Monday, October 15, 2012

1108.3696 (Manuel Friedrich et al.)

An atomistic-to-continuum analysis of crystal cleavage in a
two-dimensional model problem

Manuel Friedrich, Bernd Schmidt

1210.3533 (Gul Rahman et al.)

Intrinsic Magnetism in Nanosheets of SnO$_{2}$: A First-principles Study    [PDF]

Gul Rahman, Victor M. Garcia-Suarez, J. M. Morbec

1210.3329 (Zahra Shojaaee et al.)

Shear flow of dense granular materials near smooth walls. I. Shear
localization and constitutive laws in boundary region

Zahra Shojaaee, Jean-Noël Roux, François Chevoir, Wolf Dietrich

1210.3379 (Jan M. Tomczak et al.)

Thermopower of the Correlated Narrow Gap Semiconductor FeSi and
Comparison to RuSi

Jan M. Tomczak, K. Haule, G. Kotliar

1210.3414 (S. N. Jiang et al.)

Effect of ion and electron irradiation on microstructure of vanadium    [PDF]

S. N. Jiang, F. R. Wan, J. X. Sun, Y. Long, S. Ohnuki

1210.3442 (Ki-Seung Lee et al.)

Threshold current for switching of a perpendicular magnetic layer
induced by spin Hall effect

Ki-Seung Lee, Seo-Won Lee, Byoung-Chul Min, Kyung-Jin Lee

1210.3468 (Florian Johann et al.)

Stability of 71° stripe domains in epitaxial BiFeO3 films upon
repeated electrical switching

Florian Johann, Alessio Morelli, Ionela Vrejoiu

1210.3481 (Xun-Wang Yan et al.)

Layered pnictide-oxide Na$_2$Ti$_2$Pn$_2$O (Pn=As, Sb): a paradigm for
spin density waves

Xun-Wang Yan, Zhong-Yi Lu

1210.3487 (Lifa Zhang et al.)

Topological Magnon Insulator in Insulating Ferromagnet    [PDF]

Lifa Zhang, Jie Ren, Jian-Sheng Wang, Baowen Li

1210.3501 (M. A. Akhukov et al.)

Electronic, Magnetic and Transport Properties of Graphene Ribbons
Terminated by Nanotubes

M. A. Akhukov, Shengjun Yuan, A. Fasolino, M. I. Katsnelson

1210.3502 (K. Bystrov et al.)

Erosion yields of carbon under various plasma conditions in Pilot-PSI    [PDF]

K. Bystrov, J. Westerhout, M. Matveeva, A. Litnovsky, L. Marot, E. Zoethout, G. De Temmerman

1210.3510 (Erik Edlund et al.)

Using the uncertainty principle to simplify interactions designed for
targeted self-assembly

Erik Edlund, Oskar Lindgren, Martin Nilsson Jacobi

1210.3532 (J. Hicks et al.)

A wide band gap metal-semiconductor-metal nanostructure made entirely
from graphene

J. Hicks, A. Tejeda, A. Taleb-Ibrahimi, M. S. Nevius, F. Wang, K. Shepperd, J. Palmer, F. Bertran, P. Le Fèvre, J. Kune, W. A. de Heer, C. Berger, E. H. Conrad

1210.3547 (Jin-Wu Jiang et al.)

A Surface Stacking Fault Energy Approach to Predicting Defect Nucleation
in Surface-Dominated Nanostructures

Jin-Wu Jiang, Austin M. Leach, Ken Gall, Harold S. Park, Timon Rabczuk

1210.3553 (Y. Li et al.)

Symmetry breaking and low energy conformational fluctuations in
amorphous graphene

Y. Li, D. A. Drabold

1210.3586 (D. Anderson et al.)

Local elastic response measured near the colloidal glass transition    [PDF]

D. Anderson, D. Schaar, H. G. E. Hentschel, J. Hay, Piotr Habdas, Eric R. Weeks

1210.3603 (Georgiy M. Tsoi et al.)

Pressure Induced Superconductivity in Ba0.5Sr0.5Fe2As2    [PDF]

Georgiy M. Tsoi, Walter Malone, Walter Uhoya, Jonathan E. Mitchel, Yogesh K. Vohra, Lowell E. Wenger, Athena S. Sefat, S. T . Weir

1210.3606 (Joshua P. Veazey et al.)

Superconducting LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Nanowires    [PDF]

Joshua P. Veazey, Guanglei Cheng, Patrick Irvin, Cheng Cen, Daniela F. Bogorin, Feng Bi, Mengchen Huang, Chung-Wung Bark, Sangwoo Ryu, Kwang-Hwan Cho, Chang-Beom Eom, Jeremy Levy