. Vasenko, R. O. Tsaregorodsev, A. Rühm, T. Keller, L. Bottyán

1205.4167 (Kaliappan Muthukumar et al.)

Spontaneous Dissociation of Co2(CO)8 and Autocatalytic growth of Co on
SiO2 : A Combined Experimental and Theoretical Investigation

Kaliappan Muthukumar, Harald O. Jeschke, Roser Valentí, Evgeniya Begun, Johannes Schwenk, Fabrizio Porrati, Michael Huth

1205.4175 (Alexandre Sorokin et al.)

Electronic charge redistribution in LaAlO$_3$(001) thin films deposited
at SrTiO$_3$(001) substrate: First principles analysis and the role of

Alexandre Sorokin, Dmitry Bocharov, Sergei Piskunov, Vyacheslavs Kashcheyevs

1205.4180 (I. A. dos Santos et al.)

Experimental evaluation and thermodynamic assessment of the LiF-LuF3
phase diagram

I. A. dos Santos, D. Klimm, S. L. Baldochi, I. M. Ranieri

1205.4195 (Wei Xiong et al.)

An Effective Method to Estimate Composition Amplitude of Spinodal
Decomposition for Atom Probe Tomography Validated by Phase Field Simulations

Wei Xiong, John Ågren, Jing Zhou

1205.4227 (M. Núñez Valdez et al.)

Elasticity of Diamond at High Pressures and Temperatures    [PDF]

M. Núñez Valdez, K. Umemoto, R. M. Wentzcovitch

Friday, May 18, 2012

1201.3219 (Michal Ciesla et al.)

RSA Study of Dimers    [PDF]

Michal Ciesla, Jakub Barbasz

1205.3794 (Adi Blumberg et al.)

Interlayer Registry Determines the Sliding Potential of Layered Metal
Dichalcogenides: The case of 2H-MoS2

Adi Blumberg, Uri Keshet, Inbal Zaltsman, Oded Hod

1205.3872 (A. K. Bera et al.)

Effect of electron doping on the magnetic correlations in the bilayered
brownmillerite compound Ca_{2.5-x}La_{x}Sr_{0.5}GaMn_{2}O_{8}: a neutron
diffraction study

A. K. Bera, S. M. Yusuf, I. Mirebeau

1205.3894 (Itamar Kolvin et al.)

A simple nonlinear equation for structural relaxation in glasses    [PDF]

Itamar Kolvin, Eran Bouchbinder

1205.3897 (Michal Ciesla1 et al.)

Random Sequential Adsorption on Fractals    [PDF]

Michal Ciesla1, Jakub Barbasz

1205.3923 (Daniel Gunlycke et al.)

Valley and spin polarization from graphene line defect scattering    [PDF]

Daniel Gunlycke, Carter T. White

1205.3936 (Jian-Min Zhang et al.)

Tailoring Magnetic Doping in the Topological Insulator Bi$_{2}$Se$_{3}$    [PDF]

Jian-Min Zhang, Wenguang Zhu, Ying Zhang, Di Xiao, Yugui Yao

1205.3939 (Pekka Koskinen)

Graphene nanoribbons subject to gentle bends    [PDF]

Pekka Koskinen

1205.3946 (Seyed Farhad Masoudi et al.)

One directional Polarized Neutron Reflectometry with optimized reference
layer method

Seyed Farhad Masoudi, Saeed S. Jahromi

1205.3947 (B. Saparov et al.)

Properties of Binary Transition-Metal Arsenides (TAs)    [PDF]

B. Saparov, J. E. Mitchell, A. S. Sefat

1205.3965 (Sudeshna Sen et al.)

Theoretical investigations of resonant transmission using exact results    [PDF]

Sudeshna Sen, N. S. Vidhyadhiraja

1205.3985 (Victor Manuel García-Chocano et al.)

Optimum control of broadband noise by barriers based on sonic crystals    [PDF]

Victor Manuel García-Chocano, José Sánchez-Dehesa

1205.4001 (Zhicheng Zhong et al.)

Microscopic understanding of the orbital splitting and its tuning at
oxide interfaces

Zhicheng Zhong, Philipp Wissgott, Karsten Held, Giorgio Sangiovanni

Thursday, May 17, 2012

0907.3699 (Joao T. Costa et al.)

Finite-difference frequency-domain method for the extraction of
effective parameters of metamaterials

Joao T. Costa, Mario G. Silveirinha, Stanislav I. Maslovski

1205.3551 (Venkata Srinu Bhadram et al.)

Correlation between Spin-Phonon Coupling and Ferroelectricity in
RCrO$_3$ (R=Y, Gd, Sm): A Raman Study

Venkata Srinu Bhadram, B. Rajeswaran, A. Sundaresan, Chandrabhas Narayana

1205.3633 (Michael Baake et al.)

Mathematical diffraction of aperiodic structures    [PDF]

Michael Baake, Uwe Grimm

1205.3653 (B. Andrzejewski et al.)

Magnetic properties of BiFeO3 micro-cubes synthesized by microwave

B. Andrzejewski, K. Chybczynska, K. Pogorzelec-Glaser, B. Hilczer, B. Leska, R. Pankiewicz, P. Cieluch

1205.3666 (Matthias Althammer et al.)

Spin injection and spin transport in zinc oxide    [PDF]

Matthias Althammer, Eva-Maria Karrer-Müller, Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein, Matthias Opel, Rudolf Gross

1205.3702 (Andres Castellanos-Gomez et al.)

Reversible hydrogenation and band gap opening of graphene and graphite
surfaces probed by scanning tunneling spectroscopy

Andres Castellanos-Gomez, Magdalena Wojtaszek, Arramel, Nikolaos Tombros, Bart J. van Wees

1205.3711 (Andres Castellanos-Gomez et al.)

Mechanical properties of freely suspended semiconducting graphene-like
layers based on MoS2

Andres Castellanos-Gomez, Menno Poot, Gary A. Steele, Herre S. J. van der Zant, Nicolás Agraït, Gabino Rubio-Bollinger

1205.3722 (Adolfo G. Grushin)

Consequences of a condensed matter realization of Lorentz violating QED
in Weyl semi-metals

Adolfo G. Grushin

1205.3725 (A. Casiraghi et al.)

Piezoelectric strain induced variation of the magnetic anisotropy in a
high Curie temperature (Ga,Mn)As sample

A. Casiraghi, A. W. Rushforth, J. Zemen, J. A. Haigh, M. Wang, K. W. Edmonds, R. P. Campion, B. L. Gallagher

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

1106.0881 (Wei-Guo Yin et al.)

Novel Insulating Magnetism in Vacancy-Ordered K2Fe4Se5    [PDF]

Wei-Guo Yin, Chia-Hui Lin, Wei Ku

1202.2930 (Babak Fallahazad et al.)

Quantum Hall Effect in Bernal Stacked and Twisted Bilayer Graphene Grown
on Cu by Chemical Vapor Deposition

Babak Fallahazad, Yufeng Hao, Kayoung Lee, Seyoung Kim, R. S. Ruoff, E. Tutuc

1205.3425 (J. Klepp et al.)

Three-port beam splitter for slow neutrons using holographic
nanoparticle-polymer composite diffraction gratings

J. Klepp, Y. Tomita, C. Pruner, J. Kohlbrecher, M. Fally

1205.3194 (M. Kindermann et al.)

Zero Energy Modes and Gate-Tunable Gap in Graphene on hexagonal Boron

M. Kindermann, Bruno Uchoa, D. L. Miller

1205.3242 (N. V. Baranov et al.)

Field-induced high coercive ferromagnetic state and magnetoresistance in
the antiferromagnetically ordered compound Fe0.5TiS2

N. V. Baranov, E. M. Sherokalova, A. S. Volegov, A. V. Proshkin, N. V. Selezneva, E. P. Proskurina

1205.3281 (Yi S. Ding et al.)

Modulational instability of magnetoelastic metamaterials    [PDF]

Yi S. Ding, Ruo-Peng Wang

1205.3282 (Andrea Ferretti et al.)

Ab initio complex band structure of conjugated polymers: Effects of
hydrid DFT and GW schemes

Andrea Ferretti, Giuseppe Mallia, Layla Martin-Samos, Giovanni Bussi, Alice Ruini, Barbara Montanari, Nicholas M. Harrison

1205.3334 (J. Kreisel et al.)

Probing individual layers in functional oxide multilayers by
wavelength-dependent Raman scattering

J. Kreisel, M. Weber, N. Dix, F. Sánchez, P. A. Thomas, J. Fontcuberta

1205.3344 (H. Koc et al.)

Elastic, electronic, and optical properties of Sb2S3 and Sb2Se3
compounds: ab initio calculation

H. Koc, Amirullah M. Mamedov, E. Deligoz, H. Ozisik

1205.3359 (P. Gondoni et al.)

Structure-dependent optical and electrical transport properties of
nanostructured Al-doped ZnO

P. Gondoni, M. Ghidelli, F. Di Fonzo, M. Carminati, V. Russo, A. Li Bassi, C. S. Casari

1205.3413 (Emiliano Cadelano et al.)

The effect of the hydrogen coverage on the Young modulus of graphene    [PDF]

Emiliano Cadelano, Luciano Colombo

1205.3466 (Chris Fietz et al.)

Finite element simulation of microphotonic lasing system    [PDF]

Chris Fietz, Costas Soukoulis

1205.3467 (H. Lin et al.)

An isolated Dirac cone on the surface of ternary tetradymite-like
topological insulators

H. Lin, Tanmoy Das, L. A. Wray, S. -Y. Xu, M. Z. Hasan, A. Bansil

1205.3469 (Hem C. Kandpal et al.)

Highly anisotropic magnetic states of Co dimers bound to

Hem C. Kandpal, Klaus Koepernik, Manuel Richter

1205.3475 (Gerd Kunert et al.)

GaMnN epitaxial films with high magnetization    [PDF]

Gerd Kunert, Sylvia Dobkowska, Tian Li, Helfried Reuther, Carsten Kruse, Stephan Figge, Rafal Jakiela, Alberta Bonanni, Jörg Grenzer, Wiktor Stefanowicz, Maciej Sawicki, Tomasz Dietl, Detlef Hommel

1205.3477 (Hyoungki Park et al.)

Magnetic states and optical properties of single-layer carbon-doped
hexagonal boron nitride

Hyoungki Park, Amita Wadehra, John W. Wilkins, Antonio H. Castro Neto

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

1012.5082 (Babak Sadigh et al.)

A scalable parallel Monte Carlo algorithm for atomistic simulations of
precipitation in alloys

Babak Sadigh, Paul Erhart, Alexander Stukowski, Alfredo Caro, Enrique Martinez, Luis Zepeda-Ruiz

1107.3469 (Warren J. Elder et al.)

Spin-orbit interaction in the k \cdot p theory for cubic crystals    [PDF]

Warren J. Elder, E. S. Tok, Jing Zhang

1111.0473 (Xinzhe Jin et al.)

Tensile Strain Dependence of Critical Current for RHQ-Nb3Al Wires    [PDF]

Xinzhe Jin, Hidetoshi Oguro, Tatsushi Nakamoto, Satoshi Awaji, Toru Ogitsu, Kiyosumi Tsuchiya, Akira Yamamoto, Akihiro Kikuchi, Takao Takeuchi

1112.5411 (Nicola Marzari et al.)

Maximally localized Wannier functions: Theory and applications    [PDF]

Nicola Marzari, Arash A. Mostofi, Jonathan R. Yates, Ivo Souza, David Vanderbilt

1205.2722 (K. Ozdogan et al.)

First-principles computed electronic and magnetic properties of
zincblende alkaline-earth pnictides

K. Ozdogan, I. Galanakis

1205.2744 (Bogdan Ranguelov et al.)

Step Bunching In Conserved Systems: Scaling And Universality    [PDF]

Bogdan Ranguelov, Vesselin Tonchev, Chaouqi Misbah

1205.2745 (Roxane Arruffat Massion et al.)

Modeling of Deformation and Texture Development of Copper in a 120°

Roxane Arruffat Massion, L. S. Toth, Jean-Philippe Mathieu

1205.2764 (M. M. Glazov et al.)

Spin coherence generation and detection in spherical nanocrystals    [PDF]

M. M. Glazov, D. S. Smirnov

1205.2782 (Shengjun Yuan et al.)

Bad Metal State in a Chemically Functionalized Graphene    [PDF]

Shengjun Yuan, T. O. Wehling, A. I. Lichtenstein, M. I. Katsnelson

1205.2818 (F. Liu et al.)

Ultrafast time-resolved Faraday rotation in EuO thin films    [PDF]

F. Liu, T. Makino, T. Yamazaki, K. Ueno, A. Tsukazaki, T. Fukumura, Y. Kong, M. Kawasaki

1205.2820 (A. A. Zyablovsky et al.)

Comment on "Symmetry Breaking and Laser-Absorber Modes in Optical
Scattering Systems"

A. A. Zyablovsky, A. P. Vinogradov, A. V. Dorofeenko, A. A. Pukhov, A. A. Lisyansky

1205.2827 (Mahboobeh Mirzadeh et al.)

First-principles study of bandgap effects in graphene due to hydrogen

Mahboobeh Mirzadeh, Mani Farjam

1205.2831 (Alexei D. Kiselev et al.)

Photoinduced reordering in thin azo-dye films and light-induced
reorientation dynamics of nematic liquid-crystal easy axis

Alexei D. Kiselev, V. G. Chigrinov, S. V. Pasechnik, A. V. Dubtsov

1205.2885 (Ella Gale et al.)

Drop-coated Titanium Dioxide Memristors    [PDF]

Ella Gale, Andrew Adamatzky, Ben de Lacy Costello

1205.2912 (M. S. Miao et al.)

Polarization-driven topological insulator transition in a GaN/InN/GaN
quantum well

M. S. Miao, Q. Yan, C. G. Van de Walle, W. K. Lou, L. L. Li, K. Chang

1205.2924 (Huiwen Ji et al.)

Bi2Te1.6S1.4 - a Topological Insulator in the Tetradymite Family    [PDF]

Huiwen Ji, J. M. Allred, M. K. Fuccillo, M. E. Charles, M. Neupane, L. A. Wray, M. Z. Hasan, R. J. Cava

1205.2965 (Takashi Koretsune et al.)

Magneto-orbital effect without spin-orbit interactions ---
noncentrosymmetric zeolite-templated carbon structure

Takashi Koretsune, Ryotaro Arita, Hideo Aoki

1205.3005 (M. Sakano et al.)

Three-dimensional bulk band dispersion in polar BiTeI with giant
Rashba-type spin splitting

M. Sakano, J. Miyawaki, A. Chainani, Y. Takata, T. Sonobe, T. Shimojima, M. Oura, S. Shin, M. S. Bahramy, R. Arita, N. Nagaosa, H. Murakawa, Y. Kaneko, Y. Tokura, K. Ishizaka

1205.3006 (Phoebus Rosakis et al.)

New Solutions for Slow Moving Kinks in a Forced Frenkel-Kontorova Chain    [PDF]

Phoebus Rosakis, Anna Vainchtein

1205.3042 (Subhasish Chakraborty et al.)

Longitudinal Computer Generated Holograms for Digital Frequency Control
in Electronically Tunable Terahertz Lasers

Subhasish Chakraborty, Owen P. Marshall, Md. Khairuzzaman, Harvey E. Beere, David A. Ritchie

1205.3079 (Y. Murata et al.)

Growth Structure and Work Function of Bilayer Graphene on Pd(111)    [PDF]

Y. Murata, S. Nie, A. Ebnonnasir, E. Starodub, B. B. Kappes, K. F. McCarty, C. V. Ciobanu, S. Kodambaka

1205.3155 (Ajay Kumar et al.)

Thermal stability study of nitrogen functionalities in a graphene

Ajay Kumar, Abhijit Ganguly, Pagona Papakonstantinou

Monday, May 14, 2012

1107.4270 (Rossano Lang et al.)

Highly luminescent a-SiOx/SiO2/Si multilayer structure    [PDF]

Rossano Lang, David S. L. Figueira, Felipe Vallini, Newton C. Frateschi

1112.1596 (K. Ando et al.)

Spin Pumping Driven by Bistable Exchange Spin Waves    [PDF]

K. Ando, E. Saitoh

1205.2383 (S. Boisseau et al.)

New DRIE-Patterned Electrets for Vibration Energy Harvesting    [PDF]

S. Boisseau, A. -B. Duret, J. -J. Chaillout, G. Despesse

1205.2438 (Yaohua Liu et al.)

Effects of carrier mobility and morphology in organic semiconductor spin

Yaohua Liu, Taegweon Lee, Howard E. Katz, Daniel H. Reich

1205.2440 (S. Vranješ-Đurić et al.)

Novel multifunctional 90Y-labelled albumin magnetic microspheres for
cancer therapy

S. Vranješ-Đurić, M. Radović, N. Nikolić, D. Janković, G. F. Goya, T. E. Torres, M. P. Calatayud, I. J. Bruvera, M. R. Ibarra, V. Spasojević, B. Jancar, B. Antić

1205.2477 (Tom W. Hollins et al.)

Optimized Effective Potential Using The Hylleraas Variational Method    [PDF]

Tom W. Hollins, Stewart J. Clark, Keith Refson, Nikitas I. Gidopoulos

1205.2480 (Wolfgang Kappus)

Stability and Dynamic of strain mediated Adatom Superlattices on Cu<111>    [PDF]

Wolfgang Kappus

1205.2556 (Johan Pohl et al.)

Antisite traps and metastable defects in Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin-film solar
cells studied by screened-exchange hybrid density functional theory

Johan Pohl, Thomas Unold, Karsten Albe

1205.2589 (S. Mukherjee et al.)

Bi-quadratic magnetoelectric coupling in underdoped La_2CuO_{4+x}    [PDF]

S. Mukherjee, B. M. Andersen, Z. Viskadourakis, I. Radulov, C. Panagopoulos

Friday, May 11, 2012

1205.2148 (Taro Kanao et al.)

Theory of Defect-Induced Kondo Effect in Graphene: Numerical
Renormalization Group Study

Taro Kanao, Hiroyasu Matsuura, Masao Ogata

1205.2165 (Jonathan E. Moussa et al.)

Theoretical Design of a Shallow Donor in Diamond by Lithium-Nitrogen

Jonathan E. Moussa, Noa Marom, Na Sai, James R. Chelikowsky

1205.2232 (Elena Pashinska et al.)

Electron backscattered diffraction method in the analysis of deformed
steel structures

Elena Pashinska, Victor Varyukhin, Anatoliy Zavdoveev, Valeriy Burkhovetskii, Valentina Glazunova

1205.2264 (Yanchao Wang et al.)

CALYPSO: a method for crystal structure prediction    [PDF]

Yanchao Wang, Jian Lv, Li Zhu, Yanming Ma

1205.2290 (Grégory Geneste et al.)

A strong isotope effect for the structure of phase II in dense solid

Grégory Geneste, Marc Torrent, François Bottin, Paul Loubeyre

1205.2301 (Olga Sichevych et al.)

Physical properties and crystal chemistry of Ce2Ga12Pt    [PDF]

Olga Sichevych, Cornelius Krellner, Yuri Prots, Yuri Grin, Frank Steglich

1205.2313 (C. Anton et al.)

Role of supercurrents on vortices formation in polariton condensates    [PDF]

C. Anton, G. Tosi, M. D. Martin, L. Vina, A. Lemaitre, J. Bloch

Thursday, May 10, 2012

1201.3626 (Martin Hohenadler et al.)

Interaction-range effects for fermions in one dimension    [PDF]

Martin Hohenadler, Stefan Wessel, Maria Daghofer, Fakher F. Assaad

1201.4211 (Surendra Singh et al.)

Images of metallic and insulating domains on the surface of a
(La0.4Pr0.6)0.67Ca0.33MnO3 film

Surendra Singh, M. R. Fitzsimmons, H. Jeen, A. Biswas, M. E. Hawley

1205.1811 (O. Nganba Meetei et al.)

High Tc Ferrimagnetism and Multi-band Mott Transition in Double

O. Nganba Meetei, Onur Erten, Mohit Randeria, Nandini Trivedi, Patrick Woodward

1205.1822 (Kin Fai Mak et al.)

Control of valley polarization in monolayer MoS2 by optical helicity    [PDF]

Kin Fai Mak, Keliang He, Jie Shan, Tony F. Heinz

1205.1826 (E. H. Åhlgren et al.)

Ion irradiation tolerance of graphene as studied by atomistic

E. H. Åhlgren, J. Kotakoski, O. Lehtinen, A. V. Krasheninnikov

1205.1829 (Pengke Li et al.)

Intrinsic Spin Lifetime of Conduction Electrons in Germanium    [PDF]

Pengke Li, Yang Song, Hanan Dery

1205.1842 (K. Brymora et al.)

Ligand effects on the electronic structure and magnetism of magnetite

K. Brymora, F. Calvayrac

1205.1896 (Guillaume Perillat-Merceroz et al.)

Strain relaxation by dislocation glide in ZnO/ZnMgO core-shell nanowires    [PDF]

Guillaume Perillat-Merceroz, Robin Thierry, Pierre-Henri Jouneau, Pierre Ferret, Guy Feuillet

1205.1916 (G. Plechinger et al.)

Raman spectroscopy of the interlayer shear mode in few-layer MoS2 flakes    [PDF]

G. Plechinger, S. Heydrich, J. Eroms, D. Weiss, Schüller, T. Korn

1205.1945 (R Mittal et al.)

Phonons and Colossal Thermal Expansion Behavior of Ag3Co(CN)6 and

R Mittal, M. Zbiri, H. Schober, S. N. Achary, A. K. Tyagi, S. L. Chaplot

1205.1981 (Natalia Pavlenko et al.)

Magnetically ordered state at correlated oxide interfaces: the role of
random oxygen defects

Natalia Pavlenko, Thilo Kopp

1205.1994 (Davide Sangalli et al.)

Pseudo-potentials based first-principles approach to the magneto-optical
Kerr effect: from metals to the inclusion of local fields and excitonic
effects in magnetic semiconductors

Davide Sangalli, Andrea Marini, Alberto Debernardi

1205.2006 (Sergey V. Eremeev et al.)

Ideal two-dimensional electron systems with a giant Rashba-type spin
splitting in real materials: surfaces of bismuth tellurohalides

Sergey V. Eremeev, Ilya A. Nechaev, Yury M. Koroteev, Pedro M. Echenique, Evgueni V. Chulkov

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

1010.4217 (D. J. Gawryluk et al.)

Growth conditions, structure, and superconductivity of pure and
metal-doped FeTe1-xSex single crystals

D. J. Gawryluk, J. Fink-Finowicki, A. Wisniewski, R. Puzniak, V. Domukhovski, R. Diduszko, M. Kozlowski, M. Berkowski

1112.3144 (Di Xiao et al.)

Coupled spin and valley physics in monolayers of MoS2 and other group-VI

Di Xiao, Gui-Bin Liu, Wanxiang Feng, Xiaodong Xu, Wang Yao

1205.1546 (Li Tao et al.)

Uniform wafer-scale synthesis of graphene on evaporated Cu (111) film
with quality comparable to exfoliated monolayer

Li Tao, Milo Holt, Jongho Lee, Harry Chou, Stephen J. McDonnell, Domingo A. Ferrer, Matias Babenco, Robert M. Wallace, Sanjay K. Banerjee, Rodney S. Ruoff, Deji Akinwande

1205.1562 (Liping Liu)

Large-scale Ocean-based or Geothermal Power Plants by Thermoelectric

Liping Liu

1205.1569 (Kesong Yang et al.)

Origin of the different conductive behavior in pentavalent-ion-doped
anatase and rutile TiO$_2$

Kesong Yang, Ying Dai, Baibiao Huang, Yuan Ping Feng

1205.1620 (Giuseppe Castaldi et al.)

Analytical Study of Sub-Wavelength Imaging by Uniaxial Epsilon-Near-Zero
Metamaterial Slabs

Giuseppe Castaldi, Silvio Savoia, Vincenzo Galdi, Andrea Alu', Nader Engheta

1205.1623 (T. Günter et al.)

Incipient ferroelectricity in 2.3% tensile-strained CaMnO3 films    [PDF]

T. Günter, E. Bousquet, A. David, Ph. Boullay, Ph. Ghosez, W. Prellier, M. Fiebig

1205.1629 (Masao Iwamatsu)

Steady-state nucleation rate and flux of composite nucleus at saddle

Masao Iwamatsu

1205.1651 (Sven Friedemann et al.)

Normal and intrinsic anomalous Hall effect in Nb1-yFe2+y    [PDF]

Sven Friedemann, Manuel Brando, William J Duncan, Andreas Neubauer, Christian Pfleiderer, F Malte Grosche

1205.1652 (B. V. Karpenko et al.)

Tight binding approximation and magnetic susceptibility    [PDF]

B. V. Karpenko, A. V. Kuznetsov, A. A. Bogolubova

1205.1700 (Asad Hasan et al.)

Mesoscale harmonic analysis of homogenous dislocation nucleation    [PDF]

Asad Hasan, Craig E. Maloney

1205.1728 (M. Ahsan Zeb et al.)

Electronic stopping power in gold: The role of d electrons and the H/He

M. Ahsan Zeb, J. Kohanoff, D. Sanchez-Portal, A. Arnau, J. I. Juaristi, Emilio Artacho

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

1007.2274 (Guangxi Jin et al.)

Origin of ferroelectricity in high $T_c$ magnetic ferroelectric CuO    [PDF]

Guangxi Jin, Kun Cao, Guang-Can Guo, Lixin He

1112.5581 (Yunseok Kim et al.)

Ionically-mediated electromechanical hysteresis in transition metal

Yunseok Kim, Anna N. Morozovska, Amit Kumar, Stephen Jesse, Eugene A. Eliseev, Fabien Alibart, Dmitri Strukov, Sergei V. Kalinin

1205.1072 (Koushik Biswas et al.)

Energy Transport and Scintillation of Cerium Doped Elpasolite Cs2LiYCl6:
Hybrid Density Functional Calculations

Koushik Biswas, Mao-Hua Du

1205.1073 (Kyle C. Smith et al.)

Models for Metal Hydride Particle Shape, Packing, and Heat Transfer    [PDF]

Kyle C. Smith, Timothy S. Fisher

1205.1077 (Shibing Wang et al.)

Pressure-induced symmetry breaking in tetragonal CsAuI3    [PDF]

Shibing Wang, Shigeto Hirai, Maxwell C. Shapiro, Scott C. Riggs, Theodore H. Geballe, Wendy L. Mao, Ian R. Fisher

1205.1109 (Xiangang Wan et al.)

The mechanism of anisotropic exchange interaction in superconducting
iron arsenides

Xiangang Wan, Jinming Dong, Xi Dai

1205.1122 (Koushik Ray et al.)

An Algebraic Geometry Method for Calculating DOS for 2D tight binding

Koushik Ray, Siddhartha Sen

1205.1295 (Elisa Londero et al.)

Desorption of n-alkanes from graphene: a van der Waals density
functional study

Elisa Londero, Emma K. Karlson, Marcus Landahl, Dimitri Ostrovskii, Jonatan D. Rydberg, Elsebeth Schröder

1205.1303 (J. He et al.)

Structural transitions and transport-half-metallic ferromagnetism in
LaMnO3 at elevated pressure

J. He, M. -X. Chen, X. -Q Chen, C. Franchini

1205.1305 (Z. Q. Liu et al.)

Atomically flat interface between a single-terminated LaAlO3 substrate
and SrTiO3 thin film is insulating

Z. Q. Liu, Z. Huang, W. M. Lü, K. Gopinadhan, X. Wang, A. Annadi, T. Venkatesan, Ariando

1205.1309 (Wei Dou et al.)

Junctionless dual-gate electrostatic modulation of self-aligned oxide
channels by chitosan-based proton conductors

Wei Dou, Qing Wan, Jie Jiang, Liqiang Zhu, Qing Zhang

1205.1313 (Sreemanta Mitra et al.)

Ferromagnetic behavior of ultrathin manganese nanosheets    [PDF]

Sreemanta Mitra, Amrita Mandal, Anindya Datta, Sourish Banerjee, Dipankar Chkaravorty

1205.1337 (Zheng Han et al.)

Suppression of Multilayer Graphene Patches during CVD Graphene growth on

Zheng Han, Amina Kimouche, Adrien Allain, Hadi Arjmandi-Tash, Antoine Reserbat-Plantey, Sébastien Pairis, Valérie Reita, Nedjma Bendiab, Johann Coraux, Vincent Bouchiat

1205.1350 (Sreemanta Mitra et al.)

Magnetodielectric effect in nickel nanosheet-Na-4 mica composites    [PDF]

Sreemanta Mitra, Amrita Mandal, Anindya Datta, Sourish Banerjee, Dipankar Chakravorty

1205.1354 (V. Yu. Povarchuk et al.)

Gamma-irradiation influence on the initial magnetic conductivity of
based on the system Fe-Si-B amorphous and nanocrystalline alloys

V. Yu. Povarchuk, V. K. Nosenko, A. M. Kraitchinskii, V. B. Neimash, M. M. Kras'ko, V. V. Maslov

1205.1392 (Teresa Castan et al.)

Thermodynamics of Ferrotoroidic Materials: Toroidocaloric Effect    [PDF]

Teresa Castan, Antoni Planes, Avadh Saxena

1205.1395 (A. Crepaldi et al.)

Giant ambipolar Rashba effect in a semiconductor: BiTeI    [PDF]

A. Crepaldi, L. Moreschini, G. Autès, C. Tournier-Colletta, S. Moser, N. Virk, H. Berger, Ph. Bugnon, Y. J. Chang, K. Kern, A. Bostwick, E. Rotenberg, O. V. Yazyev, M. Grioni

1205.1436 (M. Gross et al.)

Viscous coalescence of droplets -- a Lattice Boltzmann study    [PDF]

M. Gross, D. Raabe, I. Steinbach, F. Varnik

1205.1452 (Kenneth G. Libbrecht)

On the Equilibrium Shape of an Ice Crystal    [PDF]

Kenneth G. Libbrecht

1205.1486 (P. M. Derlet et al.)

Micro-plasticity and intermittent dislocation activity in a simplified
micro structural model

P. M. Derlet, R. Maaß

Monday, May 7, 2012

1109.5461 (Gintautas Abrasonis et al.)

Instability types at ion-assisted alloy deposition: from two-dimensional
to three-dimensional nanopattern growth

Gintautas Abrasonis, Klaus Morawetz

1111.3414 (Guangxi Jin et al.)

Origin of ferroelectricity in high-$T_c$ magnetic ferroelectric CuO    [PDF]

Guangxi Jin, Kun Cao, Guang-Can Guo, Lixin He

1205.0928 (Vassiliki Katsika-Tsigourakou)

Estimation of the effects of Y and Zn atoms on the elastic properties of
Mg solid solution

Vassiliki Katsika-Tsigourakou

1205.0833 (David L. Miller et al.)

Epitaxial (111) Films of Cu, Ni, and Cu$_xNi$_y$ on
α-Al$_2$O$_3$(0001) for Graphene Growth by Chemical Vapor Deposition

David L. Miller, Mark W. Keller, Justin M. Shaw, Ann N. Chiaramonti, Robert R. Keller

1205.0838 (Quentin M. Ramasse et al.)

Direct Experimental Evidence of Metal-Mediated Etching of Suspended

Quentin M. Ramasse, Recep Zan, Ursel Bangert, Danil W. Boukhvalov, Young-Woo Son, Konstantin S. Novoselov

1205.0886 (Xueqin Huang et al.)

Three dimensional Dirac point at k=0 in photonic and phononic systems    [PDF]

Xueqin Huang, Fengming Liu, C. T. Chan

1205.0887 (S. Meyer et al.)

Structural Examination of Au/Ge(001) by Surface X-Ray Diffraction and
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy

S. Meyer, T. Umbach, C. Blumenstein, J. Schäfer, R. Claessen, S. Sauer, S. J. Leake, P. R. Willmott, M. Fiedler, F. Bechstedt

1205.0892 (Juan Francisco González Martínez et al.)

Calibration of oscillation amplitude in Dynamic Scanning Force

Juan Francisco González Martínez, Inés Nieto Carvajal, Jaime Colchero Paetz

1205.0906 (Daniel Fritsch et al.)

First-principles calculation of magnetoelastic coefficients and
magnetostriction in the spinel ferrites CoFe2O4 and NiFe2O4

Daniel Fritsch, Claude Ederer

1205.0915 (Zbyněk Novotný et al.)

Ordered Array of Single Adatoms with Remarkable Thermal Stability:

Zbyněk Novotný, Giacomo Argentero, Zhiming Wang, Michael Schmid, Ulrike Diebold, Gareth S. Parkinson

1205.0964 (Andrew J. Wells et al.)

Nonlinear mushy-layer convection with chimneys: stability and optimal
solute fluxes

Andrew J. Wells, John S. Wettlaufer, Steven A. Orszag

1205.0965 (G. Aurelio et al.)

Neutron diffraction study of stability and phase transitions in Cu-Sn-In
alloys as alternative Pb-free solders

G. Aurelio, S. A. Sommadossi, G. J. Cuello