Friday, July 6, 2012

1207.1152 (Wei Si et al.)

Disentanglement Induced Magnetoresistance in Organic Semiconductors    [PDF]

Wei Si, Yao Yao, Xiaoyuan Hou, Chang-Qin Wu

1207.1154 (Y. Ando et al.)

Evidence for the Presence of Spin Accumulation in Localized States at
Ferromagnet-Silicon Interfaces

Y. Ando, S. Yamada, K. Kasahara, K. Masaki, K. Sawano, M. Miyao, K. Hamaya

1207.1179 (A. Steindamm et al.)

Thickness dependent effects of an intermediate molecular blocking layer
on the optoelectronic characteristics of organic bilayer photovoltaic cells

A. Steindamm, M. Brendel, A. K. Topczak, J. Pflaum

1207.1190 (Tianming Wang et al.)

Fabrication of glucose biosensors by inkjet printing    [PDF]

Tianming Wang, Christopher C. Cook, Simona Serban, Tarif Ali, Guido Drago, Brian Derby

1207.1205 (Xiao Li et al.)

Unconventional Quantum Hall Effect and Tunable Spin Hall Effect in MoS2

Xiao Li, Fan Zhang, Qian Niu

1207.1249 (Matt W. Graham et al.)

Photocurrent measurements of supercollision cooling in graphene    [PDF]

Matt W. Graham, Su-Fei Shi, Daniel C. Ralph, Jiwoong Park, Paul L. McEuen

1207.1285 (Mitchell D. Anderson et al.)

Analytic Modeling of Exciton Dynamics to Extract Intrinsic Single Walled
Carbon Nanotube Properties

Mitchell D. Anderson, Yee-fang Xiao, James M. Fraser

1207.1304 (J. Qi et al.)

Coexistence of coupled magnetic phases in epitaxial TbMnO$_3$ films
revealed by ultrafast optical spectroscopy

J. Qi, L. Yan, H. D. Zhou, J. -X. Zhu, S. A. Trugman, A. J. Taylor, Q. X. Jia, R. P. Prasankumar

1207.1327 (P. T. Korelis et al.)

Finite-size effects in amorphous Fe90Zr10/Al75Zr25 multilayers    [PDF]

P. T. Korelis, P. E. Jönsson, A. Liebig, H. -E. Wannberg, P. Nordblad, B. Hjörvarsson