Monday, July 22, 2013

1304.6019 (L. Morini et al.)

On fracture criteria for dynamic crack propagation in elastic materials
with couple stresses

L. Morini, A. Piccolroaz, G. Mishuris, E. Radi

1307.5082 (Irina A. Sluchinskaya et al.)

Structural position and oxidation state of nickel in SrTiO3    [PDF]

Irina A. Sluchinskaya, Alexander I. Lebedev, Alexei Erko

1307.5091 (Daniel Schmidt et al.)

Anisoptropic Bruggeman Effective Medium Approaches for Slanted Columnar
Thin Films

Daniel Schmidt, Mathias Schubert

1307.5150 (Marie Hervé et al.)

Quantitative magnetic imaging at the nanometer scale by ballistic
electron magnetic microscopy

Marie Hervé, Sylvain Tricot, Sophie Guézo, Gabriel Delhaye, Bruno Lépine, Philippe Schieffer, Pascal Turban

1307.5164 (S W Lovesey et al.)

X-ray diffraction by magnetic charges (monopoles)    [PDF]

S W Lovesey, D D Khalyavin

1307.5166 (Ziyu Wang et al.)

Total transmission and total reflection of acoustic wave by zero index
metamaterials loaded with general solid defects

Ziyu Wang, Fan Yang, LiBing Liu, Ming Kang, Fengming Liu

1307.5244 (Yves-Patrick Pellegrini)

Collective-variable dynamics and core-width variations of dislocations
in a Peierls model

Yves-Patrick Pellegrini