Thursday, March 22, 2012

1106.4231 (Helen V. Gomonay et al.)

Symmetry and the macroscopic dynamics of antiferromagnetic materials in
the presence of spin-polarized current

Helen V. Gomonay, Roman Kunitsyn, Vadim M. Loktev

1109.4050 (Jozef Sivek et al.)

First-principles investigation of bilayer fluorographene    [PDF]

Jozef Sivek, Ortwin Leenaerts, Bart Partoens, Francois Peeters

1110.5677 (Cihan Kurter et al.)

Switching nonlinearity in a superconductor-enhanced metamaterial    [PDF]

Cihan Kurter, Philippe Tassin, Alexander P. Zhuravel, Lei Zhang, Thomas Koschny, Alexey V. Ustinov, Costas M. Soukoulis, Steven M. Anlage

1111.4910 (Regine Frank)

Ultrafast Optical Switching - Polaritonic Control of Photonic Currents    [PDF]

Regine Frank

1112.4520 (Wolfgang Mehr et al.)

Vertical Graphene Base Transistor    [PDF]

Wolfgang Mehr, J. Christoph Scheytt, Jarek Dabrowski, Gunther Lippert, Ya-Hong Xie, Max C. Lemme, Mikael Ostling, Grzegorz Lupina

1203.4654 (Motohiko Ezawa)

Dirac Theory and Topological Phases of Silicon Nanotube    [PDF]

Motohiko Ezawa

1203.4660 (T. Kida et al.)

High-field magnetization and magnetoresistance of the $A$-site ordered
perovskite oxide CaCu$_{3}$Ti$_{4-x}$Ru$_{x}$O$_{12}$~($0 \le x \le 4$)

T. Kida, R. Kammuri, M. Hagiwara, S. Yoshii, W. Kobayashi, M. Iwakawa, I. Terasaki

1203.4706 (Alexander A. Tsirlin et al.)

Hidden magnetic order in CuNCN    [PDF]

Alexander A. Tsirlin, Alexander Maisuradze, Joerg Sichelschmidt, Walter Schnelle, Peter Hoehn, Ronald Zinke, Johannes Richter, Helge Rosner

1203.4712 (Gabriele Sclauzero et al.)

Interaction of CO with a Au monatomic chain at different strains:
electronic structure and ballistic transport

Gabriele Sclauzero, Andrea Dal Corso, Alexander Smogunov

1203.4713 (Gabriele Sclauzero et al.)

Effect of stretching on the ballistic conductance of Au nanocontacts in
presence of CO: a density functional study

Gabriele Sclauzero, Andrea Dal Corso, Alexander Smogunov

1203.4728 (Benjamin Mahns et al.)

Absence of photoemission from the Fermi level in potassium intercalated
picene and coronene films: structure, polaron or correlation physics?

Benjamin Mahns, Friedrich Roth, Martin Knupfer

1203.4755 (Damien Manuel et al.)

Experimental evidence of thermal fluctuations on the X-ray absorption
near-edge structure at the aluminum K-edge

Damien Manuel, Delphine Cabaret, Christian Brouder, Philippe Sainctavit, Amélie Bordage, Nicolas Trcera

1203.4763 (Malgorzata Bukala et al.)

Structural and electronic properties of Pb1-xCdxTe and Pb1-xMnxTe
ternary alloys

Malgorzata Bukala, Piotr Sankowski, Ryszard Buczko, Perla Kacman

1203.4805 (Kevin Driver et al.)

All-Electron Path Integral Monte Carlo Simulations of Warm Dense Matter:
Application to Water and Carbon Plasmas

Kevin Driver, Burkhard Militzer