Monday, March 19, 2012

1112.5936 (A. Jarmola et al.)

Temperature and magnetic field dependent longitudinal spin relaxation in
nitrogen-vacancy ensembles in diamond

A. Jarmola, V. M. Acosta, K. Jensen, S. Chemerisov, D. Budker

1203.3550 (Joice da Silva-Araújo et al.)

Non-hexagonal-ring defects and structures induced by strain in graphene
and in functionalized graphene

Joice da Silva-Araújo, A. J. M. Nascimento, Hélio Chacham, R. W. Nunes

1203.3553 (Qiran Xiao et al.)

Dominant shear bands observed in amorphous ZrCuAl nanowires under
simulated compression

Qiran Xiao, H. W. Sheng, Yunfeng Shi

1203.3616 (Jonathan A. Sobota et al.)

Ultrafast Optical Excitation of a Persistent Surface-State Population in
the Topological Insulator Bi2Se3

Jonathan A. Sobota, Shuolong Yang, James G. Analytis, Yulin Chen, Ian R. Fisher, Patrick S. Kirchmann, Z. -X. Shen

1203.3785 (Robert Biele et al.)

Time-convolutionless stochastic Schrödinger equation for open quantum

Robert Biele, Carsten Timm, Roberto D'Agosta