Wednesday, November 28, 2012

1211.6147 (Eva Zarkadoula et al.)

The nature of high-energy radiation damage in iron: Modeling results    [PDF]

Eva Zarkadoula, Martin T. Dove, Szymon L. Daraszewicz, Dorothy M. Duffy, Michael Seaton, Ilian T. Todorov, Kai Nordlund, Kostya Trachenko

1211.6167 (M. H. N. Assadi et al.)

Tuning the doping site of Sb ions in thermoelectric NaxCoO2 by varying
Na content

M. H. N. Assadi, S. Li, R. K. Zheng, S. P. Ringer, A. B. Yu

1211.6202 (Q. Wu et al.)

Selective surface functionalization at regions of high local curvature
in graphene

Q. Wu, Y. Wu, Y. Hao, J. Geng, M. Charlton, S. Chen, Y. Ren, H. Ji, H. Li, D. W. Boukhvalov, R. D. Piner, C. W. Bielawski, R. S. Ruoff

1211.6259 (Victor Atanasov et al.)

Two Dimensional Polymerization of Graphene and its Oxide: Bottom-up

Victor Atanasov, Stoyan Russev, Iglika Dimitrova, Evgenia Vulcheva, Miroslav Abrashev, Gichka Tsutsumanova

1211.6270 (Lucia Caramella)

Theoretical spectroscopy of realistic condensed matter systems    [PDF]

Lucia Caramella

1211.6288 (A. S. Markosyan et al.)

Exchange Interactions in a Dinuclear Manganese (II) Complex with
Cyanopyridine-N-oxide Bridging Ligands

A. S. Markosyan, I. Yu. Gaidukova, A. V. Ruchkina, A. O. Anokhin, V. Yu. Irkhin, N. P. Kuz'mina, V. N. Nikiforov

1211.6301 (Qi Zhong et al.)

The transition from amorphous to crystalline in Al/Zr multilayers    [PDF]

Qi Zhong, Zhong Zhang, Shuang Ma, Runze Qi, Jia Li, Zhanshan Wang, Karine Le Guen, Jean-Michel André, Philippe Jonnard

1211.6371 (Fedwa El-Mellouhi et al.)

Structural Phase Transitions of the Metal Oxide Perovskites SrTiO3,
LaAlO3 and LaTiO3 Studied with a Screened Hybrid Functional

Fedwa El-Mellouhi, Edward N. Brothers, Melissa J. Lucero, Ireneusz W. Bulik, Gustavo E. Scuseria

1211.6377 (H. -X. Yang et al.)

Magnetic Insulator-Induced Proximity Effects in Graphene: Spin Filtering
and Exchange Splitting Gaps

H. -X. Yang, A. Hallal, D. Terrade, X. Waintal, S. Roche, M. Chshiev

1211.6385 (T. Schenkel et al.)

Towards pump-probe experiments of defect dynamics in solids with short
ion beam pulses

T. Schenkel, S. M. Lidia, W. Waldron, C. D. Weis, J. Schwartz, J. W. Kwan