Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1302.2144 (S. M. Sichkar et al.)

Comparative study of the electronic structure, phonon spectra and
electron-phonon interaction of ZrB2 and TiB2

S. M. Sichkar, V. N. Antonov, V. P. Antropov

1302.2192 (A. I. Rykov et al.)

Mixed Orbital Ground States of Fe2+ in Prussian Blues    [PDF]

A. I. Rykov, J. Wang, T. Zhang, K. Nomura

1302.2211 (Stanisław Krukowski et al.)

Foundations of ab initio simulations of electric charges and fields at
semiconductor surfaces within slab models

Stanisław Krukowski, Paweł Kempisty, Paweł Strąk

1302.2245 (D. D. Khalyavin et al.)

Field-induced long-range magnetic order in the spin-singlet ground state
system YbAl3C3: Neutron diffraction study

D. D. Khalyavin, D. T. Adroja, P. Manuel, A. Daoud-Aladine, M. Kosaka, K. Kondo, K. A. McEwen, J. H. Pixley, Qimiao Si

1302.2257 (Satoru Emori et al.)

Current-driven dynamics of chiral ferromagnetic domain walls    [PDF]

Satoru Emori, Uwe Bauer, Sung-Min Ahn, Eduardo Martinez, Geoffrey S. D. Beach

1302.2263 (Vinod K. Sangwan et al.)

Quantitatively Enhanced Reliability and Uniformity of High-κ
Dielectrics on Graphene Enabled by Self-Assembled Seeding Layers

Vinod K. Sangwan, Deep Jariwala, Stephen A. Filippone, Hunter J. Karmel, James E. Johns, Justice M. P. Alaboson, Tobin J. Marks, Lincoln J. Lauhon, Mark C. Hersam

1302.2276 (J. H. Atkinson et al.)

The effect of uniaxial pressure on the magnetic anisotropy of the
Mn_{12}-Ac single-molecule magnet

J. H. Atkinson, K. Park, C. C. Beedle, D. N. Hendrickson, Y. Myasoedov, E. Zeldov, Jonathan R. Friedman

1302.2284 (Motohiko Ezawa)

Half-Integer Quantum Hall Effects and Single Dirac-Cone States in

Motohiko Ezawa

1302.2302 (Pierre-Antoine Cuvelier et al.)

Copper red glazes: a coating with two families of particles    [PDF]

Pierre-Antoine Cuvelier, Christine Andraud, Damien Chaudanson, Jacques Lafait, S. Nitsche

1302.2319 (K. Shibata et al.)

Skyrmions with varying size and helicity in composition-spread
helimagnetic alloys

K. Shibata, X. Z. Yu, T. Hara, D. Morikawa, N. Kanazawa, K. Kimoto, S. Ishiwata, Y. Matsui, Y. Tokura

1302.2322 (Ali Sadeghi et al.)

Metrics for measuring distances in configuration spaces    [PDF]

Ali Sadeghi, S. Alireza Ghasemi, Markus A. Lill, Stefan Goedecker

1302.2353 (M. Retuerto et al.)

Synthesis and properties of the theoretically predicted mixed-valent
perovskite superconductors: CsTlX3 (X = F, Cl)

M. Retuerto, T. Emge, M. R. Li, Z. P. Yin, M. Croft, A. Ignatov, P. W. Stephens, J. Hadermann, J. W. Simonson, M. C. Aronson, A. Pan, D. N. Basov, G. Kotliar, M. Greenblatt

1302.2366 (Justin M. Shaw et al.)

Measurement of orbital asymmetry and strain in Co90Fe10/Ni multilayers
and alloys: Origins of perpendicular anisotropy

Justin M. Shaw, Hans T. Nembach, T. J. Silva

1302.2461 (Henrik Grundmann et al.)

Structure and magnetic interaction in the solid solution Ba3-xSrxCr2O8    [PDF]

Henrik Grundmann, Andreas Schilling, Casey A. Marjerrison, Hanna A. Dabkowska, Bruce D. Gaulin

1302.2487 (Markus Meinert et al.)

Formation enthalpies of chromium based compensated ferrimagnets with
inverse Heusler structure

Markus Meinert, Manuel Geisler

1302.2491 (U. Nagel et al.)

Terahertz spectroscopy of spin waves in multiferroic BiFeO$_3$ in high
magnetic fields

U. Nagel, T. Katuwal, H. Engelkamp, D. Talbayev, Hee Taek Yi, S. -W. Cheong, T. Rõõm

1302.2539 (P. Olivero et al.)

Splitting of photo-luminescent emission from nitrogen-vacancy centers in
diamond induced by ion-damage-induced stress

P. Olivero, F. Bosia, B. A. Fairchild, B. C. Gibson, A. D. Greentree, P. Spizzirri, S. Prawer

1302.2561 (K. L. Ngai et al.)

An Explanation of the Differences in Diffusivity of the Components of
the Metallic Glass Pd43Cu27Ni10P20

K. L. Ngai, S. Capaccioli

1302.2566 (K. L. Ngai et al.)

Origin of Ultrafast Ag Radiotracer Diffusion in Shear Bands of Deformed
Bulk Metallic Glass Pd40Ni40P20

K. L. Ngai, Hai Bin Yu

1302.2571 (Giancarlo Cappellini et al.)

Electronic and optical properties of Cadmium fluoride: the role of
many-body effects

Giancarlo Cappellini, Jürgen Furthmüller, Emiliano Cadelano, Friedhelm Bechstedt

1302.2595 (L. Rosenthal et al.)

Formation of magnetic nanocolumns during vapor phase deposition of a
metal-polymer nanocomposite: experiments and kinetic Monte Carlo simulations

L. Rosenthal, H. Greve, V. Zaporojtchenko, T. Strunskus, F. Faupel, M. Bonitz