Monday, September 24, 2012

1209.4666 (Liudmila A. Pozhar)

Virtual Synthesis of Nanoscale Systems with Pre-Designed Properties:
Fundamentals and Applications. Chapter 7. Nickel Oxide Quantum Dots and
Polymer Nanowires

Liudmila A. Pozhar

1209.4685 (Ion Garate)

Phonon-induced topological transitions and crossovers in Dirac materials    [PDF]

Ion Garate

1209.4705 (Zhicheng Zhong et al.)

Theory of spin-orbit coupling at LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces and SrTiO3

Zhicheng Zhong, Anna Toth, Karsten Held

1209.4735 (R. Takahashi et al.)

Pyroelectric detection of spontaneous polarization in magnetite thin

R. Takahashi, H. Misumi, M. Lippmaa

1209.4739 (M. Rössle et al.)

Electric-field-induced pyroelectric order and localization of the
confined electrons in LaAlO3/SrTiO3 heterostructures

M. Rössle, K. W. Kim, A. Dubroka, P. Marsik, C. N. Wang, R. Jany, C. Richter, J. Mannhart, C. W. Schneider, A. Frano, P. Wochner, Y. Lu, B. Keimer, D. K. Shukla, J. Strempfer, C. Bernhard

1209.4744 (Andrew L. Walter et al.)

Small scale rotational disorder observed in epitaxial graphene on

Andrew L. Walter, Aaron Bostwick, Florian Speck, Markus Ostler, Keun Su Kim, Young Jun Chang, Luca Moreschini, Davide Innocenti, Thomas Seyller, Karsten Horn, Eli Rotenberg

1209.4750 (A. D. Abramenkov et al.)

Research on diffusion of Mo substrate atoms into Ti and Cr thin films by
secondary ion-ion emission method

A. D. Abramenkov, Ya. M. Fogel, V. V. Slyozov, L. V. Tanatarov, Oleg P. Ledenyov

1209.4767 (Annick Bay et al.)

An optimal light-extracting overlayer, inspired by the lantern of a
Photuris firefly, to improve the external efficiency of existing
light-emitting diodes

Annick Bay, Nicolas Andre, Michael Sarrazin, Ali Belarouci, Vincent Aimez, Laurent A. Francis, Jean Pol Vigneron

1209.4775 (R. Ramirez et al.)

Quasi-harmonic approximation of thermodynamic properties of ice Ih, II,
and III

R. Ramirez, N. Neuerburg, M. -V. Fernandez-Serra, C. P. Herrero

1209.4812 (Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman et al.)

Effect of the anodization voltage on the porewidening rate of nanoporous
anodic alumina

Mohammad Mahbubur Rahman, Enric Garcia-Caurel, Abel Santos, Lluis F. Marsal, Josep Pallares, Josep Ferre-Borrull

1209.4822 (Ahmad A. Awad et al.)

Broadband probing magnetization dynamics of the coupled vortex state
permalloy layers in nanopillars

Ahmad A. Awad, Antonio Lara, Vitali Metlushko, Konstantin Y. Guslienko, Farkhad G. Aliev