Thursday, July 5, 2012

1006.3282 (M. H. Mohammady et al.)

Analysis of quantum coherence in bismuth-doped silicon: a system of
strongly coupled spin qubits

M. H. Mohammady, G. W. Morley, A. Nazir, T. S. Monteiro

1201.2893 (S. J. Callori et al.)

Ferroelectric PbTiO$_{3}$/SrRuO$_{3}$ superlattices with broken
inversion symmetry

S. J. Callori, J. Gabel, D. Su, J. Sinsheimer, M. V. Fernandez-Serra, M. Dawber

1207.0829 (M. C. Urdaniz et al.)

Exchange engineering in 3d chains adsorbed on Cu$_2$N/Cu(001)    [PDF]

M. C. Urdaniz, M. A. Barral, A. M. Llois

1207.0837 (Savcho Tinchev)

Low temperature crystallization of diamond-like carbon films to graphene
by low energy plasma surface treatment

Savcho Tinchev

1207.0851 (Nan Lei et al.)

Simple graphene chemiresistors as pH sensors: fabrication and

Nan Lei, Pengfei Li, Wei Xue, Jie Xu

1207.0895 (B. C. Chapler et al.)

Infrared conductivity of hole accumulation and depletion layers in
(Ga,Mn)As- and (Ga,Be)As-based electric field-effect devices

B. C. Chapler, S. Mack, L. Ju, T. W. Elson, B. W. Boudouris, E. Namdas, J. D. Yuen, A. J. Heeger, N. Samarth, M. di Ventra, R. A. Segalman, D. D. Awschalom, F. Wang, D. N. Basov

1207.0897 (Julian M Rosalie et al.)

Silver segregation to θ' (Al2Cu)-Al interfaces in Al-Cu-Ag alloys    [PDF]

Julian M Rosalie, Laure Bourgeois

1207.0919 (R. Wang et al.)

Photoluminescence in electronic ferroelectric Er_{1-x}Yb_xFe_2O_4    [PDF]

R. Wang, H. X. Yang, Y. B. Qin, B. Dong, J. Q. Li, Jimin Zhao

1207.0925 (Atsushi M. Ito et al.)

Formation and Classification of Amorphous Carbon by Molecular Dynamics

Atsushi M. Ito, Arimichi Takayama, Seiki Saito, Hiroaki Nakamura

1207.0958 (E. J. Wildman et al.)

Colossal Magnetoresistance in the Mn2+ Oxypnictides NdMnAsO1-xFx    [PDF]

E. J. Wildman, J. M. S. Skakle, N. Emery, A. C. Mclaughlin

1207.0961 (N. Emery et al.)

A variable temperature study of the crystal and magnetic structures of
the giant magnetoresistant materials LnMnAsO (Ln = La, Nd)

N. Emery, E. J. Wildman, J. M. S. Skakle, R. I. Smith, A. N. Fitch, A. C. Mclaughlin

1207.0962 (R. H. Colman et al.)

IrSr_2Sm_{1.15}Ce_{0.85}Cu_{2.175}O_{10}: A Novel Reentrant Spin-Glass

R. H. Colman, A. C. Mclaughlin

1207.1000 (Khisa Sh. Borlakov et al.)

Temperature-Induced magneto-structural transformations in nickel

Khisa Sh. Borlakov, Albert Kh. Borlakov

1207.1036 (A. K. Topczak et al.)

Investigation of exciton transport in crystalline thin-films of the
organic semiconductor di-indeno-perylene using photoluminescence analyses

A. K. Topczak, T. Roller, B. Engels, W. Brütting, J. Pfaum

1207.1054 (F. S. Bergeret et al.)

Spin-polarized Josephson and quasiparticle currents in superconducting
spin-filter tunnel junctions

F. S. Bergeret, A. Verso, A. F. Volkov

1207.1075 (Brian Kolb et al.)

Molecular Biology at the Quantum Level: Can Modern Density Functional
Theory Forge the Path?

Brian Kolb, T. Thonhauser