Thursday, December 13, 2012

1112.2320 (Hardeep Thakur et al.)

On the optical properties of Ag^{+15} ion-beam irradiated TiO_{2} and
SnO_{2} thin films

Hardeep Thakur, Sanjeev Gautam, P. Thakur, K. K. Sharma, Abhinav Pratap Singh, Yogesh Kumar, Ravi Kumar, Keun Hwa Chae

1212.2682 (Yu Yang et al.)

Electron correlation and spin-orbit coupling effects in US3 and USe3    [PDF]

Yu Yang, Wei Yang, Ping Zhang

1212.2684 (You Zhou et al.)

Correlated Electron Materials and Field Effect Transistors for Logic: A

You Zhou, Shriram Ramanathan

1212.2740 (B. Rajeswaran et al.)

Field-induced Polar Order at the NĂ©el Temperature of Chromium in
Rare-earth Orthochromites: Interplay of Rare-earth and Cr Magnetism

B. Rajeswaran, D. I. Khomskii, A. K. Zvezdin, C. N. R. Rao, A. Sundaresan

1212.2745 (Ralf Betzholz et al.)

Giant magnetoimpedance of composite wires with an insulation layer    [PDF]

Ralf Betzholz, Lingyan Shi, Haibin Gao, Zhenjie Zhao, Uwe Hartmann

1212.2763 (Kjetil M. D. Hals et al.)

Thermal Fracturing of Geothermal Wells and the Effects of Borehole

Kjetil M. D. Hals, Inga Berre

1212.2782 (V. I. Kukushkin et al.)

Long-range nature of surface-enhanced Raman scattering    [PDF]

V. I. Kukushkin, A. B. Van'kov, I. V. Kukushkin

1212.2798 (G. F. Goya et al.)

Ferrimagnetism and spin canting of ZnFe2O4 nanoparticles embedded in ZnO

G. F. Goya, E. R. Leite

1212.2799 (Miriam Engel et al.)

Reduced Coulomb interaction in organic solar cells by the introduction
of inorganic high-k nanostructured materials

Miriam Engel, David Schaefer, Daniel Erni, Niels Benson, Roland Schmechel

1212.2877 (G. Lorusso et al.)

Magnetic cryocooling with Gd3+ centers in a light and compact framework    [PDF]

G. Lorusso, J. W. Sharples, E. Palacios, O. Roubeau, E. K. Brechin, R. Sessoli, A. Rossin, F. Tuna, E. J. L. McInnes, D. Collison, M. Evangelisti

1212.2942 (Kevin F. Garrity et al.)

Chern insulators from heavy atoms on magnetic substrates    [PDF]

Kevin F. Garrity, David Vanderbilt