Tuesday, June 25, 2013

1306.5270 (F. Pezzoli et al.)

Germanium crystals on silicon show their light    [PDF]

F. Pezzoli, F. Isa, G. Isella, C. V. Falub, T. Kreiliger, M. Salvalaglio, R. Bergamaschini, E. Grilli, M. Guzzi, H. von Kaenel, Leo Miglio

1306.5282 (Majid Ahmadi et al.)

Large-Scale and Cost-Effective Synthesis of Tungstite (WO3.H2O)
Nanoleaves and Nanoribbons

Majid Ahmadi, Maxime J-F Guinel

1306.5292 (Fan Yang et al.)

Defect recombination induced by density-activated carrier diffusion in
nonpolar InGaN quantum wells

Fan Yang, Chunfeng Zhang, Chentian Shi, Min Joo Park, Joon Seop Kwak, Sukkoo Jung, Yoon-Ho Choi, Xuewei Wu, Xiaoyong Wang, Min Xiao

1306.5360 (Yanwen Wu et al.)

Optical Constants of Atomically Smooth Epitaxial Silver Films and Their
Potential for Plasmonic Applications

Yanwen Wu, Chengdong Zhang, Yang Zhao, Jisun Kim, Matt Zhang, Xing-Xiang Liu, Greg K. Pribi, Andrea Alù, Chih-Kang Shih, Xiaoqin Li

1306.5414 (T. Hishida et al.)

Empirical relationship between x-ray photoemission spectra and
electrical conductivity in a colossal magnetoresistive manganite

T. Hishida, K. Ohbayashi, M. Kobata, E. Ikenaga, T. Sugiyama, K. Kobayashi, M. Okawa, T. Saitoh

1306.5467 (Adam J. Simbeck et al.)

Electronic structure of oxygen-functionalized armchair graphene

Adam J. Simbeck, Deyang Gu, Neerav Kharche, Parlapalli Venkata Satyam, Phaedon Avouris, Saroj K. Nayak

1306.5477 (Do Le Binh et al.)

Europium nitride: A novel diluted magnetic semiconductor    [PDF]

Do Le Binh, B. J. Ruck, F. Natali, H. Warring, H. J. Trodahl, E. -M. Anton, C. Meyer, L. Ranno, F. Wilhelm, A. Rogalev

1306.5508 (R. Aad et al.)

Enhancement of ultra-thin film emission using a waveguiding active layer    [PDF]

R. Aad, S. Blaize, A. Bruyant, C. Couteau, G. Lérondel

1306.5523 (Zsolt Majzik et al.)

Combined AFM and STM measurements of a silicene sheet grown on Ag(111)

Zsolt Majzik, Mohamed Rachid Tchalala, Martin Švec, Prokop Hapala, Hanna Enriquez, Abdelkader Kara, Andrew J. Mayne, Gérald Dujardin, Pavel Jelínek, Hamid Oughaddou

1306.5611 (Tanmay P. Dhavale et al.)

Thermally Activated Asymmetric Structural Recovery in a Soft Glassy
Nano-Clay Suspension

Tanmay P. Dhavale, Shweta Jatav, Yogesh M Joshi

1306.5612 (Susheel S. Bhandari et al.)

Enhanced Thermal Transport through Soft Glassy Nano-disc Paste    [PDF]

Susheel S. Bhandari, K. Muralidhar, Yogesh M Joshi

1306.5613 (A. Shahin et al.)

Physicochemical Effects in Aging Aqueous Laponite Suspensions    [PDF]

A. Shahin, Yogesh M Joshi

1306.5618 (Manish Kaushal et al.)

Tailoring Relaxation Time Spectrum in Soft Glassy Materials    [PDF]

Manish Kaushal, Yogesh M. Joshi

1306.5673 (P. D. Eerkes et al.)

Modulation of conductance and superconductivity by top-gating in
LaAlO3/SrTiO3 2-dimensional electron systems

P. D. Eerkes, W. G. van der Wiel, H. Hilgenkamp

1306.5704 (Chris J. Pickard et al.)

Decomposition and terapascal phases of water ice    [PDF]

Chris J. Pickard, Miguel Martinez-Canales, Richard J. Needs