Wednesday, April 11, 2012

1108.2915 (Nicole A. Benedek et al.)

Polar octahedral rotations: a path to new multifunctional materials    [PDF]

Nicole A. Benedek, Andrew T. Mulder, Craig J. Fennie

1201.2253 (Dionissios T. Hristopulos et al.)

Stochastic Stick - Slip Model Linking Crustal Shear Strength and
Earthquake Interevent Times

Dionissios T. Hristopulos, Vasiliki Mouslopoulou

1204.2022 (Yao Yao et al.)

Modeling the underlying mechanisms for organic memory devices:
Tunneling, electron emission and oxygen adsorbing

Yao Yao, Yintao You, Wei Si, Chang-Qin Wu

1204.2030 (Harihar Behera et al.)

Strain-tunable band gap in graphene/h-BN hetero-bilayer    [PDF]

Harihar Behera, Gautam Mukhopadhyay

1204.2068 (S Dekker et al.)

Characterisation of polystyrene coatings after plasma immersion ion
implantation and adsorption of protein

S Dekker, A Kondyurin, B Steel, M M M Bilek, D R McKenzie, M James

1204.2088 (Liangshun Zhang et al.)

Hybrid Lattice Boltzmann / Dynamic Self-Consistent Field Simulations of
Microphase Separation and Vesicle Formation in Block Copolymer Systems

Liangshun Zhang, Agur Sevink, Friederike Schmid

1204.2115 (A. M. Awasthi et al.)

Discovery of Strange Kinetics in Bulk Material: Correlated Dipoles in

A. M. Awasthi, Jitender Kumar

1204.2123 (Sreemanta Mitra et al.)

Observation of spin-glass behavior in nickel adsorbed few layer graphene    [PDF]

Sreemanta Mitra, Oindrila Mondal, Sourish Banerjee, Dipankar Chakravorty

1204.2126 (Sreemanta Mitra et al.)

Tunneling conduction in graphene/(poly)vinyl alcohol composites    [PDF]

Sreemanta Mitra, Dipankar Chakravorty

1204.2154 (Gabriela Aurelio et al.)

Crystal structure of Cu-Sn-In alloys around the η phase field
studied by neutron diffraction

Gabriela Aurelio, Silvana A Sommadossi, Gabriel J Cuello

1204.2168 (D. D. Khalyavin et al.)

A possible chiral spin-liquid phase in non-centrosymmetric

D. D. Khalyavin, P. Manuel, L. C. Chapon

1204.2179 (I. Duchemin et al.)

Short to long-range charge-transfer excitations in the
zincbacteriochlorin-bacteriochlorin complex: a Bethe-Salpeter study

I. Duchemin, T. Deutsch, X. Blase

1204.2188 (Chaoyu He et al.)

First-principles study of a novel superhard boron nitride phase    [PDF]

Chaoyu He, L. Z. Sun, C. X. Zhang, Xiangyang Peng, K. W. Zhang, Jianxin Zhong

1204.2189 (Kazuhiro Tsutsui et al.)

Spin-current absorption by inhomogeneous spin-orbit coupling    [PDF]

Kazuhiro Tsutsui, Kazuhiro Hosono, Takehito Yokoyama

1204.2196 (Gabriel Landolt et al.)

Surface and bulk Fermiology and band dispersion in non-centrosymmetric

Gabriel Landolt, Sergey V. Eremeev, Yury M. Koroteev, Bartosz Slomski, Stefan Muff, Masaki Kobayashi, Vladimir N. Strocov, Thorsten Schmitt, Ziya S. Aliev, Mahammad B. Babanly, Imamaddin R. Amiraslanov, Evgueni V. Chulkov, Jurg Osterwalder, J. Hugo Dil

1204.2256 (Kefeng Wang et al.)

Large magnetothermopower effect in Dirac materials (Sr/Ca)MnBi2    [PDF]

Kefeng Wang, Limin Wang, C. Petrovic