Thursday, September 27, 2012

1209.5763 (D. H. Foster et al.)

Defect physics and electronic properties of Cu3PSe4 from first

D. H. Foster, F. L. Barras, J. M. Vielma, G. Schneider

1209.5780 (D. H. Foster et al.)

Electronic and optical properties of potential solar absorber Cu3PSe4    [PDF]

D. H. Foster, V. Jieratum, R. Kykyneshi, D. A. Keszler, G. Schneider

1209.5808 (A. N. Ramanayaka et al.)

Effect of rotation of the polarization of linearly polarized microwaves
on the radiation-induced magnetoresistance oscillations

A. N. Ramanayaka, R. G. Mani, J. Iñarrea, W. Wegscheider

1209.5845 (Akihito Kikuchi)

Simplification of QPLDA: A practical method to the correction for the
LDA band gap problem

Akihito Kikuchi

1209.5856 (J. D. Parker et al.)

Neutron imaging detector based on the muPIC micro-pixel chamber    [PDF]

J. D. Parker, K. Hattori, H. Fujioka, M. Harada, S. Iwaki, S. Kabuki, Y. Kishimoto, H. Kubo, S. Kurosawa, K. Miuchi, T. Nagae, H. Nishimura, T. Oku, T. Sawano, T. Shinohara, J. Suzuki, A. Takada, T. Tanimori, K. Ueno

1209.5865 (Shengqiang Zhou et al.)

Ferromagnetic InMnAs on InAs Prepared by Ion Implantation and Pulsed
Laser Annealing

Shengqiang Zhou, Yutian Wang, Zenan Jiang, Eugen Weschke, Manfred Helm

1209.5868 (Yao Shuai et al.)

Substrate effect on the resistive switching in BiFeO3 thin films    [PDF]

Yao Shuai, Xin Ou, Chuangui Wu, Wanli Zhang, Shengqiang Zhou, Danilo Buerger, Helfried Reuther, Stefan Slesazeck, Thomas Mikolajick, Manfred Helm, Heidemarie Schmidt

1209.5874 (Lyudmila A. Kushch et al.)

New single-molecule magnet based on Mn12 oxocarboxylate clusters with
mixed carboxylate ligands, [Mn12O12(CN-o-C6H4CO2)12(CH3CO2)4(H2O)4]*8CH2Cl2:
synthesis, crystal and electronic structure, magnetic properties

Lyudmila A. Kushch, Valentina D. Sasnovskaya, Alexey I. Dmitriev, Eduard B. Yagubskii, Oksana V. Koplak, Leokadiya V. Zorina, Danil W. Boukhvalov

1209.5877 (Philippe Tassin et al.)

Effective material parameter retrieval for thin sheets: theory and
application to graphene, thin silver films, and single-layer metamaterials

Philippe Tassin, Thomas Koschny, Costas M. Soukoulis

1209.5917 (Sofie Cambré et al.)

Luminescence Properties of Individual Empty and Water-filled
Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes

Sofie Cambré, Silvia Santos, Wim Wenseleers, Ahmad Nugraha, Riichiro Saito, Laurent Cognet, Brahim Lounis

1209.5918 (A. Nicholas G. Parra-Vasquez et al.)

Nanoscale Thermotropic Phase Transitions Enhance Photothermal Microscopy

A. Nicholas G. Parra-Vasquez, Laura Oudjedi, Laurent Cognet, Brahim Lounis

1209.5975 (Riccardo Fantoni)

Low temperature acoustic polaron localization    [PDF]

Riccardo Fantoni

1209.5985 (Binghai Yan et al.)

Topological surface states of Bi2Se3 with the coexistence of Se

Binghai Yan, Delin Zhang, Claudia Feler

1209.5995 (Sergey Stolbov et al.)

Sulfur doping effects on the electronic and geometric structures of
graphitic carbon nitride photocatalyst: insights from first principles

Sergey Stolbov, Sebastian Zuluaga