Friday, July 12, 2013

1307.2938 (Lance J Nelson et al.)

Cluster expansion made easy with Bayesian compressive sensing    [PDF]

Lance J Nelson, Vidvuds Ozolins, Shane Reese, Fei Zhou, Gus L. W. Hart

1307.2947 (M. Obstbaum et al.)

Inverse Spin Hall Effect in NiFe / Normal Metal Bilayers    [PDF]

M. Obstbaum, M. Härtinger, T. Meier, F. Swientek, C. H. Back, G. Woltersdorf

1307.2961 (Dahai Wei et al.)

Experimental observation of a large ac-spin Hall effect    [PDF]

Dahai Wei, Martin Obstbaum, Christian Back, Georg Woltersdorf

1307.2996 (Julian M. Rosalie et al.)

On short-range order and stacking faults in γ' (AlAg2) precipitates    [PDF]

Julian M. Rosalie, Christian Dwyer, Laure Bourgeois

1307.2998 (Tapan Chatterji et al.)

Direct evidence of nuclear spin waves in Nd$_2$CuO$_4$ by
high-resolution neutron-spin-echo spectroscopy

Tapan Chatterji, Olaf Holderer, Harald Schneider

1307.3006 (M. J. Gutmann et al.)

Room temperature single-crystal diffuse scattering and ab initio lattice
dynamics in CaTiSiO5

M. J. Gutmann, K. Refson, M. v. Zimmermann, I. P. Swainson, A. Dabkowski, H. Dabkowska

1307.3022 (Wenhong Wang et al.)

Large Linear Magnetoresistance and Shubnikov-de Hass Oscillations in
Single Crystals of YPdBi Heusler Topological Insulators

Wenhong Wang, Yin Du, Guizhou Xu, Xiaoming Zhang, Enke Liu, Zhongyuan Liu, Youguo Shi, Jinglan Chen, Guangheng Wu, Xixiang Zhang

1307.3028 (I. V. Solovyev et al.)

Magnetism of sodium superoxide    [PDF]

I. V. Solovyev, Z. V. Pchelkina, V. V. Mazurenko

1307.3039 (Jose Ignacio Martinez et al.)

Barrier Height Formation in Organic Blends / Metal Interfaces: Case of
(TTF-TCNQ) / Au(111)

Jose Ignacio Martinez, Enrique Abad, Juan Beltran, Fernando Flores, Jose Ortega

1307.3058 (D. V. Vlasov)

PVC composite internal process of current-voltage time delay formation
and conductivity levels lifetimes origin

D. V. Vlasov

1307.3071 (V. I. Kryshtob et al.)

A short circuit in the electrical cables with polymer insulation: a new
look at the cause of its occurrence and non-traditional ways of solving the

V. I. Kryshtob, D. V. Vlasov, V. F. Mironov, L. A. Apresyan, T. V. Vlasova, S. I. Rasmagin, Z. A. Kura-tashvili, A. A. Solovskiy

1307.3072 (Jin-Wu Jiang et al.)

Polar Surface Effects on the Thermal Conductivity in ZnO Nanowires: a
Shell-Like Surface Reconstruction-Induced Preserving Mechanism

Jin-Wu Jiang, Harold S. Park, Timon Rabczuk

1307.3153 (D. Goebl et al.)

Quasi-resonant neutralization of He+ ions at a germanium surface    [PDF]

D. Goebl, D. Roth, D. Primetzhofer, R. C. Monreal, E. Abad, A. Putz, P. Bauer

1307.3165 (Kevin Leung)

Two-electron reduction of ethylene carbonate: a quantum chemistry
re-examination of mechanisms

Kevin Leung

1307.3173 (E. Pogorelov et al.)

Spinodal Gap Dependence on Size and Boundary Reaction Rate for
Intercalation in Nanoparticles

E. Pogorelov, M. Fleck, H. Federmann, J. Kundin, H. Emmerich

1307.3182 (X. Wendy Gu et al.)

Flaw-driven Failure in Nanostructures    [PDF]

X. Wendy Gu, Zhaoxuan Wu, Yong-Wei Zhang, David J. Srolovitz, Julia R. Greer

1307.3187 (Fabiano Corsetti et al.)

Optimal finite-range atomic basis sets for liquid water and ice    [PDF]

Fabiano Corsetti, M. -V. Fernández-Serra, José M. Soler, Emilio Artacho

1307.3194 (L. Caron et al.)

Tuning the giant inverse magnetocaloric effect in Mn2-xCrxSb compounds    [PDF]

L. Caron, X. F. Miao, J. C. P Klaasse, S. Gama, E. Brück

1307.3198 (J. Kundin et al.)

Microstructure evolution and heterogeneous nucleation in ternary
Al-Cu-Ni alloys

J. Kundin, E. Pogorelov, H. Emmerich

1307.3209 (G. Caroena et al.)

Lanthanide impurities in wide bandgap semiconductors: a possible roadmap
for spintronic devices

G. Caroena, W. V. M. Machado, J. F. Justo, L. V. C. Assali

1307.3212 (Sheena Shah et al.)

Stability and superconductivity of Ca-B phases at ambient and high

Sheena Shah, Aleksey N. Kolmogorov

1307.3218 (Takeo Hoshi et al.)

Novel linear algebraic theory and one-hundred-million-atom electronic
structure calculation on the K computer

Takeo Hoshi, Keita Yamazaki, Yohei Akiyama