Wednesday, May 1, 2013

1304.8078 (Anteneh G Tefera et al.)

Nucleation and cap formation on symmetric metal nanocatalysts: A first
step towards chirality-controlled single-walled carbon nanotube growth

Anteneh G Tefera, Mogus D Mochena

1304.7800 (Michael Widom et al.)

Hybrid Monte Carlo/molecular dynamics simulation of a refractory metal
high entropy alloy

Michael Widom, William Paul Huhn, Soumyadipta Maiti, Walter Steurer

1304.7815 (Hanghui Chen et al.)

Engineering Correlation Effects via Artificially Designed Oxide

Hanghui Chen, Chris A. Marianetti, Andrew J. Millis

1304.7830 (H. K. Sato et al.)

Stoichiometry control of the electronic properties of the
LaAlO_3/SrTiO_3 heterointerface

H. K. Sato, C. Bell, Y. Hikita, H. Y. Hwang

1304.7865 (S. A. Firstov et al.)

Critical grain sizes and generalized flow stress - grain size dependence    [PDF]

S. A. Firstov, T. R. Rogul, O. A. Shut

1304.7903 (Bosco Emmanuel)

Regulation of Interfacial Chemistry by Coupled Reaction-Diffusion
Processes in the Electrolyte: A Stiff Solution Dynamics Model for Corrosion
and Passivity of Metals

Bosco Emmanuel

1304.7911 (Silvana Botti et al.)

Strong renormalization of the electronic band gap due to lattice
polarization in the GW formalism

Silvana Botti, Miguel A. L. Marques

1304.7929 (Danil W. Boukhvalov)

Carbon mono and dioxide hydrogenation over pure and metal oxide
decorated graphene oxide substrates: insight from DFT

Danil W. Boukhvalov

1304.7931 (P. Barone et al.)

Pressure-induced Topological Phase Transitions in Rock-salt

P. Barone, T. Rauch, D. Di Sante, J. Henk, I. Mertig, S. Picozzi

1304.7935 (Yang Zhou et al.)

Mechanism of Polarization Fatigue in BiFeO3: the Role of Schottky

Yang Zhou, Xi Zou, Lu You, Rui Guo, Zhi Shiuh Lim, Lang Chen, Guoliang Yuan, Junling Wang

1304.7943 (Julia Kundin et al.)

Numerical investigation of the interaction between the martensitic
transformation front and the plastic strain in austenite

Julia Kundin, Evgeny Pogorelov, Heike Emmerich

1304.7958 (Andrea Camposeo et al.)

Polarized superradiance from delocalized exciton transitions in
tetracene single crystals

Andrea Camposeo, Marco Polo, Silvia Tavazzi, Leonardo Silvestri, Peter Spearman, Roberto Cingolani, Dario Pisignano

1304.7970 (Olivier Pages et al.)

SiGe Raman spectra vs. local clustering/anticlustering : Percolation
scheme and ab initio calculations

Olivier Pages, Rami Hajj Hussein, Vitor J. B. Torres

1304.7976 (Peter Schattschneider et al.)

Is magnetic chiral dichroism feasible with electron vortices?    [PDF]

Peter Schattschneider, Stefan Löffler, Michael Stöger-Pollach, Johan Verbeeck

1304.7990 (R. Paniagua-Domínguez et al.)

Broadband telecom transparency of semiconductor-coated metal nanowires:
more transparent than glass

R. Paniagua-Domínguez, D. R. Abujetas, L. S. Froufe-Pérez, J. J. Sáenz, J. A. Sánchez-Gil

1304.8040 (K. Filintoglou et al.)

Raman spectroscopy of graphene at high pressure: substrate and pressure
transmitting media effects

K. Filintoglou, N. Papadopoulos, J. Arvanitidis, D. Christofilos, O. Frank, M. Kalbac, J. Parthenios, G. Kalosakas, C. Galiotis, K. Papagelis

1304.8056 (Kapildeb Dolui et al.)

Ab-initio study on the possible doping strategies for MoS$_2$ monolayers    [PDF]

Kapildeb Dolui, Ivan Rungger, Chaitanya Das Pemmaraju, Stefano Sanvito

1304.8100 (I. Sevonkaev et al.)

Synthesis of Dispersed Metal Particles for Applications in
Photovoltaics, Catalysis, and Electronics

I. Sevonkaev, V. Privman, D. Goia

1304.8119 (Yung Jui Wang et al.)

Non-trivial spin-texture of the coaxial Dirac cones on the surface of
topological crystalline insulator SnTe

Yung Jui Wang, Wei-Feng Tsai, Hsin Lin, Su-Yang Xu, M. Neupane, M. Z. Hasan, A. Bansil