Wednesday, January 23, 2013

1301.5012 (Gregory M. Grason)

Frustration and Packing in Curved-Filament Assemblies: From Isometric to
Isomorphic Bundles

Gregory M. Grason

1301.5024 (Hua Chen et al.)

Gate-Tunable Exchange Coupling Between Cobalt Clusters on Graphene    [PDF]

Hua Chen, Qian Niu, Zhenyu Zhang, Allan H. MacDonald

1301.5215 (Roman Kolesov et al.)

Mapping spin coherence of a single rare-earth ion in a crystal onto a
single photon polarization state

Roman Kolesov, Kangwei Xia, Rolf Reuter, Rainer Stoehr, Tugrul Inal, Petr Siyushev, Joerg Wrachtrup

1301.5227 (P. Wadley et al.)

Solving and refining novel thin film phases using Cu X-ray radiation:
the epitaxy-induced CuMnAs tetragonal phase

P. Wadley, A. Crespi, J. Gazquez, M. A. Roldan, P. Garcia, V. Novak, R. Campion, T. Jungwirth, C. Rinaldi, X. Marti, V. Holy, C. Frontera, J. Rius

1301.5237 (Hongxue Liu et al.)

Structural, magnetic, and nanoscale switching properties of BiFeO3 thin
films grown by pulsed electron deposition

Hongxue Liu, Ryan Comes, Yonghang Pei, Jiwei Lu, Stuart Wolf

1301.5251 (Carmine Senatore et al.)

Formation and upper critical fields of the two distinct A15 phases in
the subelements of Powder-In-Tube Nb3Sn wires

Carmine Senatore, Rene Flukiger

1301.5291 (M. I. Molina)

Bounded dynamics of finite PT-symmetric magnetoinductive arrays    [PDF]

M. I. Molina

1301.5301 (Dafei Jin et al.)

Ferroelectric-Gated Terahertz Plasmonics on Graphene    [PDF]

Dafei Jin, Anshuman Kumar, Kin Hung Fung, Jun Xu, Nicholas X. Fang