Friday, December 7, 2012

1212.1168 (Eun-Gook Moon et al.)

Non-Fermi liquid and topological states with strong spin-orbit coupling    [PDF]

Eun-Gook Moon, Cenke Xu, Yong Baek Kim, Leon Balents

1212.1154 (Robert Hovden et al.)

Channeling of a sub-angstrom electron beam in a crystal mapped to
two-dimensional molecular orbitals

Robert Hovden, Huolin L. Xin, David A. Muller

1212.1225 (A. Kandala et al.)

Magneto-transport Signatures of a Magnetic Gap in Hybrid Topological
Insulator-Ferromagnetic Insulator Heterostructure Devices

A. Kandala, A. Richardella, D. W. Rench, D. M. Zhang, T. C. Flanagan, N. Samarth

1212.1228 (Yousuke Norizuki et al.)

A Superparamagnetic State Induced by a Spin Reorientation Transition in
Ultrathin Magnetic Films

Yousuke Norizuki, Munetaka Sasaki

1212.1242 (M. M. Uddin et al.)

Characterization of InSb quantum wells with atomic layer deposited gate

M. M. Uddin, H. W. Liu, K. F. Yang, K. Nagase, T. D. Mishima, M. B. Santos, Y. Hirayama

1212.1250 (Kumar Ankit et al.)

Computational study of pearlite growth in diffusion controlled regime    [PDF]

Kumar Ankit, Abhik Choudhury, Cheng Qin, Sebastian Schulz, Malte McDaniel, Britta Nestler

1212.1258 (H. Maury et al.)

Analysis of periodic Mo/Si multilayers: influence of the Mo thickness    [PDF]

H. Maury, Jean-Michel André, Karine Le Guen, N. Mahne, Angela Giglia, S. Nannarone, Françoise Bridou, Franck Delmotte, Philippe Jonnard

1212.1318 (F. Parhizgar et al.)

Effect of spin-valley coupling on exchange interaction between magnetic
adatoms in a monolayer MoS_2

F. Parhizgar, H. Rostami, Reza Asgari

1212.1354 (Helin Cao et al.)

Structural and electronic properties of highly doped topological
insulator Bi2Se3 crystals

Helin Cao, Suyang Xu, Ireneusz Miotkowski, Jifa Tian, Deepak Pandey, M. Zahid Hasan, Yong P. Chen

1212.1374 (Vladimir Timoshevskii et al.)

Quantum transport modeling of Fe/MgO/Fe magnetic tunnel junction with
FeO$_{0.5}$ buffer layer: the effects of correlations

Vladimir Timoshevskii, Yibin Hu, É. Marcotte, Hong Guo

1212.1408 (E. Osquiguil et al.)

Effects of spin density wave quantization on the electrical transport in
epitaxial Cr thin films

E. Osquiguil, E. E. Kaul, L. Tosi, C. A. Balseiro

1212.1411 (L. Tosi et al.)

Barkhausen-type noise in the resistance of antiferromagnetic Cr thin

L. Tosi, E. Osquiguil, E. E. Kaul, C. A. Balseiro