Tuesday, February 14, 2012

1007.4375 (Yajun Zhou)

Distribution of Eigenvalues in Electromagnetic Scattering on an
Arbitrarily Shaped Dielectric

Yajun Zhou

1011.1644 (Iwan Schenker et al.)

The Influence of the Degree of Heterogeneity on the Elastic Properties
of Random Sphere Packings

Iwan Schenker, Frank T. Filser, Markus Hütter, Ludwig J. Gauckler

1108.0283 (P. Zhang et al.)

Electron spin relaxation in graphene with random Rashba field:
Comparison of D'yakonov-Perel' and Elliott-Yafet--like mechanisms

P. Zhang, M. W. Wu

1110.1424 (Paula Mellado et al.)

A simple model for nanofiber formation by rotary jet-spinning    [PDF]

Paula Mellado, Holly A. McIlwee, Mohammad R. Badrossamay, Josue A. Goss, L. Mahadevan, K Parker

1111.4518 (Netanel H. Lindner et al.)

Topological Floquet Spectrum in Three Dimensions via a Two-Photon

Netanel H. Lindner, Doron L. Bergman, Gil Refael, Victor Galitski

1202.2394 (A. Durán et al.)

Mechanism of small-polaron formation in the biferroic YCrO3 doped with

A. Durán, E. Verdín, R. Escamilla, F. Morales, R. Escudero

1202.2417 (J. E. Barrios-Vargas et al.)

Critical wave functions in disordered graphene    [PDF]

J. E. Barrios-Vargas, Gerardo G. Naumis

1202.2440 (Jürgen Schiefele et al.)

Temperature dependence of the conductivity of graphene on boron nitride    [PDF]

Jürgen Schiefele, Fernando Sols, Francisco Guinea

1202.2500 (Aftab Alam et al.)

Structural Properties and Relative Stability of (Meta)Stable Ordered,
Partially-ordered and Disordered Al-Li Alloy Phases

Aftab Alam, D. D. Johnson

1202.2553 (I. V. Bezsudnov et al.)

Evolution of burst distribution in fiber bundle model    [PDF]

I. V. Bezsudnov, A. A. Snarskii

1202.2574 (Jeng-Da Chai et al.)

Nonempirical double-hybrid density functional: The PBE0-2 functional    [PDF]

Jeng-Da Chai, Shan-Ping Mao

1202.2596 (Tanmoy Das et al.)

Crossover from inelastic magnetic scattering of Cooper pairs to
spin-wave dispersion produces low-energy kink in cuprates

Tanmoy Das, R. S. Markiewicz, A. Bansil

1202.2608 (Y. M. Sheu et al.)

Ultrafast carrier dynamics and radiative recombination in multiferroic

Y. M. Sheu, S. A. Trugman, Y. -S. Park, S. Lee, H. T. Yi, S. -W. Cheong, Q. X. Jia, A. J. Taylor, R. P. Prasankumar

1202.2610 (Fengqi Song et al.)

Visualizing plasmon coupling in closely-spaced chains of Ag
nanoparticles by electron energy loss spectroscopy

Fengqi Song, Tingyu Wang, Xuefeng Wang, Changhui Xu, Longbing He, Jianguo Wan, Chris Van Haesendonck, Simon P. Ringer, Min Han, Zongwen Liu, Guanghou Wang

1202.2626 (T. Graveson et al.)

Development of a high-sensitivity torsion balance to investigate the
thermal Casimir force

T. Graveson, C. Rackson, W. J. Kim

1202.2636 (C. Kamal)

Controlling Band Gap in Silicene Monolayer Using External Electric Field    [PDF]

C. Kamal