Wednesday, October 31, 2012

1210.7843 (Muir J. Morrison et al.)

Unhappy Vertices in Artificial Spin Ice: Degeneracy from

Muir J. Morrison, Tammie R. Nelson, Cristiano Nisoli

1210.7846 (Sunil K. Karna et al.)

Optical and Electrical Characterization of Boron-Doped Diamond    [PDF]

Sunil K. Karna, Yogesh. K. Vohra, Samuel T. Weir

1210.7851 (C. A. Nolph. J. K. Kassim et al.)

Surface Driven Mn-Doping of Ge Quantum Dots - Mn-Interaction with the Ge
QD{105} Facet and the Wetting Layer

C. A. Nolph. J. K. Kassim, J. A. Floro, P. Reinke

1210.7875 (Masamitsu Hayashi et al.)

Microwave assisted resonant domain wall nucleation in permalloy

Masamitsu Hayashi, Yukiko K. Takahashi, Seiji Mitani

1210.7879 (I. V. Solovyev)

Why is MnWO4 multiferroic?    [PDF]

I. V. Solovyev

1210.7899 (Xiao Shen et al.)

Competing Atomic and Molecular Mechanisms of Thermal Oxidation    [PDF]

Xiao Shen, Sokrates T. Pantelides

1210.7904 (X. Q. Wang et al.)

A possible mechanism for the negative capacitance observed in organic

X. Q. Wang, C. B. Cai

1210.7922 (Yosikazu Isikawa et al.)

Enhancement of Curie temperature due to the coupling between Fe
itinerant electrons and Dy localized electrons in DyFe2Zn20

Yosikazu Isikawa, Toshio Mizushima, Souta Miyamoto, Keigou Kumagai, Mako Nakahara, Hiroaki Okuyama, Takashi Tayama, Tomohiko Kuwai, Pascal Lejay

1210.7955 (Gervasi Herranz et al.)

High mobility conduction at (110) and (111) LaAlO3/SrTiO3 interfaces    [PDF]

Gervasi Herranz, Florencio Sánchez, Nico Dix, Mateusz Scigaj, Josep Fontcuberta

1210.7973 (Ismaila Dabo et al.)

Donor and acceptor levels of organic photovoltaic compounds from first

Ismaila Dabo, Andrea Ferretti, Cheol-Hwan Park, Nicolas Poilvert, Yanli Li, Matteo Cococcioni, Nicola Marzari

1210.7995 (Rolf E. Isele-Holder et al.)

Development and application of a particle-particle particle-mesh Ewald
method for dispersion interactions

Rolf E. Isele-Holder, Wayne Mitchell, Ahmed E. Ismail

1210.8000 (Giovanni Drera)

Electronic structure of TiO2 thin films and LaAlO3-SrTiO3
heterostructures: the role of titanium 3d1 states in magnetic and transport

Giovanni Drera

1210.8024 (Ella Gale et al.)

Observation of Spontaneous Bursting Spike Patterns Simple Three
Memristor Circuits

Ella Gale, Ben de Lacy Costello, Andrew Adamatzky

1210.8027 (Andrey Y. Serov et al.)

Effect of Grain Boundaries on Thermal Transport in Graphene    [PDF]

Andrey Y. Serov, Zhun-Yong Ong, Eric Pop

1210.8056 (Romain Fleury et al.)

Extraordinary Sound Transmission through Density-Near-Zero Ultranarrow

Romain Fleury, Andrea Alu

1210.8082 (Qiaona Hu et al.)

Growth process and crystallographic properties of ammonia-induced

Qiaona Hu, Jiaming Zhang, Henry Teng, Udo Becker

1210.8086 (Yuan Li et al.)

Thermal Narrowing of the Electronic Bandwidths in Organic Molecular
Semiconductors: Impact of the Crystal Thermal Expansion

Yuan Li, Veaceslav Coropceanu, Jean-Luc Brédas

1210.8098 (Michal Ciesla et al.)

Modelling of Interacting Dimers Adsorption    [PDF]

Michal Ciesla, Jakub Barbasz