Monday, April 29, 2013

1304.6975 (Yiling Yu et al.)

Solar Superabsorption of Semiconductor Materials    [PDF]

Yiling Yu, Lujun Huang, Linyou Cao

1304.7072 (Chang Jin Wan et al.)

Learning and Spatiotemporally Correlated Functions Mimicked in
Oxide-Based Artificial Synaptic Transistors

Chang Jin Wan, Li Qiang Zhu, Yi Shi, Qing Wan

1304.7082 (Guotao Lu et al.)

Preparation and characterization of Bismaleimide resin/titania
nanocomposites via sol-gel process

Guotao Lu, Ying Huang

1304.7089 (Chuan Li et al.)

Unipolar supercurrent through graphene grafted with Pt-porphyrins:
signature of gate-tunable magnetism

Chuan Li, Katsuyoshi Komatsu, G. Clave, S. Campidelli, A. Filoramo, S. Gueron, H. Bouchiat

1304.7091 (Ersoy Sasioglu et al.)

Strong magnon softening in tetragonal FeCo compounds    [PDF]

Ersoy Sasioglu, Christoph Friedrich, Stefan Blügel

1304.7113 (T. Maurer et al.)

Optical determination and identification of organic shells around
nanoparticles: application to silver nanoparticles

T. Maurer, N. Abdellaoui, A. Gwiazda, P. -M. Adam, A. Vial, J. -L. Bijeon, D. Chaumont, M. Bourezzou

1304.7148 (V. K. Anand et al.)

Superconducting and Normal State Properties of APd2As2 (A = Ca, Sr, Ba)
Single Crystals

V. K. Anand, H. Kim, M. A. Tanatar, R. Prozorov, D. C. Johnston

1304.7167 (Gregor Hlawacek et al.)

To see or not to see: Imaging surfactant coated nano--particles using

Gregor Hlawacek, Imtiaz Ahmad, Mark A. Smithers, E. Stefan Kooij

1304.7179 (S. Di Napoli et al.)

Unusual Kondo physics in a Co impurity atom embedded in noble-metal

S. Di Napoli, M. A. Barral, P. Roura-Bas, A. A. Aligia, Y. Mokrousov, A. M. Llois

1304.7200 (J. S. White et al.)

Strain-induced ferromagnetism in antiferromagnetic LuMnO3 thin films    [PDF]

J. S. White, M. Bator, Y. Hu, H. Luetkens, J. Stahn, S. Capelli, S. Das, M. Döbeli, Th. Lippert, V. K. Malik, J. Martynczuk, A. Wokaun, M. Kenzelmann, Ch. Niedermayer, C. W. Schneider

1304.7221 (D. Sercombe et al.)

Dielectric surface and capping effects on optical properties of a few
atomic monolayer thick MoS2

D. Sercombe, S. Schwarz, O. Del Pozo-Zamudio, F. Liu, B. J. Robinson, E. A. Chekhovich, I. I. Tartakovskii, O. Kolosov, A. I. Tartakovskii

1304.7228 (Sergei V. Voitekhovich et al.)

CdS nanoparticles capped with 1-substituted 5-thiotetrazoles: Synthesis,
characterization, and thermolysis of the surfactant

Sergei V. Voitekhovich, Dmitri V. Talapin, Christian Klinke, Andreas Kornowski, Horst Weller

1304.7253 (Mitchell B. Lerner et al.)

Scalable, Non-Invasive Glucose Sensor Based on Boronic Acid
Functionalized Carbon Nanotube Transistors

Mitchell B. Lerner, Nicholas Kybert, Ryan Mendoza, Romain Villechenon, Manuel A. Bonilla Lopez, A. T. Charlie Johnson

1304.7255 (Manuel Angst)

Ferroelectricity from iron valence ordering in rare earth ferrites?    [PDF]

Manuel Angst