Monday, January 21, 2013

1201.1802 (John W. Barrett et al.)

Finite-Element Approximation of One-Sided Stefan Problems with
Anisotropic, Approximately Crystalline, Gibbs--Thomson Law

John W. Barrett, Harald Garcke, Robert Nürnberg

1301.4216 (P. Thomas et al.)

Synthesis of Nanoparticles of the Giant Dielectric Material, CaCu3Ti4O12
from a Precursor Route

P. Thomas, K. Dwarakanath, K. B. R. Varma, T. R. N. Kutty

1301.4218 (P. Thomas et al.)

Structural, Thermal and Electrical properties of Poly(methyl
methacrylate)-CaCu3Ti4O12 composite sheets fabricated via melt mixing

P. Thomas, R. S. Ernest Ravindran, K. B. R. Varma

1301.4222 (Ru Chen et al.)

Dimer Mott Insulator in an Oxide Heterostructure    [PDF]

Ru Chen, SungBin Lee, Leon Balents

1301.4226 (Ariel Amir et al.)

Theory of interacting dislocations on cylinders    [PDF]

Ariel Amir, Jayson Paulose, David R. Nelson

1301.4265 (Priyamvada Jadaun et al.)

Theory and synthesis of bilayer graphene intercalated with ICl and IBr
for low power device applications

Priyamvada Jadaun, Hema C. P. Movva, Leonard F. Register, Sanjay K. Banerjee

1301.4273 (Anamitra Mukherjee et al.)

A variational approach for calculating Auger electron spectra: going
beyond the impurity approximation

Anamitra Mukherjee, George A. Sawatzky, Mona Berciu

1301.4288 (Michael S. Fuhrer et al.)

Measurement of mobility in dual-gated MoS2 transistors    [PDF]

Michael S. Fuhrer, James Hone

1301.4343 (Matus Milko et al.)

Predicting the electronic structure of weakly interacting hybrid
systems: The example of nanosized pea-pod structures

Matus Milko, Peter Puschnig, Claudia Draxl

1301.4345 (Gregor Hlawacek et al.)

Nucleation and growth of thin films of rod--like conjugated molecules    [PDF]

Gregor Hlawacek, Christian Teichert

1301.4350 (Juan de la Figuera et al.)

Micromagnetism in (001) magnetite by spin-polarized low-energy electron

Juan de la Figuera, Lucía Vergara, Alpha T. N'Diaye, Adrian Quesada, Andreas K. Schmid

1301.4357 (Tirma Herranz et al.)

Real-space study of the growth of magnesium on ruthenium    [PDF]

Tirma Herranz, Benito Santos, Kevin F. McCarty, Juan de la Figuera

1301.4379 (Alexei V. Khomenko)

Nonlinear model of hysteresis phenomena in dynamic force microscopy    [PDF]

Alexei V. Khomenko

1301.4426 (Hongbin Zhang et al.)

Engineering quantum anomalous Hall phases with orbital and spin degrees
of freedom

Hongbin Zhang, Frank Freimuth, Gustav Bihlmayer, Marjana Ležaić, Stefan Blügel, Yuriy Mokrousov

1301.4449 (Jack F. Douglas)

Influence of Chain Structure and Swelling on the Elasticity of Rubbery
Materials: Localization Model Description

Jack F. Douglas

1301.4472 (Uwe Thiele et al.)

Localized states in the conserved Swift-Hohenberg equation with cubic

Uwe Thiele, Andrew J. Archer, Mark J. Robbins, Hector Gomez, Edgar Knobloch

1301.4482 (P. L. de Andres et al.)

One-Dimensional Potential Model for Image States on Free-Standing

P. L. de Andres, P. M. Echenique, A. Rivacoba

1301.4488 (Yanan Wang et al.)

Twisted Bilayer Graphene Superlattices    [PDF]

Yanan Wang, Zhihua Su, Wei Wu, Shu Nie, Nan Xie, Huiqi Gong, Yang Guo, Joon Hwan Lee, Sirui Xing, Xiaoxiang Lu, Haiyan Wang, Xinghua Lu, Kevin McCarty, Shin- shem Pei, Francisco Robles-Hernandez, Viktor G. Hadjiev, Jiming Bao

1301.4491 (Andriy Kostyuk)

Strained Layer Crystalline Undulator    [PDF]

Andriy Kostyuk