Monday, July 9, 2012

1001.3973 (C. -J. Chen et al.)

Photo-induced high-temperature order-disorder phase transition in CaSnO3
perovskite revealed by Raman spectroscopy

C. -J. Chen, J. Kung, C. -M. Lin, M. Zhang, S. A. T. Redfern

1007.0359 (Xingkun Man et al.)

Block Copolymer at Nano-Patterned Surfaces    [PDF]

Xingkun Man, David Andelman, Henri Orland

1207.1475 (E. Fohtung et al.)

Probing the three-dimensional strain inhomogeneity and equilibrium
elastic properties of single crystal Ni nanowires

E. Fohtung, J. W. Kim, Keith T. Chan, Ross Harder, Eric E. Fullerton, O. G. Shpyrko

1207.1487 (Recep Zan et al.)

Graphene re-knits its holes    [PDF]

Recep Zan, Quentin M. Ramasse, Ursel Bangert, Konstantin S. Novoselov

1207.1521 (Sudhir K. Pandey)

Nitrogen and fluorine doped ZrO$_2$: A promising $p$-$n$ junction for
ultraviolet light-emitting diode

Sudhir K. Pandey

1207.1525 (S. Nishimoto et al.)

Double Exchange Ferromagnetism in the Peierls Insulator State    [PDF]

S. Nishimoto, Y. Ohta

1207.1529 (Debjani Karmakar et al.)

Spin-interactions in Mineral Libethenite Series: Evolution of
Low-dimensional Magnetism

Debjani Karmakar, J. V. Yakhmi

1207.1570 (J. Kanski et al.)

Mn induced modifications of Ga 3d photoemission from (Ga, Mn)As:
evidence for long range effects

J. Kanski, I. Ulfat, L. Ilver, M. Leandersson, J. Sadowski, K. Karlsson, P. Pal

1207.1593 (R. Anand Theerthan et al.)

Magnetic field tuning of polaron losses in Fe doped BaTiO3 single

R. Anand Theerthan, Alla Artemenko, Mario Maglione

1207.1626 (Manesh Gopinadhan et al.)

Order-disorder transition and alignment dynamics of a block copolymer
under high magnetic fields by in situ x-ray scattering

Manesh Gopinadhan, Pawel W. Majewski, Chinedum O. Osuji

1207.1628 (Andrew F. May et al.)

Physical properties of Ce3-xTe4 below room temperature    [PDF]

Andrew F. May, Michael A. McGuire, Claudia Cantoni, Brian C. Sales

1207.1670 (Philippe Jund et al.)

Physical properties of thermoelectric zinc antimonide using
first-principles calculations

Philippe Jund, Romain Viennois, Xiaoma Tao, Kinga Niedziolka, Jean-Claude Tedenac

1207.1682 (Rouholla Alizadegan et al.)

Effects of Tip-Nanotube Interactions on Atomic Force Microscopy Imaging
of Carbon Nanotubes

Rouholla Alizadegan, Albert D. Liao, Feng Xiong, Eric Pop, K. Jimmy Hsia

1207.1685 (Maimon C. Rose et al.)

Giant electrocaloric effect around T$_c$    [PDF]

Maimon C. Rose, R. E. Cohen

1207.1689 (E. A. Jagla)

Velocity weakening and possibility of aftershocks in nanofriction

E. A. Jagla