Thursday, May 10, 2012

1201.3626 (Martin Hohenadler et al.)

Interaction-range effects for fermions in one dimension    [PDF]

Martin Hohenadler, Stefan Wessel, Maria Daghofer, Fakher F. Assaad

1201.4211 (Surendra Singh et al.)

Images of metallic and insulating domains on the surface of a
(La0.4Pr0.6)0.67Ca0.33MnO3 film

Surendra Singh, M. R. Fitzsimmons, H. Jeen, A. Biswas, M. E. Hawley

1205.1811 (O. Nganba Meetei et al.)

High Tc Ferrimagnetism and Multi-band Mott Transition in Double

O. Nganba Meetei, Onur Erten, Mohit Randeria, Nandini Trivedi, Patrick Woodward

1205.1822 (Kin Fai Mak et al.)

Control of valley polarization in monolayer MoS2 by optical helicity    [PDF]

Kin Fai Mak, Keliang He, Jie Shan, Tony F. Heinz

1205.1826 (E. H. Åhlgren et al.)

Ion irradiation tolerance of graphene as studied by atomistic

E. H. Åhlgren, J. Kotakoski, O. Lehtinen, A. V. Krasheninnikov

1205.1829 (Pengke Li et al.)

Intrinsic Spin Lifetime of Conduction Electrons in Germanium    [PDF]

Pengke Li, Yang Song, Hanan Dery

1205.1842 (K. Brymora et al.)

Ligand effects on the electronic structure and magnetism of magnetite

K. Brymora, F. Calvayrac

1205.1896 (Guillaume Perillat-Merceroz et al.)

Strain relaxation by dislocation glide in ZnO/ZnMgO core-shell nanowires    [PDF]

Guillaume Perillat-Merceroz, Robin Thierry, Pierre-Henri Jouneau, Pierre Ferret, Guy Feuillet

1205.1916 (G. Plechinger et al.)

Raman spectroscopy of the interlayer shear mode in few-layer MoS2 flakes    [PDF]

G. Plechinger, S. Heydrich, J. Eroms, D. Weiss, Schüller, T. Korn

1205.1945 (R Mittal et al.)

Phonons and Colossal Thermal Expansion Behavior of Ag3Co(CN)6 and

R Mittal, M. Zbiri, H. Schober, S. N. Achary, A. K. Tyagi, S. L. Chaplot

1205.1981 (Natalia Pavlenko et al.)

Magnetically ordered state at correlated oxide interfaces: the role of
random oxygen defects

Natalia Pavlenko, Thilo Kopp

1205.1994 (Davide Sangalli et al.)

Pseudo-potentials based first-principles approach to the magneto-optical
Kerr effect: from metals to the inclusion of local fields and excitonic
effects in magnetic semiconductors

Davide Sangalli, Andrea Marini, Alberto Debernardi

1205.2006 (Sergey V. Eremeev et al.)

Ideal two-dimensional electron systems with a giant Rashba-type spin
splitting in real materials: surfaces of bismuth tellurohalides

Sergey V. Eremeev, Ilya A. Nechaev, Yury M. Koroteev, Pedro M. Echenique, Evgueni V. Chulkov