Friday, August 31, 2012

1110.5457 (Emilio N. M. Cirillo et al.)

Allen-Cahn and Cahn-Hilliard-like equations for dissipative dynamics of
saturated porous media

Emilio N. M. Cirillo, Nicoletta Ianiro, Giulio Sciarra

1208.6018 (Tawhid Rana et al.)

A comparative study of SiC epitaxial growth in vertical hotwall CVD
reactor using silane and dichlorosilane precursor gases

Tawhid Rana, MVS Chandrashekhar, Haizheng Song, Tangali S. Sudarshan

1208.6030 (D. C. Peets et al.)

Floating Zone Growth of Large Single Crystals of SrFeO_3-x    [PDF]

D. C. Peets, Jung-hwa Kim, M. Reehuis, P. Dosanjh, B. Keimer

1208.6054 (Miao Liu et al.)

Interplay between Quantum Size Effect and Strain Effect on Growth of
Nanoscale Metal Thin Film

Miao Liu, Yong Han, Lin Tang, Jin-Feng Jia, Qi-Kun Xue, Feng Liu

1208.6097 (Takashi Uchino et al.)

Spin-Polarized Ground States and Ferromagnetic Order Induced by
Low-Coordinated Surface Atoms and Defects in Nanoscale Magnesium Oxide

Takashi Uchino, Toshinobu Yoko

1208.6103 (James J. Shepherd et al.)

Correlation Energy Divergences in Metallic Systems    [PDF]

James J. Shepherd, Andreas Grüneis

1208.6110 (Andres Castellanos-Gomez et al.)

Mechanical properties of freely suspended atomically thin dielectric
layers of mica

Andres Castellanos-Gomez, Menno Poot, Albert Amor-Amorós, Gary A. Steele, Herre S. J. van der Zant, Nicolás Agraït, Gabino Rubio-Bollinger

1208.6135 (A. Annadi et al.)

Unexpected Anisotropic Two Dimensional Electron Gas at the LaAlO3/SrTiO3
(110) Interface

A. Annadi, X. Wang, K. Gopinadhan, W. M. Lu, A. Roy Barman, Z. Q. Liu, A. Srivastava, S. Saha, Y. L. Zhao, S. W. Zeng, S. Dhar, N. Tuzla, E. Olsson, Q. Zhang, B. Gu, S. Yunoki, S. Maekawa, H. Hilgenkamp, T. Venkatesan, Ariando

1208.6142 (Eduardo V. Castro et al.)

Vacancy induced zero energy modes in graphene stacks: The case of ABC

Eduardo V. Castro, M. Pilar López-Sancho, María A. H. Vozmediano

1208.6147 (A. V. Voitsekhovskii et al.)

Calculation of thermal parameters of SiGe microbolometers    [PDF]

A. V. Voitsekhovskii, D. V. Grigoryev, V. A. Yuryev, S. N. Nesmelov

1208.6182 (K. -C. Liang et al.)

Weak ferromagnetism and internal magnetoelectric effect in

K. -C. Liang, W. Zhang, B. Lorenz, Y. Y. Sun, P. S. Halasyamani, C. W. Chu

1208.6190 (J. D. Doll et al.)

Rare-Event Sampling: Occupation-Based Performance Measures for Parallel
Tempering and Infinite Swapping Monte Carlo Methods

J. D. Doll, Nuria Plattner, David L. Freeman, Yufei Liu, Paul Dupuis

1208.6207 (N. D. Zhigadlo et al.)

High pressure flux growth, structural, and superconducting properties of
LnFeAsO (Ln = Pr, Nd, Sm) single crystals

N. D. Zhigadlo, S. Weyeneth, S. Katrych, P. J. W. Moll, K. Rogacki, S. Bosma, R. Puzniak, J. Karpinski, B. Batlogg

1208.6208 (Y. Niimi et al.)

Giant Spin Hall Effect Induced by Skew Scattering from Bismuth
Impurities inside Thin Film CuBi Alloys

Y. Niimi, Y. Kawanishi, D. H. Wei, C. Deranlot, H. X. Yang, M. Chshiev, T. Valet, A. Fert, Y. Otani

1208.6210 (Elie Wandersman et al.)

Particle Diffusion in Slow Granular Bulk Flows    [PDF]

Elie Wandersman, Joshua A. Dijksman, Martin van Hecke

1208.6230 (Jiaqi Zhang et al.)

Novel Photovoltaic Phenomenon in Manganite/ZnO Heterostructure    [PDF]

Jiaqi Zhang, Keke Huang, Xiaotian Yang, Wenzhe Si, Xiaofeng Wu, Yanyan Du, Gang Cheng, Shouhua Feng

1208.6257 (Taras Golod et al.)

The anti-ordinary Hall effect in NiPt thin films    [PDF]

Taras Golod, Andreas Rydh, Peter Svedlindh, Vladimir M. Krasnov

Thursday, August 30, 2012

1105.4427 (Karin Goß et al.)

Index assignment of a carbon nanotube rope using tip-enhanced Raman

Karin Goß, Niculina Peica, Christian Thomsen, Janina Maultzsch, Claus M. Schneider, Carola Meyer

1208.5793 (J. H. Roh et al.)

Failure of classical elasticity in auxetic foams    [PDF]

J. H. Roh, C. B. Giller, P. H. Mott, C. M. Roland

1208.5812 (Steven S. -L. Zhang et al.)

Magnon Mediated Electric Current Drag Across a Ferromagnetic Insulator

Steven S. -L. Zhang, Shufeng Zhang

1208.5828 (H. Sato et al.)

CoFeB Thickness Dependence of Thermal Stability Factor in CoFeB/MgO
Perpendicular Magnetic Tunnel Junctions

H. Sato, M. Yamanouchi, K. Miura, S. Ikeda, R. Koizumi, F. Matsukura, H. Ohno

1208.5829 (S. P. Beckman et al.)

Effective Hamiltonian Methods for Predicting the Electrocaloric Behavior
of BaTiO3

S. P. Beckman, L. F. Wan, Jordan A. Barr, Takeshi Nishimatsu

1208.5830 (Yong Wang et al.)

Ferroelectric Instability under Screened Coulomb Interactions    [PDF]

Yong Wang, Xiaohui Liu, J. D. Burton, Sitaram S. Jaswal, Evgeny Y. Tsymbal

1208.5849 (Pawel Strak et al.)

Dipole layer and band offset in polar AlN/GaN quantum wells - DFT study    [PDF]

Pawel Strak, Pawel Kempisty, Maria Ptasinska, Stanislaw Krukowski

1208.5864 (Hualing Zeng et al.)

Optical signature of symmetry variations and spin-valley coupling in
atomically thin tungsten dichalcogenides

Hualing Zeng, Gui-Bin Liu, Junfeng Dai, Yajun Yan, Bairen Zhu, Ruicong He, Lu Xie, Shijie Xu, Xianhui Chen, Wang Yao, Xiaodong Cui

1208.5767 (Masaki Kobayashi et al.)

Digging up bulk band dispersion buried under a passivation layer    [PDF]

Masaki Kobayashi, Iriya Muneta, Thorsten Schmitt, Luc Patthey, Shinobu Ohya, Masaaki Tanaka, Masaharu Oshima, Vladimir N. Strocov

1208.5901 (Guillaume Ricœur et al.)

Molecule-Electrode Interface Energetics in Molecular Junction: a
Transition Voltage Spectroscopy Study

Guillaume Ricœur, Stéphane Lenfant, David Guérin, Dominique Vuillaume

1208.5941 (Huaihong Guo et al.)

High pressure effect on structure, electronic structure and
thermoelectric properties of MoS$_2$

Huaihong Guo, Teng Yang, Peng Tao, Yong Wang, Zhidong Zhang

1208.5982 (K. G. Libbrecht et al.)

Crystal Growth in the Presence of Surface Melting: Novel Behavior of the
Principal Facets of Ice

K. G. Libbrecht, M. E. Rickerby

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

1111.1880 (Babak Sadigh et al.)

Calculations of excess free energies of precipitates via direct
thermodynamic integration across phase boundaries

Babak Sadigh, Paul Erhart

1208.5523 (C. Martin et al.)

Disentangling the surface and bulk electronic states of the Rashba
spin-splitting BiTeI

C. Martin, H. Berger, D. B. Tanner

1208.5545 (Taichi Kosugi)

Decomposition of modified Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equation and
corresponding analytic solutions

Taichi Kosugi

1208.5546 (Galina Strukova et al.)

With no Color and Scent (part III): Architecture of metal shells grown
on templates by pulse current electrodeposition

Galina Strukova, Gennady Strukov, Sergey Egorov

1208.5553 (Raghavendra Sahai Saxena et al.)

Trench Gate Power MOSFET: Recent Advances and Innovations    [PDF]

Raghavendra Sahai Saxena, M. Jagadesh Kumar

1208.5565 (A. Benassi et al.)

Optimal Energy Dissipation in Sliding Friction Simulations    [PDF]

A. Benassi, A. Vanossi, G. E. Santoro, E. Tosatti

1208.5567 (M. A. Hossain et al.)

Mechanical, thermal and optical properties of perovskite borides RRh3B(R
= Y, Zr, and Nb)

M. A. Hossain, M. S. Ali, A. K. M. A. Islam

1208.5573 (Sang-Yun Lee et al.)

Modulation frequency dependence of continuous-wave
optically/electrically detected magnetic resonance

Sang-Yun Lee, Seoyoung Paik, Dane R. McCamey, Christoph Boehme

1208.5577 (R. Zhao et al.)

Conduction mechanisms of epitaxial EuTiO3 thin films    [PDF]

R. Zhao, W. W. Li, L. Chen, Q. Q. Meng, J. Yang, H. Wang, Y. Q. Wang, R. J. Tang, H. Yang

1208.5586 (K. A. Okotrub et al.)

Raman scattering evidence of hydrohalite formation on frozen yeast cells    [PDF]

K. A. Okotrub, N. V. Surovtsev

1208.5588 (Witold Skowroński et al.)

Magnetic field sensor with voltage-tunable sensing properties    [PDF]

Witold Skowroński, Piotr Wiśniowski, Tomasz Stobiecki, Sebastiaan van Dijken, Susana Cardoso, Paulo P. Freitas

1208.5602 (Zengwei Zhu et al.)

Landau spectrum and twin boundaries of bismuth in the extreme quantum

Zengwei Zhu, Benoit Fauque, Liam Malone, Arlei Antunes, Yuki Fuseya, Kamran Behnia

1208.5644 (A. Aufderheide et al.)

Mixing-induced anisotropic correlations in molecular crystalline systems    [PDF]

A. Aufderheide, K. Broch, J. Novak, A. Hinderhofer, R. Nervo, A. Gerlach, R. Banerjee, F. Schreiber

1208.5662 (L. F. Zagonel et al.)

Nanosized precipitates in H13 tool steel low temperature plasma

L. F. Zagonel, J. Bettini, R. L. O. Basso, P. Paredez, H. Pinto, C. M. Lepienski, F. Alvarez

1208.5672 (R. C. Sterling et al.)

Increased surface flashover voltage in microfabricated devices    [PDF]

R. C. Sterling, M. D. Hughes, C. J. Mellor, W. K. Hensinger

1208.5684 (Jin-Wu Jiang et al.)

Enhancing the Mass Sensitivity of Graphene Nanoresonators Via Nonlinear
Oscillations: The Effective Strain Mechanism

Jin-Wu Jiang, Harold S. Park, Timon Rabczuk

1208.5710 (C. E. Ekuma et al.)

First Principle Local Density Approximation Description of the
Electronic Properties of Ferroelectric Sodium Nitrite

C. E. Ekuma, M. Jarrell, J. Moreno, L. Franklin, G. L. Zhao, J. T. Wang, D. Bagayoko

1208.5711 (Tyler A. Cain et al.)

Modulation doping to control the high-density electron gas at a
polar/non-polar oxide interface

Tyler A. Cain, Pouya Moetakef, Clayton A. Jackson, Susanne Stemmer

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

1105.2251 (Patrick B. Shea et al.)

Ab initio electronic structure calculations of solid, solution-processed

Patrick B. Shea, Jerzy Kanicki

1110.5112 (Duc-The Ngo et al.)

CoB/Ni-Based Multilayer Nanowire with High-Speed Domain Wall Motion
under Low Current Control

Duc-The Ngo, Norihito Watanabe, Hiroyuki Awano

1208.5064 (Kenneth G. Libbrecht)

Managing Systematic Errors in Ice Crystal Growth Experiments    [PDF]

Kenneth G. Libbrecht

1208.5078 (X. W. Zhou et al.)

Molecular Dynamics Studies of Dislocations in CdTe Crystals from a New
Bond Order Potential

X. W. Zhou, D. K. Ward, B. M. Wong, F. P. Doty, J. A. Zimmermana

1208.5122 (Yi-Neng Huang et al.)

A Way to Design Diaelectric Materials    [PDF]

Yi-Neng Huang, Xing-Yu Zhao, Li-Li Zhang, Xin-Ru Huang

1208.5135 (G. Zhao et al.)

Buried heterostructure vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser with
semiconductor mirrors

G. Zhao, Y. Zhang, D. G. Deppe, K. Konthasinghe, A. Muller

1208.5144 (Mirko Moeller et al.)

Magnon-mediated interactions between fermions depend strongly on the
lattice structure

Mirko Moeller, George A. Sawatzky, Mona Berciu

1208.5146 (Mirko Moeller et al.)

The role of the lattice structure in determining the magnon-mediated
interactions between charge carriers doped into a magnetically ordered

Mirko Moeller, George A. Sawatzky, Mona Berciu

1208.5202 (Branimir Radisavljevic et al.)

Small-signal amplifier based on single-layer MoS2    [PDF]

Branimir Radisavljevic, Michael B. Whitwick, Andras Kis

1208.5291 (Na Sai et al.)

Understanding the Interface Dipole of Copper Phthalocyanine (CuPc)/C60:
Theory and Experiment

Na Sai, Raluca Gearba, Andrei Dolocan, John R. Tritsch, Wai-Lun Chan, James R. Chelikowsky, Kevin Leung, Xiaoyang Zhu

1208.5293 (Alexander N. Poddubny et al.)

Purcell effect in wire metamaterials    [PDF]

Alexander N. Poddubny, Pavel A. Belov, Yuri S. Kivshar

1208.5299 (Feby Jose et al.)

Optical and Nanomechanical characterization of highly a-axis oriented
AlN films deposited by reactive magnetron sputtering

Feby Jose, R. Ramaseshan, S. Tripura Sundari, S. Dash, M. S. R. N. Kiran, A. K. Tyagi, U. Ramamurty

1208.5300 (Zheng Wen et al.)

Colossal electroresistance in metal/ferroelectric/semiconductor tunnel
diodes for resistive switching memories

Zheng Wen, Chen Li, Di Wu, Aidong Li, Naiben Ming

1208.5307 (S. G. Tan et al.)

Suppression of superconductivity in layered Bi4O4S3 by Ag doping    [PDF]

S. G. Tan, P. Tong, Y. Liu, W. J. Lu, L. J. Li, B. C. Zhao, Y. P. Sun

1208.5309 (Céline Lichtensteiger et al.)

Ferroelectricity in ultrathin film capacitors    [PDF]

Céline Lichtensteiger, Pavlo Zubko, Massimiliano Stengel, Pablo Aguado-Puente, Jean-Marc Triscone, Philippe Ghosez, Javier Junquera

1208.5315 (A. N. Enyashin et al.)

Fluorographynes: Stability, Structural and Electronic Properties    [PDF]

A. N. Enyashin, A. L. Ivanovskii

1208.5336 (Dominik Stöffler et al.)

STM-induced surface aggregates on metals and oxidized silicon    [PDF]

Dominik Stöffler, Hilbert von Löhneysen, Regina Hoffmann

1208.5339 (Benjamin Lenk et al.)

Spin-wave modes and band structure of rectangular CoFeB antidot lattices    [PDF]

Benjamin Lenk, Nils Abeling, Jelena Panke, Markus Münzenberg

1208.5383 (Benjamin Lenk et al.)

Photo-magnonics    [PDF]

Benjamin Lenk, Fabian Garbs, Henning Ulrichs, Nils Abeling, Markus Münzenberg

1208.5396 (A. V. Poshakinskiy et al.)

Reflection of short polarized optical pulses from periodic and aperiodic
multiple quantum well structures

A. V. Poshakinskiy, A. N. Poddubny, S. A. Tarasenko

1208.5426 (Tadej Rojac et al.)

Piezoelectric nonlinearity and frequency dispersion of the direct
piezoelectric response of BiFeO3 ceramics

Tadej Rojac, Andreja Bencan, Goran Drazic, Marija Kosec, Dragan Damjanovic

Friday, August 24, 2012

1107.0600 (Thomas Olsen et al.)

Large Excitonic Effects in the Optical Properties of Monolayer MoS2    [PDF]

Thomas Olsen, Karsten W. Jacobsen, Kristian S. Thygesen

1208.4601 (Brian Skinner et al.)

Why is the bulk resistivity of topological insulators so small?    [PDF]

Brian Skinner, Tianran Chen, B. I. Shklovskii

1208.4615 (László Oroszlány et al.)

Gap Generation in Topological Insulator Surface States by
non-Ferromagnetic Magnets

László Oroszlány, Alberto Cortijo

1208.4638 (Weidong Luo et al.)

Massive Dirac surface states in topological insulator/magnetic insulator

Weidong Luo, Xiao-Liang Qi

1208.4655 (Qinfang Zhang et al.)

Strain-engineered magnetic order in
(LaMnO$_{3}$)$_n$/(SrMnO$_{3}$)$_{2n}$ superlattices

Qinfang Zhang, Shuai Dong, Baolin Wang, Seiji Yunoki

1208.4673 (Jing Niu et al.)

Shifting of surface plasmon resonance due to electromagnetic coupling
between graphene and Au nanoparticles

Jing Niu, Young Jun Shin, Jaesung Son, Youngbin Lee, Jong Hyun Ahn, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.4738 (Stephan Gepraegs et al.)

Giant Magnetoelastic Effects in BaTiO3-based Extrinsic Multiferroic

Stephan Gepraegs, Matthias Opel, Sebastian T. B. Goennenwein, Rudolf Gross

1208.4753 (H. O. Ghaffari et al.)

Acoustic-Friction Networks and the Evolution of Shear Ruptures in
Laboratory Earthquakes

H. O. Ghaffari, R. P. Young

1208.4760 (S. Weyeneth et al.)

Superconductivity and magnetism in RbxFe2-ySe2: Impact of thermal
treatment on mesoscopic phase separation

S. Weyeneth, M. Bendele, F. von Rohr, P. Dluzewski, R. Puzniak, A. Krzton-Maziopa, S. Bosma, Z. Guguchia, R. Khasanov, Z. Shermadini, A. Amato, E. Pomjakushina, K. Conder, A. Schilling, H. Keller

1208.4780 (Seunghyun Lee et al.)

Flexible and Transparent All-Graphene Circuits for Quaternary Digital

Seunghyun Lee, Kyunghoon Lee, Chang-Hua Liu, Girish S. Kulkarni, Zhaohui Zhong

1208.4782 (Y. H. Wang et al.)

Measurement of intrinsic Dirac fermion cooling on the surface of a
topological insulator Bi$_2$Se$_3$ using time- and angle-resolved
photoemission spectroscopy

Y. H. Wang, D. Hsieh, E. J. Sie, H. Steinberg, D. R. Gardner, Y. S. Lee, P. Jarillo-Herrero, N. Gedik

1208.4785 (M. L. Baker et al.)

Spin dynamics of molecular nanomagnets fully unraveled by
four-dimensional inelastic neutron scattering

M. L. Baker, T. Guidi, S. Carretta, J. Ollivier, H. Mutka, H. U. Güdel, G. A. Timco, E. J. L. McInnes, G. Amoretti, R. E. P. Winpenny, P. Santini

1208.4822 (E. Chimczak et al.)

Spectral and kinetic properties of electroluminescence of ZnS:Cu powder
in polymer structure

E. Chimczak, T. Dunaj, M. Bertandt, A. Wieczorek, G. Neunert, G. Chimczak, M. Cież, M. Łukasik

Thursday, August 23, 2012

1104.5709 (Namrata Bansal et al.)

Thickness-independent transport channels in topological insulator Bi2Se3
thin films

Namrata Bansal, Yong Seung Kim, Matthew Brahlek, Eliav Edrey, Seongshik Oh

1208.4397 (Joshua D. Stoll et al.)

Electron transparent graphene windows for environmental scanning
electron microscopy in liquids and dense gases

Joshua D. Stoll, Andrei Kolmakov

1208.4403 (Kahina Ait Atmane et al.)

High temperature structural and magnetic properties of cobalt nanowires    [PDF]

Kahina Ait Atmane, Fatih Zighem, Yaghoub Soumare, Mona Ibrahim, Rym Boubekri, Thomas Maurer, Jérémie Margueritat, Jean-Yves Piquemal, Frédéric Ott, Grégory Chaboussant, Frédéric Schoenstein, Noureddine Jouini, Guillaume Viau

1208.4406 (Jingyun Zhang et al.)

First principles molecular dynamics study of filled ice hydrogen hydrate    [PDF]

Jingyun Zhang, Jer-Lai Kuo, Toshiaki Iitaka

1208.4408 (Pilkyung Moon et al.)

The Effects of Post-Thermal Annealing on the Emission Spectra of
GaAs/AlGaAs Quantum Dots grown by Droplet Epitaxy

Pilkyung Moon, J. D. Lee, S. K. Ha, E. H. Lee, W. J. Choi, J. D. Song, J. S. Kim, L. S. Dang

1208.4424 (Yu Guo et al.)

Broadband super-Planckian thermal emission from hyperbolic metamaterials    [PDF]

Yu Guo, Cristian L. Cortes, Sean Molesky, Zubin Jacob

1208.4450 (Makoto Naka et al.)

Collective Charge Excitation in a Dimer Mott Insulating System    [PDF]

Makoto Naka, Sumio Ishihara

1208.4456 (I. R. Shein et al.)

Ab initio study of the elastic and electronic properties of tetragonal

I. R. Shein, A. L. Ivanovskii

1208.4532 (L. Fang et al.)

Catalyst-Free Growth of Millimeter-Long Topological Insulator Bi2Se3
Nanoribbons and the Observation of pi Berry Phase

L. Fang, Y. Jia, D. J. Miller, M. L. Latimer, Z. L. Xiao, U. Welp, G. W. Crabtree, W. -K. Kwok

1208.4542 (Damián P. San-Román-Alerigi et al.)

Electron irradiation induced reduction of the permittivity in
chalcogenide glass (As2S3) thin film

Damián P. San-Román-Alerigi, Dalaver H. Anjum, Yaping Zhang, Xiaoming Yang, Ahmed Benslimane, Tien K. Ng, Mohammad Alsunaidi, Boon S. Ooi

1208.4555 (M. J. Everitt et al.)

Tunable refraction in a two dimensional quantum metamaterial    [PDF]

M. J. Everitt, J. H. Samson, S. E. Savelev, T. P. Spiller, R. Wilson, A. M. Zagoskin

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1208.4094 (Sushant Gupta et al.)

Structural/microstructural, optical and electrical investigations of
Sb-SnO2 thin films deposited by spray pyrolysis

Sushant Gupta, B. C. Yadav, Prabhat K. Dwivedi, B. Das

1208.4096 (Yi-Dong Wu)

Chern pump: a bridge between integer quantum Hall effect and quantum
spin Hall effect

Yi-Dong Wu

1208.4099 (William Witczak-Krempa et al.)

Pyrochlore electrons under pressure, heat and field: shedding light on
the iridates

William Witczak-Krempa, Ara Go, Yong Baek Kim

1208.4120 (T. F. Seman et al.)

Strain-induced metal-insulator phase coexistence and stability in
perovskite manganites

T. F. Seman, K. H. Ahn, T. Lookman, A. R. Bishop

1208.4135 (Steven P. Koenig et al.)

Selective Molecular Sieving through Porous Graphene    [PDF]

Steven P. Koenig, Luda Wang, John Pellegrino, J. Scott Bunch

1208.4144 (Maryam Taherinejad et al.)

Bloch-type Domain Walls in Rhombohedral BaTiO3    [PDF]

Maryam Taherinejad, David Vanderbilt, Pavel Marton, Vilma Stepkova, Jiri Hlinka

1208.4180 (H. B. Rhee et al.)

Contrast of LiFeAs with isostructural, isoelectronic, and
non-superconducting MgFeGe

H. B. Rhee, W. E. Pickett

1208.4182 (G. Vignale et al.)

Comment on "Density and Physical Current Density Functional Theory" by
Xiao-Yin Pan and Viraht Sahni, Int. J. Quant. Chem. 110, 2833 (2010)

G. Vignale, C. A. Ullrich, Klaus Capelle

1208.4184 (Debin Li et al.)

An investigation into the feasibility of myoglobin-based single-electron

Debin Li, Peter M. Gannet, David Lederman

1208.4193 (V. Ryzhii et al.)

Effect of plasma resonances on dynamic characteristics of double
graphene-layer optical modulator

V. Ryzhii, T. Otsuji, M. Ryzhii, V. G. Leiman, S. O. Yurchenko, V. Mitin, M. S. Shur

1208.4203 (Sunil Kumar et al.)

Probing ultrafast carrier dynamics and nonlinear absorption and
refraction in core-shell silicon nanowires

Sunil Kumar, M. Khorasaninejad, M. M. Adachi, K. S. Karim, S. S. Saini, A. K. Sood

1208.4216 (Tobias Staudacher et al.)

Augmenting the spin properties of shallow implanted NV-centers by

Tobias Staudacher, Florestan Ziem, Lutz Häussler, Rainer Stöhr, Steffen Steinert, Friedemann Reinhard, Jochen Scharpf, Andrej Denisenko, Jörg Wrachtrup

1208.4232 (Rongkuo Zhao et al.)

Rotational Quantum Friction    [PDF]

Rongkuo Zhao, J. B. Pendry

1208.4265 (D. Marchenko et al.)

Graphene for spintronics: giant Rashba splitting due to hybridization
with Au

D. Marchenko, A. Varykhalov, M. R. Scholz, G. Bihlmayer, E. I. Rashba, A. Rybkin, A. M. Shikin, O. Rader

1208.4296 (Muhammad Usman et al.)

Theory of the electronic structure of dilute bismide and bismide-nitride
alloys of GaAs: Tight-binding and k.p models

Muhammad Usman, Christopher A Broderick, Eoin P. O'Reilly

1208.4308 (T. Hu et al.)

Non-Fermi liquid behavior with and without quantum criticality in

T. Hu, Y. P. Singh, L. Shu, M. Janoschek, M. Dzero, M. B. Maple, Carmen C. Almasan

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

1112.0834 (P. He et al.)

Chemical Composition Tuning of the Anomalous Hall Effect in
Isoelectronic L10 FePd1-xPtx Alloy Films

P. He, L. Ma, Z. Shi, G. Y. Guo, J. -G. Zheng, Y. Xin, S. M. Zhou

1208.3673 (Dileep Kumar et al.)

Interface induced perpendicular magnetic anisotropy in Co/CoO/Co thin
film structure: An in-situ MOKE investigation

Dileep Kumar, Ajay Gupta, P. Patidar, K. K. Pandey, T. Sant, S. M. Sharma

1208.3720 (Salvatore Torquato et al.)

Effect of Dimensionality on the Continuum Percolation of Overlapping
Hyperspheres and Hypercubes: II. Simulation Results and Analyses

Salvatore Torquato, Yang Jiao

1208.3743 (Bo Sun et al.)

First-principles study of surface properties of PuO2: Effects of
thickness and O-vacancy on surface stability and chemical activity

Bo Sun, Haifeng Liu, Haifeng Song, Guang-Cai Zhang, Hui Zheng, Xian-Geng Zhao, Ping Zhang

1208.3745 (Bo Sun et al.)

The environmental dependence of redox energetics of PuO2 and
α-Pu2O3: A quantitative solution from DFT+U calculations

Bo Sun, Haifeng Liu, Haifeng Song, Guang-Cai Zhang, Hui Zheng, Xian-Geng Zhao, Ping Zhang

1208.3746 (Yong Lu et al.)

Phonon dispersion curves and thermodynamic properties of α-Pu2O3    [PDF]

Yong Lu, Yu Yang, Fawei Zheng, Ping Zhang

1208.3755 (Tsung-Wei Chen)

Maximum intrinsic spin-Hall conductivity in two-dimensional systems with
k-linear spin-orbit interaction

Tsung-Wei Chen

1208.3837 (Snir Seri et al.)

Interplay between sheet resistance increase and magnetotransport
properties in ${\rm LaAlO_3}/{\rm SrTiO_3}$

Snir Seri, Moty Schultz, Lior Klein

1208.3842 (Peng Cai et al.)

Visualizing the microscopic coexistence of spin density wave and
superconductivity in underdoped NaFe1-xCoxAs

Peng Cai, Xiaodong Zhou, Wei Ruan, Aifeng Wang, Xianhui Chen, Dung-Hai Lee, Yayu Wang

1208.3972 (Pabitra K. Nayak)

Exciton Binding Energy in small organic conjugated molecule    [PDF]

Pabitra K. Nayak

1208.3995 (Gabriel T. Landi et al.)

Linear response theory for arbitrary periodic signals    [PDF]

Gabriel T. Landi, Mario J. de Oliveira

1208.4044 (Olle Gunnarsson)

Strongly correlated electrons: Estimates of model parameters    [PDF]

Olle Gunnarsson

1208.4071 (Helin Cao et al.)

Topological insulator Bi2Te3 films synthesized by metal organic chemical
vapor deposition

Helin Cao, Rama Venkatasubramanian, Chang Liu, Jonathan Pierce, Haoran Yang, M. Zahid Hasan, Yue Wu, Yong P. Chen

Monday, August 20, 2012

1110.3624 (M. Hudl et al.)

Investigation of the magnetic phase transition and magnetocaloric
properties of the Mn$_2$FeSbO$_6$ ilmenite

M. Hudl, R. Mathieu, P. Nordblad, S. A. Ivanov, G. V. Bazuev, P. Lazor

1208.3620 (Oliver Pabst et al.)

Sinusoidal analysis of memristor bridge circuit-rectifier for low

Oliver Pabst, Torsten Schmidt

1208.3470 (K. Kechedzhi et al.)

Gate tunable quantum transport in double layer graphene    [PDF]

K. Kechedzhi, E. H. Hwang, S. Das Sarma

1208.3479 (Woo Seok Choi et al.)

Strain-Induced Spin States in Atomically Ordered Cobaltites    [PDF]

Woo Seok Choi, Ji-Hwan Kwon, Hyoungjeen Jeen, Jorge E. Hamann-Borrero, Abdullah Radi, Sebastian Macke, Ronny Sutarto, Feizhou He, George A. Sawatzky, Vladimir Hinkov, Miyoung Kim, Ho Nyung Lee

1208.3519 (Pawan Kumar et al.)

Nanostructured Zinc Oxide as a Prospective Room Temperature
Thermoelectric Material

Pawan Kumar, M. Kar, Anup V. Sanchela, C. V. Tomy, Ajay D. Thakur

1208.3520 (I. V. Solovyev et al.)

Magnetic structure and ferroelectric activity in orthorhombic YMnO3:
relative roles of magnetic symmetry breaking and atomic displacements

I. V. Solovyev, M. V. Valentyuk, V. V. Mazurenko

1208.3525 (Ajeesh M. Sahadevan et al.)

Biaxial strain effect of spin dependent tunneling in MgO magnetic tunnel

Ajeesh M. Sahadevan, Ravi K. Tiwari, Gopinadhan Kalon, Charanjit S. Bhatia, Mark Saeys, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.3526 (Kulothungasagaran Narayanapillai et al.)

Observation of magnetocapacitance in ferromagnetic nanowires    [PDF]

Kulothungasagaran Narayanapillai, Mahdi Jamali, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.3527 (Mahdi Jamali et al.)

Detection of domain wall eigenfrequency in infinity-shaped magnetic

Mahdi Jamali, Kulothungasagaran Narayanapillai, Jae Hyun Kwon, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.3567 (D. E. Parkes et al.)

Non-volatile voltage control of magnetization and magnetic domain walls
in magnetostrictive epitaxial thin films

D. E. Parkes, S. A. Cavill, A. T. Hindmarch, P. Wadley, F. McGee, C. R. Staddon, K. W. Edmonds, R. P. Campion, B. L. Gallagher, A. W. Rushforth

1208.3570 (D. S. Novopashina et al.)

Fluorecently labeled bionanotransporters of nucleic acid based on carbon

D. S. Novopashina, E. K. Apartsin, A. G. Venyaminova

1208.3587 (Dianyu Chen et al.)

A recoverable versatile photo-polymerization initiator catalyst    [PDF]

Dianyu Chen, Rongxin Yuan, Soumyajit Roy

1208.3607 (Alper Kinaci et al.)

Assessment of the Thermal Conductivity of BN-C Nanostructures    [PDF]

Alper Kinaci, Justin B. Haskins, Cem Sevik, Tahir Cagin

1208.3621 (George Alexandru Nemnes et al.)

Fractional exclusion statistics in disordered interacting systems    [PDF]

George Alexandru Nemnes, Dragos-Victor Anghel

1208.3661 (Voicu O. Dolocan)

Spin-torque effect on spin wave modes in magnetic nanowires    [PDF]

Voicu O. Dolocan

1208.3664 (Y. Le Godec et al.)

Effect of nanostructuration on compressibility of cubic BN    [PDF]

Y. Le Godec, O. O. Kurakevych, P. Munsch, G. Garbarino, M. Mezouar, V. L. Solozhenko

Friday, August 17, 2012

1208.3207 (R. Larico et al.)

Electronic properties and hyperfine fields of nickel-related complexes
in diamond

R. Larico, J. F. Justo, W. V. M. Machado, L. V. C. Assali

1208.3243 (Eugene A. Eliseev et al.)

Correlation Between Structure and Conductivity of 180-Degree Domain
Walls in Ferroelectric BaTi03

Eugene A. Eliseev, Peter V. Yudin, Sergei V. Kalinin, Nava Setter, Alexander K. Tagantsev, Anna N. Morozovska

1208.3257 (T. Kataoka et al.)

X-ray absorption spectroscopy and X-ray magnetic circular dichroism
studies of transition-metal-co-doped ZnO nano-particles

T. Kataoka, Y. Yamazaki, V. R. Singh, Y. Sakamoto, K. Ishigami, V. K. Verma, A. Fujimori, F. -H. Chang, H. -J. Lin, D. J. Huang, C. T. Chen, D. Asakura, T. Koide, A. Tanaka, D. Karmakar, S. K. Mandal, T. K. Nath, I. Dagupta

1208.3269 (Young-Gyun Jeong et al.)

Terahertz nano antenna enabled early transition in VO2    [PDF]

Young-Gyun Jeong, Ji-Soo Kyoung, Jae-Wook Choi, Sang-Hoon Han, Hyeong-Ryeol Park, Namkyoo Park, Bong-Jun Kim, Hyun-Tak Kim, Dai-Sik Kim

1208.3326 (I. Živković et al.)

Site-selective quantum correlations revealed by magnetic anisotropy in
the tetramer system SeCuO3

I. Živković, D. M. Djokić, M. Herak, D. Pajić, K. Prša, P. Pattison, D. Dominko, Z. Micković, D. Cinčić, L. Forro, H. Berger, H. M. Ronnow

1208.3356 (Chih-Wei Chiu et al.)

Anisotropy of π-plasmon Dispersion Relation of AA-stacked Graphite    [PDF]

Chih-Wei Chiu, Feng-Lin Shyu, Ming-Fa Lin, Godfrey Gumbs, Oleksiy Roslyak

1208.3401 (Juan Shen et al.)

Ab initio study of the two-dimensional metallic state at the surface of
SrTiO3: importance of oxygen vacancies

Juan Shen, Hunpyo Lee, Roser Valenti, Harald O. Jeschke

1208.3420 (Mauro Rovezzi)

Indexing Fe-phases in/on GaN using x-ray powder diffraction    [PDF]

Mauro Rovezzi

1208.3451 (P. Kosinski et al.)

Note on lattice spin in graphene and "spin from isospin" phenomenon    [PDF]

P. Kosinski, P. Maslanka, J. Slawinska, I. Zasada

Thursday, August 16, 2012

1208.2958 (Miranda Holmes-Cerfon et al.)

Development of Knife-Edge Ridges on Ion-Bombarded Surfaces    [PDF]

Miranda Holmes-Cerfon, Wei Zhou, Andrea L. Bertozzi, Michael P. Brenner, Michael J. Aziz

1208.2968 (Fan Zhang et al.)

Surface State Magnetization and Chiral Edge States on Topological

Fan Zhang, C. L. Kane, E. J. Mele

1208.3050 (Soo-Man Seo et al.)

Current-induced synchronized switching of magnetization    [PDF]

Soo-Man Seo, Kyung-Jin Lee

1208.3098 (Ariadna Blanca-Romero et al.)

Confinement-induced metal-to-insulator transition in strained
LaNiO$_3$/LaAlO$_3$ superlattices

Ariadna Blanca-Romero, Rossitza Pentcheva

1208.3099 (P. K. Rout et al.)

Signatures of two-dimensional electron gas at magnetic Heusler
alloy-SrTiO$_3$ interface

P. K. Rout, Himanshu Pandey, Anupam, P. C. Joshi, Z. Hossain, R. C. Budhani

1208.3113 (Lars Fritz et al.)

The Physics of Kondo Impurities in Graphene    [PDF]

Lars Fritz, Matthias Vojta

1208.3134 (R. M. Fernandes et al.)

Two-band superconductivity in doped SrTiO$_{3}$ films and interfaces    [PDF]

R. M. Fernandes, J. T. Haraldsen, P. Wölfle, A. V. Balatsky

1208.3135 (Savvi Mishra et al.)

Probing the structure, morphology and multifold blue absorption of a new
red-emitting nanophosphor for LEDs

Savvi Mishra, Isha Bharti, N. Vijayan, R. K. Sharma, L. M. Kandpal, V. Shanker, M. K. Dalai, R. Rajeswari, C. K. Jayasankar, S. Surendra Babu, D. Haranath

1208.3136 (C. H. Wang et al.)

Magnetic properties of the S=1/2 quasi square lattice antiferromagnet
CuF2(H2O)2(pyz) (pyz=pyrazine) investigated by neutron scattering

C. H. Wang, M. D. Lumsden, R. S. Fishman, G. Ehlers, T. Hong, W. Tian, H. Cao, A. Podlesnyak, C. Dunmars, J. A. Schlueter, J. L. Manson, A. D. Christianson

1208.3176 (A. Barcza et al.)

Magneto-elastic coupling and competing entropy changes in substituted
CoMnSi metamagnets

A. Barcza, Z. Gercsi, H. Michor, K. Suzuki, W. Kockelmann, K. S. Knight, K. G. Sandeman

1208.3189 (Hechang Lei et al.)

New layered oxysulfide SrFBiS2    [PDF]

Hechang Lei, Kefeng Wang, Milinda Abeykoon, Emil S. Bozin, C. Petrovic

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

1107.0122 (Sudhakar Pandey et al.)

Spin Hall effect in iron-based superconductors: A Dirac-point effect    [PDF]

Sudhakar Pandey, Hiroshi Kontani, Dai S. Hirashima, Ryotaro Arita, Hideo Aoki

1208.2687 (Mengchen Huang et al.)

Nonlocal Piezoresponse of LaAlO3/SrTiO3 Heterostructures    [PDF]

Mengchen Huang, Feng Bi, Chung-Wung Bark, Sangwoo Ryu, Kwang-Hwan Cho, Chang-Beom Eom, Jeremy Levy

1208.2708 (William P. Huhn et al.)

A Free Energy Model of Boron Carbide    [PDF]

William P. Huhn, Michael Widom

1208.2709 (J. O. Island et al.)

Few-hundred GHz Carbon Nanotube NEMS    [PDF]

J. O. Island, V. Tayari, A. C. McRae, A. R. Champagne

1208.2741 (T. Valla et al.)

Topological insulator in a Bi-Bi$_2$Se$_3$ infinitely adaptive
superlattice phase

T. Valla, Huiwen Ji, L. M. Schoop, A. P. Weber, Z. -H. Pan, J. T. Sadowski, E. Vescovo, A. V. Fedorov, A. N. Caruso, Q. D. Gibson, L. Muchler, C. Felser, R. J. Cava

1208.2791 (Nadine Hauptmann et al.)

Force and Conductance during contact formation to a C60 molecule    [PDF]

Nadine Hauptmann, Fabian Mohn, Leo Gross, Gerhard Meyer, Thomas Frederiksen, Richard Berndt

1208.2811 (V. Fleurov et al.)

The Nature of the magnetism-promoting hole state in the prototype
magnetic semiconductor GaAs: Mn

V. Fleurov, K. Kikoin, A. Zunger

1208.2812 (Hiroyasu Matsuura et al.)

Theory of Mechanism of $π$-d Interaction in Iron-Phthalocyanine    [PDF]

Hiroyasu Matsuura, Masao Ogata, Kazumasa Miyake, Hidetoshi Fukuyama

1208.2817 (Hiroyasu Matsuura et al.)

Antiferromagnetic Exchange Interaction between Electrons on Degenerate
LUMOs in Benzene Dianion

Hiroyasu Matsuura, Kazumasa Miyake, Hidetoshi Fukuyama

1208.2820 (Sylwia Calus et al.)

Influence of nano confinement on nematic liquid crystals    [PDF]

Sylwia Calus, Daniel Rau, Patrick Huber, Andriy V. Kityk

1208.2850 (F. Liot et al.)

Numerical Simulations of the Invar Effect in Fe-Ni, Fe-Pt, and Fe-Pd

F. Liot, C. A. Hooley

1208.2928 (Shinobu Ohya et al.)

Valence-band structure of ferromagnetic semiconductor (InGaMn)As    [PDF]

Shinobu Ohya, Iriya Muneta, Yufei Xin, Kenta Takata, Masaaki Tanaka

1208.2949 (Gorky Shaw et al.)

Generating strong magnetic flux shielding regions in a single crystal of
Bi2Sr2CaCu2O8 using a blind hole array

Gorky Shaw, Biplab Bag, S. S. Banerjee, Hermann Suderow, T. Tamegai

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

1112.5848 (Rana Saha et al.)

Multiferroic and magnetoelectric nature of GaFeO3, AlFeO3 and related

Rana Saha, Ajmala Shireen, Sharmila N. Shirodkar, Umesh V. Waghmare, A. Sundaresan, C. N. R. Rao

1208.2304 (T. F. Seman et al.)

Effects of rare earth ion size on the stability of the coherent
Jahn-Teller distortions in undoped perovskite manganites

T. F. Seman, K. H. Ahn, T. Lookman, A. Saxena, A. R. Bishop, P. B. Littlewood

1208.2313 (P. A. Mortemousque et al.)

Spin dependent recombination based magnetic resonance spectroscopy of
bismuth donor spins in silicon at low magnetic fields

P. A. Mortemousque, T. Sekiguchi, C. Culan, M. P. Vlasenko, R. G. Elliman, L. S. Vlasenko, K. M. Itoh

1208.2356 (A. Navarro-Quezada et al.)

Planar arrays of magnetic nanocrystals embedded in GaN    [PDF]

A. Navarro-Quezada, T. Devillers, Tian Li, A. Bonanni

1208.2410 (Franck Natali et al.)

Rare-earth mononitrides    [PDF]

Franck Natali, Ben J. Ruck, Natalie O. V. Plank, H. Joe Trodahl, Simon Granville, Claire Meyer, Walter R. L. Lambrecht

1208.2439 (Soumen Karmakar et al.)

Gas phase condensation of few-layer graphene with rotational stacking
faults in an electric-arc

Soumen Karmakar, Ashok B. Nawale, Niranjan P. Lalla, Vasant G. Sathe, Vikas L. Mathe, Asoka K. Das, Sudha V. Bhoraskar

1208.2476 (Jae Sung Lee et al.)

Two opposite hysteresis curves in semiconductors with mobile dopants    [PDF]

Jae Sung Lee, Shin Buhm Lee, Byungnam Kahng, Tae Won Noh

1208.2546 (Aristides I. Kechriniotis et al.)

New bilinear equations for the solutions of Dirac equation in presence
of a general electromagnetic field

Aristides I. Kechriniotis, Christos A. Tsonos, Konstantinos K. Delibasis

1208.2551 (Veronica Goian et al.)

Magnetic and dielectric properties of multiferroic Eu0.5Ba0.25Sr0.25TiO3

Veronica Goian, Stanislav Kamba, Premysl Vanek, Maxim Savinov, Christelle Kadlec, Jan Prokleska

1208.2574 (Christian Walter et al.)

Using a dual plasma process to produce cobalt--polypyrrole catalysts for
the oxygen reduction reaction in fuel cells -- part I: characterisation of
the catalytic activity and surface structure

Christian Walter, Kurt Kummer, Denis Vyalikh, Volker Brüser, Antje Quade, Klaus-Dieter Weltmann

1208.2619 (Yuriy G. Semenov et al.)

Tunable photo-galvanic effect on topological insulator surfaces via
proximity interactions

Yuriy G. Semenov, Xiaodong Li, Ki Wook Kim

1208.2642 (Christopher M. Dodson et al.)

Magnetic Dipole and Electric Quadrupole Transitions in the Trivalent
Lanthanide Series: Calculated Emission Rates and Oscillator Strengths

Christopher M. Dodson, Rashid Zia

Monday, August 13, 2012

1208.2057 (J. A. Camargo-Martínez et al.)

The band gap problem: some different approximations    [PDF]

J. A. Camargo-Martínez, R. Baquero

1208.2074 (Y. Kozuka et al.)

Precise calibration of Mg concentration in MgxZn1-xO thin films grown on
ZnO substrates

Y. Kozuka, J. Falson, Y. Segawa, T. Makino, A. Tsukazaki, M. Kawasaki

1208.2101 (Hiroyuki Yamane et al.)

Hybridized electronic states in potassium-doped picene probed by soft
x-ray spectroscopies

Hiroyuki Yamane, Nobuhiro Kosugi

1208.2119 (Stanislav Kamba et al.)

Polar phonon anomalies in single crystalline TbScO3    [PDF]

Stanislav Kamba, Veronica Goian, Dmitry Nuzhnyy, Viktor Bovtun, Martin Kempa, Jan Prokleska, Margitta Bernhagen, Reinhard Uecker, Darrell G. Schlom

1208.2144 (Silvano Lizzit et al.)

Transfer-free electrical insulation of epitaxial graphene from its metal

Silvano Lizzit, Rosanna Larciprete, Paolo Lacovig, Matteo Dalmiglio, Fabrizio Orlando, Alessandro Baraldi, Lauge Gammelgaard, Lucas Barreto, Marco Bianchi, Edward Perkins, Philip Hofmann

1208.2188 (Daniel Mourad et al.)

Determination of the valence band offset at cubic CdSe/ZnTe type II
heterojunctions: A combined experimental and theoretical approach

Daniel Mourad, Jan-Peter Richters, Lionel Gérard, Régis André, Joël Bleuse, Henri Mariette

1208.2193 (N. V. Uvarov et al.)

Electronic structure, optical and magnetic properties of Co$_{2}$FeGe
Heusler alloy films

N. V. Uvarov, Y. V. Kudryavtsev, A. F. Kravets, A. Ya. Vovk, R. P. Borges, M. Godinho, V. Korenivski

1208.2195 (Sergey Y. Polevoy et al.)

Resonant features of planar Faraday metamaterial with high structural

Sergey Y. Polevoy, Sergey L. Prosvirnin, Sergey I. Tarapov, Vladimir R. Tuz

1208.2215 (Felix Boerrnert et al.)

Lattice Expansion in Seamless Bi layer Graphene Constrictions at High

Felix Boerrnert, Amelia Barreiro, Daniel Wolf, Mikhail I. Katsnelson, Bernd Buechner, Lieven M. K. Vandersypen, Mark H. Ruemmeli

1208.2219 (Hanghui Chen et al.)

Ferroelectric control of magnetization in La_{1-x}Sr_xMnO3 manganites: A
first-principle study

Hanghui Chen, Sohrab Ismail-Beigi

1208.2229 (S. Calder et al.)

Magnetic structural change of Sr2IrO4 upon Mn doping    [PDF]

S. Calder, G. -X. Cao, M. D. Lumsden, J. W. Kim, Z. Gai, B. C. Sales, D. Mandrus, A. D. Christianson

1208.2260 (Timur Bazhirov et al.)

Effects of charge doping and constrained magnetization on the electronic
structure of an FeSe monolayer

Timur Bazhirov, Marvin L. Cohen

Friday, August 10, 2012

1208.1789 (Mohammad A. Islam et al.)

Normal Mode Determination of Perovskite Crystal Structures with
Octahedral Rotations: Theory and Applications

Mohammad A. Islam, James M. Rondinelli, Jonathan E. Spanier

1208.1798 (Li. Zhao et al.)

Multiferroicity in Geometrically Frustrated α-MCr_2O_4 systems
(M=Ca, Sr, Ba)

Li. Zhao, Tian-Wey Lan, Kuen-Jen Wang, Chia-Hua Chien, Tsu-Lien Hung, Jiu-Yong Luo, Wei-Hsiang Chao, Chung-Chieh Chang, Yang-Yuan Chen, Maw-Kuen Wu, Christine Martin

1208.1804 (M. Zhang et al.)

Tm-doped fiber laser mode-locked by graphene-polymer composite    [PDF]

M. Zhang, E. J. R. Kelleher, F. Torrisi, Z. Sun, T. Hasan, D. Popa, F. Wang, A. C. Ferrari, S. V. Popov, J. R. Taylor

1208.1807 (Xiangang Wan et al.)

Electron-Phonon Superconductivity Near Charge Density Wave Instability
in LaO$_{0.5}$F$_{0.5}$BiS$_{2}$

Xiangang Wan, Hang-Chen Ding, Sergey Y. Savrasov, Chun-Gang Duan

1208.1828 (Gopinadhan Kalon et al.)

Tunable metal-insulator transitions in bilayer graphene by thermal

Gopinadhan Kalon, Young Jun Shin, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.1830 (Young Jun Shin et al.)

Frictional characteristics of exfoliated and epitaxial graphene    [PDF]

Young Jun Shin, Ryan Stromberg, Rick Nay, Han Huang, Andrew T. S. Wee, Hyunsoo Yang, Charanjit S. Bhatia

1208.1831 (Gopinadhan Kalon et al.)

The role of charge traps in inducing hysteresis: capacitance - voltage
measurements on top gated bilayer graphene

Gopinadhan Kalon, Young Jun Shin, Viet Giang Truong, Alan Kalitsov, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.1832 (Jing Niu et al.)

Graphene induced tunability of the surface plasmon resonance    [PDF]

Jing Niu, Young Jun Shin, Youngbin Lee, Jong-Hyun Ahn, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.1833 (Jing Niu et al.)

Study of electromagnetic enhancement for surface enhanced Raman
spectroscopy of SiC graphene

Jing Niu, Viet Giang Truong, Han Huang, Sudhiranjan Tripathy, Caiyu Qiu, Andrew T. S. Wee, Ting Yu, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.1835 (Xue Peng Qiu et al.)

Disorder-free sputtering method on graphene    [PDF]

Xue Peng Qiu, Young Jun Shin, Jing Niu, Narayanapillai Kulothungasagaran, Gopinadhan Kalon, Caiyu Qiu, Ting Yu, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.1836 (Jae Hyun Kwon et al.)

Spin waves interference from rising and falling edges of electrical

Jae Hyun Kwon, Sankha Subhra Mukherjee, Mahdi Jamali, Masamitsu Hayashi, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.1837 (Sankha Subhra Mukherjee et al.)

Attenuation characteristics of spin pumping signal due to travelling
spin waves

Sankha Subhra Mukherjee, Praveen Deorani, Jae Hyun Kwon, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.1848 (Sankha Subhra Mukherjee et al.)

Interference-mediated intensity modulation of spin waves    [PDF]

Sankha Subhra Mukherjee, Jae Hyun Kwon, Mahdi Jamali, Masamitsu Hayashi, Hyunsoo Yang

1208.1849 (Hyunsoo Yang et al.)

Nonlocal spin transport in single walled carbon nanotube networks    [PDF]

Hyunsoo Yang, Mikhail E. Itkis, Rai Moriya, Charles Rettner, Jae-Seung Jeong, Daniel Pickard, Robert C. Haddon, Stuart S. P. Parkin

1208.1928 (Sriram Ganeshan et al.)

Quantum zero point effects using modified Nose-Hoover thermostats    [PDF]

Sriram Ganeshan, Rafael Ramírez, M. V. Fernández-Serra

1208.1985 (J. Barzola-Quiquia et al.)

Revealing the origin of the vertical hysteresis loop shifts in an
exchange biased Co/YMnO$_3$ bilayer

J. Barzola-Quiquia, A. Lessig, A. Ballestar, C. Zandalazini, G. Bridoux, F. Bern, P. Esquinazi

Thursday, August 9, 2012

1208.1535 (V. N. Strekalov)

Lindeman's criterion: diamond graphitization temperature and its
dependence on external pressure

V. N. Strekalov

1208.1568 (F. -T. Huang et al.)

Nonstoichiometric doping and Bi antisite defect in single crystal Bi2Se3    [PDF]

F. -T. Huang, M. -W. Chu, H. H. Kung, W. L. Lee, R. Sankar, S. -C. Liou, K. K. Wu, Y. K. Kuo, F. C. Chou

1208.1577 (S. A. Ivanov et al.)

Preparation, structural, dielectric and magnetic properties of
LaFeO3-PbTiO3 solid solutions

S. A. Ivanov, R. Tellgren, F. Porcher, T. Ericsson, A. Mosunov, P. Beran, S. K. Korchagina, P. Anil Kumar, R. Mathieu, P. Nordblad

1208.1587 (Martin Z. Bazant)

Phase-Field Theory of Ion Intercalation Kinetics    [PDF]

Martin Z. Bazant

1208.1589 (Phanish Suryanarayana et al.)

Coarse-graining Kohn-Sham Density Functional Theory    [PDF]

Phanish Suryanarayana, Kaushik Bhattacharya, Michael Ortiz

1208.1618 (F. Cordero et al.)

Effects of coupling between octahedral tilting and polar modes on the
phase diagram of PbZr1-xTixO3 (PZT)

F. Cordero, F. Trequattrini, F. Craciun, C. Galassi

1208.1624 (S. V. Streltsov et al.)

Interplay between lattice, orbital, and magnetic degrees of freedom in
the chain-polymer Cu(II) breathing crystals

S. V. Streltsov, M. V. Petrova, V. A. Morozov, G. V. Romanenko, V. I. Anisimov, N. N. Lukzen

1208.1633 (I. R. Shein et al.)

Electronic band structure, Fermi surface and effect of spin-orbit
coupling for tetragonal low-temperature superconductor Bi2Pd from first

I. R. Shein, A. L. Ivanovskii

1208.1635 (Enrico Piccinini et al.)

Hot-carrier trap-limited transport in switching chalcogenides    [PDF]

Enrico Piccinini, Andrea Cappelli, Fabrizio Buscemi, Rossella Brunetti, Daniele Ielmini, Massimo Rudan, Carlo Jacoboni

1208.1711 (Chi-Feng Pai et al.)

Spin transfer torque devices utilizing the giant spin Hall effect of

Chi-Feng Pai, Luqiao Liu, Y. Li, H. W. Tseng, D. C. Ralph, R. A. Buhrman

1208.1715 (M. J. M Pathak et al.)

The Effect of Hybrid Photovoltaic Thermal Device Operating Conditions on
Intrinsic Layer Thickness Optimization of Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon
Solar Cells

M. J. M Pathak, K. Girotra, S. J. Harrison, J. M. Pearce

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

1101.3775 (Arvind Baskaran et al.)

Mechanisms of Stranski-Krastanov Growth    [PDF]

Arvind Baskaran, Peter Smereka

1208.1312 (R. Torres et al.)

Metallic behavior at YBaCuO7/ZAs interfaces (Z=Ga, Al)    [PDF]

R. Torres, R. Baquero

1208.1316 (D. Meier et al.)

Mutual induction of magnetic 3d and 4f order in multiferroic hexagonal

D. Meier, H. Ryll, K. Kiefer, B. Klemke, J. -U. Hoffmann, R. Ramesh, M. Fiebig

1208.1353 (Junhua Zhao et al.)

A comparative study of two molecular mechanics models based on harmonic

Junhua Zhao, Lifeng Wang, Jin-Wu Jiang, Zhengzhong Wang, Wanlin Guo, Timon Rabczuk

1208.1355 (Xingxing Li et al.)

Bipolar Magnetic Semiconductors: A New Class of Spintronics Materials    [PDF]

Xingxing Li, Xiaojun Wu, Zhenyu Li, Jinlong Yang, J. G. Hou

1208.1391 (D. Reith et al.)

Density functional theory study of phase stability, vibrational and
electronic properties of $Mo_3Al_2C$

D. Reith, C. Blaas-Schenner, R. Podloucky

1208.1395 (Astrid S. de Wijn)

(In)commensurability, scaling and multiplicity of friction in
nanocrystals and application to gold nanocrystals on graphite

Astrid S. de Wijn

1208.1462 (J. D. Koralek et al.)

Observation of Coherent Helimagnons and Gilbert damping in an Itinerant

J. D. Koralek, D. Meier, J. P. Hinton, A. Bauer, S. A. Parameswaran, A. Vishwanath, R. Ramesh, R. W. Schoenlein, C. Pfleiderer, J. Orenstein

1208.1477 (Alexander A. Tsirlin et al.)

(CuCl)LaTa2O7 and quantum phase transition in the (CuX)LaM2O7 family (X
= Cl, Br; M = Nb, Ta)

Alexander A. Tsirlin, Artem M. Abakumov, Clemens Ritter, Helge Rosner

1208.1493 (A. Kravets et al.)

Temperature-controlled interlayer exchange coupling in strong/weak
ferromagnetic multilayers: a thermo-magnetic Curie-switch

A. Kravets, A. N. Timoshevskii, B. Z. Yanchitsky, M. Bergmann, J. Buhler, S. Andersson, V. Korenivski

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

1208.0831 (A. L. Chernyshev)

Field-dependence of magnon decay in yttrium iron garnet thin films    [PDF]

A. L. Chernyshev

1208.0852 (A. Smolyanitsky et al.)

Manipulation of graphene's dynamic ripples by local harmonic
out-of-plane excitation

A. Smolyanitsky, V. K. Tewary

1208.0885 (J. W. Chiou et al.)

Nitrogen-Functionalized Graphene Nanoflakes (GNFs:N): Tunable
Photoluminescence and Electronic Structures

J. W. Chiou, Sekhar C. Ray, S. I. Peng, C. H. Chuang, B. Y. Wang, H. M. Tsai, C. W. Pao, H. -J. Lin, Y. C. Shao, Y. F. Wang, S. C. Chen, W. F. Pong, Y. C. Yeh, C. W. Chen, L. -C. Chen, K. -H. Chen, M. -H. Tsai, A. Kumar, A. Ganguly, P. Papakonstantinou, H. Yamane, N. Kosugi, T. Regier, L. Liu, T. K. Sham

1208.0903 (Lan Meng et al.)

Controlling the Interlayer Coupling of Twisted Bilayer Graphene    [PDF]

Lan Meng, Wei Yan, Zhao-Dong Chu, Yanfeng Zhang, Lei Feng, Rui-Fen Dou, Jia-Cai Nie, Lin He

1208.0932 (Ihar Razanau et al.)

Kinetics of Electron-Beam Dispersion of Fullerite C60    [PDF]

Ihar Razanau, Tetsu Mieno, Victor Kazachenko

1208.0937 (Zheng-Lu Li et al.)

Helicoidal magnetic structure and ferroelectric polarization in Cu3Nb2O8    [PDF]

Zheng-Lu Li, M. -H. Whangbo, X. G. Gong, H. J. Xiang

1208.0978 (Wei-shan Lee)

Quest for Dr. Yia-Chung Chang's Calculations about the superlattice
phonon band structures

Wei-shan Lee

1208.0988 (Emmanuel Kymakis et al.)

Flexible Organic Photovoltaic Cells with In-situ Non-thermal
Photoreduction of Spin Coated Graphene Oxide Electrodes

Emmanuel Kymakis, Kyriaki Savva, Minas M. Stylianakis, Costas Fotakis, Emmanuel Stratakis

1208.1078 (Han Wang et al.)

Integrated Circuits Based on Bilayer MoS2 Transistors    [PDF]

Han Wang, Lili Yu, Yi-Hsien Lee, Yumeng Shi, Allen Hsu, Matthew Chin, Lain-Jong Li, Madan Dubey, Jing Kong, Tomas Palacios

1208.1085 (Jonathan E. Moussa)

Comment on "Fast and Accurate Modeling of Molecular Atomization Energies
with Machine Learning"

Jonathan E. Moussa

1208.1096 (Bosco Emmanuel)

A Variant of the Point Defect Model for Passivity of Metals    [PDF]

Bosco Emmanuel

1208.1104 (Nicholas P. Breznay et al.)

Weak antilocalization and disorder-enhanced electron interactions in
crystalline GeSbTe

Nicholas P. Breznay, Hanno Volker, Alexander Palevski, Riccardo Mazzarello, Aharon Kapitulnik, Matthias Wuttig

1208.1115 (A. M. Shuvaev et al.)

Terahertz Quantum Hall Effect in a Topological Insulator    [PDF]

A. M. Shuvaev, G. V. Astakhov, G. Tkachov, C. Brüne, H. Buhmann, L. W. Molenkamp, A. Pimenov

1208.1128 (J. S. White et al.)

Coupling of magnetic and ferroelectric hysteresis by a multi-component
magnetic structure in Mn2GeO4

J. S. White, T. Honda, K. Kimura, T. Kimura, Ch. Niedermayer, O. Zaharko, A. Poole, B. Roessli, M. Kenzelmann

1208.1146 (J. S. White et al.)

Electric-field control of the skyrmion lattice in Cu2OSeO3    [PDF]

J. S. White, I. Levatić, A. A. Omrani, N. Egetenmeyer, K. Prša, I. Živković, J. L. Gavilano, J. Kohlbrecher, M. Bartkowiak, H. Berger, H. M. Rønnow

1208.1208 (Joachim Kaldasch et al.)

Structural transitions in sheared electrically stabilized colloidal

Joachim Kaldasch, Bernhard Senge, Jos Laven

1208.1219 (Wasim Raja Mondal et al.)

Electronic structure of Pt-doped superconductor CaFe1-xPtxAs2    [PDF]

Wasim Raja Mondal, Swapan K. Pati